175 Popular Rich Last Names Or Surnames Across The World

Your name is your identity, and with rich last names, people associate you with wealth and prosperity. Most rich families have generational wealth, and your name pretty much tells about which family you are a part of. Whether it is a family descendant from the royals or a family of celebrities, your last name evokes a sense of reaction from everyone who hears it. Besides, if you have a famous surname, you are bound to hear your name in the media quite often. So, without further ado, let’s look at some last names that bring to mind a sense of wealth and richness as soon as you hear them.

Popular Rich Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

1. Agnelli

Meaning: Lamb or timid person (Italian)

The Agnelli family, established by Giovanni Agnelli, is an influential Italian business dynasty. Giovanni Agnelli was a co-founder of Fiat, which became the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy.

2. Albrecht

Meaning: Noble, Famous (German)

The Albrecht family of Germany are heirs to the popular retail chain giant Aldi, who owns Trader Joe’s. Aldi is one of the most profitable retail chains, with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. The family is considered to be one of the wealthiest families in Europe. However, the members live by an oath of simplicity and modesty, avoiding the display of wealth.

3. Arison

Meaning: Gold son or powerful (Albanian)

The Arison family, with Romanian-Israeli-American roots, has notable members such as Ted Arison. Ted founded Carnival Cruise Lines, a global industry giant that earned him immense wealth. As his fortunes grew, he became one of the world’s wealthiest people. Later, he returned to Israel and substantially contributed to the country, including funding hospitals and charitable organizations.

4. Armani

Meaning: Free (Italian)

The luxury clothing brand Armani has long been associated with haute couture and fashion. The brand name comes from the last name of its founder Giorgio Armani. Armani has several sub-brands and hotel chains under its banner, with luxury being the prime focus.

5. Arnoult

Meaning: Eagle ruler (German)

Bernard Arnoult is at the helm of the world’s largest luxury products company LVMH. The brands under LVMH are highly desired luxury goods companies, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Givenchy. When it comes to luxury and opulence, the Arnoult name rings a bell.

6. Astor

Meaning: Hawk (French)

The Astor family is associated with wealth and power in the United States and the United Kingdom. John Jacob Astor IV is often considered one of the wealthiest people in history. He originally started with fur trade and later moved into real estate investments.

7. Augustus

Meaning: Venerable (Greek)

Augustus is a last name that has its origins in the ancient Roman empire. The name has also been used as a royal title by many rulers that followed the first emperor Augustus. The name roughly translates to ‘venerable’ and has been linked to royalty throughout history.

8. Baldwin

Meaning: Brave (German)

The Baldwin siblings Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen made their marks as actors and are collectively known as the Baldwin brothers. Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey Baldwin is married to Justin Bieber. The Baldwin name is well-known among Hollywood peers.

9. Balenciaga

Meaning: Professional name for dressmakers (Basque)

The luxury brand Balenciaga caters to high fashion infused with street fashion aesthetics. The popular brand derives its name from the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Today Balenciaga has instant recognition and is considered one of the most valuable haute couture brands in the world.

10. Bamford

Meaning: Tree or plank(Old English)

The Bamfords are a wealthy family from the UK who run the machinery company JCB. The head of the family is Anthony Bamford, who is a billionaire businessman and politician. The family is also known for their indulgence in luxury items, including vintage and rare sports cars.

11. Barclay

Meaning: Birch tree meadow (Scottish)

The last name Barclays is familiar to people across the world thanks to the Barclays Bank. The UK-based bank traces its name to James Barclay who was a partner and chairman of the bank. Although the bank is no longer run by family members, the name does have connotations of richness.

12. Bass

Meaning: Of humble origin (French)

The Bass family of the USA are oil and energy tycoons with investments across the major oil companies. Popularly known as the Bass brothers, the group has diversified its business to include hedge funds and other financial assets in recent times. The Basses are well recognized in the wealthy circle.

13. Bernadotte

Meaning: Brave bear (French)

The Bernadottes consist of members of the Swedish Royal Family and are as rich as they come. Members of the family are entitled to royal titles and allowances and represent Sweden officially.

14. Bertarelli

Meaning: Bright or to carry (Italian)

Ernesto Silvio Maurizio Bertarelli is an esteemed Italian-born Swiss billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He is widely recognized as a prominent figure linked to the renowned Bertarelli surname.

15. Bettencourt

Meaning: Courtyard (German)

The Bettencourts are the founders of the popular French cosmetic brand L’Oreal. Today, heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the billionaire chairman of the brand and is considered the richest woman in the world. Various members of the family also occupy important positions in the company.

16. Bloomberg

Meaning: Flower hill (Yiddish)

The Bloomberg name is a staple last name in the US thanks to the media company with the same name. The company was founded by Michael Bloomberg, who continues to run it to this day. He has also forayed into politics and served as the Mayor of New York City.

17. Boss

Meaning: Hunchbacked (French)

Hugo Boss, also popularly known as Boss, is a German luxury clothing brand popular across the world. The name Boss is the surname of the founder and designer Hugo Boss, who infused clean aesthetics and luxury into uniforms and outerwear. Today, the brand is associated with class and refined taste.

18. Boucheron

Meaning: Butcher (French)

The House of Boucheron is a French jewelry dynasty started by Frederic Boucheron. Boucheron jewelry is highly coveted among aficionados and connoisseurs. As dealers of diamonds and precious stones, the Boucheron name is rich as they come.

19. Bulgari

Meaning: String instrument (Turkish)

The present-day luxury Italian brand Bvlgari derives its name from the family name Bulgari. The Bulgari family are originally from Greece, where they used to be artisans of jewelry. Today Bvlgari is a staple brand among the rich and wealthy.

20. Bourbon

Meaning: Habitational name from a village in Allier (France)

The House of Bourbon is a dynasty of French origin. The Bourbon line is present to this day, with Louis Alphonse de Bourbon as the current head. The Bourbon name is associated with aristocracy and regality.

