55-Year-Old Woman From the UK Gives Birth To Triplets

Britain’s oldest mother of triplets has given birth to three healthy babies at the age of 55.

Sharon and her boyfriend Stuart Reynolds, 40, had to travel to Cyprus to receive the IVF treatments, as Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will only perform IVF up to the age of 42.

Ms. Stuart, who has four grown-up children from a previous relationship, said she does not care that the babies are younger than her grandchildren.

“It means they’ve got lots of playmates,” she told The Sun.

Ms. Stuart said: “I knew there was a possibility of multiple births because the doctor put four embryos in me, for a higher chance of conceiving.

“At the scan, we were told there were three heartbeats. Stuart was shocked and I was in tears, crying with joy.

“The first thing I thought was: ‘Oh my God, how am I going to cope?’”

Mr. Reynolds said: “I was excited, and then bricking it. Now they’re here I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The couple, a nurse and factory worker from Boston, Lincolnshire, took out loans of £15,000 to pay the medical bills.

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Despite complications during the pregnancy and doctors advising her that one of the babies should be aborted due to the dangers of pregnancy at that age, the triplets were born healthy and safely.

Stuart spoke of the moment his children were brought into the world: “It was the most incredible and terrifying time of my life.”Ms. Cutts refused and the triplets were born by Caesarean section, after an 11-week stay in Nottingham University Hospital. They each weighed between 4lbs and 5lbs.

She also revealed she gave herself Botox injections and fresh hair extensions in the hospital before going into labour.

“I only injected a little bit, because really you shouldn’t do it while you’re pregnant,” she told The Sun.

“I sneaked out to get my hair extensions changed too. It was important to me to look my best for when the babies were born.”

She also said she’s excited for the triplets to have playmates. “I don’t care that my babies are younger than my grandchildren – it means they’ve got lots of playmates.”

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