75 Unique Tanzanian Baby Names With Their Meanings

Tanzania is located in East Africa and is known for its fascinating culture. If you want to name your child something exotic, take a look at this list of Tanzanian baby names. While most Tanzanian names originate from their native language, religion and culture, others are the vernacular forms of other languages signifying its rich heritage and diversity. Each name has a beautiful and strong meaning, and these names would inspire your child to become what their names mean. A few Tanzanian names are also known for their unique meanings. Therefore, we have also included the origins of a few Tanzanian names in this post. Read on to know which of the following names suits your child’s creativity the best.

Tanzanian Baby Girl Names

1. Aadila

Aadila, the feminine form of Aadil, is a modern choice. Meaning ‘just, honest, upright’, it’s simply perfect for today’s girls. And don’t worry if she’s not the only Aadila in the class, as this name can easily be shortened to Aadi.

2. Aailyah

If you’re tired of Aliyah already, you can pick Aailyah, the Tanzanian form of Aliyah, meaning ‘of the highest or exalted’. It’s a perfect pick if you want a Tanzanian name, which is less conventional, but still embraces their traditional values and culture.

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3. Adimu

Since each child is unique, they deserve a name that is unique. Adimu is a Tanzanian name, meaning ‘unique’. This Tanzanian name is rarely out of fashion and the ‘u’ ending adds a certain uniqueness to it.

4. Adla

As endearing as Adla sounds, it has a strong and bold meaning ‘justice’. The ‘la’ ending of this name will definitely make your child stand out from the rest.

5. Afaafa

We’re totally crushing on this name. It’s rare, yet beautiful, a difficult combination to achieve. Also, Afaafa, which means ‘virtuous’, will fit well into the trend towards ‘a’ ending names such as Ada and Afifa.

6. Amidah

Add colors to your life with the name Amidah, which means ‘gracious.’ It is one of our most favorite Tanzanian baby girl names. This old fashioned, yet trendy name has the potential to be popular all over the world.

7. Bupe

We totally love this short and sweet baby girl name. It’s unique and sounds exotic, yet can be easily spelled and pronounced. Bupe means ‘hospitality’.

8. Busara

Busara is a pure and simple name that is not overused. So it will make a stylish choice for your darling daughter. The name Busara means ‘wisdom’, one of the desirable virtues that you would want your child to have.

9. Catherine

Tanzanian baby girl name meaning grace and poise

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Greek origin name Catherine has so much poise and grace that you just cannot go wrong with it. The plethora of short forms of Catherine adds a further charm and flexibility to this moniker. Catherine means ‘pure’.

10. Chausiku

Chausiku is typically given to baby girls who were ‘born in the night’. We’d say it’s a nice alternative to Layla, one of the most loved ‘night’ names.

11. Dhakiya

Meaning ‘smart’, this cute name would baffle anyone residing outside Tanzania, or Africa for that matter. And that’s what makes it a great pick, apart from the fact that it’s elegant and simple.

12. Editha

Editha may sound as a soft and polite name, but it has a bold meaning. Meaning ‘prosperity in war,’ Editha is a perfect combination of soft and strong.

13. Fadhila

Charming, yet different, Fadhila would make a gorgeous and unconventional name for your baby girl. Just remember that the correct pronunciation of Fadhila is Fa-zeel-La. The meaning of Fadhila is ‘bountiful’.

14. Firyali

A pleasant sounding name, Firyali is a Swahili name that is up for grabs. It means ‘extraordinary’, exactly what your daughter is too!

15. Farida

This Muslim name, meaning ‘unique or precious pearl’, is a great alternative to the overused Farah. One of its common spelling variations is Fareeda.

16. Gladness

As hard as it may be to believe, Gladness is one of the top baby girl names in Tanzania. At least you get the option of using Gladys as the nickname.

17. Glory

We think Glory sounds a lot more appealing and exciting than its variation Gloria. The patriotic and religious flavor makes it favorable for traditional parents.

18. Grace

This pleasing English vocabulary word Grace is the most popular tanzanian name for girls. Apart from meaning decency, dignity, elegance, and politeness, Grace is also associated with God’s gift to the humankind.

19. Imani

Imani is a sleek and elegant name that carries a beautiful meaning. It means ‘faith, or beliefs.’ Imani is also one of the royal names of Tanzania, which means that this name will give you and your daughter the regal feel and provide an aura of good hope.

20. Irene

After Ruby, Emma, and Liliana, it’s time for Irene to make the cut. And it has started showing signs of revival in Tanzania already. This soft name means ‘peace’.

21. Joyce

Joyce was once a boy name, but it took off for the ladies in the mid 20th century. This Latin origin name, holding the 11th spot is the most popular Tanzanian baby girl name list, means ‘joyous’.

22. Kanoni

If you’re looking for a unique, Aviary-inspired name for your little girl, take a look at Kanoni, a high-spirited name, meaning ‘little bird’. It will have your little one soaring to greater heights. This is a name that signifies growth and progress.

23. Leyla

This spelling variation of Layla experienced a brief decline a few years ago, but it has recovered now. One of its most popular bearers is Leyla Gülefshan Achba-Anchabadze, the Ottoman princess. Leyla means ‘night’.