21. Branson

Meaning: Son of the raven (English)

Richard Branson is a self-made man and founder and chairman of the Virgin Group. The Branson name is associated with adventure, innovation, wealth, and opulence.

22. Buccellati

Meaning: Mother (Italian)

Italian luxury brands are admired all over the world for their attention to detail and design aesthetics. Buccellati is one such luxury brand that the rich like to get their hands on. The company was founded by master goldsmith Mario Buccellati and his son Gianmaria Buccellati in 1919.

23. Buffet

A gush of wind over the ocean

Meaning: Gush of wind (French)

Warren Buffet is known as the most successful investor alive, and rightfully so. The shrewd businessman and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway has shown decade after decade that patience and sticking to the strategy always bring wealth, slowly but surely.

24. Burberry

Meaning: Cottage (English)

Started by Thomas Burberry, today Burberry is a maker of coveted luxury clothing and apparels. The Burberry trench coat is a classic that has weathered the fast-changing world of fashion for decades to remain fashionable to this day.

25. Busch

Meaning: Someone who lived by a thicket or wood (German)

The Busch household is a wealthy family in the US that started the Anheuser-Busch brewing company well known for the beverage Budweiser. The family resides in a huge estate in a St. Louis suburb, which is often referred to as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the US.

26. Byron

Meaning: At the barns or cattle shed (Old English)

The most well-known among the Byron family is probably Lord Byron, the poet and politician who was a leading figure in the Romantic movement of English poetry. The Byrons have migrated to many countries, such as France, Germany, and the US while continuing to be influential and wealthy to this day.

27. Caesar

Meaning: Long-haired (Latin)

We are all familiar with the name Caesar thanks to the glorification of emperor Julius Caesar in both literature and movies. Caesar was used as a surname, or at times, as a title to denote Roman emperors. Although the name actually meant ‘long-haired,’ it eventually got associated with power and wealth.

28. Cargill

Meaning: Dweller from Cargill, a place in eastern Perthshire (Scottish)

The multi-generational Cargill family owns Cargill Inc., one of the biggest privately owned enterprises in the US. This uber-wealthy family is also known for philanthropy and funding multiple not-for-profit organizations. The Cargill name definitely resonates with opulence and wealth.

29. Carnegie

Meaning: Fort at the gap (Gaelic)

The Carnegies trace their success to Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American entrepreneur and industrialist. The steel industry started by Andrew Carnegie shaped the fortune of the US. The Carnegie family to this day remains wealthy, occupying important positions in high society.

30. Cartier

Meaning: One who transports goods (Old English)

The name Cartier is the last name of Paris-based designer Louis- François Cartier. Cartier is synonymous with luxury watches and jewelry. From Hollywood stars to billionaires and aristocrats, Cartier pieces are coveted and adored by people of high standing.

31. Cash

Meaning: Hollow(Latin)

The Cash surname is self-explanatory as it itself means money. The last name gained much popularity thanks to the Man in Black singer Johnny Cash. When someone sports the Cash last name, it definitely gets associated with richness.

32. Chanel

Meaning: A canal (Old French)

Whether it is fashionable dresses, hats, or perfumes, Chanel brought about a change in everything establishing, itself as one of the most iconic brands ever. Started by Coco Chanel, the brand is revered by the rich and wealthy.

33. Cheng

Meaning: Rule, order, regulations (Chinese)

Cheng Yu-tung, a distinguished figure associated with the Cheng surname, was a renowned Hong Kong billionaire celebrated for his substantial investments across multiple industries. His interests encompassed property investment, development, services, jewelry retailing, infrastructure, hotels, and transportation in Hong Kong, the United States, Australia, Macau, and beyond.

34. Chopard

Meaning: Worthy (Swiss)

Chopard is a Swiss luxury maker of jewelry and watches. The company was started by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, and today, its products are regarded as a status symbol.

35. Clifford

Meaning: Ford by a cliff (English)

The Cliffords were a merchant family that made their fortune in the Netherlands and the UK. The descendants of the family are well-bestowed with wealth and continue to run big businesses around Europe.

36. Coates

Meaning: Cottage, huts (English)

Denise Coates, a prominent businesswoman from Britain, is an influential figure linked to the Coates surname. As the founder, majority shareholder, and joint chief executive of Bet365, a leading online gambling company based in the UK, she has significantly impacted the industry.

37. Cox

Meaning: From the hills (Welsh)

The Cox family business was started by James M. Cox in the early 19th century in Dayton, Ohio. Today, the Coxes are regarded as one of the 25 wealthiest families in the world. The diversified Cox business spans across media, travel, and hospitality.

38. Dassault

Meaning: Tank (French)

The Dassault name is all too familiar in Europe, especially France. Founded by Marcel Dassault, it is one of the leading aviation companies in the world. The Dassault family’s net worth runs in billions, and the name evokes wealth.

39. De Mevius

Meaning: Unknown

The De Mevius family from Belgium owns partial stakes in AB-Inbev, the world’s largest brewery company. They are one of the wealthiest families in Belgium as well as Europe. The family has run the business for nine generations, making them well known among the high society.

40. Dell

Meaning: A delta or valley filled with trees (English)

Michael Dell founded Dell Computers in the early 80s and brought about a revolution in enabling people to own computers in their homes. Today, the company is one of the largest technology corporations in the world, and the Dell name is familiar to one and all.

41. Dior

Meaning: Golden (French)

When one thinks of haute couture and luxury, Dior is one of the brands that easily comes to mind. Founded by designer Christian Dior, this luxury fashion house caters to both men and women. Dior, as such, is intrinsically linked with wealth and luxury.

42. Dolce

Meaning: Pleasant or sweet (Italian)

Dolce & Gabbana is one of those iconic Italian luxury brands that directs the flow of fashion trends year after year. The Dolce in the name comes from the designer Domenico Dolce, who started the fashion house in the 1980s.

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43. Donnelley

Meaning: Brown valor (Gaelic)

The Donnelleys are one of the wealthiest and well-regarded families in the US. The family is primarily involved in the business of printing technology and solutions. The Donnelley name is associated with wealth, especially in the Chicago region.

