200+ Famous Vampire Last Names And Meanings

Vampires are creatures of the night that are said to live on the blood of the living. Vampire last names can give a glimpse into their mysterious world of fangs and coffins. These surnames are fictional titles rooted in different languages, depicting the prevalence of the creature in various folklore and mythology. They are symbols of the darkness that vampires wield. From ancient legends of Eastern Europe to cool and interesting depictions in Western literature and cinema, vampires have managed to capture the attention of people everywhere. As we discover new and old surnames that could be suitable for vampires across the globe, let’s also have a look at the abilities and powers they hold.

200+ Vampire Last Names And Meanings

From ancient powerful titles to chilling descriptive terms, let’s explore vampire surnames that depict their history and reputation.

Royal Vampire Last Names

Vampires can live for centuries and sire big families. Here are family names that can suit a royal vampire family.

1. Aeternus

Aeternus is a Latin term that means ‘eternal.’ It is a royal surname depicting a vampire’s immortality and long-lasting rule.

2. Akasha

The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice features a character named Akasha who is the queen of vampires. Her name can be used as a surname signifying royalty and power.

3. Badica

Badica is the family name of one of the twelve Moroi royal families in the fantasy fiction series Vampire Academy, written by Richelle Mead.

4. Bathory

The surname is inspired by the real-life noblewoman, Elizabeth Báthory from Hungary, who was rumored to have vampiric tendencies. People believed that she bathed in young maidens’ blood to remain youthful.

5. Bloodraven

A reminder of their thirst for blood and a regal lineage, Bloodraven would make an apt royal vampire name.

6. Bloodstone

A bloodstone could be a magical stone that gives vampires special powers. A family that has held this stone for generations can be considered royalty, as they may possess tremendous power.

7. Collins

Collins is an English and Scottish patronymic surname that means ‘descendant of Colin.’ It is a royal vampire surname as it belonged to the famous fictional character Barnabas Collins, a 175-year-old vampire from the American TV show Dark Shadows.

8. Conta

One of the twelve Moroi royal families, the Conta family, is not as popular as the other royal families in the Vampire Academy series. However, it is still considered a royal family with potential for great power.

9. Corvinus

In the American series Underworld, the Corvinus bloodline is derived from Alexander Corvinus, a nobleman and warlord who was in power in the early 5th century. He was also the first immortal.

10. Cruor

In Latin, Cruor means ‘bloodshed.’ It is the perfect title for a royal vampire family, describing their core nature of drinking blood.

11. Dashkov

Dashkov is yet another Moroi royal family in the Vampire Academy series. It is believed to be related to the Dragomirs.

12. Dracula

Dracula means ‘son of Dracul.’ Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the name is synonymous with vampires and makes a royal vampire surname. It is derived from the Romanian drac, meaning ‘dragon.’

13. Dragomir

In the fictional Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, Dragomir is the name of one of the twelve Moroi royal vampire families.

14. Drozdov

Rooted in Russian, Drozdov means ‘blackbird.’ It is connected to blue blood as it is one of the twelve Moroi royal family names in the Vampire Academy series.

15. Ebenholz

In German, Ebenholz means ‘ebony.’ The surname has a dark and regal aura, making it the perfect royal vampire title.

16. Fitzroy

Fitzroy means ‘son of the king.’ In the famous Blood Ties TV series, the character Henry Fitzroy is a good vampire who works as a private detective to solve supernatural cases.

17. Ivashkov

Ivashkov is the biggest and most powerful of the twelve Moroi royal families in the Vampire Academy series.

18. Krolock

The surname is inspired by the vampire character Count Von Krolock from the movie The Fearless Vampire Killers. Associated with a strong fictional character, the name can make a cool royal surname.

19. Lazar

Lazar is the fourth-largest Moroi royal family in the fantasy-fiction series, Vampire Academy.

20. Lioncourt

In the Vampire Chronicles novel series, Lioncourt is the last name of the character Lestat de born in the 1700s. It can be a good royal surname because of his over-the-top personality.

21. Mori

Mori is the Latin term for ‘death.’ The vampires are known to bring wherever they go and hence Mori makes the perfect royal last name carrying a legacy of killing humans.

