‘Supermom’ Gives Birth While Standing in Hospital Corridor

Tonisha Petty-Jones, a mother of three, redefines what it means to be a “super mom.” The US woman astonished the medical staff by giving birth to her child on her own while standing in a hospital hallway.

A video of the incredible moment shows Petty-Jones standing over her wheelchair before effortlessly pulling her baby out from her pants.

As midwives and doctors scramble to get their gloves on to assist with the quick birth, the mum doesn’t seem at all fazed and just does what she needs to do at the moment. “Good job!” one of the midwives said once the baby is pulled out.

The midwives then all cheer the mum for her incredible work and the man behind the camera gives a big “Wow!” Petty-Jones smiles – no doubt very happy to see her baby enter the world safely.

The new mom received several supportive messages in the comments of the videos.

“This is incredible. How is she even standing up ??? Such a strong Mama. Beautiful video.”

Someone wrote, “This is powerful and amazing! Mama smiles like it’s no big deal that she just birthed a whole human standing up next to the wheelchair. That woman is a force to be reckoned with!”

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