44. Dumas

Meaning: Country dweller (French)

The Dumas family are billionaire heirs at the helm of the luxury brand Hermès. In total, 16 family members are heirs to this Hermès fortune, with cousins Pierre and Axel at the head. Hermès scarves are a symbol of high society and wealth.

45. Dyson

Meaning: Son of Denise (Old English)

Dyson is a technology company known for its innovative home as well as industrial products, specifically vacuum cleaners. The company was founded by James Dyson in 1991, and today, it is a billion-dollar enterprise. As such, the Dyson name is well recognized in the UK.

46. Ecclestone

Meaning: Settlement by the church (English)

In the world of automotive and racecars, the Ecclestone name reverberates well. Bernie Ecclestone, the British tycoon, founded and ran F1 racing worldwide, bringing billions in revenue. Today, the extended Ecclestone family’s business is quite diversified and spans many industries.

47. Fendi

Meaning: To split (Italian)

The Italian luxury fashion house Fendi was started by Adele Fendi in 1925. Fendi products are revered across the world, especially fur and leather goods, for their exquisite craftsmanship. Fendi continues to be a pioneer of fashion trends and a hot brand for the rich and famous.

48. Ferdinand

Meaning: Brave (Spanish)

The Ferdinands are royal heirs of the aristocracy of Austria. The well-known among the Ferdinands is probably Franz Ferdinand, whose assassin led the First World War. The heirs continue to live in regions of Austria and Hungary, many with royal titles and allowances.

49. Ferragamo

Meaning: Hospitable (Italian)

Salvatore Ferragamo was a designer of high-end luxury footwear and founder of the eponymous fashion house in 1927. The successful fashion house continues to serve the rich and famous stores and boutiques around the world. With a Ferragamo shoe on, you are sure to attract eyeballs.

50. Ferrari

Meaning: Blacksmith (Italian)

When it comes to luxury sports cars, no other brand is as iconic as the Ferrari. Started by automotive engineer Enzo Ferrari in 1947, Ferrari cars are considered a collector’s item among the wealthy. A Ferrari in the garage is a sure-fire way to suggest one is wealthy.

51. Ferrero

Meaning: Smith (Italian)

Michele Ferrero is known as the person who came up with Nutella, and his company ever since has known nothing but success. The Monaco-based Ferrero family are billionaires and continue to be one of the richest families in Europe.

52. Forbes

Meaning: Field (gaelic)

The Forbes are an American success story and are settled in Boston. The family, spanning decades, has had members who were successful business tycoons to politicians. Today, the name is associated with wealth and business as well as the popular Forbes magazine.

53. Ford

Meaning: River crossing (Old English)

Henry Ford was a pioneer engineer who started the Ford Motor Company and changed the course of history by introducing commercial automotive for private use. Ford continues to be one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, and the extended family are rich and wealthy.

54. Fridman

Meaning: Ornamental Jewish name meaning Peace (Ashkenazy)

The Fridman family is one of the richest families in Russia, and its head Mikhail Fridman is a successful business tycoon. The family runs the investment enterprise Alfa Group, and the Fridman name is all too familiar in the high society circles.

55. Gallo

Rooster, a rich last name

Meaning: Rooster (Italian)

Founded by Ernest and Julio Gallo, the E & J Gallo Winery is the biggest family-owned winery in the US. The family is based out of California, where they are associated with wealth and influence.

56. Getty

Meaning: Hill, valley (Irish)

The Getty family in the United States has its roots in George Franklin Getty and his son Jean Paul Getty. Jean Paul Getty Sr., an American-born British industrialist, gained renown as the founder of Getty Oil Company, a major presence in the petroleum industry.

57. Givenchy

Meaning: Impressive (French)

Givenchy is known for its perfume and fashion apparel. The company was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy. Today, Givenchy is part of the larger LVMH group and continues to occupy a peak position among fashion brands.

58. Goldman

Meaning: Little golden one (English)

Founded by Marcus Goldman in 1869, Goldman Sachs is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. The fact that the name itself has ‘gold’ in it is pure coincidence. However, when it comes to money power, the Goldman name evokes wealth.

59. Gordon

Meaning: Great hill (Scottish)

The Gordons are a wealthy Scottish family and are owners of the popular Glenfiddich whiskey. The distilling empire continues to bring the Gordons revenues in billions, keeping them well-positioned as a rich and powerful family.

60. Graff

Meaning: Quill, pen (Anglo-Norman French)

The Graff family of the Graff Diamonds fame are top-of-the-line luxury jewelry makers. Their business spans across Europe, from the UK to Switzerland, and they have high-end boutiques around the world. The head of the family is Laurence Graff, who started the business and continues to lead it.

61. Grimaldi

Meaning: Powerful protector (German and Spanish)

The Grimaldi nobility are descendants of the House of Grimaldi, Principality of Monaco. The lineage gives them royal rights, with the head being referred to as the Prince of Monaco. It’s all but implied that this family is wealthy and commands a great influence in Monaco.

62. Grosvenor

Meaning: Great hunter (English)

Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster, is a prominent British aristocrat and successful businessman associated with the renowned Grosvenor surname. In 2016, he inherited his esteemed title and the responsibility of managing the esteemed Grosvenor Estate.

63. Gucci

Meaning: Fashionable (Italian)

The Italian luxury house Gucci is a producer of highly coveted luxury products such as handbags, clothing, and jewelry. Gucci products are often a status symbol, and people associate them with wealth. The name comes from Guccio Gucci, the founder who founded Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy.

64. Hadid

Meaning: Iron (Arabic)

The Hadid name is associated with luxury architecture thanks to the immaculate designs of Zaha Hadid. Another Hadid family, although unrelated, are the children of Mohamed Hadid, namely supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid.

