108 Wonderful Names Of Hindu Lord Shiva For Your Baby Boy

Lord Shiva names for baby boys have been popular among Indian parents who are fascinated by God’s enigmatic and furious nature. Lord Shiva is one of the most important Gods in Hindu Mythology and is a part of the Holy Trinity along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. He is the creator and destroyer and represents generosity and goodness.

According to the Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva is known by over 1008 names. All these names in Sanskrit portray certain traits of Shiva. The Lord is also the protector of goodness and destroyer of evil. If you are an ardent devotee of Shiva, you don’t have to think twice about what name you should give to your little boy. In this post, we share some of the best Lord Shiva names that describe the virtues of the Lord.

108 Lord Shiva Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

1. Abhay

Abhay means ‘fearless.’ Whether it is saving the world from evil forces or rescuing his devotees from hardships, Lord Shiva is known to be fearless and courageous.

2. Abhirama

Legend has it that Lord Shiva is a yogi and is not attracted to worldly pleasures. The name Abhirama means ‘one who takes pleasure from one’s soul,’ which is an apt name for Lord Shiva.

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3. Achintyah

Shiva, in all his magnificence, has a character that is beyond our comprehension. Achintyah means ‘unthinkable.’

4. Adhirohah

Adhirohah means ‘one seated within.’ It is a beautiful name and is also used to invoke Lord Shiva.

5. Adikarah

According to Hinduism, Shiva is a part of the Holy Trinity. Though he is the destroyer, many holy texts refer to him as the ‘first creator.’ That is what the name Adikarah means.

6. Adyah

For Shaivites, Shiva is the supreme God. Adyah means ‘the first’ and is another name for Lord Shiva.

7. Aja

If you want something short and stylish, which is inspired by Lord Shiva for your son, pick Aja, which means ‘unborn.’

8. Akshat

Akshat means ‘one who cannot be crushed or broken.’ This is also the name of Lord Shiva, who is known to be invincible.

9. Akshayaguna

The name Akshayaguna defines Lord Shiva like no other. It means ‘God with limitless attributes.’

10. Alok

Alok means ‘brightness,’ or ‘light.’ It is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

11. Amaresah

Amaresah means ‘the lord of the gods.’ Who else can that be but Lord Shiva? It is a great option for your little boy!

12. Amitrajit

Anger, greed, envy – there are several enemies your baby will have to fight in his lifetime. The name Amitrajit will serve him well as it means ‘conqueror of his enemies.’

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13. Anantadrishti

Anantadrishti, Lord Shiva names for baby boy

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Lord Shiva isn’t just the limitless, transcendent, formless, and unchanging Brahman. He is also Anantadrishti and can see beyond time and place. Anantadrishti means ‘of infinite vision.’

14. Aniket

Shiva, one of the five primary forms of God, is referred to as the Lord of the world for his powers and supremacy. The name Aniket, meaning ‘Lord of the world,’ conveys the same.

15. Aniruddha

This name is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘unrestrained’ or ‘unstoppable.’ This name is mentioned as one of the names of Lord Shiva in the Shiv Purana.

16. Ashutosh

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is known to be the god who fulfills wishes instantly, which is why his devotees call him by the name Ashutosh, wherein ‘ashu’ means rapid/easy and ‘tosh’ means gratification.

17. Bahubhutah

Followers of Hinduism may worship a million gods but know that there is only one Supreme Being. Some call him Shiva or Bahubhutah, which means ‘one who has become many.’

18. Bahurupah

Shiva or the Supreme Lord is everywhere. He is everything. That is why Shiva is also called Bahurupah, which means ‘who is present in many forms.’

19. Balavan

So, you want your baby to be strong, both physically and mentally? Name him Balavan, another name of Lord Shiva in Hindi that means ‘strong.’

20. Bhagava

For staunch followers of Shiva, he is ‘THE God.’ That is what the name Bhagava means. It is an interesting name, worth a dekko.

21. Bhairava

Lord Shiva is also known as Bhairava, which means ‘lord of terror,’ as he is depicted wearing twisted serpents as a bracelet, anklets, and earrings. He also carries a ritual apron composed of human bones. This makes him look a bit intimidating.

22. Bhalanetra

Lord Shiva has an eye on his forehead, which is called ajna chakra or spiritual eye. The same eye can also emit flames and burn everything down to ashes. The Bhalanetra, which means ‘one who has an eye in the forehead,’ symbolizes the same.

23. Bhasmabhutah

Shiva, according to Hindu mythology, is always covered in ash. This is the quality that reflects in the name Bhasmabhutah, which means ‘formed of bhasm or ashes.’

24. Bhava

God, however you perceive him to be, is the source of everything. For many, Shiva is the ultimate source of life and is called Bhava too, which means ‘the source.’

