150 Rainbow Baby Names Full Of Hope And Happiness

Rainbow babies bring a lot of happiness and joy to their families as they are born after a previous pregnancy loss. Therefore, the parents like to give the unique rainbow baby names that have a special reference to their birth. The name could also be a reflection of hope or appreciation. In this post, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of beautiful rainbow baby names for boys and girls that represent the emotions that parents experience with the arrival of the little ones.

Popular Rainbow Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Aaron

This name from the Bible means “miraculous.” Aaron was the elder brother of Moses, who was the keeper of God’s commands. It also means “high mountain” or “enlightened.”

2. Amal

The Arabic meaning of “Amal” is “hope and expectation.” It symbolizes the hope the little boy brought into your lives.

3. Amil

It means “hopeful,”“aspiration,” or “invaluable.”The name has an Arabic origin.

4. Anthony

It is derivative of the Latin name “Antonius,” and it means “priceless”or “of estimable worth.”

5. Arnan

It means “quick” or“joyful” in Hebrew. Parents chose this name for the happiness the baby has brought back to the family.

6. Asher

It is a Jewish name that means “blessed” or “happy.”The name is also mentioned in the Holy Bible.

7. Barack

It comes from the Arabic name “Barak,” which means “blessing.”

8. Barloc

It means “a strong warrior filled with hope.” This name linked with hope is an American name.

9. Bayode

It means “he who brings joy with himself.”The name has an African origin.

10. Beau

This name originated from French, and means “beautiful” or “handsome.”

11. Beneficio

This is a vivacious form of Benedict, which means “blessing.” Ben is a friendly nickname for this.

12. Bennett

It is another variant of Benedict, which means “blessed.” The name Bennett has an English origin.

13. Bernard

This baby boy’s name has German and French origin, and means“strong and brave as a bear.”

14. Blyde

This sweet-sounding name means “joy” or “happiness” in the Afrikaans language.

15. Boone

The name comes from the Old French word “bon,” which means “good” or “nice.”

16. Caius

This simple name means “rejoice” in Latin. This was the name of a third-century Pope.

17. Cyan

This rainbow baby name means “greenish-blue color”and could be a unique name selection for your baby boy.

18. Daliso

Daliso means “a blessing” in the Chewa language. It is a unique name you may consider for your rainbow baby.

19. Darrell

The name comes from the Norman-French name “d’Airelle,” referring to someone who came from a place called Airelle in France. Darell has a toponymic origin

20. Davis

It is derived from the Hebrew name David, which means “beloved.”

21. Dayshaun

This is an American baby name, which means “God’s gift of hope.”

22. Deene

It isa simple French name that is robust and easy to pronounce. It means “hope.”

23. Dillon

The name comes from the Welsh name Dylan, which means the “the great tide” or “the great flow.”

24. Eijaz

It is an Arabic baby boy name meaning “miracle.” This classic name is popular in several countries.

25. Emory

It is a variant of Emery, a name of Old German origin that means “homeruler” or “universal ruler.”

26. Ethan

This is a Biblical Hebrew name, which means “strong,” “enduring,”“solid,” or “firm.”

27. Everett

The Anglo-Saxon meaning of Everett is “braveboar,”referring to someone with strength and bravery. It is a name that can aptly reflect the qualities of a rainbow baby.

28. Felix

It means “happy and prosperous” and is of Latin origin. Felix also symbolizes happiness in finding God.

29. Gabriel

It is derived from the Hebrew name “Gavriel” meaning “God is my strength.” This Biblical name is one of the seven archangels who bring the good news of pregnancy to Mary.

30. Gianni

Gianni is a rainbow baby name meaning God is gracious

It is an Italian variant of the name John, which comes from Hebrew and means “God is gracious.” The name symbolizes thankfulness for having a special baby.

31. Gil

The Hebrew meaning of Gil is “bright promise,”“happiness,” or “joy.”

32. Inaam

It is an Arabic name meaning “blessing from God.” It is usually used in compound names, such as in Inaam-ul-Haque.

33. Isaac

It means “he will laugh,” and has a Hebrew origin. Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, born after many years of waiting.

34. Jasper

It means “bringer of treasure,” and is of Persian origin. Another variant of the name is Casper.

35. Jesse

This baby name is of Hebrew origin and means “gift” or “God’s gift.”Another spelling of this name is Jessie.

36. Kaemon

This is another lovely pick for your baby boy with a Japanese origin. It means “joyful.”

37. Karsten

It is a Low German version of the name Christian, which means “blessed” or “anointed.”

38. Keshet

It means “rainbow” in Hebrew, and could be a perfect fit for your baby boy who made your life colorful.

39. Keyes

The likely origin of the name is the Old French word “kay,” meaning a “wharf.” Another origin of the name is the Old Irish word “aed,” meaning “fire.”

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40. Kibou

This Japanese name holds the meaning “filled with hope.” It has a unique sound and is easy to pronounce, too.

41. Kit

It is the shortened form of Christopher, which comes from Greek and means “follower of Christ.”

