7 Mothers Discuss the Hardest Stage of Early Motherhood

You’ll experience many moments as a new mother that will make it worthwhile. But any mother can find it daunting to have complete responsibility for another person. It’s also tough because of the crying, sleep regression, spitting up, and unwillingness to eat. Even though every mother’s path is unique, almost all can agree that it is difficult. We asked seven mothers to discuss the difficulties of early parenthood for this post, and we bet you can relate to at least some of these.

  1. Worrying About Her Weight

“Despite breastfeeding, my baby looked thin and frail when compared to other infants. I would frequently make appointments with the pediatrician, and he would ensure that she is doing well. But every time a neighbor or a relative commented on my baby’s weight, it got to me. Even though she was nursing well, producing enough wet diapers, and achieving infant milestones, I couldn’t help but worry about her weight gain.” – Ariel

  1. Learning To Survive On Very Little Sleep

“For me, the biggest challenge has to be sleep deprivation. For a person who loves to sleep, it is probably the biggest sacrifice that I ever had to make in my life. I’m someone who gets grumpy if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep. So, surviving on just a few hours of sleep made me feel like a zombie. I could barely do anything for the first two months and realized I couldn’t live this way. Slowly I managed to build a stable routine for myself once my baby slept through long hours and my husband started pitching in for nighttime feedings. No matter how messy the house looked, I learned to take a nap every time my baby went to sleep.” – Nisha

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  1. Pumping Breast Milk

“It’s one thing to pump at the comfort of your own home, but once I left for work, pumping seemed like the only way to continue nursing my baby. Between pumping at home and work, I felt exhausted. It was challenging as there was no privacy and I had to deal with silly remarks and side-eyes on a daily basis.” – Deepa

  1. Breastfeeding!

“Ever since the day I gave birth to my little one, breastfeeding proved to be a painful and frustrating experience. Despite trying all the positions and seeking professional help, I suffered from engorged breasts and a painful latch until I finally decided to switch to formula.” – Noufa

  1. Dividing My Attention Between My Two Babies

“My first child was a calm and understanding one. So when we had our second baby, my husband and I were the least bit worried as we were confident that he would cope well with this new change. He even seemed excited to meet the baby. But as I spent more time nursing and taking care of my second baby, I started noticing some behavioral changes in my first child. Diving my attention between my two babies was tough initially, but slowly he warmed to my little one and developed a strong bond.” – Emma

  1. When You Have Zero Me-Time

“With my baby taking up most of my time, I started feeling frustrated and lonely. I felt guilty every time I craved some alone time. It took me a while to accept and acknowledge my feelings and find a balance between everything.“ – Rose

  1. Comparing Myself To Other Moms

“Ever since social media has taken over our lives, we cannot help but fall into the vicious cycle of comparing ourselves to others. Every time a mom would post pictures of family vacay or workout videos of themselves, I could feel the anxiety creeping up inside me. When it’s been months since you left the house for anything other than grocery shopping or doctor’s appointments, you feel like you are missing out on life.” – Hiba

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