25. Bhavesh

Another lovely name of Lord Shiva for your son, Bhavesh, means the ‘lord of the world.’

26. Bholenath

Lord Shiva is called Bholenath as he believes in his devotees and grants their wishes without giving a second thought. The name Bholenath means ‘kind-hearted lord.’

27. Bhootnath

Lord Shiva is also called Bhootnath as he’s the lord of all the ghosts, and the gana and bhoot are his servants. So you can even consider naming your child Bhootnath, which means ‘lord of ghosts.’

28. Bhudeva

Lord Shiva is revered as the supreme being who protects, creates, and transforms the universe. This is the reason he’s called Bhudeva, which means ‘lord of the earth.’

29. Bhujanagabhushana

Do you have a special affinity for snakes? They are elegant creatures and especially dear to Shiva. The name Bhujanagabhushana means ‘who is ornate with the snake.’

30. Chalah

Looking for a name that has a simple spelling but encapsulates the magnificence of Shiva? Go for Chalah, which means ‘ever-moving’ and refers to the greatness of Lord Shiva.

31. Chandramouli

Chandramouli, Hindu mythology

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According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva wears the moon as his crown, and Chandramouli means ‘one who wears the moon as a crown.’

32. Chandrasekhara

This is the name of one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. It is said that he married Goddess Parvati in this incarnation. It is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Chandra,’ meaning ‘moon,’ and ‘Sekhara,’ meaning ‘crest.’

33. Charulingah

The name Charulingah means ‘attractive.’ It is a name popularly used to address Lord Shiva.

34. Charuvikrama

Charuvikrama means ‘the guardian of wandering pilgrims.’ Legend has it that Lord Shiva would protect the pilgrims visiting his temples, so he is known by this name.

35. Chekitanah

Lord Shiva has many names. Chekitanah is one of them. It means ‘one with extraordinary powers of perception.’

36. Chidambaram

Although it is not the name of Lord Shiva himself, it is the name of one of the famous Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu. You can consider naming your boy after this historical place.

37. Dakshah

The name Dakshah refers to Lord Shiva. It also means the one who is ‘persevering.’

38. Dakshinamurti

This is the name of another form of Lord Shiva as a teacher of all the teachers of the world. If you want to give your boy a unique Lord Shiva name, then go for it.

39. Dehah

Another beautiful name used to describe Shiva, Dehah, means ‘the body.’ It is a very attractive and unique name.

40. Devadhipatih

Shiva is the lord of the gods. That is what the name Devadhipatih means.

41. Devarshih

According to Hindu mythology, Shiva is a hermit, a sage. Devarshih means ‘divine sage’ and insinuates Lord Shiva.

42. Devesh

The name Devesh means ‘god of the divines’ or ‘Lord Shiva.’ If you are looking for a simple-sounding name with religious meaning, Devesh will be a good bet.

43. Dhanadeepa

Do you wish your child to grow up to be rich and successful? Then name him Dhanadeepa, a name of Lord Shiva, meaning ‘lord of wealth.’

44. Dhruvah

The name Dhruvah is a pointer to Shiva’s stubborn nature and means ‘one who is immovable’. It is a good name that you can consider for your son.

45. Dirghah

The name Dirghah means ‘of great height.’ It is one of Shiva’s many names and a great option for your little one.

46. Durjaya

Help your son be the conqueror of all his dreams by naming him Durjaya, which means ‘Unvanquished.’

47. Durvasah

Durvasah means ‘resident of a difficult place’ and refers to Lord Shiva, who stays in Mount Kailash.

48. Dhyanadeep

Shiva is known as the lord of meditation; hence, he is also known by the name Dhyanadeep, which means ‘the light of meditation.’

49. Ganakarta

Ganakarta is an interesting name and means ‘creator of the tattvas’.

50. Gandalih

According to Hindu Mythology, Shiva resides in Mount Kailash with his family. Gandalih, another name for Shiva, means ‘one who dwells on the hills.’

51. Gangadhara

Lord Shiva is also called as Gangadhara, meaning ‘bearer of river Ganga.’ It is said that the Ganga, one of the five major rivers of India, flows through his matted hair.

52. Gatih

The ultimate destination for all of us is to become one with the divine. For some, Shiva is that final destination. That is why he is also called Gatih, which means ‘final goal.’

53. Gauri Shankar

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the husband of Mother Gauri, so he is also known by the name Gauri Shankar. If you want to name your boy with both the names of Shiva and Parvata, then this could be your choice.

54. Giriruhah

Of the many names of Lord Shiva, Giriruhah is among the best. It means ‘seated on the mountain Kailash.’

55. Girisha

Girisha lords over the hills

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Shiva not just lives in the hills but also lords over them! He is also called Girisha, which means ‘lord of the mountains.’