65. Hargreaves

Meaning: On the border (Anglo-Saxon)

The Hargreaves Lansdown company is one of the largest financial advisory companies in the UK. It was founded by Peter Hargreaves and Stephen Lansdown in the 1980s. The Hargreaves name is popular among the rich.

66. Hartono

Meaning: Rich (Indonesian)

Robert Budi Hartono, an influential Indonesian tobacco tycoon, is synonymous with the prestigious Hartono family name. He owns and leads Djarum, a privately-held company and the third-largest producer of clove cigarettes worldwide. Forbes acknowledged Budi Hartono as Indonesia’s wealthiest individual and the 71st richest person globally in 2020.

67. Hayek

Meaning: Weaver (Arabic)

Nicolas George Hayek, a distinguished Swiss-Lebanese entrepreneur, is closely associated with the Hayek surname. He played a pivotal role as co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of The Swatch Group. This renowned Swiss company is the world’s largest watchmaker and is renowned for its exquisite watches and jewelry.

68. Hearst

Meaning: Dwellers near a church, stream, or hill (Anglo-Saxon)

The Hearst family name is associated with the media and publishing business. The company started by William Hearst was named Hearst Communications. It brought about a revolution in journalism.

69. Heineken

Meaning: Son of little Hein (German)

Heineken is a popular beer of Dutch origin. Started by Gerard Heineken in the 1870s, the beer continues to be one of the highest-selling beers worldwide. The heirs of Gerard continue to have stakes in the company.

70. Henkel

Meaning: Descendant of Hagano or Heino (hedged place) (German)

The Henkel company is a family-run chemical and consumer goods business well known for their Henkel laundry detergent. This German family earns revenue in billions and walks among those in high society in Dusseldorf.

71. Herlin

Meaning: Occasional poet or speaker (German)

Antti Herlin, a prominent Finnish billionaire businessman, is closely linked to the Herlin surname. He holds the position of chairman at the renowned Finnish KONE Corporation and is recognized as Finland’s wealthiest individual. As of May 2021, Forbes ranked him as the 404th richest person in the world.

72. Hermès

Meaning: The messenger(Greek)

The Hermes carre or scarf is in itself a symbol of wealth and status, which even nobilities and kings and queens adore. The name is derived from designer Thierry Hermes who started the leather company in 1837. Today, Hermes makes a range of luxury products.

73. Hilti

Meaning: Unknown

Hilti is a Lichtenstein-based family that started the industrial works company Hilti. Martin Hilti founded the company in 1941, and the company continues to bring innovation in the power tools and construction industries. The family has made great wealth thanks to their industrial success.

74. Hilton

Meaning: Hill dwellers (Old English)

The Hilton name is familiar to those who travel thanks to their presence in the hospitality sector. The Hilton name has also taken the limelight following the popularity of the heiress Paris Hilton. The Hilton name signifies wealth and a rich lifestyle.

75. Hoffman

Meaning: Steward (German)

The Hoffmans are a prominent New York family well known among the rich. Many family members have occupied high positions in government.

76. Hult

Meaning: Forest (Swedish)

Bertil Eric Hult, a Swedish billionaire, is a prominent individual associated with the surname Hult. He is renowned for establishing EF Education First, a global education company focusing on language training, academic degree programs, cultural exchange, and educational travel.

77. Jackson

Meaning: God’s grace (Hebrew)

Although Jackson is a common name as well as a surname, the one name that easily comes to mind is that of Michael Jackson. Probably the most successful and rich musician ever, Michael transcended boundaries and created art that lives on.

78. Jenner

Meaning: Occupational name for a designer or engineer(English)

The present Gen Z would hardly be not familiar with the Jenners. Kylie Jenner is an entrepreneur who is among the few self-made millionaires through her cosmetic brand Kylie cosmetics.

79. Johnson

Meaning: Son of John (Scottish)

With a fortune estimated at over $10 billion, the Johnson family is among the wealthiest families in the US. The family owns a major share in their flagship enterprise, S.C. Johnson & Son that employs over 10,000 people worldwide.

80. Kadoorie

Meaning: Spherical (Hebrew)

The Kadoorie family, originally from Baghdad, Iraq, and now based in Hong Kong, is prominent and prosperous. Sir Michael David Kadoorie, a billionaire businessman, is a notable figure within the family. He is the chairman of CLP Group, the largest electricity producer in Hong Kong.

81. Kamprad

Meaning: Unknown

Feodor Kamprad is a Swedish billionaire business tycoon best known for founding the furniture giant Ikea. Although the family prefers to maintain a high level of reclusivity from the public eye, their name is well known and is associated with success and wealth.

82. Kardashian

Meaning: Stone carver (Armenian)

In today’s age of reality television, the Kardashian name is a household favorite thanks to the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kris Jenner produces and stars in the show along with other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family, which also happens to be a super-wealthy family.

83. King

Meaning: Monarch (English)

King literally translates to ‘ruler.’ As such, the name King evokes power and wealth. Some big names with the surname are Don King, the successful boxing manager, and Julia king, the famous architect.

84. Klein

Meaning: Small (Dutch, German, and Afrikaans)

Calvin Klein is an American designer whose eponymous company is a sought-after brand. The brand is associated with style and wealth and has been endorsed by Justin Bieber and Kate Moss.

85. Koch

Meaning: Cook (German)

The Koch family is involved in the petroleum and natural gas industry. The family also has members taking active parts in political activism in the US. The Koch family are millionaires in every right and remain influential.

86. Kwok

Meaning: Outer city (Chinese)

Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong, a Hong Kong billionaire, is a notable individual associated with the surname Kwok. He was the former joint chairman and managing director of Sun Hung Kai Properties, the largest property developer in Hong Kong.

87. Lacoste

Meaning: By the coast (French)

Lacoste is a sports apparel company that combines high fashion aesthetics into sportswear. Started by the tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier in 1933, the brand is highly popular among tennis circles. The Lacoste brand is such a signifier of affluence.

