50 Best And Unique Biracial Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Biracial or mixed-race babies are the ones that are born and blessed with multiple heritages. This post on mixed-race or biracial baby names will help you choose a unique name for your little one. The love for biracial names in modern society is immense among the parents of different cultures. The name also becomes a reflection of their baby’s personality. Read on for a list of the popular biracial baby names for both boys and girls, along with their meanings.

Biracial Baby Girl Names

1. Alaina

Alaina is an Irish origin name

The Irish origin name is also a derivative of the French name Elaina. It means “the one who is a dear child.”

2. Ayana

Ayana, meaning “beautiful flower,” has a bright and creative ring to it. It is an Ethiopian name and is also popular in many parts of Europe and North America.

3. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a toponymic name that originally comes from Dutch. It refers to “the one who lives by the brook through the marshland.” It also means “broken land.”

4. Carmel

The name comes from Mount Carmel, a coastal mountain in northern Israel. It’s mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the favorite spots for Mary and baby Christ. This Biblical name is quite frequently used in Israel, Ireland, and in the United States.

5. Chantelle

The unique mixed-race name Chantelle means “singer” and is of French origin.

6. Daniella

The extra “a” in the end makes this name more feminine than Danielle. Daniella means “God is my judge,” and has its origin in Hebrew. It is considered to be a stylish name by some parents.

7. Ella

Ella comes from Old English and originally meant “the other one” or “the rest.” The name is also a shorter variation for other names, such as Eleanor and Ellen.

8. Elyse

This common mixed-race baby girl’s name originates in Old German culture and means “the one who is born of noble origins.”

9. Gisele

It is one of the prettiest German names with meaning “pledge.” A popular bearer of the name is the supermodel and businesswoman Gisele Bundchen.

10. Kayla

Kayla, biracial baby names

Kayla is an Arabic origin name, meaning “wise child.” It is a variation of Yiddish “Kaila,” a derivative of the Hebrew name “Kelila,” which means “wise,” “laurel,” or “crown.”

11. Kyla

The name is of Irish or Gaelic origin with the meaning “narrow strait” or “narrow channel.”

12. Laila

Laila comes from Arabic and means “night” or refers to someone who is “as calm and beautiful as the night sky.” This exotic name’s variant spellings are Layla and Leila.

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13. Lauryn

Lauryn as a biracial girl’s name has Latin origins. The meaning of Lauryn is “laurel,” or “sweet bay tree,” which is considered a symbol of victory.

14. Leah

It is a biblical name and refers to “a woman who is weary yet remains loyal” in Hebrew.

15. Mya

A variant of Mia and Maya, this biracial girl name can mean “beloved” or “great,” and is of Persian origin.

16. Naomi

Naomi means “pleasant” in Hebrew and is a commonly used biracial name. As per the Old Testament, Naomi is the name of the mother-in-law of Ruth.

17. Natalia

It is an ancient Latin name, signifying the Christmas Day. The other form of this name is Natalie, and two brilliant actresses, Natalie Portman and Natalie Dormer, share this name.

18. Nylah

The name is derived from Old Gaelic and means “champion.” This unique name can be spelled in several ways, including Nailah and Nila.

19. Renee

The name Renee has Latin origins and means “reborn.” A notable bearer of the name is the famous American actress Renee Zellweger. The variations of this name include Renny, Rene, and Renae.

20. Sapphire

Sapphire is a Hebrew term for a gem. It also has its origin in the Ancient Greek word “sappheiros” of the same meaning.

21. Shania

Shania is the name of a Native American tribe

It is of Ojibwe origin and means “I am on my way.” Ojibwe is the name of a Native American tribe.

22. Sianna

It has a Welsh origin and means “God is gracious.” Another variation to the name is Sienna or Siena. A popular bearer of the name is Sienna Miller, a British-American actress.

23. Skye

Skye is derived from the nature-inspired English name “sky,” and is used as a short form of Skyler and Skylar. Skye is also a toponymic name referring to someone from the Isle of Skye.

24. Talia

Talia comes from Hebrew and means “rain from heaven” or “dew showered by God.” The name is popular in many parts of Asia and Europe.

25. Tia

Tia is derived from the mythological Greek Goddess Thea, whose name means “Goddess” or “divine.”

Biracial Baby Boy Names

26. Anderson

Anderson is a patronymic name that refers to “son of Andrew.” Andrew comes from Greek and means a “man” or “manly.”

27. Ansel

The German name Ansel means “God’s protection.” The name sounds down-to-earth and chic at the same time.

28. Darrel

The name comes from Old English and means “beloved.” It was one of the beach boy names in the 1960s and is an evergreen choice for parents.

