100+ Punk Rock Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Punk rock has significantly impacted music, fashion, and culture since the 1970s. But it’s not just about loud music and cool clothes; it has also affected the names people choose for their children, creating a subculture of different punk names that show individuality. These names have changed over time, just like the punk movement, not following rules and being different. Look at punk rock names for boys and girls, celebrating the creative spirit that inspires punks worldwide.

100+ Punk Names for Baby Boy and Girl

Here’s the list of punk rock names inspired by influential punk musicians, bands, and punk subculture.

Punk Rock Girl Names

Get ready to rock with these bold and unconventional names for your little girl.

1. Aimee

Derived from the Old French name Amée, this name means ‘beloved.’ In punk culture, Aimee Allen stands out as the founder and main singer of the ska-punk group the Interrupters.

2. Alice

The name Alice is of  German origin and is derived from the name Adalheidis, meaning ‘nobility or nobleness.’ Alice Bag is a punk rock musician from America and the lead vocalist and co-founder of a punk band named The Bags that started in the mid-1970s.

3. Amanda

Derived from the Latin term ‘amanda,’ this name means ‘lovable’ or ‘worthy of love’ (1). Amanda X is a band from Philadelphia that plays post-punk power pop and consists of all female members.

4. Anya

A Russian diminutive of Anna, which is derived from Hannah, which comes from the Hebrew name Channah, meaning ‘grace or favor.’ Anya Phillips, a notable figure in the late 1970s New York no-wave scene, had a significant impact on the fashion, sound, and aesthetic of the era.

5. Ari

This punk rock name carries multiple meanings from different origins. In Hebrew, it signifies ‘lion,’ while in Old Norse, it refers to an ‘eagle.’ Additionally, it conveys ‘brave’ in Armenian. Ari Up was a German vocalist and part of The Slits, a prominent British punk rock band.

6. Avril

Derived from the French word for April, this name originates from the Latin word ‘aperire,’ meaning ‘to open.’ This name is inspired by Avril Ramona Lavigne, a Canadian singer-songwriter celebrated for her contributions to pop-punk music, particularly for empowering female-driven, punk-infused pop music during the early 2000s.

7. Becca

Comes from the Hebrew name Rebecca and means ‘snare,’ ‘tine,’ or ‘join.’ It’s linked to punk culture through Becca Albee, who was a key figure as a founding member of the punk rock riot grrrl band Excuse 17.

8. Belinda

A name with uncertain origins. It could be linked to ‘bella,’ signifying ‘beautiful’ in Italian, and ‘lind,’ an Old German term meaning ‘soft, flexible, tender’ or ‘snake, serpent.’ Belinda Carlisle, who initially drummed for the punk rock group the Germs, stands out as a significant figure associated with this name in punk culture.

9. Betsy

Derived from Elizabeth, Betsy means ‘my God is an oath’ in Hebrew. Heavens to Betsy, formed in 1991 in Olympia, Washington, was an American punk band that featured this name.

10. Brody

A name of Scottish origins, derived from the name of a place in Moray, Scotland, and likely means ‘ditch’ or ‘mire’ in Gaelic. The name is linked to punk culture because of Brody Dalle, an Australian singer who started the punk rock band The Distillers.

11. Carrie

A diminutive of the name Caroline, which traces back to the Latin form of Charles, originating from the Germanic name Karl, meaning ‘man’ or potentially ‘army.’ Carrie Brownstein, known for her roles in comedy and music, is well known as a founding member of Sleater-Kinney, an influential all-girl punk trio.

12. Chelsea

Originating from an Old English term denoting a ‘landing place for chalk or limestone,’ this name finds its roots in a district in London. The name holds a strong connection to punk culture through the renowned Hotel Chelsea in New York. Often referred to simply as ‘the Chelsea,’ this iconic landmark became a hub for the punk subculture by the mid-1980s.

13. Cherie

This name originates from the French word ‘chérie,’ which translates to ‘darling.’ Cherie Ann Currie, an American punk rock musician, was a lead singer for The Runaways, a famous rock band from Los Angeles in the late 1970s.

14. Christina

A name with Latin roots, meaning ‘a Christian.’ It’s associated with Christina Billotte, an American musician prominent in the punk scene of Washington, D.C.