24. Magreth

Magreth is the Tanzanian version of Greek name Margarita, meaning ‘pearl’. This classic and rich name is an excellent option for parents who wish to honor an ancestor named Margaret.

25. Mansa

Mansa is one of the most attractive and fastest rising Tanzanian names. The name Mansa means ‘third born girl’.

26. Maria

Maria means a child that was wished for

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Maria, meaning ‘beloved, bitter, wished for child, or star of the sea’, is the eighth most popular baby girl name in Tanzania. The best thing about this name is that it has famous namesakes in almost every field from sports to art to royalty.

27. Mary

It might surprise a few of our readers that English name Mary originated via the Latin name Maria. However, both are derived from the Hebrew name Miriam, which either means ‘beloved’ or ‘star of the sea’.

28. Neema

This offbeat name with Swahili origins is the third most popular name in Tanzania. It means ‘born during good times’. Now that’s a positive etymology with deep symbolism.

29. Nuru

Swahili name Nuru is associated with the Muslim name Noor and means ‘light, or born during the day’. The elegance and resemblance to the name Nora makes it highly possible for a crossover.

30. Saida

Saida, with its appealing Tanzanian accent, will make a rich choice for your baby. The name Saida means ‘happy’.

31. Sekelaga

The happiness and joy parents feel when their little one is born, can never be described in words. But the moniker Sekelaga, meaning ‘rejoice’ explains this sentiment well!

32. Syandene

Punctuality is a trait that is rarely visible these days. One of the best ways to imbue the importance of punctuality in your daughter is by naming her Syandene, which means ‘punctual’.

33. Tumpe

Traditional Tanzanian parents often select the name Tumpe to thank the Almighty for his gift in the form of a baby girl. The meaning of Tumpe is ‘let us thank God’.

34. Tusajigwe

Tusajigwe, meaning ‘we are blessed’, would also make an excellent choice for native Tanzanian parents. We’re stressing on native because the spelling and pronunciation of this name make it difficult to assimilate outside the borders.

35. Winnie

We love this pet form of Winifred for its vintage charm. It has a winning vibe, which makes it even more enchanting. Winnie means ‘peacemaking friend’.

36. Zahra

Zahra is one of the most appealing Tanzanian baby girl names. According to us, it sounds melodious. It means ‘shining, flower,’ due to which the name has close association with plants and nature.

37. Zuwena

Zuwena is a mighty Tanzanian name that most parents use for their children. The name Zuwena means ‘good’.

Top Tanzanian Boy Names

38. Abasi

Abasi is an uncommon alternative to Abbas. It projects a shiny and lively image. The name Abasi means ‘stern’.

39. Abdul

Abdul, an Arabic name, meaning ‘servant of Allah’, is one fo the common tanzanian names in the Muslim communities of Tanzania. It’s the name of both father and son of Prophet Muhammad.

40. Adil

We must say this Swahili origin name has fans all over the world. Meaning ‘just, righteous, honest’, this moniker will inspire your child, to be honest and righteous in his life.

41. Akida

Akida is a popular Tanzanian baby boy name, meaning ‘chief, officer’. A boy with this name will develop courage and strong work ethics right from toddlerhood.

42. Ambokile

Tanzanian baby boy name meaning God has redeemed me

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Ambokile is catchy, fashion forward, and totally adorable. This name signifies ‘God has saved me or God has redeemed me’.

43. Andwele

Baby name Andwele, meaning ‘god brought me’, is two parts cryptic and three parts stylish. For the nickname, you can opt for the super adorable, and boyish, Andy.

44. Baraka

Baraka is technically a female name, but is used for boys largely because of its masculine feel, and its association with Barack, which is one major rise. Baraka means ‘blessings’.

45. Darweshi

There’s absolutely nothing you cannot like about Darweshi. It’s a sophisticated name, which you can either dress up or keep it casual with short forms such as Darwy. The meaning of Darweshi is ‘holy’.

46. Elimu

Parents in search of a knowledgeable names should look no further as Elimu, meaning ‘knowledge or education’, will get your job done. Elimu is possibly derived from the Arabic word ‘Ilm’, meaning ‘knowledge’.

47. Emmanuel

This Old Testament name, meaning ‘God is with us’, is the most popular baby boy name in Tanzania right now. It had faded in popularity, but has now revived in full glory.

48. Erevu

Erevu is a classic name, with many Tanzanian parents going for it. The meaning of Erevu is ‘clever’.

49. Eric

Eric, one of the most popular Old Norse names associated with the masculine gender, reigns supreme in Tanzania too. It was adopted by the English-speaking communities residing in Tanzania decades ago, and since then, there hasn’t been one year where Eric hasn’t featured in top 100 list.

50. Faraji

Faraji, meaning ‘comfort’, is one of those names that will make almost everyone pause. We personally love how exotic this name sounds.

51. Godfrey

Tanzanians wear this name like a boss. This German origin name means ‘God’s peace’.