42. Lennan

It is a variant spelling of the Irish name Lennon, and means “beloved,”“lover,” or “sweetheart.”

43. Liam

It is a shortened form of a Germanic name, William, meaning “strong-will warrior” or “helmet of will.”An Irish variant of this warrior name is Uilliam.

44. Loreto

It comes from the name of a town in Italy and means “laurel grove” or “laurel wood.”

45. Lucas

The other variants are Luke and Lucian. The name has Latin and Greek origin, and means“bringer of light.”

46. Mapalo

It means “God’s blessings” in the Bemba language spoken in Africa. It is a stylish and pleasant sounding name for a rainbow baby.

47. Matthew

It is a derivative of Hebrew name, Matityahu, meaning “gift of God.”

48. Maximilian

It comes from the Latin word “maximus,” meaning “greatest.”It is also the name of Saint Maximilian of Tebessa, a third-century saint and martyr.

49. Milagro

It is the Spanish word for “miracle” or “wonder.”

50. Miracolo

It means “miracle”in Italian. It makes for a suitable name for a rainbow baby.

51. Mirakel

It is the Norwegian word for “miracle.” This would make a great name for your miracle baby.

52. Nathanial

It is related to the Hebrew name, Nathaniel, which means “Gift of God” or “God has given.”

53. Noah

The Hebrew meaning of this name is “long-lived” or “wandering.” It is a Biblical name and holds a great significance.

54. Oscar

The name comes from Gaelic and means “deer friend.” Another origin of the name is the Old Norse name “Asgeirr,” which means “divine spear” or “spear of God.”

55. Phelipe

It is a Portuguese and Spanish variant of the name Philip, which has a Greek origin and means “friend of horses.”

56. Ranen

Ranen means “to be joyful.” It is commonly used in Hebrew speaking countries.

57. Raphael

It is derived from the Hebrew name “Rafael,” meaning “God has healed.” Raphael is one of the seven archangels.

58. Raza

It is the Urdu variant of the Arabic name Raza, meaning “satisfaction” or “contentment.”

59. Remo

It is derived from the name Remus, which comes from Latin, and means “twin” or “connected.”

60. Rory

It is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Ruaidhri, which means “red king.”

61. Samuel

Samuel means God has heard

Samuel is an endearingname from Hebrew and means “God has heard.”

62. Saul

The Hebrew meaning is “wished for” or “desired.” It is a Biblical name and refers to the one who was anointed as the first king of Israel.

63. Selig

It has Yiddish origin and means “happy” or “fortunate.”

64. Sheber

It is a Biblical name and means “hope.”It could be a precious name for a rainbow baby who has brought joyin your lives.

65. Simon

It is a common name of Hebrew origin and means “God has heard” or “God is listening.”

66. Tate

This rainbow baby name means “bring joy” or “cheerful.” It has Norse and Anglo-Saxon origins.

67. Theodore

It comes from the Greek name “Theodoros,” meaning “God-given” or “gift of God.”

68. Truman

The name comes from Middle English and means “faithful one” or “loyal one.”It makes for a good rainbow baby name since it represents integrity and moral truth.

69. Tumaini

It is an Arabic name and means “hope.” This is chosen by parents who want a classic and strong name for their boy.

70. Von

This name comes from Old Norse and means “hope.” It is a medieval name that is bound to sound cool.

71. Waytt

It is a medieval personal name with Old English origin and means “war-hardy,” “brave,” or “strong.”

72. Whelan

The name has an Irish origin and means “little wolf.” It makes an ideal name to reflect the strong and resolute nature of a rainbow baby.

73. Winston

It comes from Old English and means “joyful stone.”You can use the name to symbolize the precious little baby’s birth.

74. Zane

It is a variant form of John, which comes Hebrew and means“God is gracious” or “God’s gift.”

75. Zelig

It has a Yiddish origin and means “blessed.” The name is quite apt to reflect your feelings at the birth of a rainbow baby.

Cute Rainbow Names For Girls With Meanings

76. Aida

It comes from the Arabic name Ayda, and it means “returning” or “visitor.” The name can signify the arrival of someone special, like a rainbow baby.

77. Aimee

It is derived from the French name Amee meaning “beloved.”Other variants of the name include Amy and Amie.

78. Alisa

It is derived from the name Alice, which comes from the name Adelaide. The name Adelaide has a Germanic origin and means the “noble type” or “a kind person.” Other variants Alisa are Alicia and Alyssa.

79. Amari

It is a feminine form of the Arabic name Ammar, which means “long-lived” or “the one who lives for long.”

80. Angela

It is a variant of the word angel, which has its root in the Greek “angelos” meaning “messenger.” It indicates the “messenger of God.”

81. Annabella

It is derived from the name Amabilis, which comes from Late Latin and means “lovable,” “beautiful,” or “graceful.”

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82. Annelise

It is a Scandinavian name combined with elements “Anne,” meaning “full of grace”and “Liese,” meaning “God is my oath.”

83. Aurora

The name Aurora means “dawn” or “light” in Latin. It makes a suitable name for an adorable rainbow baby.