56. Gopalih

The name Gopalih means the ‘protector of senses.’ It is a wonderful homage to Lord Shiva.

57. Guruh

Shiva can be your baby’s friend, parent, God, and teacher. Guruh means ‘Shiva, the teacher.’

58. Hara

Shiva is the destroyer and part of the Trinity. Hara refers to the destructive powers of Shiva and means ‘destroyer’.

59. Harihara

According to Hindu mythology, Harihara is a philosophical term to denote Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu’s unity. This would make a good name for your baby boy.

60. Harikesah

A beautiful name, Harikesah, means ‘whose rays are the senses.’ It is one of the multitudes of Shiva’s names.

61. Hutah

It is very easy to please Lord Shiva, according to Hindu mythology. All you need is a pure heart. Name your son Hutah, which means ‘pleased with offerings’ and refers to Shiva’s easy temperament.

62. Idhyah

The name Idhyah means ‘praiseworthy.’ It is a great option for your son.

63. Ishaan

If you are looking for a modern and stylish Lord Shiva name, then go with Ishaan, which means ‘ruler,’

64. Ishvara

According to Hinduism, Ishvara means ‘supreme soul,’ ‘ruler,’ or ‘God.’ So, Ishvara is also a synonym for Lord Shiva.

65. Jagadisha

Lord Shiva is the all-powerful one. He is the overlord of every being, including the universe, which is why he is also called Jagadisha, the ‘master of the universe.’

66. Jatin

Jatin means ‘one who has matted hair or is a saint.’ It’s believed that people named Jatin are very inspiring, creative, and intuitive. They are very altruistic and aim to improve the world.

67. Jayanth

Jayanth means ‘victorious’ and is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

68. Kailashnath

In his benevolent aspects, Lord Shiva is depicted as an omniscient yogi living an ascetic life on Mount Kailash. This is the reason he’s called Kailashnath, which means ‘master of Mount Kailash.’

69. Kaushik

Kaushik is another modern and stylish name, which means ‘sentiment of love and affection.’ This is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

70. Kedar

Kedar means ‘the peak of the Himalayas’ and is one of the names of Lord Shiva.

71. Kripanidhi

Many mythological stories tell us how compassionate Lord Shiva is, which is why he is also known as Kripanidhi, which means ‘the God who is the treasure of compassion.’

72. Lingeshwara

Lord Shiva is the only Hindy deity worshiped in Linga’s aniconic form, thus, the name Lingeshwara.

73. Lokapal

Lokapal, Lord Shiva names for baby boy

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According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is one among the thrimuties who take care of the universe. Lokapal means ‘one who takes care of the world.’

74. Mahakala

It’s said that Lord Shiva, the God of Creation and Destruction, was a variant of Mahakala, which means ‘lord of all times.’

75. Mahesha

Mahesha is Lord Shiva’s name in Sanskrit; the name Mahesha is derived from the Sanskrit word maha, which means ‘great’ and isha, which means ‘lord or ruler.’ Hence, the name Mahesha means ‘supreme lord.’

76. Mrityunjay

Legend has it that Lord Shiva is eternal. Hence, he is known as the ‘lord who conquers death.’ If you want your boy to live eternally, consider giving him this name.

77. Nagabhushana

Lord Shiva got the name Nagabhushana, meaning ‘the one who has serpents as ornaments’ because he wears snakes as ornaments on his hands, feet, and neck.

78. Nataraja

Lord Shiva is presented as a cosmic dancer who performs a divine dance to destroy the weary universe and help Lord Brahma in the process of creation. Hence, Lord Shiva is also called Nataraja, which means ‘king of dancing.’

79. Nilakantha

Legend has it that Lord Shiva has poison stored in his throat to save the world, which gives a blue color to his throat, giving him the name Nilakantha, which means ‘the blue-throated one.’

80. Nityasundara

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva has the boon to remain young and handsome forever, earning him the name Nityasundara, which means ‘forever beautiful.’

81. Niranjan

Derived from Sanskrit, Niranjan means ‘spotless,’ ‘pure,’ or ‘supreme being.’ It is one among the many names of Lord Shiva.

82. Omkar

Om is the primal sound by which the earth was created. It symbolizes expansion and unfolding. And the symbol which represents Om is called Omkar. Hence, if you are looking for a traditional Lord Shiva baby name, Omkar would make an ideal pick.

83. Palanhaar

Shiva is the protector of each and everyone in this universe. That is why he is known as Palanhaar, which means ‘one who protects everyone.’

84. Paramjyoti

Here’s another beautiful name implying the wonderful attribute of Lord Shiva. Paramjyoti means ‘greatest splendor.’