88. Lange

Meaning: A tall person (German)

Adolf Lange started the watch company A. Lange & Söhne, which is considered among the top three most expensive watch brands. The watches made by this company are preferred by aristocrats and billionaire tycoons and are often considered to be collectibles.

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89. Lauder

Meaning: Ditch or trench(Scottish)

The Lauder family of New York are popular among the rich and affluent. As owners of the Estée Lauder Companies, they are one of the richest families in the US, and the head of the family Leonard Lauder is listed among the top 50 richest persons in the world.

90. Lauren

Meaning: Laural tree or wisdom (Latin)

Designer Ralph Lauren is known for his varied interests that span fashion designing to automobile designing. He has been listed on Forbes’ richest person in America multiple times, and the name is associated with high-end design and aesthetics.

91. Laurent

Meaning: The bright one (Latin)

Laurent is the last name of iconic designer and founder of luxury French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. The brand is associated with top-of-the-line haute couture, from fashion clothing to perfumery. Top Hollywood actresses endorse the brand, making it highly coveted.

92. LeCoultre

Meaning: Unknown

When it comes to luxury timepieces, nothing comes close to Swiss brands. Jaeger-LeCoultre is one such luxury watch brand. This top-tier Richemont brand combines sophisticated innovations with timeless designs, resulting in high demand.

93. Lee

Meaning: Woodland, clearing (English)

Lee is the second most prevalent surname in Korea, after Kim. One noteworthy individual with this surname is Lee Byung-chul, a South Korean businessman who established the Samsung Group. As South Korea’s largest chaebol, he is recognized as one of the country’s most accomplished entrepreneurs.

94. Lehman

Meaning: Tenant (German)

The Lehman name is associated with the erstwhile financial firm Lehman Brothers. Before going bankrupt, Lehman enjoyed the position of one of the most successful investment banks in the US. It was founded by Henry Lehman and his brothers, and the name still carries clout in Wall Street.

95. Lincoln

Meaning: By the lake (English)

The Lincoln name is probably one of the most well-known names in the US as well as the world. As the president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln brought about huge changes in administration as well as society. Although not primarily associated with wealth, the Lincoln name does evoke power and influence.

96. Livingstone

Meaning: From Livingston (Scottish)

Livingstone is a pioneering family that attained fortune and fame in the early 19th century thanks to their missionary work and exploratory ventures. The family members set out in different directions to spread Christianity and to propagate the teachings of Christ. The family continues to enjoy a high position in the ecclesiastic circles.

97. Lloyd

Meaning: Sacred (Welsh)

Lloyds is an old merchant family from the UK who established Lloyds bank. The family mostly reside in the Wales region and are among the rich and wealthy.

98. Lowells

Lowells, rich last name

Meaning: Young wolf (Latin)

The Lowell family is one of the old Boston families that emigrated to Boston from the UK in the 1600s and established themselves as upper-class members. Being one of the earlier families that settled in the region, the Lowell family had influence, with multiple members involved in the government and successful business ventures.

99. Lucas

Meaning: Light ( Latin )

George Lucas is a veteran filmmaker who has given iconic hits such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. As the owner of his own founded production company Lucasfilm, Lucas made a name for himself among the affluents.

100. Lynch

Meaning: Descendant of Loingseach (Irish)

The Lynch name is well known among artists as well as Hollywood personalities, thanks to David Lynch. Known for his offbeat ideas and wild experiments in filmmaking, David Lynch created a niche for himself in the film industry.

101. Margiela

Meaning: Unknown

Maison Marigiela is a Paris-based luxury fashion house that produces haute couture and avant-garde items for the rich and famous. It was originally started by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, and today, the Margiela name corresponds to opulence and richness.

102. Marinho

Meaning: Male (Portuguese)

Roberto Pisani Marinho, a renowned Brazilian businessman, was an influential bearer of the Marinho surname. He held ownership of Grupo Globo, the largest media conglomerate in Latin America, from 1925 to 2003. Marinho’s impact and power made him a significant figure in 20th-century Brazil.

103. Mars

Meaning: God of war (Greek)

The confectionery company Mars Inc. is known for its ultra-popular Snicker and Mars bar. The family occupies the third wealthiest family in the world. The Mars family heirs continue to enjoy a life of affluence and fortune.

104. Mayweather

Meaning: Enclosure of a man called Maera (Old English)

The boxer Floyd Mayweather has been the highest-paid athlete of the year multiple times and is one of the most successful sportspeople in history. He leaves no stone unturned in displaying his wealth, be it million-dollar watches or his private jet, and is aptly called “Money.”

105. McGregor

Meaning: Son of Griogar (Gaelic)

Conor McGregor has established himself as a self-made billionaire and was named the “highest-paid athlete of 2020” by Forbes. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle and is regularly seen indulging in luxury yachts and private jets.

106. McKinsey

Meaning: Son of Coinneach (Irish)

Founded in 1926 by James McKinsey, the management consulting company McKinsey & Company has risen to become the most elite firm where the students from the top management schools aspire to work at. The company not only provides consulting services but also influences management and ways of doing business across the world.

107. Medici

Meaning: Medical personnel (Italian)

The Italian-origin family has had been involved in banking as well as political work. What’s impressive is that the family has produced four popes of the Catholic Church and has had power in Florence for a long time. Some Medicis still live an affluent life in Italy.

108. Mellon

Meaning: Small and pleasant (Gaelic)

The Mellon family fortune took shape with the establishment of the Mellon bank in 1869. The founder, Thomas Mellon, found great success, which helped the subsequent generations to further consolidate themselves as successful and rich heirs.

109. Merck

Meaning: Border area (German)

Merck is a German family with industrial as well as banking ventures. The family is also known for the science and technology company Merck. The influential Merck family resides in Darmstadt, Germany and continues to hold high social standing.

110. Merovingian

Meaning: Descendants of Meroveus (French)

The Merovingians are a dynastic family that ruled France from the sixth to the eighth centuries. Although the direct descendants are scattered and don’t hold any official position of power, the Merovingian name still resonates with wealth and royalty.

