147 Unique Baby Names That Mean Fire, For Girls And Boys

If you’re looking for names that mean fire to aptly name your baby, who is the light of your world, you’ve come to the right place. Fire is a powerful element that can make or break anything in its way. It can light up a candle or burn down a house — that’s the strength it possesses. Parents usually choose these names for kids whose zodiac signs are Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius because they are fire signs. But that doesn’t mean that other kids cannot have such names. So, if you want to choose a name for your baby that means fire, go ahead. From Bridget and Blaze to Keegan and Drake, here is a list of baby names that mean fire.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fire

1. Aalish

While this name has French origins and is predominantly used in the Gaelic language, in Persia Aalishmeans “flames” and is a common name for a girl.

2. Abellona

Of Norwegian origin, the name Abellona means God of the Sun. Itis usually a name for a girl and is common in the religion of Christianity.

3. Adan

Thename is the Spanish variation of Adam, who was the first man God ever created. Adan originates from the Hebrew word “adamah,” meaning ‘earth’ or ‘fire.’

4 . Adara

The name is of Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic origin, and it means fire.

5. Adeen

It is an Irish name that means ‘little fire that shines brightly.’It is a Christian name whose ruling planet is the Moon. Also, it is a common name among Muslims.

6. Adena

It is an English name, usually considered the more feminine version of the name Aden. The name also means fire or flame. A notable personality with this name is Adena Freidman, an American businesswoman and current CEO of Nasdaq.

7. Agnijwala

The Hindu name implies one who is poignant or full of fire. Jwala Gutta, the professional Indian badminton player, is a famous bearer of this name.

8. Agnimitra

Agnimitra is a Hindu name that translates to ‘friend of fire.’ It is also considered a more feminine version of the name Agni. A famous holder of this name is Agnimitra Paul, an Indian fashion designer and a Member of the Legislative Assembly.

9. Aine

Aine is an Irish name, and it means “radiance” or “glow.” It is pronounced “awn-yah.” It was also the name of the Irish Celtic goddess of wealth and summer. Aine O’Gorman is an Irish football player holding the name.

10. Aithne

A female name of Gaelic origin, Aithnemeans fire. This name almost rhymes with the fiery volcanic mountain Mt. Etna.

11. Aitziber

The female name of Scottish origin is a unique name meaning fire.

12. Akosua

The name originates in Ghana. Akosua is given to baby girls born on Sundays. The ‘sun’ implies fire, and hence this name also means fire.

13. Alinta

The name is commonly found among the Noongar community, which is an aboriginal tribe of Australia. While the name is dainty and feminine, it means fire and flame.

14. Alev

Alev is of Turkish origin and is usually given to females. It means fire. A notable personality with the name Alev is a Turkish economist and philosopher Alev Alatli.

15. Anala

It is of Sanskrit origin, means fire, and is used among the Hindu religion for females.

16. Apollonia

The name Apollonia, from different origins, has a fiery meaning in Latin. It refers to belonging to Apollo, the Greek mythological God of the Sun and light.

17. Arati

The name Arati is a Hindu name meaning a divine fire in ritual. People with this name are said to have a deep connection with spirituality. A famous bearer of this name is AratiSaha, the first Asian woman to swim across the English channel in 1959.

18. Arpina

The name Arpina is an Armenian name for girls, which means ‘rising sun.’ In some cultures, it is also spelled Arpineh.

19. Brigid

Brigid was an ancient Celtic god, the goddess of poetry and fire, and even agriculture and healing.

20. Britt

The name Britt is a derivative of the Irish name Brigid, the Celtic God of fire. Britt Robertson is a popular Hollywood actress bearing this name.

21. Calida

The name is of Latin origin and translates to mean ‘heated’ or ‘fiery.’

22. Cyra

The name Cyra is a Persian name meaning Sun or ‘born in the light.’ A notable holder of this name is ancient Saint Cyra, an Irish abbess.

23. Eilidh

The name, meaning ‘sun’ or ‘radiant one’ is of Scottish origin. While being a popular name amongst females in Scotland, it is considered the Gaelic version of Helen.

24. Eithna

The feminine Irish name means fire.

25. Eliane

The girl’s name Elianehas Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origins. The melodic name from Latin translates to the “sun.”

26. Elidi

Elidi is a feminine name of Greek origin, and it means “gift of the sun.”

27. Ember

Ember refers to the glowing objects remaining after a dying fire. The name comes from Olde English and Germanic, where it means “ashes.”American professional wrestler Ember Moon bears this name.