15. Corin

A French origin name, Corin traces back to the name Quirinus, possibly originating from the Sabine word ‘quiris,’ which means ‘spear.’ This name is associated with punk culture through Corin Tucker, a founding member of the punk trio Sleater-Kinney. Additionally, Tucker has been part of the indie riot grrrl band Heavens to Betsey.

16. Courtney

A name with aristocratic English origins. It’s connected to the French place name Courtenay, which comes from Latin meaning ‘short.’ Alternatively, it could derive from a Norman nickname for ‘short nose.’ The name gained punk culture significance through Courtney Love, a prominent figure in ’90s grunge alternative punk rock.

17. Debbie

Punk Names Debbie

Comes from the Hebrew name Deborah, which means ‘bee.’ It became popular in punk culture because of Angela Trimble, who was known as Debbie Harry on stage. She sang for Blondie, a band that became famous in 1976. Debbie Harry stood out for her appearance, daring fashion, and unique two-tone blonde hair, making her a punk icon.

18. Dottie

A shortened form of Dorothy, which comes from Dorothea, a name of Late Greek origin meaning ‘gift of God.’ This punk name is associated with punk culture through the song ‘I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel’ by The Get Up Kids.

19. Edith

This name comes from Old English, specifically Eadgyð, which means ‘wealth’ and ‘battle.’ Edith Nylon is a French rock band associated with the Punk movement. They’re recognized as a precursor to new wave music.

20. Exene

A punk name that doesn’t have a traditional meaning in terms of its etymology. It was chosen by Exene Cervenka, the vocalist of the punk rock band X, as her stage name. Exene Cervenka, originally named Christene, invented this name for her identity as a musician and performer in the punk scene. Hence, this is one of the punk girl names that is perfect for your little rockstar.

21. Faith

Derives from the English word ‘faith,’ which originates from the Latin word ‘fidere,’ meaning ‘to trust.’ This name was adopted by an early American hardcore punk band hailing from Washington, D.C., named The Faith.

22. Gaye

A name with different meanings. It’s often seen as a variation of ‘Gay,’ meaning happy, and in Turkish, it means ‘goal.’ Gaye Advert, from Britain, was the bassist for The Adverts. She’s considered one of punk’s earliest female icons and the first female punk star.

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23. Gina

A short form of names that end in ‘gina’ and is linked to Gina Birch, an English musician who  became famous as one of the founders of the post-punk rock band The Raincoats.

24. Ginger

Ginger comes from the English word for the spice or the reddish-brown color. One notable person with this name is Ginger A. Pooley. She became well-known as a member of  the band The Smashing Pumpkins. Later on, she joined the all-female pop-punk band the Halo Friendlies as their bassist.

25. Gloria

Meaning ‘glory,’ this name originated from the Portuguese and Spanish titles of the Virgin Mary, Maria da Glória, and María de Gloria. It is associated with the song ‘Gloria’ by Patti Smith, recorded in 1975 for her album ‘Horses.’

26. Gwen

Originating from Welsh, this name is derived from ‘gwyn,’ meaning ‘white’ or ‘blessed. Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt, a ska-punk band, represents the punk vibe associated with this name.

27. Honey

Comes from the English word ‘honey,’ which originated from the Old English term ‘hunig.’ Honey Bane, a singer from England, started her music career at 14 in 1978 by forming the punk rock band called the Fatal Microbes.

28. Ivy

Ivy comes from the Old English word term ‘ifig,’ which refers to a creeper with tiny yellow flowers. This name is connected to punk culture through Operation Ivy, an American punk rock band formed in 1987.

29. Jemina

A name related to Jemima and means ‘dove’ in Hebrew. In punk culture, Jemina Pearl Abegg is known for being the lead singer of Be Your Own Pet, a punk rock band she started when she was 16.

30. Jen

A diminutive of Jennifer, this name traces back to the Norman French rendition of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, signifying ‘white phantom.’ It originates from ancient Celtic words ‘windos,’ meaning ‘white,’ and ‘sēbros,’ meaning ‘phantom or magical being.’ In punk culture, it connects with the song ‘Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore’ by Less Than Jake.

31. Joan

Ultimately from the name John, which has its origins in the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ Joan Marie Larkin, the lead singer of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, made a big impact on punk culture. She and her bandmates were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

32. Kim

The name Kim has roots in Sino-Vietnamese, meaning ‘gold’ or ‘metal,’ and in Hebrew, it is considered a short form of Joachim, suggesting ‘Yahweh will establish’ or ‘raised by Yahweh.’ It’s associated with names like Kimberly and Kimball, which symbolize concepts like ‘royal fortress, bravery, and fame.’ In punk culture, it’s significant due to Kim Gordon, co-founder of a post-punk group named Sonic Youth.

