Aussie Mom Gives Birth to Baby Boy Who Weighed 13 Pounds

A woman in Melbourne, Australia, is getting worldwide attention for giving birth to a 13-pound baby boy without an epidural. Natashia Corrigan welcomed Brian Jr. on Jan. 24 in a natural birth. The woman also has two daughters, who weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 7 pounds, 12 ounces…

He was born at Mercy Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia on January 24, 2017, but even before his birth doctors knew he would be a bigger than average bundle of joy.

Incredibly, this is the first time Natashia has ever experienced a natural birth – a thought that would make most mothers cringe given the size of baby Brian.

The baby boy was born at 40 weeks and five days. He weighed in at around 9 pounds at the 36-week mark. Corrigan said, “I never dreamed he’d be this big…”

Natashia said: “I think I was in a bit of shock because the birth was natural and I only had gas so I was still in a bit of shock just from that.”

The record for “heaviest birth” is currently held by Giantess Anna Bates, who gave birth to a boy weighing 22 pounds and measuring 28 inches in her home in Seville, Ohio, on January 19, 1879. Sadly, her son died 11 hours later.

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