22. Mortis

Referring to the ‘stiffness of death,’ Mortis is a strong term that could be associated with vampires and their potential reign.

23. Noble

Noble is an English surname meaning ‘high-born’ or ‘illustrious.’ It is most likely to suit a royal vampire family with an illustrious history.

24. Nocturne

Meaning ‘night’ in French, the surname Nocturne might suit a royal vampire family as they are creatures of the night.

25. Noir

Noir means ‘black’ in French. Vampires hunt for food at night, so a name related to darkness is apt for a royal family.

26. Nosferatu

Nosferatu is inspired by the German vampire film of the same name. Coming from a classic and famous film, the name is the ideal option for a royal vampire family name.

27. Nyx

Nyx is the name of the Greek goddess of night. Being a powerful mythological figure, Nyx could make a strong royal name for a vampire family.

28. Nykos

When you combine Nyx, meaning ‘night,’ with Kosmos, meaning ‘universe,’ you get ‘ruler of the dark universe.’ It can be a foreboding title for a vampire clan.

29. Ozera

Ozera means ‘lakes’ in Russian. It is a royal title because it belongs to one of the royal families in the Vampire Academy series.

30. Sangre

In Spanish, sangre means ‘blood.’ Vampires thrive on human blood, and hence a name like this might suit a royal vampire family that has existed on blood for centuries.

31. Sanguinarius

Sanguinarius is the Latin term for bloodthirsty. It is a straightforward term describing the core nature of a royal vampire.

32. Sanguis Rex

Sanguis Rex is the Latin term for King of Blood. What can be more royal than a name implying the ruler of blood?

33. Sombre

Evoking a sense of mystery and power, sombre means ‘dark’ in French. It is a royal choice for those who roam in the dark.

34. Strigoi

Strigoi is the Romanian term for ‘vampire.’ Having a historic link to vampires, the name has a long history and can be considered a royal title.

35. Szelsky

In the Vampire Academy series, Szelsky is a Moroi royal family that is second to only the Ivashkov family.

36. Tarus

Tarus is a Moroi royal family in the Vampire Academy series. It is the family of former monarch candidate Jacob Tarus.

37. Tenebris

Tenebris is a Latin term for ‘darkness.’ Vampires are the most powerful at night. This surname can be attached to royalty for its regal aura.

38. Thanatos

Thanatos means ‘death’ in Greek. It is a name that symbolizes tremendous power. It could suit a royal family in the vampire world.

39. Umbriel

Umbriel is inspired by the Latin Umbra, meaning ‘shadow.’ Vampires are dark shadows that move at night. Defining their movement, Umbriel can be an apt royal name.

40. Vesper

Vampire last names, Vesper

In Latin, Vesper means ‘evening.’ Since vampires are most active in the evening, Vesper is the perfect royal last name for a family of vampires.

41. Voda

Voda is one of the Moroi royal families in the Vampire Academy series. This clan is led by Prince Alexander Voda and Princess Priscilla Voda.

42. Volturi

In the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, Volturi refers to a ruling coven of vampires who enforce the laws of the vampire world. It would make an apt royal name.

43. Volkov

Volkov means ‘wolf’ in Russian. It holds a sense of ferocity and strength, while also being connected to its predatory nature, making it a cool royal vampire surname.

44. Zeklos

Zeklos is yet another surname belonging to a blue-blood family in the Vampire Academy series.

Good Vampire Last Names

Vampires may survive on human blood, but not all vampires are murderers. Some are good vampires who do not fatally harm humans.

45. Aisling

Derived from an Irish feminine name meaning ‘dream’ or ‘vision,’ the surname would suit a vampire who can interpret dreams.

46. Angelis

The Greek surname Angelis means ‘angel.’ It is a good vampire surname as it is associated with the True Blood character Talbot Angelis, a royal consort.

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47. Athan

The Greek name Athan means ‘immortal’ or ‘eternal life.’ It can be considered a surname for any vampire, as they are also immortal creatures.