33. Kira

Kira has various origins, linked to meanings like ‘black, young, or lord.’ Kira Roessler, an American musician, was the bass guitarist in the influential hardcore punk band Black Flag.

34. Kristy

It is a short form of Christina or Christine, which comes from the medieval Latin name Christianus, meaning ‘a Christian.’ Kristy Wallace, also known as Poison Ivy, co-founded the rock band The Cramps.

35. Laura

Originates from the Late Latin name ‘Laurus,’ meaning ‘laurel.’ Laura Jane Grace is an American musician who is most famous for starting the punk rock band Against Me!

36. Lori

A short form of names like Laura and Lorraine that start with ‘Lor.’ Laura signifies ‘laurel,’ while Lorraine means ‘renowned army. The name gains importance in punk culture because of the song ‘Lori Meyers’ by NOFX, a notable American punk rock band.

37. Lydia

A Greek origin name meaning ‘from Lydia,’ which was a region on the west coast of Asia Minor. The name became notable in punk culture through Lydia Lunch, who became prominent during the 1970s New York City no-wave scene. Lunch gained recognition for her confrontational noise music.

38. Mia

Since 1964, the name Mia has consistently ranked in the top 1000 names in the USA (2). Mia is a shorter form of ‘Maria’ and also matches the Italian word ‘mia,’ which means ‘mine.’ It’s important in punk culture because of Mia Katherine Zapata, who was the lead singer of the Seattle punk band The Gits.

39. Nancy

Originally derived from Annis in medieval times, it shifted to become a diminutive of Ann in the 18th century. Annis signifies ‘purity,’ while Ann denotes ‘favor or grace.’ In punk culture, Nancy Spungen became famous as the American girlfriend of Sid Vicious, the bassist of the Sex Pistols.

40. Nico

Commonly used as a diminutive for names like Nicholas or Nicodemus. These names come from Greek roots and mean ‘victory of the people.’ Christa Päffgen, whose stage name was Nico,  was a German female singer who worked with The Velvet Underground, an influential American protopunk band.

41. Nina

A name of multiple origins that is prominently associated with the meaning ‘little girl’  in Spanish. It became well-known in punk culture, thanks to Nina Hagen, who is referred to as ‘The Godmother of German Punk.’

42. Nova

Comes from the Latin word ‘novus,’ which means ‘new.’ Nova Twins are a duo from London, England, who play alternative and punk rock music.

43. Patti

It is often used as a nickname for Patricia, which means ‘nobleman.’ Patricia Lee Smith, an American singer and songwriter, became a notable figure in the punk rock scene of New York City during the 1970s.

44. Polly

A form of Molly which is a short version of ‘Mary’ that is associated with meanings such as ‘rebelliousness,’ ‘sea of bitterness,’  or ‘wished-for child.’ Polly became notable in punk culture due to Nirvana’s song of the same name, which appears on their album Nevermind.

45. Ruby

Punk Names Ruby

A name derived from the precious stone, known for its deep red hue, originating from the Latin word ‘ruber’ meaning ‘red.’  It’s associated with punk culture  because of the song ‘Ruby Soho’ by the famous punk rock band Rancid. The song was released as the last single from Rancid’s album, And Out Come the Wolves.

46. Sheena

It is derived from the Scottish Gaelic name ‘Sìne,’ which is a variation of ‘Jeanne’ or ‘Jane,’ both originating from ‘John,’ meaning ‘God is gracious.’ It got popular through the Ramones’ song ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’ on their third album, Rocket to Russia.

47. Siouxsie

Comes from Susie, which ultimately comes from the Hebrew word ‘shoshan,’ which means ‘lily’ and can also mean ‘rose’ in modern Hebrew. The origin might also be traced back to the Egyptian word ‘sšn,’ which means ‘lotus.’ It is connected to Siouxsie Sioux, the leader of the British rock band Siouxsie & The Banshees.

48. Theo

A short form often derived from longer names like Theodore or Theobald. This name is connected to punk culture through Theo Kogan, an American singer, who is famous as the lead vocalist of the all-girl punk group Lunachicks.

