The Nigerian Lady Married To A Tycoon, Whose 5 Kids Cost The NHS £200,000

The wealthy businessman’s wife is a Nigerian who flew to Britain to give birth to quins with taxpayer money.

Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, underwent a c-section to deliver two boys and three girls in April. She stayed in the hospital for about two weeks at a cost of up to £200,000 to the NHS.

She is currently battling to stay in this nation after her visitor’s visa expired, arguing that going back to her hometown of Lagos would leave her homeless and without a “support network” to help her raise her five children.

The Daily Mail, however, has discovered that her spouse, who is still in Nigeria, is a successful businessman.

University-educated Ohi Nasir Ilavbare is the CEO of his own logistics business, which serves customers including DHL and British American Tobacco.

In addition, he owns and manages a posh hotel and business complex in a prestigious neighborhood of Lagos, where his company, Spry Logistics, is headquartered.

The facility’s suites, which are housed in a fortified complex, cost £100 per night. In Nigeria, the yearly salary is about £300.

A nearby trader described Mr. Ilavbare as “extremely wealthy,” and a staff member confirmed that “he is the managing director here; he owns this place.” It has been fruitless to get in touch with him via his office on numerous occasions.

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He and his wife appear to have kept in touch frequently while she was in England. His Facebook page included a photo of five infants sleeping on a bedspread as his profile picture up until recently.

When he tried to be reached, the page was swiftly taken down.

When the babies were born, according to Mrs. Ayelabola, who is currently residing in her sister’s little flat in Poplar, east London, her husband paid her a quick visit.

She claimed that when he learned she was pregnant and left her behind to return to Nigeria.

Yet, the kids’ birth certificates indicate he was in London three weeks after the babies were born on April 28 because both parents saw and signed the records on May 18 at Hackney’s register office.

Mrs. Ayelabola’s statements that she is alone and struggles to pay £70 a week for baby milk and diapers are incongruent with the businessman’s apparent wealth and presence by his wife.

Mrs. Ayelabola is unable to work or get any benefits in the UK due to the conditions of her visitor’s visa, which expired last month.

But, she has been working as an Avon representative unlawfully, according to documentary proof obtained by the Daily Mail.

She has thrown at least two separate Avon brochures through the door in the last few months, according to a neighbor. She’s probably been to other houses in the nearby streets.

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“I bought stuff from her last month, so I know she works for Avon.”

In her web resume, Ms. Ayelabola states that she earned her degree from the University of Lagos in 1999 and afterwards worked as a make-up artist in the area.

After completing his civil engineering degree in Nigeria, her spouse worked for a global building company.

After that, he worked as the general manager of a company that transports and distributes oil, and in 2005, he founded his current business. He belongs to the Engineers Society of Nigeria.

The high-dose fertility pills that Mrs. Ayelabola bought over the counter in Lagos are most likely to blame for the multiple births.

In an interview, she stated: “I had already experienced miscarriages and couldn’t handle the stress that would result from another pregnancy.” I made the decision to travel to London to see my relatives.

In a more tranquil setting with friends and family, I believed I would have a far better chance of preventing another miscarriage. If I return, I won’t have even a roof over my head; I’ll be completely alone.

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