This Is How Our Babies Are In The Womb

Photographers have taken pains to capture and save countless photos of newborn babies born but posing just like in the womb.

There is a question that many parents must have wondered, that is, how can a baby fit inside the mother’s womb for 9 months. Does the baby feel cramped, uncomfortable and want to “smash” to get out? The answer is very simple, when the baby is in the womb, the baby’s body is growing day by day and the baby will create a position for himself to fit snugly in the mother’s womb.

Now, Dutch photographer and new mom Marry Fermont is showing the world through a series of photos entitled Babies Inside a Womb.

As for getting them in the right position? It doesn’t require any special skills. “If you hold them the right way,” they do it on their own!

Read on to see the stunning photos and imagine just how your little one took comfort inside of you!

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