Bethany Fontaine, mother of three, explains why she and her husband, Luke, might prefer the name Ember for their daughter. In her YouTube video, the couple says, “I always thought it was really cute… I do like the sort of nature-sounding names, and Ember’s kind of got a cool visual with it as well (i).”

28. Enya

The name is of Irish origin and means ‘fire’. Enya is the name of a famous Irish singer and songwriter.

29. Fiamma

The Italian girl’s name means “little fiery one.”It was popular around the world in the early years of the 2010 decade.

30. Fiammetta

Fiammetta is a derivate of Fiammas and is of Italian origin, meaning little fiery one.

31. Gabija

A Lithuanian first name for females, Gabija was the most popular name for baby girls in Lithuania in 2005. Gabija (also known as Gabieta, Gabeta) is the goddess of fire and the hearth of homes in Lithuanian mythology.

32. Hayden

Hayden can be used as a gender-neutral name and is another version of the Celtic name Aidan. Hayden in Welsh means ‘fire.’

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33. Helia

Helia is a Greek name meaning ‘sun.’

34. Hestia

The name Hestia is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “hearth, fireside.” It is also the name of the Greek goddess of the hearth, home, and chastity.

35. Idalia

The dainty female name is of Italian origins, and it means ‘behold the sun.’ An epithet of the goddess Aphrodie, the Greek goddess of love, Idalia is derived from the Greek place named Idalion.

36. Jyotika

Jyotika is a common Indian name for girls, and it means ‘fire’ or ‘flame.’

37. Kalama

Kalama is an exotic Hawaiin name meaning ‘flaming torch.’ Former US President Barack Obama spotlighted Hawaii and Hawaiin names by naming his daughter Malia, a name originating from Hawaii.

38. Kalinda

Kalinda is a Hindu name for a girl meaning ‘the sun.’ It refers to the mountains of Kalinda in Hindu mythology or the sacred river Kalindi, better known as the river Kalindi.

39. Keahi

It is a Hawaiin name, usually gender-neutral, meaning ‘flames.’

40. Keegan

Keegan is an Anglicised version of the Irish name, Mac Aodhagain. While the name translates to “son of Aodhagan” (meaning fire or fiery), it has, over time, become a unisex name. A famous holder of this first name is Canadian actress Keegan Connor Tracy.

41. Kenna

It is a feminine variation of the Irish name Kenneth, meaning fire-born.

42. Mckenna

McKenna (also spelledMacKenna, Mackenna, and Makenna) is the anglicized form of the Gaelic Irish surname “Mac Cionaoith,” meaning “son of Cionnaith,” which means ‘born of fire.’

43. Mehri

The name Mehri is of Persian origin and means ‘radiant like the sun.’ It is not a Quranic name but is popularly used among Muslims.

44. Mirri

The name Mirri is a Gooniyandi name for the Sun. The Gooniyandis are the indigenous people of Western Australia.

45. Neci

The name Neci is a female name of Slavic origin. It means fiery and is originally Latin.

46. Nuraya

It is of Sanskrit origin, and it means fire, flame, or light. In some interpretations, it also means ‘the light has come.’ Among Indians, Nuraya means ‘the celestial force or power or luck’ behind a diamond.’

47. Nuria

Nirua derives from the Hebrew name Nuriel, and it means ‘light or fire of God.’ In Islam, this delicate feminine name means ‘light.’

48. Orinda

Orinda is a Latin name meaning ‘gold.’ In some interpretations, it also means ‘bright and fiery like the sun.’

49. Orzala

It is a name of Muslim origin and means ‘brightness of fire.’ In Urdu, it has multiple similar meanings and is associated with the lucky number 3. A popular face with this name is Afghan feminist and social activist Orzala Ashraf Nemat.

50 Phoenix

Phoenix is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, meaning ‘red’ or ‘fiery.’ The name Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and immortality after the story of the mythical bird Phoenix that rose back to life from ashes. Phoenix Force is a famous fictional character from the Marvel comics.

51. Pyralis

The name Pyralis is of Greek origin, and it means fire. The Pyralis is also a type of moth, which is attracted to light and fire.

52. Rekka

Rekka is a name that has originated in Japan, and it means ‘fire’ or ‘burning.’

53. Salana

Salana has a pleasantly rhythmic pan-cultural toned feel. It is of Latin origin, and it means ‘sun.’

54. Seraphina

In Hebrew origin, it means ‘burning ones.’

55. Shahaba

Shahaba is a Muslim girl name, meaning ‘flame of fire.’ It has multiple Urdu interpretations.

56. Shaleh

Shaleh is an emblem of fire. Saleh, with a variation in the spelling, is the name of a prophet in the Quran.

57. Shula

The name Shula means fire. According to numerology, people with this name have shy, docile personality types. They are artistic, imaginative, and gracious.