85. Pashupati

Lord Shiva is also Pashupati because he is the protector of every being and not just humans. Shree Pashupatinath, also called the Lord of all animals, is also the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Pashupati means ‘lord of all living beings.’

86. Pranava

It is derived from ‘Om,’ which is a sacred sound and symbol in Hinduism. It is also said to be a name for Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

87. Priyabhakta

Priyabhakta, meaning ‘favorite of the devotees’, is one of the most popular names of Lord Shiva for baby boys.

88. Priyadarshana

This name is derived from the Sanskrit words Priya, which means ‘favorite,’ and Darshana which means ‘looking.’ Lord Shiva is known to always bless his devotees with pleasing looks, and thus, this name could be apt for your little one.

89. Pushkara

Pushkara, meaning ‘one who gives nourishment,’ is also another name of Lord Shiva. There’s also a place in India with the same name.

90. Ravilochana

If you don’t mind opting for an elaborate and traditional name for your son, you can pick the name Ravilochana, which means ‘having the sun as the eye.’ This name refers to Lord Shiva.

91. Rudra

Rudra, ‘the mightiest of the mighty,’ is a Rigvedic deity associated with storm or wind. There’s also a hymn Shri Rudram from Yajurveda, dedicated to Rudra. The name Rudra translates to ‘the one who roars.’

92. Rudransh

Rudransh means ‘part of Shiva.’ This is a stylish and modern baby boy’s name.

93. Sadashiva

The love of Lord Shiva for his devotees is eternal, and the name Sadashiva, meaning ‘eternal God’, indicates the name.

94. Sarvayoni

Lord Shiva is Sarvayoni, the ‘source of everything.’ But despite being the giver of everything, Lord Shiva does not shirk from engaging himself in hard work.

95. Shambhu

Shambhu is derived from the words sham, which means ‘happiness,’ and bu, which means ‘source.’ Hence, the name means ‘source of happiness.’

96. Shankara

Lord Shiva is the finest example of how we should lead our lives by helping and serving others and even sacrificing our own happiness for humanity. So name your child Shankara, which means ‘one who gives happiness,’ to keep reminding him of the same.

97. Shoolin

It’s quite evident why Lord Shiva is called Shoolin, which means ‘one who has a trident.’ But did you know that the trident he wields can destroy the world within a fraction of seconds?

98. Shrutiprakasha

Shrutiprakasha means ‘illuminator of the Vedas.’ Lord Shiva is also called by this name, as he is known to be enlightened by the Vedas.

99. Someswara

Someswara means ‘one who has a pure body.’ It also means ‘one who wears a crescent moon.’ According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is known to adorn the moon on his head. Hence, he is called by this name.

100. Sukhada

Every parent wants his or her child to live their life with the utmost happiness. So what better than naming your son Sukhada, which means ‘the one who bestows happiness’?

101. Tejaswini

The name Tejaswini, meaning ‘one who spreads illumination,’ will fill your child’s life with brightness as your child has filled yours.

102. Trilochana

Trilochana, eye at the center of his forehead

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Lord Shiva is also called Trilochana, meaning ‘three-eyed lord,’ because of the eye of wisdom or jnana chaksu at the center of his forehead.

103. Umapati

Lord Shiva’s name Umapati, meaning ‘consort of Uma’, refers to him as a family man and a householder.

104. Varada

If you want a Lord Shiva inspired name that will stand the test of time, opt for Varada, which means ‘granter of boons.’

105. Veerabhadra

Legend has it that Veerabhadra is an extremely aggressive and fearsome form of Lord Shiva and was created by the wrath of Shiva to destroy Daksha Yagna. This could be an apt name for your baby boy.

106. Vishveshwara

One of the many names of Lord Shiva is Vishveshwara, which means ‘Lord of the universe.’

107. Vishwanath

Lord Shiva is also known by this name, which means ‘master of the universe.’ According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is one of the three deities who rule this universe.

108. Vyomakesh

This name is derived from the Sanskrit words Vyoma, meaning ‘sky,’ and Kesh, meaning ‘hair.’ It is the name of Lord Shiva as he is said to have hair like the sky.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Lord Shiva is the most famous depiction of strength and power in Hindu mythology, and many parents want their sons to have these attributes as they grow up. Thus, we have put together this list of Lord Shiva names for your baby boy that you can choose from. Shiva is a part of the Holy Trinity of Hindu mythology, and people look up to him for support and guidance. Choose a name from this list for your baby boy and select one that you think will match his characteristics well enough.

Key Pointers

  • Lord Shiva is one of the gods of the Hindu trinity, and the other two are Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu.
  • He has over 1008 names that often describe His different traits.
  • In India, baby boys are often given the names of Lord Shiva to confer His blessings on the child.
  • Names like Ishaan, Omkar, and Rudra are popular choices in recent years.

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