Top 15 Ugandan Names For Your Baby

Uganda is located in East Africa and has nearly 40 spoken languages, with English and Swahili being its official languages. If you are looking for a foreign moniker, we suggest you look at these Ugandan names for baby boys and girls. These are the traditional Ugandan names that have been passed down for generations. The names have been inspired by the tribal heritage across the country. The Ugandan names have beautiful meanings that define and enhance the baby’s character. Read on to know which of these names would suit your baby the most.

Ugandan Girl Names

1. Abbo

Abbo, meaning ‘accouterment’, is a perfectly modern naming option as your little daughter is the most precious accessory to your life.

2. Achen

Achen is an ultra-feminine name meaning ‘a twin’. The name is a bit rare, but certainly unforgettable.

3. Dembe

Dembe is a buoyant and rhythmic name with a beautiful meaning. The name would go well with your little angel’s personality. Dembe means ‘peace’ in Ugandan.

4. Miremba

Strong, beautiful, and attractive, Miremba is a traditional Ugandan name meaning ‘peace’. Its roots are ancient, but is has a modern feel and sophistication, which makes it stand out.

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5. Namazzi

Namazzi, meaning ‘water’, exudes calmness and serenity. This sweet and simple name has loads of global appeal.

6. Namono

This moniker with a pan-cultural feel is currently in vogue in Uganda, and will be a good fit if you have twins. Meaning ‘youngest twin’, Namono was originally used for the second born twin in rural Uganda.

7. Nasiche

If you want to bestow a traditional Ugandan name on your girl, you can consider Nasiche, which means ‘given life during locust season’. It’s uncommon, exotic and will make your child stand out from the crowd.

8. Natukunda

This fancy Ugandan name, meaning ‘God loves us’, suits religious families. It’s strong, rhythmic and resilient, precisely how we want our girls to be.

Ugandan Boy Names

9. Adroa

Adroa is a Ugandan baby boy name meaning ‘God’s will’. This mellow and musical name has been climbing the popularity charts lately.

10. Akiki

Akiki, meaning ‘friend’, is worthy enough to be imported into other cultures. It’s short, has a positive meaning and ends with ‘i’, which makes it even more appealing.

11. Bwanbale

Bwanbale is a mighty Ugandan. It means ‘second-born male’, so you can use this name to fit its definition.

12. Kaikara

Kaikara is the traditional name of God in Ugandan language. This exotic and unusual name is worth considering if you are looking for something extraordinary for your baby.

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13. Mukisa

Mukisa is a distinguished Ugandan name for boys. It means ‘good fortune’.

14. Ochieng

Ugandan people frequently name their children after the order in which they were born or the day of the week they came into the world. Ochieng, meaning ‘born in the daytime’, is a fine example of this tradition.

15. Sanyu

Sanyu is one of our favorite Ugandan baby names as it carries a beautiful meaning – ‘happiness’. While Sanyu is a unisex name, the ‘u’ ending makes it more appropriate for boys than girls.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

These Ugandan names for babies have been passed through generations. They sound delightful and exciting. They will enhance your baby’s personality and add a touch of inspiration. Before choosing a name, ensure that the meaning suits your child and add grace to their character. You must also consider the origin of the name. It may have originated from a god, princess, superhero, and other inspirational characters. So choose a name that you think will fit most appropriately.

Discover the unique and popular baby names of Uganda! Watch this video to select the perfect name for your little one.

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