52. Ibada

Ibada is one of the most famous Tanzanian baby boy names in history. The name has several bearers in Tanzania and othewhat does Vinza name meanr adjoining regions. Ibada means ‘reverence’.

53. Ipyana

Rarely do we see a baby boy name, meaning ‘grace’. So for parents looking for a graceful baby name for their boy, Ipyana would make a winsome option. It means ‘grace’.

54. James

James, the second most popular name in Tanzania is derived from the ancient Hebrew word ‘Yaakov’, which means ‘the supplanter’. A non-pretentious and aristocratic name, James never really sounds outdated.

55. Jamil

Here is an impressive name for your handsome son – Jamil. Meaning ‘handsome’, this name fell out of approval, but is making a comeback of sorts and is here to stay.

56. John

Another perennial favorite among Tanzanian parents, John never really left the top 20 spot and is currently the third most used baby boy names in Tanzania. The meaning of John is ‘God is gracious’.

57. Joseph

Biblical baby boy name

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This Anglicized form of Yosef isn’t only popular in Israel. It’s used extensively in Tanzania too! While much of its popularity can be attributed to its Biblical connection, its staying power in the modern times is solely because of its flexibility and timelessness.

58. Kafil

Kafil is the second most popular boy name in Tanzania. This classic name will make a safe choice if you do not like experimenting with your baby’s name. Kafil means ‘the protector’.

59. Kami

This cute, two syllable baby boy name proves that names do not have to be excessively long to pack a punch. Kami is basically the name of an east Tanzanian group.

60. Kelvin

Kelvin may be Scottish in origin, but it’s largely favored by Africans residing in and around Africa. It means ‘narrow waters’.

61. Michael

This ageless and timeless name never seems to sound old fashioned. And this is the main reason why Michael has always been on the top 50 baby boy name list.

62. Moses

The origin of Moses isn’t certain, but it’s presumed to be the derived from Hebrew and in Egyptian element ‘mes’, which means ‘born of a certain God’. But since Moses was retrieved from a basket in the Nile river, the name also means ‘saved from the water’.

63. Mwamba

Mwamba, meaning ‘mighty’, is one of those names that knows how to hold its own. It’s stately and rich in style.

64. Natron

If place names are what you’re drawn towards, give Natron, the name of a Tanzanian lake, a try. It sounds, zippy, fresh, and might just turn your child into a nature-loving man.

65. Nen

Nen is an Egyptian name with a fascinating meaning – ancient waters. Along with an interesting meaning, Nen also has a characteristics of masculine panache surrounding it.

66. Nikusubila

With the rise of pessimism, optimism is fleeting among the current generation. An excellent way to cement this trait in your young one would be by giving him a name meaning ‘optimistic’. One such name is Nikusubila. You also get the option to shorten it to adorable Niku.

67. Noel

Noel, meaning ‘born during Christmas’, is one of those names that sounds cool, chic, and fashionable in its own confident way. It also carries a wonderful identity of its own.

68. Peter

Make your child carry the strength of a rock by naming him Peter. The name also translates to ‘stone or rock.’ This Greek origin name was also borne by one of Christ’s apostles in the New Testament.

69. Rashid

Muslim name Rashid, meaning ‘well guided’, is well used among the Muslim communities of Tanzania. One of its most famous bearer is Rashid Kawawa, the vice president of Tanzania in the 1970s.

70. Stanley

Stanley, an English origin name, meaning ‘near the stony clearing’, has experienced a long run of popularity and is still going strong.

71. Tumo

Boy name that means fame

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Tumo, a beautiful ‘o’ ending name, is riding on the wave of popularity. The name Tumo means ‘fame’. Tanzanians use this name rarely, so it will make a unique choice for your baby.

72. Vinza

Vinza is originally the name of a Tanzanian group or tribe with its distinct culture, customs, and traditions. But it sounds so cool and sassy that it could definitely be considered as a given name for your baby boy.

73. Wilson

Wilson, a surname meaning ‘son of William’, will shine as a first name too. We think it will make a great option if you like William.

74. Yaro

Yaro is a traditional Tanzanian name, which means ‘son’. It is an excellent choice for parents who don’t want to move beyond traditional Tanzanian names.

75. Zaramo

Just like Vinza, even Zaramo is the name of a Tanzanian group that has its own distinct culture. It can be considered if you want a Tanzanian name rooted deeply in its culture.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Tanzanian baby names are exotic and reflect the rich qualities and culture of East Africa. These names have incredible meanings but must be pronounced accurately. If you are looking for a name, you must ensure it is easy to spell. So choose the right Tanzanian name for your baby that adds style to their personality. Lastly, try to understand the meaning well before naming and choose something that adds grace to the development of your child.

Key Pointers

  • Tanzania is a country located in East Africa.
  • Many Tanzanian names have roots in Swahili, though they may also be derived from other languages, such as English and Arabic.
  • Feminine names like Aailyah, Catherine, Imani, and Leyla are popular among parents.
  • Emmanuel, Abdul, John, and Stanley are well-known boy names in Tanzania.

Watch this video and discover the perfect name for your little one from this list of unique and meaningful Tanzanian baby names.

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