25 Amazing Baby Names That Mean Technology For Girls And Boys

Technology has taken over the whole world. We are being introduced to several new gadgets that transform our lives daily. If you are a gadget-geek, these baby names that mean technology would be a great choice for your little one. Although most technical terms may seem obscure, a few of them are interesting and fun, which would be suitable monikers for a baby. The following names in our list include the famous brands known for innovative skills and also a few software that have changed life as we know. These names will remain trendy due to their significance in our lives. So, explore these technical names to find the right one.

Technology Names For Girls

1. Apple

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin named their daughter Apple. Speculation says that they may have named their daughter after their favorite MP3 player. No, that’s not just an assumption. She named her second son Moses, another Steve Jobs reference.

2. Perl

Perl is a term used in the programming language. With just one letter off from a classic name, Perl would make quite a feasible pick.

3. Dell

Dell, a geeky name for baby girls

Dell has, for long delivered boxes of joy to consumers. But did you know that it is also recognized as a moniker for a baby girl? Dell was once considered as a short form for Della but is rarely heard now.

4. Pixel

Surprised to see Pixel in this list? Don’t be! Pixel was one of the names suggested by a woman in an online poll while looking for a name for her daughter. She later settled with Mikayla, which is less horrific.

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5. Lara

Lara Croft is the name of the protagonist of the blockbuster video game, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, where an English archaeologist-adventurer runs around, causing trouble in ancient ruins. Lara also happens to be a lovely baby name.

6. Ruby

Ruby, also means a precious stone

Ruby is another programming term. It is quite feminine and usable and has ruled the baby name charts for decades.

7. Ada

If you want your little girl to have the next billion-dollar startup, select a geeky name for her, something like Ada. Ada may be unheard in the Western world but is quite popular in the Arabic countries. In the tech world, Ada is a statically typed, structured, imperative, and object-oriented high-level computer programming system.

8. Alice

The name Alice is oddly normal, yet subtly geeky. It is also a programming language designed by the Programming Systems Laboratory. It provides concurrency features as a part of the base language through the use of a future type representing a value being given by a thread of execution.

9. Vista

We think that Vista is quite a valid tech baby name for girls. In fact, a Canadian programmer named his daughter Vista.

10. Siri

Siri, baby names that mean technology

Is there anything better than naming your child after everyone’s favorite personal assistant and knowledge navigator?

11. Ananova

Ananova, a virtual newsreader on the Internet, was programmed to deliver 24-hour news a day. It could make a great name for your darling daughter. If not Ananova, go for just Ana.

12. Zelda

If you want a modern and forward thinking baby name, go with Zelda. It’s the name of a character in Nintendo’s second most popular video game (the first is Mario, of course) “The Legend of Zelda”.

13. Lisa

Lisa is the name of the first personal computer with a graphical interface made by Apple. It was named after Steve Job’s daughter, who was born in the same year the computer was launched.

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Names That Mean Technology For Boys

14. Link

Link has a double technological association. It’s the name of the protagonist of the Zelda game series, in which am elf boy goes on a quest to rescue Princess Zelda. ‘Links,’ the geek points are also a phenomenon on the internet.

15. Jade

Video games have some of the coolest baby names, with Jade being one of them. Jade is the protagonist of “Mortal Kombat 2”.

16. Nyan

In Japan, Nyan is the name of the happy animated cat that flies through the Internet sky dressed as a cherry pop tart.

17. Linux

Linux, baby names that mean technology

If you are a Charlie Brown fanatic or an open-source lover, you will love Linux. Linux is the name of the software engineer who created the Linux kernel. He is also the recipient of IEEE Computer Society Computer Pioneer Award.

18. Archie

No, Google wasn’t the first Internet search engine. Our first search engine was Archie. The name recently re-entered the Top 20 British baby name list after years in the wilderness.

19. Mac

If you are an Apple fanboy and find Steve too conventional, go for Mac. In Scotland and Ireland, Mac means ‘son of.’ It’s also a nickname or short form of McAllister or McCoy. Want to make it more complete? Spell it with a k, like ‘Mack’.

20. Hal

HAL is not just the name of the supercomputer from the movie “Space Odyssey”. It has been quite a common name for quite a while now as a short form of Harry or Henry. So, it’s possible that actor Hank Azaria wasn’t inspired by the Space Odyssey series.

21. Pascal

Pascal is an influential procedural programming language, designed by Niklaus Wirth to encourage good programming practices using data structuring and structured programming. The language honors Blaise Pascal, the inventor of the first workable automated calculator.

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22. Json

Want your child’s resume to get noticed in Silicon Valley? Then name him Json, the abbreviation for JavaScript Object Notation, an open-standard format that uses human-readable texts to transfer data objects of attribute value pairs.

23. Mario

Mario is a classy baby boy name

Mario is one of the most popular Italian baby boy’s names. It also belongs to the much-loved Mario Brothers video game franchise. The name is classy, crisp and efficient.

24. Page

Larry Page, Webpage, Facebook page, just take your pick. It’s a great name for a Google or Internet-loving family. We think Page would sound best as a nickname or middle name.

25. Dovahkiin

If there can be Rinoa, Zelda and Nyan, then why not Dovahkiin? The name is a combination of Dova, which means dragon and kiin, which means ‘born.’

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Many of the most recent inventions are incredible, but what’s even more fascinating is that they all have phenomenal names. A brand goes to great lengths to name its product. If you are a parent and a technology enthusiast, the following list of baby names means technology is made just for you. Also, the origin stories of a few reflect the moral values of the founders’ strength, dedication, and hard work towards these inventions. By naming your baby after such technological artifacts, you can ensure their names earn worldwide fame and popularity.

Key Pointers

  • Tech-savvy parents may be inclined to choose technology-inspired names for their babies.
  • American actress Gwenyth Paltrow chose the names Apple and Moses for her children, both inspired by Steve Jobs.
  • Normal-sounding technology names are Alice, Ruby, Hal, and Pas

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