48. Black

Associated with darkness, Black is a surname for any vampire as it is directly linked to their tendency to move in the dark.

49. Blake

Blake is an English surname meaning ‘black.’ It is a good vampire surname, as it is inspired by the lead character of the urban fantasy series Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton. Blake is a legal vampire executioner who solves supernatural mysteries.

50. Blutmond

Blutmond means ‘blood moon’ in German. Connected to the lunar cycles, the surname also depicts the mystical forces that drive vampires.

51. Bunnicula

Bunnicuala is considered a good vampire name because it belongs to a vampire rabbit who sucks on the juices of vegetables. He features in the children’s book series of the same name.

52. Carlisle

The English surname Carlisle refers to a city in northern England. It makes it to our list as a good vampire last name because of the good doctor vampire Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight series.

53. Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro is an artistic word denoting the contrast between light and dark. As a surname, it may suit a vampire who balances time between the human and supernatural worlds.

54. Duskwalker

The surname is suitable for a vampire who roams at dusk to avoid the violence during midnight hunts.

55. Ebenholzherz

Ebenholz means ‘ebony’ in German and Herz means ‘heart.’ As a surname, it would be suitable for a vampire with a tough exterior but human-like behavior.

56. Everhart

Ever means ‘eternal’ and hart stands for ‘heart.’ Everhart could be for vampires who do not survive on human blood and instead drink only animal blood. They are kind-hearted creatures.

57. Fairhaven

Some vampires continue to be fair in their dealings, just like humans. They value harmony and peace, so this surname is suitable for them.

58. Forbes

Forbes is a Scottish surname referring to a ‘field.’ It is associated with Caroline Forbes, a good vampire who opens a school for the young and gifted children in the CW series, The Vampires Diaries.

59. Gilbert

Derived from the English given names, Gilbert means ‘bright pledge.’ The surname makes it to this list as a good surname because it is associated with Elena Gilbert, a positive lead character in the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

60. Havencrest

Vampires can be very protective of their kind. Havencrest is a surname for the vampire clan responsible for protecting their people.

61. Kindred

Vampires who continue to hold empathy for humans could adopt this surname. It highlights their kindness and benevolence.

62. Lockwood

Lockwood is an English surname that means ‘enclosed wood.’ The surname is borne by a positive character named Tyler, a good vampire in The Vampire Diaries TV series.

63. Lunaris

Vampire last names, Lunaris

Luna means ‘moon.’ Since vampires are nocturnal creatures, the surname stands for a good vampire who rises with the moon.

64. Lunarose

Luna means ‘moon’ and rose refers to the fragrant flower. As a surname, Lunarose could be an ideal surname for a beautiful vampire who craves love and affection.

65. Nachtwandler

In German, Nachtwandler means ‘nightwalker.’ It is an apt last name for a vampire who wanders out in the dead of night.

66. Nattblod

In Swedish, Nattblod means ‘night blood.’ The surname depicts a vampire’s need to feed on blood at night.

67. Nightstalker

In the supernatural movie Blade: Trinity, Nightstalkers is the name of a group of trained individuals who hunt vampires.

68. Nightwalker

Vampires are unable to expose themselves during the day and are creatures of the night. Hence, Nightwalker would be an apt surname for a good vampire.

69. Nocteblu

A blend of the Italian terms meaning ‘night’ and ‘blue,’ Nocteblu is a surname that might suit a sophisticated clan of vampires.

70. Ombre

The French term for ‘shadow,’ Ombre, would suit a vampire skilled at moving around without being seen or noticed.

71. Sangreoscura

Sangreoscura is the Spanish term meaning ‘dark blood.’ As a surname, it is well-suited for vampires who thrive on blood.

72. Sanguis Fidelis

The surname stands for ‘blood’ and ‘faithful,’ in Latin. It is suited for a vampire who follows a moral compass and refrains from harming humans.

73. Sanguisfortis

The surname means ‘bloodthirsty’ in Latin. The surname represents the life force of a vampire and their supernatural abilities.

74. Solace

Solace could be a surname for a vampire who offers comfort or peace to other vampires or humans. It could suit a vampire who has more human-like tendencies.

