7 Factors That Will Influence The Unborn Baby’s Appearance

You tend to like a lot of the common and strange things around you when you’re pregnant. You might consider the factors that will affect the unborn child’s appearance rather than food or objects that may bring up memories from your own life. There must be numerous indubitable factors that could affect the course. How can I make my unborn child look more like me? Will my child look more like the father or me? What foods are healthy for the unborn child during pregnancy? You can even wonder if bending can harm the unborn child.

It may seem weird to ask these questions but this is the real deal in real life. Of course, you want your child to have a better outlook not only in being healthy but also with how they are being looked at with their physical appearance. You want your baby to become as beautiful and handsome as they could ever be, that’s why you ought to take care of them even if they are not yet being born. Here, we bring you some of these things that influence your tiny angel’s appearance:

  1. Pregnancy And Alcohol

While this is too strong an example, it is worth considering the drastic impact alcohol can have during pregnancy.

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In fact, if a pregnant woman drinks too much alcohol, she can suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. This can even cause the baby to develop a unique facial appearance such as exceptionally small eyes or thin lips.

  1. Complexion Genes

If you and your partner have mixed complexions, then your baby may be born with a different skin tone. You would have noticed that generally fair-skinned parents have fair-skinned kids and dark-skinned parents have dark-skinned children.

It is obviously not a coincidence. But, it is not just one gene but a combination of different genes that influence the little one’s skin tone.

  1. Fitness Matters

Both healthy as well as unhealthy habits can influence the baby. So, your physical and food habits may make a difference to the baby’s looks too.

For example, if the soon-to-mother is obese, her child might be obese too. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been active throughout. Supervised regular exercise when pregnant may help mitigate the effects of your weight.

  1. DNA Game

Everyone knows that DNA plays a key role when it comes to determining the baby’s appearance.

While both the parents’ genes contribute to it, it is not like all of these genes are received by the baby. Basically, your kid will be a combination of both you and your partner’s DNA.

  1. Hold Back On Caffeine

If you are the expecting mom who loves her coffee, try to limit your caffeine intake to 200 milligrams per day during pregnancy. It may have an impact on the size of your baby at the time of his/her birth.

The baby might be born smaller and slimmer than normal. So, make an effort to hold back on this addiction during this phase.

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  1. Give Me More Sunshine

Though we love our sunscreen, we all realize the importance of sunshine and Vitamin D. At least, for some amount of time every day. 

Insufficient sunshine might result in a baby born with low birth weight. So, try to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of this nutrition during pregnancy. After all, a little sunshine won’t hurt.

  1. Travel Routine

Travel habits during pregnancy can potentially influence a baby’s appearance. Frequent air travel may expose the developing fetus to radiation, which is known to be harmful to the little one.

And, it might also affect his/her looks. So, if you are required to travel extensively during pregnancy, you can consult your doc once.

Now, you are hopefully more aware of things that can unknowingly affect your baby’s appearance during pregnancy. We hope that this information is of some help to you.

Article written by Baby Plumbing

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