49. Viv

A short version of names like Vivian that begins with the letters ‘viv.’ Vivian comes from the Latin word ‘vivus,’ which means ‘alive.’ Viv Albertine, famous as the guitarist of the punk band the Slits, is a well-known individual associated with punk rock.

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50. Vivienne

Of French origins, this name  means ‘alive.’ It is connected to punk culture through the renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who played a significant role in shaping early punk fashion.

Punk Rock Boy Names

Give your son a rebellious edge with these gritty and defiant names inspired by punk culture.

51. Adam

The punk name Adam originates from Hebrew, meaning ‘man’ (3). It gains a connection to punk culture through the song titled ‘Adam’s Song’ by Blink 182, featured on their third studio album, Enema of the State.

52. Aiden

An Irish origin name meaning ‘little fire.’ It is also the name of an American horror punk band formed in 2003.

53. Alfie

A short form of the name Alfred, which is derived from an Old English name meaning ‘elf counsel.’ Alfonso F. ‘Alfie’ Agnew, an American musician, connects this name to punk culture by being a part of the punk bands D.I and the Adolescents.

54. Armstrong

A name with Middle English roots meaning ‘strong arms.’ It started as a last name but became a good first name option. Billie Joe Armstrong is an American musician famous for being the lead singer, guitarist, and main songwriter of the punk rock band Green Day.

55. Bane

Bane is a diminutive of names with the letters ‘ban’ in them, or it can come from names with ‘barn’ or ‘bern,’ which means ‘bear.’ It’s also the name of an American hardcore punk band that started in 1995.

56. Billie

Billie is another great choice for fans of Billie Joe Armstrong. It is derived from the Germanic name Willehelm, which means ‘will-helmet.’ It combines the elements ‘willo,’ meaning ‘will or desire,’ and ‘helm,’ meaning ‘helmet or protection.’

57. Blair

Originates from a Scottish surname, deriving from the Gaelic term ‘blàr,’ signifying ‘plain, field, or battlefield.’ This name gained prominence through Gordon Blair, associated with Stiff Little Fingers, a renowned punk rock band hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

58. Brett

Brett comes from a Middle English surname, which originally meant ‘a Breton,’ indicating someone from Brittany. This name has a connection to punk culture through Brett Gurewitz, who served as the lead guitarist for the punk rock band Bad Religion.

59. Curtis

The English surname ‘Curtis’ originates from an Old French term meaning ‘courteous.’ Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, a post-punk band, links this name to punk culture.

60. Dave

Dave is a diminutive of the Hebrew name David, which means ‘beloved or uncle.’ Dave Grohl, who formed the rock band The Foo Fighters, started his career as a part of a punk rock band.

61. Deryck

Deryck comes from a Gothic name meaning ‘ruler of the people.’ Deryck Whibley, who served as the lead vocalist for the punk rock band Sum 41, connects this name to punk culture.

62. Dexter

This name means ‘one who dyes’ and comes from an Old English occupational surname. Brian Keith ‘Dexter’ Holland, the lead vocalist for The Offspring, is a notable bearer associated with punk rock music.

63. Eric

Derived from ‘Eiríkr,’ an Old Norse name, Eric means ‘ever ruler.’ Eric Reed Boucher, who was popularly known as Jello Biafra, was the songwriter and lead vocalist for Dead Kennedys, a punk rock band based out of San Francisco.

64. Fletcher

In Middle English, this name means ‘maker of arrows.’ Fletcher Dragge is a guitarist for the American punk rock band Pennywise.

65. Glenn

Punk Names Glenn

Derived from a surname of Scottish origin that comes from the Gaelic term ‘gleann,’ this name means ‘valley.’ American musician Glenn Danzig, known for founding influential punk rock bands like Danzig, Misfits, and Samhain, is a figure associated with the punk rock genre.

66. Gordon

Another name that takes inspiration from Gordon Blair, a member of the punk rock band Stiff Little Fingers. Gordon originates from a Scottish surname linked to a place in Berwickshire, the name of which is associated with Brythonic terms meaning ‘spacious fort.’

67. Greg

A short form of the Greek origin name Gregory, meaning ‘alert’ or ‘watchful.’ This name finds inspiration from Greg Graffin, who co-founded Bad Religion, a prominent American punk rock band.

68. Henry

A name of German origin meaning ‘home ruler’, this name is derived from Heimirich, a Germanic name. Henry Rollins, former frontman of Black Flag, an American punk rockband, inspired this name. Henry Cluney, associated with Stiff Little Fingers, further solidifies its punk pedigree.