75. Sombraoscura

In Spanish, sombra means ‘shadow’ and oscura means ‘dark.’ The surname meaning ‘dark shadow’ defines a vampire’s tendency to roam undetected as dark shadows at night.

76. Sovran

Sovran is an archaic English term that could be used as a last name for a vampire with a leadership position and tremendous power.

77. Starlight

Holding a sense of magic, starlight could suit a vampire who has a strong and luminous presence.

78. Van Helsing

The Dutch surname Van Helsing can be considered a good vampire surname as it is associated with the character Abraham Van Helsing, a vampire slayer in the Dracula novel.

79. Vigilare

Vigialre means ‘to watch’ in Latin. It is a suitable surname for a vampire who acts as a guardian or protector.

80. Vérfehér

In Hungarian, Vérfehér translates to ‘blood white,’ capturing the contrasting nature of purity and white and the brutality of sucking human blood.

81. Veritas

In Latin, veritas means ‘the truth.’ This surname might suit a good vampire who is truthful and above deceit.

Badass Vampire Last Names

Badass vampires possess unusual abilities or are known for their rough attitude. Here are some last names that depict the badassery of vampires.

82. Aamon

Associated with destruction, Aamon is a surname that could be adopted by vampires who cause destruction wherever they go.

83. Ashenfang

Ashenfang generates an image of the ash of the dead and the sharp fangs of a vampire. It symbolizes both darkness and the ruthless nature of vampires.

84. Bloodcloak

Some vampires are vain and like to dress in fancy outfits. The last name is for vampires who wear a cloak soaked in human blood.

85. Blutrache

The German surname Blutrache means ‘blood revenge.’ It would suit an unforgiving vampire who is driven by an ancient vendetta.

86. Crimson

What do vampires love having? Blood. Crimson is a dark red color that resembles blood. It is a surname denoting a vampire’s thirst for blood.

87. Darkshiver

Darkness can be scary, and when there is a vampire near, one is bound to shiver in fright. The surname is suitable for a menacing vampire whose mere presence sends chills down the spines of humans.

88. Frostheart

Vampires are cold-hearted creatures. Hence, Frostheart is a suitable last name for vampires.

89. Infernalis

Infernal means ‘hell.’ The surname Infernalis would be suitable for a vampire who is connected to the land of the damned.

90. Nachzehrer

Nachzehrer is a creature in German folklore who is known to drag the living into the world of the dead. As a vampire surname, it would suit a vampire who lures humans into the world of vampires.

91. Nightsinger

Vampires can be gifted creatures with exceptional talent. The surname could be given to a vampire who sings or plays enchanting music that draws their prey to them.

92. Shadowdancer

Shadowdancer refers to a vampire who manipulates shadows to trap and hunt their prey.

93. Strix

Strix is a mythological owl believed to consume human blood and flesh. It might make a badass surname for a powerful vampire.

94. Umbraticus

The Latin term for ‘shadowy,’ the surname is perfect for vampires who stalk their victims in the dark.

95. Veilleursang

The term veilleur means ‘watchman’ in French and sang means ‘blood.’ The surname is suited for a watchful vampire who has exceptionally sharp senses.

Cool Vampire Last Names

Some vampire last names are considered cool because of their meaning or the history attached to them.

96. Aurelius

Aurelius is a Latin name inspired by the term aurum, meaning ‘gold.’ The surname holds an air of sophistication and is well-suited for a vampire with golden hair and eyes.

97. Blutgraf

Blutgraf means ‘blood count’ in German. It might be suitable for a vampire who commands vast resources in the vampire world.

98. Cimmerian

In Greek mythology, Cimmerians were people who lived in a place that never saw the sunrise. The surname perfectly describes vampires, who also prefer living in the dark,

99. Crepusculum

Crepusculum is the Latin word for ‘twilight.’ It could be a surname for vampires, who are most active during the hours between day and night.

100. Dusk

Dusk is a straightforward surname that brings to mind images of the twilight hour. It could be a cool surname as well as a first name for a vampire.

