‘World’s Oldest Mum’ Gives Birth To Twins At 74 After 60 Years Of Waiting

74-year-old Mangayamma has just given birth to twins. The oldest mother in history gave birth was an Indian woman from the state of Anthar Pradesh. Mangayamma has been married to farmer Yaramati Sitarama Rajarao since 1962, and she and her spouse have already been to a number of doctors and temples in an effort to determine why the woman is unable to conceive. Some residents of the area claimed that she was cursed or that this was an answer to potential “sins.”

None of this shook the desire to become a mother. Even after going through menopause 25 years ago, this desire continued. That’s when she learned that a 55-year-old neighbor had become pregnant while undergoing an I.V.F procedure. Mangayamma and her husband decided to try their luck.

After many consultations and examinations, the doctors came to the conclusion that nothing prevented the elderly woman from undergoing the procedure. After all, she didn’t have di.a.be.tes, blo.o.d pre.ssu.re or any other health condition that could interfere with the delivery. The only advice was that the woman have psychological support during the gestation period.

In the first cycle of in v.itro fer.tilization, Mangayamma was already given two girls, generated in her womb during the following nine months. The entire pregnancy was monitored by a team of 10 doctors, responsible for monitoring her health and ensuring that she remained strong until the twins were born earlier this month. Both mom and babies are doing well.

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Mangayamma Yaramati and her 82-year-old husband, Sitarama Rajarao, had described themselves as the ‘luckiest couple in the world’ after the delivery following I.V.F treatment.

Before Mangayamma became the oldest woman in the world to give birth, at 74, the record was held by fellow Indian Daljinder Kaur. In 2016, the 70-year-old woman conceived a boy, generated through I.V.F.

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