111. Miele

Meaning: Honey (Italian)

Carl Miele, a German businessman, is a notable individual associated with the surname Miele. He co-founded Miele, a renowned German company specializing in producing top-tier household appliances and commercial equipment.

112. Morgan

Meaning: Sea protector (Old English)

The J.P. Morgan name is pretty popular in the world of finance and banking. John Pierpont Morgan, the founder, was a force to reckon with as he consolidated the scattered financial industry into a formidable and organized firm. Morgan is often referred to as the ‘greatest banker’ in US history.

113. Mountbatten

Meaning: Anglicised version of Battenberg, a small town in Hesse (German)

Louis Mountbatten was a high-ranking naval officer of the British Empire who became the Viceroy of India. Due to his achievements, the Mountbatten family became a well-recognized family in the UK.

114. Mulliez

Meaning: Occupational name for fabric knitters (French)

The Mulliez family from the Lille region of France are a reclusive but wealthy family that own the highly profitable Decathlon chain. The Mulliez family have many other diversified ventures, ranging from financial services to clothing brands and family members who occupy important positions. They continue to be one of the richest families in France and Europe.

115. Newhouse

Meaning: A new abode (English)

The publishing house Advance Publications was founded by Sam Newhouse, who, through hard work, made the Newhouses a billionaire family. With popular magazines such as The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, their media business is super successful. The family resides in New York, US.

116. Ofer

Meaning: Fawn (Hebrew)

Sammy Ofer, an influential Israeli shipping magnate, was a notable bearer of the Ofer surname. Renowned for his immense wealth, he ranked 79th on Forbes’ list of The World’s Billionaires in 2011, solidifying his position as the wealthiest individual in Israel during that period.

117. Oppenheimer

Meaning: Dweller near a hill, church, or stream (German)

The Oppenheimer name is associated with J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. He occupied high-ranking positions in many universities and organizations. Today, the Oppenheimer name is well recognized.

118. Orleans

Meaning: Golden (French)

The Orleans form part of the royal house of France founded by Phillipe, the Duke of Orleans. Although the royal line had their power usurped during the French revolution, members of the family still survive and occupy high positions.

119. Ortega

Meaning: Nettle plant (Spanish)

The Zara chain of brands changed the way businesses produced affordable clothing. And the driving force behind it is Amancio Ortega, who single-handedly introduced the world to “fast fashion.” He is one of the richest people on the planet. The Ortega family is of Spanish origin.

120. Otto

Meaning: Prosperity (German)

The German Otto Group is the world’s largest mail-order company. Founded by the late Werner Otto in 1949, the company has weathered through ups and downs to remain profitable. The family resides in Hamburg, Germany.

121. Smith

Meaning: A blacksmith (Old English)

Paul Smith is a British fashion designer who started his eponymous clothing label in 1970. Today, the Paul Smith design blends luxury with casual wear, enabling haute couture in daily life clothing. The brand is highly popular among the rich.

122. Persson

Meaning: Son of Per (Swedish)

The Perssons, a Swedish-based billionaire family, own the popular clothing retailer H&M. The company was founded by Erling Persson in 1947, and today, H&M has a presence in 75 countries with over 5,000 stores. The family owns a majority stake in the company and is among the wealthiest families in Sweden.

123. Peugeot

Meaning: Goddess (French)

Peugeot went from a bicycle company to become a successful automotive company through the hard work and industriousness of founder Arman Peugeot. The French family achieved great success, and Peugeot became one of the most well-known car brands in Europe, especially France.

124. Pinault

Meaning: Unknown

The Pinault family owns the multi-brand corporation Kering, which includes iconic brands such as Gucci, YSL, and Bottega Veneta. The billion-dollar enterprise has bought many luxury brands under its wings, and the Pinault family members continue to occupy key positions.

125. Porsche/Piëch

Meaning: Short or wolf (German)

The Porsche family, also referred to as the Porsche-Piëch family, is a distinguished Austrian-German family actively engaged in various industrial ventures. Descendants of the esteemed automotive figure Ferdinand Porsche, they currently rank as the seventh wealthiest family in Germany, as of 2022.

126. Prada

Prada, a stylish and rich last name

Meaning: Field or meadow (Italian)

Prada is associated with haute couture. Started by Mario Prada in 1913, the brand started as a specialist of leather craft and gradually shifted to a plethora of luxury goods, from perfume and clothing to handbags.

127. Presley

Meaning: From the priest’s field (Old English)

Who isn’t familiar with Elvis ‘the King’ Presley? The melodious crooner with his signature dance moves took the world by storm. The Presley family has attained much fame and is among the rich families of Hollywood.

128. Pritzker

Meaning: Regional name for someone from Pritski (Ukrainian)

The Pritzker Group owns the Hyatt chain of hotels. Jay Pritzker, the current head of the family, has also ventured into politics successfully and served as the governor of Illinois. The Chicago-based Pritzker family is no stranger to wealth and affluence.

129. Pulitzer

Meaning: Distinguished (Polish)

The Pulitzer Prize is an annual award for exceptional work in journalism, literature, etc. The award was established by Joseph Pulitzer, a renowned newspaper publisher, who identified the prize as his dying wish. The surname is well recognized across the world and held in high reverence.

130. Quandt

Meaning: Rogue or joker (German)

Today, BMW cars are a status symbol. The person who founded the car company was Gunther Quandt. The family’s fortune saw much rise due to constant innovation and perfection in technology, and the Quandt name is revered in Germany.

131. Ratcliffe

Meaning: A red cliff (Old English)

The Ratcliffes are a Monaco-based billionaire family group running the Ineos chemical industries. The head of the family, Sir James Arthur Ratcliffe, is considered among the top 100 richest persons by Bloomberg.

132. Rausing

Meaning: belonging to, coming from (Swedish)

The Rausing family, originating from Sweden, is widely recognized for their exceptional wealth. Anders Ruben Rausing, a pioneering figure, founded Tetra Pak, while Hans Anders Rausing, an accomplished Swedish industrialist, established and expanded the company. Today, Tetra Pak is the world’s largest food packaging company, renowned for its innovative solutions.