69. Hogan

Hogan, derived from the Irish surname Ó hÓgáin, signifies ‘descendant of Ógán.’ Ógán, in turn, originates from the Irish word ‘óg,’ which translates to ‘young.’ Hogan’s Heroes was the name of an American hardcore punk band that was established in 1984.

70. Horton

A name formed by combining Old English terms ‘ horh,’ meaning  ‘mud or dirt,’ and ‘tun,’ meaning  ‘yard, enclosure, or town.’ The Reverend Horton Heat is both the stage name of Texas-based American performer Jim Heath as well as  the name of his psychobilly trio. The band’s music is influenced by punk, amongst other genres.

71. Hudson

Hudson’ is derived from an English surname, indicating ‘son of Hudde.’ It is associated with meanings such as spirit, thought, mind, or brave ruler. Paul D. Hudson, also known as H.R. (Human Rights), is a notable punk culture figure leading the hardcore punk band Bad Brains.

72. Ian

This is another name linked to Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, a post-punk band. Ian means ‘Yahweh is gracious’ and is a Scottish variation of the name John.

73. Iggy

Iggy is derived from Ignatius, linked to the Latin word ‘ignis’ for fire. This name is inspired by Iggy Pop, who was the lyricist and vocalist of the Stooges, an American proto-punk band, which in 2010 was inducted into the ock and Roll Hall of Fame (4). He is also known as the Godfather of punk.

74. Jesse

Originating from ‘Iessai,’ the Greek rendition of the Hebrew name ‘Yishai,’ this name possibly means ‘gift.’ Jesse Michaels, who is famous for being the lead singer of the ska punk group Operation Ivy, connects this name to punk culture.

75. Joe

Originates from the Hebrew name Joseph, which means ‘He will Add.’ This name can be used as a tribute to Joe Strummer, who was the co-founder of The Clash, an English punk rock band.

76. Joey

Another diminutive of the name Joseph, which means ‘He will add’ in Hebrew. It was the name of the punk legend Joey Ramone. He fronted the influential punk band the Ramones.

77. John

John is a classic name rooted in Hebrew, meaning ‘God is gracious.’In punk culture, it’s linked to various artists like Simon John Ritchie and John Holmstrom.  Simon John Ritchie, popularly known as Sid Vicious, was the bassist of the English punk rock band The Sex Pistols. Whereas John Holmstrom was a punk cartoonist who created famous designs for bands like the Ramones.

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78. Johnny

A diminutive of John, this name means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ Johnny Rotten is another musician associated with the punk band Sex Pistols. He served as the lead vocalist for this band.

79. Jones

Another form of John derived from a surname, this is another name that is linked to a musician from the Sex Pistols band, Steve Jones, who served as a guitarist for them.

80. Keith

Keith’ originates from a Scottish surname connected to a location in East Lothian, possibly meaning ‘wood’ in Celtic. Keith Morris, an American musician, is a member of various hardcore punk bands such as Black Flag and Circle Jerks.

81. Kennedy

A name with Irish origins, meaning either ‘armored head’ or ‘misshapen head.’ It draws inspiration from the famous band Dead Kennedys, who had a significant impact on American punk rock culture.

82. Kevin

Kevin is an Irish name meaning ‘beloved birth.’ Kevin Seconds, the founder of the hardcore punk band 7 Seconds, is a notable bearer associated with punk rock.

83. Lou

Lou is commonly used as a diminutive of names such as Louise or Louis, which trace back to the Germanic name ‘Hludwig,’ meaning ‘famous in battle.’ Lou Reed, who formed The Velvet Underground, a band highly influential in the evolution of punk rock, is a well-known individual with this name.

84. Lux

Meaning ‘light,’ this name originates from the Latin term ‘lux.’ Lux Interior is a notable figure in punk music, known for founding the American rock band The Cramps.

85. Malcolm

A name with Scottish roots, Malcolm comes from the Gaelic term ‘Maol Coluim,’ meaning ‘disciple of Saint Columba.’ Malcolm McLaren became well-known in punk culture for his role as a promoter and manager of the Sex Pistols, a significant punk band.

86. Mark

Mark is derived from Marcus, a Latin name that traces back to Mars, the Roman God of War. Mars is believed to be linked to the Latin word ‘mas,’ meaning ‘male.’ Mark Perry, who founded a renowned British zone in 1976, was a prominent figure in punk culture.