101. Kryptos

Kryptos is a Greek word that means hidden. Vampires have lived in hiding for several centuries. Hence, Kryptos makes a suitable title for a cool vampire.

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102. Noctis

Short and simple, Noctis is the Latin term meaning ‘of the night.’ It is a cool title, denoting a vampire’s affinity for darkness.

103. Nox

Vampire last names, Nox

Nox means ‘night’ in Latin. This short surname perfectly suits a stylish vampire who revels in darkness.

104. Obskur

Obskur would suit a vampire shrouded in mystery. It is a cool last name that generates intrigue.

105. Onyx

Onyx is a type of black gemstone that is often linked to mystery and power. As a vampire surname, it would suit those who possess mysterious magical powers.

106. Sluagh

In Irish and Scottish folklore, Sluaghs are hosts of the unforgiven dead. As a surname, it could be used for vampires who are considered fallen creatures, even amongst the vampires.

107. Soleilnoir

Soleil is the French term for ‘sun’ and noir means ‘black.’ The surname depicts a vampire’s duality in nature. It has a posh vibe that makes it a cool surname.

108. Somnia

Somnia means ‘dreams’ in Latin. It is a cool, modern surname for a vampire who possesses the power to foresee the future in their dreams.

109. Stygian

Stygian is connected to the River Styx, a river that flows in the underworld according to Greek mythology. As a surname, it represents the dark world of vampires.

110. Vexel

Derived from the Latin term vexillum, the surname Vexel means ‘flag.’ It is a strong surname that would suit a powerful leader of a group of vampires.

111. Vorago

Vorago is a Latin term that means ‘abyss’ or ‘chasm.’ It symbolizes the unquenchable thirst for blood that vampires experience.

112. Zephyr

Cool as the gentle evening breeze, Zephyr is an elegant last name for a vampire family.

Old Vampire Last Names

Old vampires are those who are known to have been around for several centuries. They are among the early vampires who terrorized different parts of the world.

113. Aion

Meaning ‘century’ in Greek, the surname Aion depicts a vampire’s ability to survive for over a century.

114. Arcana

In Latin, arcana means ‘secret.’ Vampires have lived in hiding for centuries, holding many deep secrets with them. This surname could belong to a knowledgeable vampire with great details about vampire ancestry.

115. Bhuta

In Sanskrit, Bhuta is the term denoting ghosts. For old vampires, Bhuta could refer to the ancient blood-sucking monsters who have been around for centuries.

116. Bloodhowl

When a vampire howls, it freezes the blood of listeners. The surname is suitable for ancient vampires with a blood-curdling howl.

117. Blutsauger

Blutsauger means ‘bloodsucker’ in German. It depicts a vampire’s insatiable thirst for blood, which has been the same since ancient times.

118. Cimetiére

In French, Cimetiére means ‘graveyard,’ perfectly depicting a vampier’s long-standing association with the dead.

119. Dravenrune

Draven means ‘hunter’ in Old English, while runes are ancient magical symbols. As a last name, it is likely to suit a vampire possessing knowledge of ancient magical runes and uses it to hunt other menacing vampires.

120. Dreadreign

The region that is ruled by a ruthless vampire is filled with dread. Such a cruel vampire could have the surname Dreadreign, which depicts his power and authority.

121. Étoiles Sanglantes

The surname means ‘bleeding or bloody stars’ in French. It evokes images of bright stars bleeding, denoting a vampire’s ability to suck out the life of a human.

122. Exanimus

Exanimus means ‘lifeless’ or ‘soulless,’ perfectly describing a vampire. It is a famous name because it depicts a vampire’s cold and conniving nature.

123. Inkvisitor

An intriguing blend of ‘ink’ and ‘inquisitor,’ the last name denotes a vampire famous for holding dark secrets and keeping a record of forbidden knowledge.

124. Krvopijac

In Serbian, Krvopijac means ‘bloodsucker.’ In the olden days, vampires in the Balkan region may have been identified as Krvopijac, depicting their way of feeding on blood.

125. Maleficarum

Derived from the Latin word maleficus, meaning ‘wicked’ or ‘evil,’ the vampire surname is for malevolent vampires who derive immense satisfaction by torturing their prey.