133. Reichmann

Meaning: A wealthy person (Yiddish)

The Canada-based Reichmann family built a real estate empire through the Olympia & York company. The company faced bankruptcy in the 1990s. However, the family continues to be among the affluent in Toronto.

134. Reuben

Meaning: Behold, a son! (Hebrew)

The Reuben family comprises brothers Simon and David, who have a combined wealth of over $20 billion. The family leads a lavish lifestyle, splurging on luxury yachts and large estates. They are part owners of the British football club Newcastle United. Today the Reubens run a highly diversified business, from petrochemicals to real estate.

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135. Reynolds

Meaning: Councilor (French)

The eponymous R.J. Reynolds tobacco company saw much success in America in the late 1800s. Another rich and famous person with the Reynolds surname is the Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

136. Rich

Meaning: Affluent (English)

The word rich itself means to possess wealth. The famous Rich family was, in fact, nobility, with Richard Rich being the Lord Chancellor of Essex in the mid-1500s. Having Rich as the last name is certain to evoke the idea of wealth.

137. Rockefeller

Meaning: Someone from the village of Rockenfeld (German)

John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil, which brought about revolutionary industrial development in the US. The Rockefeller family enjoys an almost royal-like status in the country and is revered by the business community.

138. Romanov

Meaning: Son of Roman (Russian)

The House of Romanov is a Russian nobility that has produced many successors to the throne in the last centuries. The descendants of the Romanov lineage have dispersed and assimilated with other European royal dynasties.

139. Roosevelts

Meaning: Of a rose field (Dutch)

The New York-based Roosevelt family has seen two US Presidents and many other successful members. Roosevelts have been of much interest among media and paparazzi for their high social status and influence.

140. Rothschild

Meaning: Red coat (Yiddish)

The Rothschilds are a Jewish-origin family based mainly in Germany, with many branches of the family spread across other parts of Europe too. The Rothchilds are believed to hold the largest fortunes ever possessed by a family. The family business is well-diversified today, and the Rothschild name has always generated much interest for being wealthy and mysterious.

141. Schaeffler

Meaning: Occupational name for a cooper (German)

The Schafflers own the automotive company Continental AG, making them one of the wealthiest families in Germany. However, in recent times, the company has taken huge losses, reducing the family’s ranking among the rich.

142. Schermerhorn

Meaning: A royal horn (Dutch)

Abraham Schermerhorn was a New York-based merchant who bequeathed vast fortunes to his family. The family owns large estates in Brooklyn and are among the affluent families. The Schermerhorns have a street named after them in New York.

143. Schindler

Meaning: Occupational name for roof builders (German)

The Schindler name is revered and well respected in Germany. The head of the family, Oskar Schindler, protected many Jew families during the Nazi occupation. The Schindler family business suffered and later went bankrupt, but the respect and adoration for the name remained.

144. Schroder

Meaning: Cloth cutter or tailor (German)

Schroders started as a merchant family from Hamburg, Germany. They established themselves as members of a patrician ruling class and attained much success and wealth.

145. Seinfeld

Meaning: Beautiful fields (German)

Jerry Seinfeld is a television personality who attained immense popularity and success so much so that he has become the richest comedian in the world and a highly successful producer. The Seinfeld name signifies success from humble roots and is well regarded.

146. Shin

Meaning: The ancient state of Shen, which existed during the Zhou dynasty (Korean)

Shin Kyuk-ho was a prominent South Korean businessman associated with the surname Shin. He gained recognition as the founder of Lotte Corporation, a substantial South Korean-Japanese conglomerate and one of the country’s largest chaebols.

147. Siemens

Meaning: One who hearkens (Hebrew)

Siemens is a German family that holds the major shares of Siemens AG, a telecommunication giant. The Siemens family is an old and reputed one in Germany with mentions of their surnames as early as the 1300s. The family is among the top ten richest families in Germany.

148. Simmons

Meaning: Hearing, listening

Harold Clark Simmons, an American business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist, exerted substantial influence over multiple publicly traded companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange by 2006. Notable among them were NL Industries, Titanium Metals Corporation, Valhi, Inc., CompX International, and Kronos Worldwide.

149. Slim

Meaning: A characteristic name for someone noted for being thin (English)

Carlos Slim Helú, a Mexican billionaire businessman and philanthropist of Lebanese heritage, is a notable figure associated with the surname Slim. Through Grupo Carso, he has accumulated immense wealth, making him the wealthiest individual in Latin America.

150. Sonnenberg

Meaning: Sun and mountain (Jewish, German)

A Dutch billionaire, Ralph Sonnenberg is a notable individual associated with the surname Sonnenberg. He was the former CEO of Hunter Douglas Group, which specializes in producing window blinds and coverings and operates as a publicly listed company.

151. Soros

Meaning: Successor (Hungarian)

George Soros is an American billionaire businessman often praised for his generosity and philanthropy. He has run the Soros Fund Management for decades and contributed to its high returns. The Soros name is popular in the world of investment and finance.

152. Spielberg

Meaning: Lookout point or mountain (German)

Steven Spielberg is one of the most successful movie directors and producers who made iconic movies, such as Jurassic Park. The movie industry mogul continues to be involved in state-of-the-art movie-making with over-the-top budgets. There wouldn’t be a soul in Hollywood who wouldn’t identify with the Spielberg name.

153. Swarovski

Meaning: Gratitude (Austrian)

As makers of designer jewelry and crystals, Swarovski is a name that evokes beauty and richness. The company is the namesake of Daniel Swarovski, who started the company in 1895.

154. Sy

Meaning: Plum tree or stone (Filipino, Chinese)

Henry Sy Sr., a notable Filipino businessman and investor, played a pivotal role in shaping the Sy family name. He transformed ShoeMart into SM Investments, a prominent conglomerate in the Philippines. SM owns a vast portfolio of malls, department stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores. Forbes consistently acknowledged Sy as the Philippines’ wealthiest individual for eleven consecutive years until his passing.