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29. Denzel

It is a patronymic Cornish name that refers to someone who originally belonged to the Denzel family. Some variations of the name are Denzil and Denzell. A popular bearer of the name is the actor Denzel Washington.

30. Dylan

Dylan is a Welsh name, meaning “son of the sea.” It comes from Dylan ail Don, a legendary sea god in Welsh mythology.

31. Franklin

This English name has the meaning “free landholder,” and became quite popular due to its association with Benjamin Franklin. The diminutive form is Frank.

32. Greg

Greg, biracial baby name

It is a Greek name and is the shorter variation of Gregory. The name means “the watchful one.” Greg Oden is an American basketball player.

33. Harrell

In Hebrew, Harrell means “mountain of God.” A variant and short version of the name is Harry.

34.  Ian

Ian is the Scottish version of the name John and means “God is gracious.” Numerous emperors, popes, saints, and princes have borne this name.

35. Jamal

Jamal means “handsome” or “beautiful,” which every mother thinks of their baby. The name is of Arabic origin.

36. Jayden

Jayden sounds modern and cool and means “God has heard.” The name has a Hebrew origin. The nicknames include Jade, Jaybo, and JD.

37. Joel

This Hebrew Biblical name, belonging to one of the “mighty men” of King David, was taken up by the Puritans in the 16th century. Joel means “Jehovah is his God.”

38. Keiran

Keiran is an Irish-Gaelic biracial boy name, and it symbolizes being “dusky and dark-haired.”

39. Kobe

This biracial boy’s name is of Swahili origin, and it means “tortoise.” Kobe also could be a diminutive form of Jacob, which comes from Hebrew and means “supplanter.”

40. Latrell

It refers to the one who is “noble and eager” and is of American origin.

41. Lemuel

Lemuel means “devoted to God” or “God is bright.” This common biracial name has a Hebrew origin.

42. Marley

This cheerful and cool surfer boy likely comes from Old English and means “meadow by the lake.” Alternative meanings of the name are “pleasant-looking wood.”

43. Matteo

Matteo, the Italian form of Matthew

Matteo is the Italian form of Matthew and means “gift from God.”

44. Phineas

This Hebrew name means “oracle.” It is a Biblical name where Phineas is one of the two sons of the priest Eli.

45. Reuben

It means “behold, a son” and is of Hebrew origin. The variant spellings are Rueben or Ruben.

46. Tyrone

It means “from the land of the yew tree” in Irish. The original meaning of the name was “from the land of Eoghan,” where Eoghan refers to the yew tree.

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47. Tyson

Tyson means “firebrand” or “son of Denis” and is of Old French origin. A famous bearer of the name is Mike Tyson.

48. Warren

A tough and rugged name from a dainty era, Warren means “park-keeper.” It has Old English and Middle English origins.

49. Xavier

This common mixed-race baby boy is of Basque origin and means “bright,” “splendid,” or “new house.”

50. Zachariah

The name Zachariah is of Hebrew origin and means “the Lord has remembered.” A shorter form of the name is Zakkai, another interesting name.

Tips For Naming A Mixed-race Baby

There are no specific rules while choosing a name; you can choose a biracial baby name that sounds good to you. Nevertheless, you can consider the following tips to choose the best name that you can cherish forever.

  1. Consider the languages spoken in your family: Your baby’s name should be pronounceable in every language spoken in your family. Some sounds may not be the same in all the languages. For instance, the “J” sound in Spanish is like the “H” sound in English, and could be difficult for French speakers to pronounce. The name Alejandro of Spanish origin is pronounced as “al-ay-HAHN-droh,” but may not be pronounced this way by English and French speakers.
  1. Know the different meanings of the name: Look at the meaning of the name in multiple languages. Sometimes, names pleasant in one language may have hilarious meanings in others. For instance, Lola, a Spanish name, refers to a strong woman, whereas, in Filipino, it means “Grandma.”
  1. Consider a theme-based name: If you find it overwhelming to select a unique name, you may search the name by theme. Focus your search on a theme, such as nature-inspired, space-themed, weather-themed, or water-inspired names. These names sound cool, fashionable, and are moreover acceptable in most cultures.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Parents from mixed cultures are often perplexed while naming their biracial babies. If you are looking for trendy, meaningful, and adorable mixed-race or biracial baby names, this diverse list of biracial names for girls and boys could be worth checking out. These names are unique yet significant and go well with the cultures in question. However, before picking a mixed-race baby name, consider the tips mentioned. For example, check the name’s meaning in multiple languages and the ease of its pronunciation in your native language to select a meaningful and inspiring name for your little one.

Key Pointers

  • Biracial names celebrate the unique blend of heritage.
  • Biracial names have varied origins and meanings and assimilate the best of both cultures.
  • Keiran, Warren, and Naomi are some examples of the commonly used biracial names.

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