126. Moroi

According to Romanian folklore, Moroi is a type of vampire or ghost. Since the term has been used for several centuries, it is an old vampire surname.

127. Morsus

Morsus means ‘bite’ or ‘sting’ in Latin. It depicts a vampire’s way of feeding on prey by sucking their blood.

128. Mortem

Mortem means ‘death’ in Latin. It could be the surname for ancient vampires who have long been dead.

129. Mortifer

Mortifier means ‘deadly’ in Latin. The surname depicts a vampire’s ability to strike fear in the hearts of humans.

130. Nightflame

Vampires are usually scared of fire. However, some ancient vampires have acquired the power to control and manipulate fire. And Nightflame would be an apt surname for them.

131. Nocturnasp

Nocturnasp is a blend of nocturnal, meaning ‘active at night’ and asp, meaning a type of venomous snake. It could be a surname for old vampires who possess venom in their fangs that can paralyze their victims before they can relish their blood.

132. Nosfernus

The surname could be suitable for monstrous vampires, known for instilling grave fear in the hearts of humans.

133. Obscurum

The Latin word for darkness, obscurum, represents vampires who are shrouded in darkness and ensnare their prey by lurking in shadows.

134. Sångare

In Swedish, Sångare means ‘singer.’ But in the world of vampires, Sångare is the last name of vampires who trap their prey by singing a melodious and irresistible song.

135. Shadowfury

The surname signifies ancient vampires whose rage is dark and deep like their shadow.

136. Strzyga

In Slavic mythology, Strzyga refers to a demon that has similar traits to a vampire. It could be a family name of old vampires who existed in ancient Rome or ancient Greece.

137. Upír

Upir is the name of an evil god in Slavic folklore who was believed to be a vampire. Connected to olden times, it may be a surname for old vampires.

138. Vârcolac

Vârcolac means ‘werewolf’ in Romanian. However, it could also be used as a last name for ancient hybrid or shapeshifting vampires.

139. Vampiir

Vampiir refers to a ‘vampire’ in Estonian. It could be an old surname adopted by the early vampires belonging to Estonia.

140. Vampyras

Vampire last names, Vampyras

Vampyras means ‘vampire’ in Lithuanian. It could be a surname for ancient vampires belonging to Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.

141. Vitiosus

Vitisus means ‘vicious’ in Latin. As a surname, it signifies the corrupt and depraved nature of these blood-sucking creatures.

142. Vrykolakas

According to Greek mythology, vrykolakas is a creature similar to a vampire who consumes human flesh. It would be an apt surname for vampires who consume flesh along with drinking human blood.

143. Wurdulac

Wurdulac is the Russian term for vampire. Being present in Russian folklore, it could be a last name for vampires who have survived for centuries.

Famous Vampire Last Names

Famous vampire last names belong to iconic vampire characters or are surnames that have deep meanings.

144. Acerbus

Acerbus is the Latin term for ‘bitter’ or ‘violent. The last name depicts the cruel and merciless nature the vampires are famous for.

145. Angelus

Angelus is a vampire and the main antagonist in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This surname would suit a vampire with a cruel nature.

146. Belikov

In the Vampire Academy series, Dimitri Belikov is a half-human, half vampire, hybrid. His surname is famous because he is considered a good dhampir.

147. Blacula

Inspired by the titular character of the vampire film ‘Blacula,’ the surname represents racial diversity even in the world of vampires.

148. Blade

In the American film Blade, the titular character is a human-vampire hybrid who slays vampires with his unique weapon. Associated with a famous character, the surname is also a famous last name.

149. Compton

In the human world, Compton is an English topographic surname that means ‘settlement in the valley.’ In the vampire world, it is the surname of the popular vampire character Bill Compton, the love interest of Sookie Stackhouse in The Southern Vampire Mysteries.

150. Cullen

Cullen is an English surname that means ‘colony.’ In the Twilight series, the Cullens are a family of vampires that do not live on human blood. They co-exist with humans and live a life as normal as possible.

151. Dhampir

Dhampir is a creature from Balkan folklore who is born to a human mother and a vampire father. It is a suitable last for similar hybrids.