155. Taylor

Meaning: Occupational surname for dressmakers (Old French)

Taylor is an Old French origin surname that also enjoys much popularity in the US. One of the rich Taylor families is the Enterprise-Rent-A-Car owners. Chrissy Taylor is the current CEO of the company.

156. Thomson

Meaning: Son of Thom or Thomas (Scottish)

The Canada-based Thomson family owns the media enterprise Thomson Corporation, which runs popular media companies in many developed countries. The head of the family, Roy Thomson, has been successful in acquiring media companies on the verge of collapse to rebuild and make them profitable again. The Thomson family is among the richest families in Canada.

157. Tiffany

Meaning: Manifestation of God (Greek)

Tiffany’s name is readily associated with diamonds and jewelry, so much so that the famous movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s was named after the company. Founded by Charles Tiffany of New York, Tiffany and Co. is today part of the larger LVMH group and is a name that the rich swear by.

158. Trump

Meaning: Maker of trumpets (Old German)

The Trump family has been on the news thanks to their political activities and Donald Trump serving as President of the US for one term. The Trump family gained its fortune through real estate ventures by Fred Trump and later by Donald Trump. The Trumps today are an influential family with members involved in business as well as politics.

159. Tudor

Meaning: Unknown

The present Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, happens to be a descendant of the once flourishing House of Tudor. The Tudors, at one point in history, were the ruling family in England. Even to this day, the Tudor name is associated with power and wealth.

160. Van Cleef

Meaning: Dweller along the cliffs (Dutch)

The Paris-based Van Cleef and Arpels are a designer jewelry house famed for styling icons such as Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. Boutiques of the brand are present in select luxurious locations around the world and are much desired. The Cleef name comes from the partner and founder Alfred Van Cleef.

161. Van Damme

Meaning: Of a place with water (Dutch)

The Van Damme family is part owner of the beverage giant Anheuser-Busch and is among the wealthy and influential industrial families from Belgium. The family owns large ranches and estates characteristic of wealthy European families.

162. Van der Vorm

Meaning: Exquisite shape (Dutch)

Dutch billionaires Van der Vorm were owners of some of the biggest cruise ships in the world. The family maintains a certain secrecy regarding their wealth, but it’s certain the company they run is highly profitable and that they are among the wealthiest European family businesses.

163. Van Rensselaer

Meaning: Lowland (Dutch)

A family of Dutch descent, the Van Rensselaers contributed much to the formation of the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries. Based in New York, the family is known to have owned estates covering over a million acres.

164. Vanderbilt

Meaning: Low hill (Dutch)

The Dutch-origin Vanderbilt family migrated to the Americas during the Gilded Age of the 1870s. They attained much success with their industrial and railroad ventures, quickly becoming one of the richest families in the world. The family still occupies high status, and the heirs lead a lavish lifestyle.

165. Versace

Meaning: Just (Latin)

Founder Gianni Versace started his own label in 1978 to create fashionable clothing different from existing ones, bearing his signature mythology-inspired aesthetics. The Versace name elicits wealth and affluence and continues to be donned by the rich and the famous.

166. Vuitton

Meaning: Life of creativity (French)

Louis Vuitton is an iconic brand that people around the world aspire to buy products from. The ultra-luxury brand is almost out of scope for most people, with only the rich being able to afford it. The Vuitton name comes from the surname of Frenchman Louis Vuitton, who was the founder and a fashion designer.

167. Walton

Meaning: Walled town (Old English)

The Walton family’s combined wealth makes them the richest family in the world. The Waltons are the owners of the Walmart Corporation. The Waltons are also well known for their philanthropy and contributions towards art and cultural initiatives.

168. Wayne

Meaning: Wagon builder or driver (Old English)

Wayne is a common name as well as a surname. The association of the Wayne name with wealth is because of the comic book superhero Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is always portrayed as a billionaire, and as such, the name elicits affluence.

169. Welch

Meaning: Foreigner (Anglo-Saxon)

The most prominent among the Welch family members is Jack Welch, the ex-CEO of General Electrics. He was known for being an innovative engineer, executive, and writer. Welch turned the fortunes of GE and made it among the top corporations of the world.

170. Wertheimer

Meaning: Geographic name for people from Wertheim (Jewish)

The Wertheimers are a French-origin family settled in New York. Head of family Alain Wertheimer is the co-owner of the luxury fashion brand Chanel. He is a billionaire businessman, and the Wertheimer name is well recognized.

171. Weston

Meaning: West and enclosure, yard, town (Old English)

The Weston family, originating in Canada, established themselves as notable business figures with worldwide interests, primarily in the food and retail industries. George Weston, an American-born Canadian businessman, founded George Weston Limited, becoming Toronto’s leading baker and operating the largest bread factory in Canada.

172. Wilsdorf

Meaning: Occupational name for watchmakers (German)

Hans Wilsdorf started what became the most iconic watch company in history, Rolex. Through his creation, a new era of luxury watches came about, introducing elegance and style in watchmaking. Today, the affluent Wilsdorfs family resides in Germany.

173. Windsor

Wilsdorf, a watchmaker

Meaning: Riverbank with a winch (Old English)

The royal House of Windsor of the UK is probably the most well recognized among all aristocrats in the world. The Windsor family has had four monarchs on the throne. The Windsors are the wealthiest among all the monarchs in the world, and their influence on world politics is immense.

174. Winfrey

Meaning: Peaceful friend (Old English)

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most successful as well as wealthy television personalities. She is known for her talk show, which has featured some of the biggest personalities from politics, movies, and business. As such, the Winfrey name is no stranger to wealth and fame.

175. Yurman

Meaning: Forest (Hebrew)

David Yurman built a jewelry company in the 1980s, which paved the way for mix-metal and other creative and innovative products. Today, the Yurman family resides in the posh localities of New York and is counted among the rich and wealthy.

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