87. Mike

A short form of Michael, this name means ‘who is like God?.’ Fat Mike, an American musician, is a member of the punk rock band NOFX. Additionally, he is one of the founders of a San Francisco-based punk rock cover band named Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

88. Milo

A name with uncertain meaning, though it might be associated with meanings such as ‘gracious’ in Slavic origins and ‘soldier’ in Latin. Milo Aukerman, an American singer, shares this name. He gained prominence as the frontman of the punk rock band the Descendents.

89. Oliver

Punk Names Oliver

The name Oliver possibly comes from Old French, with ties to Germanic origins like Old Norse Áleifr or Frankish Alawar. Its spelling shifted due to its association with the Latin word ‘oliva’ representing an ‘olive tree. It’s linked to the song ‘Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys)’ by Flogging Molly, an American Celtic punk band.

90. Paul

Originates from Paulus, a Roman family name that translates to ‘small’ or ‘humble’ in Latin. Paul Gustave Simonon, an English musician, served as the bassist for the Clash, an English rock band.

91. Pete

A diminutive of the Greek name Peter, meaning ‘stone.’ Pete Shelley, one of the founders of the Buzzcocks, an English punk rock band, bore this name.

92. Ramones

A form of Raymond, ultimately from Raginmund, a Germanic name associated with meanings such as ‘ counsel, advice, decision, and protection.’ The name is closely tied to punk culture because of the Ramones, a famous punk rock band. They started in New York City in 1974 and are known as one of the first and most influential punk bands.

93. Reed

Another name inspired by the punk rocker Eric Reed Boucher. This name is derived from ‘read,’ an Old English term meaning ‘red.’

94. Rob

A commonly used diminutive of Robert which comes from Hrodebert, a Germanic name meaning ‘bright fame.’ Rob Tyner was an American musician known for being the lead singer of MC5, a Detroit proto-punk band.

95. Roger

Originating from Hrodger, a Germanic name, the name Roger means ‘famous spear.’ Roger Miret, a Cuban American musician, is the source of inspiration for this name. He is the lead vocalist for various punk bands, notably the New York hardcore band Agnostic Front.

96. Scott

A name originating from the Latin word ‘Scoti,’ which means ‘Gael’ or ‘Gaelic speaker.’ Scott Reynolds, an American punk rock vocalist, is known for his performance with an American punk rock band called All.

97. Sid

Sid is a commonly used short form or diminutive of the name Sidney. Sidney originally referred to different places in England, indicating a ‘wide island.’ Sid Vicious, the stage name of the bass player for the Sex Pistols, an English punk rock band, inspired this name.

98. Steve

Steve is a short form of Steven, which originates from the Greek name Stephanos, meaning ‘crown’ or ‘wreath.’ Steve Ignorant was one of the founders of Crass, a band known for its anarcho-punk style.

99. Thurston

Thurston originates from Old Norse, meaning ‘Thor’s stone.’ It is associated with Thurston Moore, a founding member of the American post-punk rock band Sonic Youth.

100. Travis

A name with roots in English and French. It originates from a place name that referred to an individual who lived near a ford or a bridge or as an occupational name for toll collectors at such spots. The name comes from the Old French word ‘traverser,’ derived from the Late Latin ‘transversare,’ meaning ‘to cross.’ Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink 182, a pop-punk band,  is a notable bearer.

101. Zeke

A diminutive of Ezekiel, Zeke originates from a Hebrew name meaning ‘God will strengthen.’The connection to punk culture lies in its association with Thomas ‘Zeke’ Zettner, who was part of the American rock band the Stooges.

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In summary, punk rock has changed how we listen to music and dress and has also impacted the names we give our children. These punk baby names provide a fresh option for parents who want names that break from tradition. Whether influenced by punk idols or the movement’s ethos, these punk names express a desire to be different and challenge norms. As we appreciate the long-lasting impact of punk rock, let’s keep welcoming the diversity and originality it promotes in our music and daily lives.

Key Pointers

  • These punk names go against the usual and celebrate being genuine, letting your child be unique in a world where everyone seems the same.
  • Punk names inspired by courageous women like Laura, Kim, and Joan may make your daughter feel empowered and brave.
  • Names such as Ivy, Siouxsie, and Oliver are beautiful choices due to their connection to nature.
  • Naming your child after punk heroes like Sid, Iggy, and Patti will help keep their legacy alive.

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