What Is Linea Nigra And Why Does It Occur?

Do you have any questions about the dark stripe that runs down your tummy during pregnancy? There’s no reason to freak out. The linea nigra develops in more than 75% of pregnant women. A woman’s body undergoes a wide range of changes throughout pregnancy. She has an obvious belly expansion and a protruding navel, and a black vertical line extends from her belly button. The Linea Nigra is the name of this route. It usually goes away on its own after delivery and is perfectly normal and harmless during pregnancy. Further information on the importance of Linea Nigra, its causes, and prevention techniques will be provided in this article.

About Linea Nigra

The Linea Nigra is a vertical line that shows up on the belly region. Commonly seen in expecting mothers, this line has become the trademark of pregnancy. It gets darker when you are at the stage of expecting a baby.

Linea Nigra is a 6mm to 12mm line that is light or dark brown in color. It runs from the upper abdomen region to the pubic bone. Almost every pregnant woman sees this line in their pregnancy. The line appears due to the growth of the uterus, and it is seen to divide the abdominal region in two areas.

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What causes Linea Nigra?

There is white or colorless line on the skin of the upper abdomen region that runs from the belly button to the pelvis. In pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone, and estrogen hormones activate the Melanocyte cells present in the skin. This results in the release of melanin. This pigment causes darkening of the skin, especially the line, and results in the formation of Linea Nigra.

So, as you have seen, it is a natural phenomenon in pregnancy you should not be worried about. Also, after child birth, once the hormones come back to its normal level, and your belly takes its natural shape, this line also disappears.

When Do You Notice Linea Nigra?

This darkened line “Linea Nigra” is visible in the second trimester. This is around the 23rd week of pregnancy. The line fades away right after giving birth to the baby. It becomes visible in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and increases in width with the growth of your baby. This line of pregnancy is prominent in dark colored women than the ones who have fairer skin.

What can you do to prevent The Linea Nigra?

Linea Nigra is not a skin issue. It is a natural phenomenon that begins with pregnancy and ends after child birth. As this line doesn’t cause you any problems in your pregnancy, there is no need to treat it. After you give birth to a child, this line disappears on its own. Follow the below steps, if you want to lessen its visibility.

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Protect yourself from exposure to the sun: Overexposure to the sun can lead to tanning. Some of the best ways to protect your skin from harmful sun rays is to wear sunscreen, use an umbrella, and the type of clothes that cover up the belly region. All this will help to prevent your skin from becoming darker.

Apply some Lemon: Another thing that you can do to reduce the darkness of the line is to gently rub some drops of lemon juice on it. Regular application of lemon two to three times a day for a few days will definitely result in reducing its darkness.

Get adequate amount of Folic acid: Now the next thing that you can do to prevent dark lines is to eat a well balanced diet. Folic acid is very important in pregnancy. Its deficiency can lead to hyperpigmentation. You need to ensure that you eat a healthy, and balanced pregnancy diet that consists of a lot of folate from leafy greens, whole grains, whole wheat bread, cereals, oranges, and other citrus fruits. Make sure you consume it along with your prenatal vitamin. Proper consumption of folic acid on a daily basis can reduce the appearance of the Linea Nigra.

Cocoa Butter: Unrefined cocoa butter is seen to be effective to reduce the skin complexion to a few shades. It is easily available in stores. Apply it on the abdomen and rub for five to ten minutes daily to see visible reduction in skin color.

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Massage with Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E is one of the important antioxidants that is vital for your skin. All you need is to rub this oil on the abdomen to tone, and lighten the skin.

Homemade Mask: Prepare a homemade mask using lemon, honey, and raw sugar. Apply it on the abdomen. Leave it for ten minutes. This will help in lightening the color of the skin. Perform this method a couple of times in a day. 

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