58. Sol

It is a gender-neutral name of Spanish origin and means ‘sun.’ It can also be a pet name for the Hebrew name Solomon.

59. Solana

Solana is a name of Spanish and Latin origin. It means sunlight, and in some interpretations, it means the ‘eastern wind.’

60. Soleil

Soleil is a female name of French origin that means ‘sun.’ The name gained popularity around 2019.

61. Souzan

Souzan is a girl’s name among Muslims, and it is of Persian origin. The name means burning flame.

62. Srivani

Srivani, among Hindus, means ‘little fire.’

63. Sunniva

The name Sunnima is of Norwegian origin that means ‘sun gift.’Sunniva was the heir of an Irish kingdom who fled to Norway when an invading heathen wanted to marry her. She is the patron saint of West Norway.

64. Surya

Surya is a Sanksrit word that means the sun. Surya also connotes the solar deity in Hinduism. Surya Bonaly is a famous French figure skater. She has taken part in the Olympic games for several years.

65. Tana

It is of Greek origin and means ‘fire or star goddess.’ The name has been made popular by Irish-American writer and theatrical actress Tana French.

66. Titaia

Titaia is a name from Greek mythology. She is the mother of the Titans, whose name means fire or to burn.

67. Udia

Pronounced ‘yoo-di-ah,’ it is of Hebrew origin. It means ‘the fire of Jehovah’ and ‘God’s fire.’

68. Uri

The name Uri is of Hebrew origin and means ‘my flame,’ ‘my light.’ Other longer versions of this name can be Uria or Uriel.

69. Vahni

Vahni is a Sanskrit name that either means ‘fire’ or in some specific cases, ‘god of fire.’

70. Vesta

The name Vesta comes from the Roman religion, where she is considered a god. Among Romans, she is the goddess of hearth and home and often represented by a fire.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Fire

71. Aarush

The name Aarush is a boy’s name originating in India and means the ‘first rays of the sun.’

72. Adar

Adar is a Muslim name meaning fire. It also has its roots in Persia, where it has multiple meanings. A popular figure bearing this name is Adar Poonawala, the CEO of the Serum Institute of India.

73. Adish

The Persian origin male name means fire. Names meaning fire are believed to be suitable for children born under the fire zodiac signs.

74. Agni

Agni is a Sanskrit word. It means fire and also connotes the fire god in Hinduism.

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75. Aidan

It has its origins in Irish mythology. In the Gaelic language, the name Aodh is the name for the Celtic God of Sun and fire. Aidan is a diminutive form of the name Aodhan. A famous personality bearing the name is St. Aidan, well-known for bringing Christianity to England.

76. Aiden

The name Aiden means ‘little fire’ and originates in Irish mythology. In the Gaelic language, Aodh is the Celtic God of the Sun and fire. Aed gets its name from Aodh.

78. Aine

One of the oldest Irish names, the gender-neutral name Aine is pronounced ‘aan-yaa.’ It is of the Celtic language origin and means ‘brightness of fire’ and ‘splendor.’ It is derived from the word ‘aed,’ meaning fire.

79. Alev

It is a Turkish name meaning flame or brightness.

80. Anatole

Anatole is a French male name, derived from the Greek name, Ανατολιος Anatolius, signifying ‘dawn.’ The Russian adaptation of the name is Anatoly (additionally transcribed as Anatoliy and Anatoli). Different variations are Anatol and Anatolio.

81. Aodh

Aodh is the name of the Celtic sun god. It is of Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origin and means ‘fire.’

82. Apollo

The name is of Greek origin, and in Greek mythology, Apollo is the God of the Sun and light, also considered the most beautiful. Apollo can also be traced to Appaliunas, an Anatolian god whose name means “father’s light.”

83. Azar

Azar is a common first name in Persian or Persian-speaking countries and the last name in some cases. Azar in Persian means fire. Azar in Islam was the father of Abraham.

84. Baskara

This baby boy’s name is of Indonesian origin, and it means ‘sun’. While in its native culture, it is a male name, outside of that, it can be seen as gender-neutral.

85. Blaze

The name Blaze of Latin origin meaning “fire.”It was originally a form of the saint’s name Blaise. A famous personality with this first name is English musician Blaze Bayley, who was once the lead singer of the band Iron Maiden.

86. Brando

It is of old English and old Norse origin. It means ‘sword’ or ‘fiery torch.’ Italian filmmaker Brando Quilici is a famous bearer of this first name.

87. Branton

Often confused with the common name Brandon, Branton is of Gaelic origin and means ‘sword or fire town.’