152. Drusilla

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, Drusilla is the famous female antagonist. Her name can be used as a last name for a female vampire with psychic abilities.

153. Hale

Hale is an English surname that means ‘nook hollow.’ It is a famous vampire surname as it belonged to vampire Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Series.

154. Harker

Jonathan Harker is a character in the movie Dracula who becomes a part of Count Dracula’s dark schemes. As a popular surname in the vampire world, it stands for the history of vampires co-existing with humans.

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155. Kendall

In the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harmony Kendall is a vampire who fails in her attempt to kill the lead character Buffy. Her surname can be used as a vampire surname for a weak vampire.

156. Northman

Northman means ‘man from the north.’ Eric Northman is a charming vampire featuring in the The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris. This famous surname would suit a vampire who is arrogant and flirtatious by nature.

157. Ravenscroft

Pamela Ravenscroft is a beautiful, self-centered vampire in the True Blood TV series. Her surname is best suited for a vampire known for their beauty.

158. Redfern

In the popular young adult fantasy series Night World by  L. J. Smith, Redfern is the family name of Lamia Vampires who are born as vampires but age and eat like humans.

159. Ruthven

Lord Ruthven is a famous character featured in the short story The Vampyre by John William Polidori. He is believed to be one of the first vampires in the world of literature.

160. Sails

In The Saga of Darren Shan series, Arra Sails is famous for being one of the rare female vampires who possess strength equal to or more than a male vampire.

161. Salvatore

The Italian surname Salvatore means ‘savior.’ The last name is famous because of the brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, who were the lead characters in the successful and famous CW TV series The Vampire Diaries.

162. Spike

Spike is a vampire in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is famous for being a trickster. As a famous surname, it conveys a sense of danger and rebellion.

163. Stackhouse

Stackhouse is an Old Norse surname that means ‘pile house.’ It is a famous surname in the vampire world as it belongs to the central character, Sookie Stackhouse, in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series.

164. Swan

Vampire last names, Swan

Swan has English and Celtic roots, and it refers to the bird swan. It is a famous vampire surname because it is borne by the lead character in the Twilight series, Bella.

Powerful Vampire Last Names

Some last names hold strong meanings or are associated with powerful characters. Below are vampire surnames known for the power they wield in the vampire world.

165. Abyssalord

Representing the dark and boundless power of a vampire, the surname is suited for a vampire who commands fear from other vampires and humans.

166. Alastor

Alastor is a Greek name that means ‘avenger.’ It could be a surname for a vampire who is full of intense rage and a fierce passion for revenge.

167. Ankou

Ankou is a mythical creature in Breton who collects spirits. Being an embodiment of death itself, it will make a strong last name for a vampire who brings nothing but death to humans.

168. Ardorok

A fusion of ardor and rock, the surname is meant for a vampire who has a fiery spirit and unshakable willpower.

169. Azura

The surname is derived from the term Azul, meaning ‘blue’ in Spanish. It indicates a vampire with sharp blue eyes that hypnotizes prey before the monster can feed on them.

170. Bellator

Bellator means ‘warrior’ in Latin. It is a surname that would best describe a formidable fighter who is skilled in combat.

171. Bloodstorm

When a group of vampires attack humans, they cause a bloodstorm. The surname depicts the torrent of blood and destruction that vampires are capable of causing.

172. Carnifex

Carnifex means ‘butcher’ in Latin. As a surname, it describes a vampire’s predatory and brutal nature that generates extreme fear in the hearts of humans.

173. Darkbane

The surname is meant for a vampire who possesses the power to banish light and cover their surroundings with darkness.

174. Draconis

Draconis is the Latin word for ‘dragon.’ As a last name, it would be suitable for a king vampire who rules over his region with draconian law and order.

175. Dreadfang

Some vampires are infamous in the human world and evoke a strong sense of dread in their minds. Dreadfang is a powerful last name, describing a ruthless and unforgiving vampire.

176. Eclipse

Signifying a powerful celestial event, Eclipse would suit a vampire with a strong sinister presence.

