Baby Born With Full Head Of Blond Hair Make Curious Everyone

A baby born with a mop of floppy blond hair has been described as the spitting image of Boris Johnson, much to the surprise of his dark-haired parents.

Tatiana Doronina, 35, and her husband Ruslan, 43, anticipated their kid to have dark hair like them when they found out they were expecting.

Instead, David, a lovely British infant boy with a thick mop of ruffled blond hair similar to Boris Johnson’s, has become a star in England.

The comparison was mentioned before he’d even left hospital, by nurses who helped care for him after his birth.

Strangers frequently stop David’s parents on the street now that he is three months old, commenting on the baby’s remarkable hair.

“David is like a celebrity,” his mum says of the attention. Some immediately compared the baby to Boris, while others said “respect the baby, he is way cuter than Boris.”

David was born weighing 9lbs 10oz but as soon as his parents saw him they were struck by the amount of hair he had, and how blonde it was.

“I thought he was so big but then I saw his hair and said ‘what?’, ‘how can his hair be so light?’” his mum continues.

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“It was only after he was washed I realised just how much hair he had.

“I was so shocked, but every nurse who met him said the same, they couldn’t believe he was so hairy.

“He is a mini Boris, he looks just like him.”

His father recommended they name their son after the Prime Minister following the hospital comments, but his mother objected.

‘We didn’t have to call him Boris for people to remark he looks exactly like him; the likeness is so evident, it’s frightening,’ she added.

Instead, they called him after St David, the patron saint of Wales, because he was born on his feast day.

The baby’s parents have dark hair, and they cannot figure out how their child has blond hair.

“Nobody on either side of our family has blonde hair but my mother was born with fair hair so maybe he gets it from my side of the family.

Despite the length of David’s hair, the family has no plans to cut it just yet.

“I am curious to see just how big it grows but it is already hard to manage,” Doronina continues.

“I try to arrange his hair when I wash it, but after it’s dry, it simply sticks up everywhere.” I’ve left his hair unstyled for the time being, but I suppose it may require styling in the future, so I’ll blow dry it.

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The family has created an Instagram account for baby David, with the caption “not Boris Johnson’s son.”

I’m hoping his hair will help him stand out; I’d want to see him join a baby modeling agency and see where this journey takes us.

Well, whatever the comparison leads to, this baby is definitely cute and adorable.

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