88. Brent

Brent is an old English given name. It can be a topographic name for someone living near a piece of ground cleared by fire. It can also be translated from the Celtic words that mean ‘holy one.’ Brent Owens is an Australian cook and famous for winning the show Masterchef Australia season 6.

89. Brenton

It comes from Old English origin and means“Bryni’s settlement.”It has its derivative“bryne,” that means flame.

90. Chamuel

The name Chamuel is of Hebrew origin and means ‘angel of light’ or ‘flame of god.’

91. Cole

The name Cole is of English origin and means swarthy or black like burnt coal. A famous pop culture personality carrying this name is American actor Cole Sprouse, known for his role in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

92. Conleth

The name Conleth is an Irish boy’s name meaning chaste fire. It is an anglicization of the original name Connlaodh. It is borne by actor Conleth Hill, who played Varys in Game of Thrones.

93. Conley

The name Conley also means chaste fire. It is the English version of the Celtic name Conleth, which also means the same. It is pronounced Kon-lee.

94. Cymbeline

The name Cymbeline is a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning “sun lord or sun hound.” Cymbeline, also known as the Tragedie of Cymbeline, is a play written by English playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616).

95. Cyrus

The name Cyrus can be gender-neutral. It is of Persian origin and has a deep meaning amongst Iranians. The powerful Cyrus the Great was the fifth century B.C. Persian leader who conquered Babylon to establish his empire, thus being the father of the Persian empire. Hollywood actress Clare Danes named her baby boy Cyrus.

96. Edan

Edan as a boy’s name is of Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origin, meaning “fire” or “little fire.”It is a version of the name Aidan.

97. Egan

It comes from the Celtic root word ‘Aedh,’ which means ‘little fire’ The name is popular from the County Tipperary (north).

98. Elio

The name Elio originates in Spain, and means the ‘sun.’ It is also a popular Italian name. A notable individual with this name is the former Prime Minister of Belgium, Elio Di Rupo.

99. Esh-Ban

The unique name is of Biblical origin, and it means ‘fire of the sun.’

100. Finlo

Finlo is a name from the Isle of Man. It comes from that island’s pagan Sun God, Lugh.

101 Fintan

The name Fintan is of Irish origin, it means ‘white fire.’ Saint Fintan of Clonenagh (CA. 526 – 603) was an Irish hermit and monk.

102. Flint

The name Flint comes from the stone that produces a spark of fire when struck by steel. Flint Lockwood is a famous fictional character from the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

103. Fuji

It is of Japanese origin and means ‘dweller near the river where wisteria grows.’ The name is derived from an Ainu term meaning “fire.”

104. Haco

It is of Celtic origin and means ‘flame’ or ‘fire.’ Haco was a legendary Cornish pioneer who lost his lovely princess by accidentally encouraging her to an artist whose tunes he appreciated, a heartfelt legend backs up a strange decision.

105. Hagan

Pronounced Hay-gen, this name is of Gaelic/Germanic origin, means ‘fire.’

106. Hakan

Hakan is a native American name meaning fiery. It can also, in some interpretations, mean emperor or ruler.

107. Helios

Helios is a male name of Greek origin, meaning ‘sun.’ Helios, also known as Helius, in ancient Greek religion and mythology, is the God and personification of the Sun, often depicted in art with a radiant crown and driving a horse-drawn chariot through the sky. He was a guardian of oaths and also the God of sight.

108. Heulfryn

The meaning of this unique Celtic name is ‘sun hill.’

109. Horus

It is of Egyptian descent and means ‘sun god.’ It belongs to the “great five names” of an Egyptian pharaoh.

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110. Hrag

It is an Armenian name for boys meaning fire.

111. Hugh

The name Hugh evolved from the ancient Irish name“Ó hAodha,” grandson/descendant of Aodh (meaning “fire”).” Hugh Laurie is a famous English actor and comedian.

112. Hugo

Hugo is the Latinized form of the name Hugh and was used in the Middle Ages as the official written form. It is another Anglicised version of the Gaelic name Aodh, meaning fire.

113. Huojin

Huojin is a Chinese name for boys and means ‘fire metal.’

114. Ignacio

Ignacio is a male Spanish and Galician name. It started from the Roman family name Egnatius, which means brought into the world from the fire. The Latin name “Ignatius” from “Ignis” signifies“fire.” Ignacio Serricchio is a popular Argentine-American actor.

115. Ignatius

Ignatius, sounding like the word ignite, is a male name of presumed Latin or Etruscan origin, believed to mean “fiery one.”A notable individual with this name is St. Ignatius of Loyola, a Spanish Basque Catholic priest, and theologian who founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus.