177. Helschreiter

According to Norse mythology, Hel is the name of the underworld, while schreiter means ‘strider’ in German. The surname is intended for a vampire who rides to and forth from the depths of the underworld.

178. Krognar

In Danish, Krog means ‘hook’, while nar means ‘corpse’ in Icelandic. The surname will be well-suited for a vampire with power over the dead.

179. Luminara

Inspired by the Latin term for light, Luminara is a surname that would suit a vampire bearing luminous presence and supernatural allure.

180. Lunafang

The surname Lunafang is created for a modern vampire depicting the predatorial tendencies of a vampire that is strongest at night.

181. Mikaelson

A variant of the English patronym Michaelson, the surname means ‘son of Micheal.’ It is a powerful vampire surname because it belonged to a family of vampires believed to be the first ever vampires in The Vampire Diaries series.

182. Nachtblut

In German, Nachtblut means ‘night blood.’ Carrying the essence of a vampiric thirst for blood, the surname depicts a vampire’s strong connection with night.

183. Nekromai

Vampires are connected to the underworld and this strong connection with the dead is depicted in the surname Nekromai.

184. Nightreaper

The surname is meant for vampires who are skilled hunters and hunt their prey with great ferocity and relentlessness.

185. Novalume

Nova means ‘new’ in Latin, while lume means ‘light’ in Italian. A cool combination of two different languages, the surname depicts the rare quality of a vampire to illuminate in darkness.

186. Nyxborne

The surname belongs to a vampire who is born in the night and is imbued with ancient powers that can manipulate darkness.

187. Ravageheart

The surname would best fit a vampire considered a destructive force capable of unleashing complete devastation upon his enemies.

188. Sableclaw

Sable means black, while claw represents a weapon of attack. The surname describes a vampire who moves in the dark hunting his prey with his sharp claws.

189. Savantique

Savant means ‘learned’ in French. The surname is a cool name for a vampire with great knowledge of antiques.

190. Serenadark

The surname suggests vampires who are seductive and lethal. They are capable of serenading their prey with haunting melodies that draw them to the predators.

191. Serpentis

Snakes are associated with venom as well as rebirth. As a surname, Serpentis might be suitable for a vampire family holding secrets to dark magic related to dead vampires.

192. Soulscourge

Soulscourge is suited for deadly vampires who can scourge souls and spirits with their malevolent power. Their exceptional power makes them feared even in the underworld.

193. Spectrashade

Spectra suggests a spectrum of colors while shade refers to the darkness under which these creatures move. The surname is suitable for vampires who can manipulate light with their special powers.

194. Velvetine

Vampires who are smooth and seductive when approaching a victim could have a cool surname like Velvetine.

195. Venator

In Latin, Venator means ‘hunter,’ and aren’t vampires hunters too? The surname is suited for ancient vampires who are skilled at hunting.

196. Vermithrax

A blend of vermin and anthrax, the surname suggests a vampire who is capable of mass murder of humans and creating a new breed of vampires like a plague.

197. Vladvic

Inspired by Vlad the Impaler, son of Vlad Dracul, the surname would be suitable for a vampire who holds immense power and authority.

198. Voidheart

Some vampires have a dark heart with no feelings. Voidheart is a surname most suitable for such vampires who hold deep darkness in their hearts.

199. Vorak

Derived from the word voracious, Vorak could be a surname for a vampire who has an insatiable appetite for power and supremacy.

200. Vortex

The surname Vortex is a surname suited for a powerful vampire who can control elements of nature.

201. Wraithstone

The surname denotes a vampire who has a ghostly appearance and is the holder of a powerful stone that gives magical abilities to vampires.

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Vampires may or may not exist in reality but vampire last names are an interesting way to get a glimpse into their dark and astounding world. These surnames are infused with creativity and imagination to offer some tidbits of the secret world these creatures belong to. Symbolizing timeless allure and fascination, vampire surnames might surprise you with their deep meaning and relatability. Whether it’s the popular surname Salvatore or the classic Dracula, the mysterious Obskur, or the scary Vladvic, these surnames reveal the diverse and complex world of the fearsome creature.

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