116. Ignado

Ignado is a male name of Spanish origin, meaning fire.

117. Inigo

Inigo, pronounced In-ih-go, is a boy’s name of Spanish and Basque origin meaning “fiery.”

118. Ishaan

Ishaan is a male name of Hindu origin, and it means ‘the sun,’ A notable Indian Bollywood actor Ishaan Khattar bears this name.

119. Joash

Joash is a Hebrew name and means “God’s fire.”

120. Kenneth

The name Kenneth is a boy’s name of Scottish origin meaning “born of fire.” Kenneth Waltz was a famous American political scientist.

121. Kiran

Kiran is an Indian name and originates in the Sanskrit word Kirana, meaning ray of sunshine or ray of light. A notable personality with this name is Kiran Bedi, the first Indian female to become an Indian police service officer.

122. Kwasi

Kwasi is a name that originates from Ghana. It refers to someone born on a Sunday, relating to the day of the Sun.

123. Masou

Masou means fire god and is of Native American origin.

124. Mccoy

McCoy is a name of Scottish and Irish origin. It is an Anglicisation of the Irish form Mac Aodha, meaning son of Aodh (a deity in Irish mythology and an Irish word for “fire”).

125. Mishal

Mishal is a Muslim name originating from Persia. It means light, radiance, or bright flame. It is associated with the lucky number 8 and has multiple different meanings in different languages.

126. Nootau

Nootau is a name of Native American origin, and it means fire.

127. Nuri

Nuri is the Persian word meaning ‘my light’ and Aramaic for ‘my fire.’

128. Nuriel

Nuriel is a name derived from Jewish mythology. He is the angel responsible for hailstorms, and the name translates as “fire of the Lord.”

129. Oriane

The name Oriane is a gender-neutral name of French origin. It means ‘sunrise.’

130. Pele

The name Pele is of Hawaiin origin, and it means God of fire. A notable bearer of this name is legendary Brazilian football player Pele.

131. Prometheus

Prometheus in Greek mythology is a powerful Titan and the God of fire. In common belief, he developed into a master craftsman, and in this connection, he was associated with fire and the creation of mortals.

132. Pyrrhos

Pyrrhos is a name of Greek origin, and it means ‘flame-colored’ or ‘red.’ Pyrrhos was also another name for Neoptolemus, the son of Achilles.

133. Rhys

It is primarily of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fiery passion’ or ‘enthusiasm.’ A famous bearer of this name is English footballer Rhys Evans.

134. Rowtag

It is a Native American name meaning fire.

135. Sampson

Sampson is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, and it means sun. Sampson Berns (1996-2014) was an American activist who had progeria and helped raise awareness about the disease.

136. Seraphim

Seraphim is from Hebrew, and it means “burning ones.” Jewish people know Seraphim as God’s angels.

137. Sholeh

In Persian, the name Sholeh means fire or flame.

138. Smit

It is a Sanskrit name that means fire. It has several different spellings, and its meaning has various interpretations.

139. Sol

Sol is a gender-neutral name of Spanish origin that means ‘sun.’ It can also be a short name for the Hebrew name Solomon.

140. Su

The name Su is of Baque origin, and it means fire.

141. Tanwen

The name Tanwen is of Welsh origin and refers to the holy fire.

142. Titus

Titus is an ancient Roman name, speculated to be derived from the Latin word titulus, which means ‘title of honor.’ The famous Dutch painter Rembrandt had a son named Titus.

143. Tyson

The name Tyson is of French origin, and it means fire-brand. Tyson Fury is a popular British professional boxer.

144. Uriel

Pronounced Oor-ee-el, this name means angel of light or flame of God. It is of Hebrew origin.

145. Vasuman

The name Vasuman means born of fire or the son of fire. It is an Indian name for males.

146. Vukan

Vukan is a Latin male name, and it means God of fire. In Vedic astrology, people with the name Vukan are overly ambitious and enjoy life to the fullest.

147. Vulcan

The name Vulcan is a boy’s name meaning “to flash.” Vulcan was the Roman God of fire but is now more popularly known as the pointy-eared humanoids in the Star Trek series, represented by Mr. Spock.

Fire is associated with strength, warmth, ferocity, power, and radiance. Parents may want to choose interesting names that mean fire for their children to instill these qualities in them. The top 1000 girl names in the US include fire-related names such as Phoenix, Bridget, McKenna, and Ember. Similarly, the top 1000 names for boys in the US include Blaze, Hayden, Aiden, Hugo, Cyrus, Tyson, and Cole. Giving your child a fire-related name may help add a fiery touch to their personality. Hence, pick an interesting name from this extensive list for your son or daughter to inspire them to live up to it.

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