84. Avita

The name likely comes from the Latin word “vita,” which means “life.”It sounds like a perfect name for a rainbow baby girl.

85. Ayah

It is an Arabic name that means “evidence” or “sign.” The name also signifies the verses of the Quran.

86. Beatrice

The name has a Latin origin and means “she who brings happiness” or“blessed.” This could be a unique name for your rainbow baby.

87. Bliss

It is a popular name in English-speaking countries, and means “supreme happiness,”“perfect joy”or “heavenly.”

88. Bree

It means “power” or “strength” in the Irish language. It is also a diminutive form of Brielle and Brianna.

89. Bridget

Bridget is a rainbow baby name meaning strength or exalted one

This baby girl’s name is of Irish origin with the meaning “strength” or “exalted one.”The name is derived from the Irish name Brighid.

90. Carina

It comes from the Late Latin word “cara,” which means “beloved” or “dear one.”Carina is also the name of a constellation in the southern sky.

91. Coral

It comes from the Greek word Korallion and refers to the colorful marine animals. This could be one of the beautiful names that you may give your daughter.

92. Danika

It is a variant of Danica, which is the Slavic word for the planet Venus, also known as the morning star.

93. Dorothy

It is an English name with a Greek origin and means “gift of God.” A popular bearer of the name is Dorothy,the main character in the movie and novel “The Wizard of Oz.”

94. Ellie

The name has a Greek origin and means “bright shining one.”It is also a diminutive of several English names, such as Eleanor and Ellen.

95. Esperanza

It is the Spanish word for “hope” or “expectation.” This is a popular name in Latin America.

96. Evie

This name,meaning“life,” perfectly suits the baby born after pregnancy loss. It is a variant of “Eve,” which comes from Hebrew.

97. Faith

It defines trust or belief in the Supreme God, who has gifted a bundle of joy. This name comes from the English word “faith,” which is derived from the Latin “fides,” meaning “trust and belief.”

98. Felicity

This name is derived from the Latin word “felicitas,” which means “happy and fortunate.”

99. Genevieve

The name has a Germanic origin and means “woman of the race.”Genevieve can represent a girl who is God’s gift to the family.

100. Gianna

It is an Italian name with the meaning “the Lord is gracious” or “thankful.” This is a diminutive form of Giovanna and is a unique name for a rainbow baby.

101. Grace

It comes from the English word “grace,” which is derived from the Latin word, “gratia,” meaning “thankfulness and gratitude.” It is a popular name to refer to God’s favor in giving a baby.

102. Hazel

It means “the hazelnut tree,” and is derived from Old English. It symbolizes protection and authority to the child.

103. Hiwa

It is a Kurdish baby girl name meaning “hope.” This could be a rare and unique pick for your daughter.

104. Hope

This name refers to a positive expectation or theological virtue of hope. It is a common name in the United States. You may also find many baby names related to hope and faith in our other lists.

105. Imani

It is a Swahili name meaning “faith.” Ima and Mani are nicknames of Imani.

106. Indigo

Indigo represents blue, and symbolically it means power and importance. The Biblical meaning is “heavenly grace” that reflects the baby born in grace.

107. Iris

The name originates from the Greek word “irida,” which means “rainbow.” In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.

108. Iva

It means “God is gracious.” This name could perfectly fit your precious little daughter.

109. Jade

It means “precious stone” in Hebrew and is the right fit for your rainbow daughter.

110. Jasmine

This flower name indicates “Gift from God” in Persia. It could be an exclusive name for your girl who is born after a pregnancy loss.

111. Jayden

It means “thankful for” and symbolizes being thankful for the baby after a period of loss. It is from Hebrew and also has a variant, Jadon.

112. Joy

It is derived from the French word “joie.”You can symbolize your feelings at the birth of your baby through this name.

113. Kaylee

It is a modern name created by combining Kay and Lee. It means “pure.”

114. Laelynn

It is a cute baby name with Canadian origin meaning “flower of hope.” It is a unique name with the variant Kaelyn.

115. Lily

Lily is a flower name that symbolizes purity and innocence. It would be a lovely name for your daughter.

116. Luana

This is an exotic Hawaiian name, which means “happy” in the Polynesian language.

117. Maeve

It is a beautiful Irish name meaning, “cause of great joy.” This could fit rightly for your little baby girl.

118. Maisie

It is a variant of the name Margaret, which comes from the Greek word “margaritari,” meaning “pearl.” This is a precious name for the baby that indicates uniqueness.

119. Marigold

It is the name of the plant with beautiful sunny yellow or golden-orange flowers. It could be a lovely name for your precious little one.

120. Marvella

It is an alternative spelling of Marvel, which means “miracle.” It would be a good fit for the miracle in your arms.

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121. Matilda

It is also spelled Mathilda and Mathilde, and it is an English form of the Germanic name Mathilidis, derived from two words “maht,” meaning “might or strength” and “hild,” meaning “battle.”

122. Mazarine

It refers to the rich deep blue color, like the one seen on the rainbow. This name has its origin in French.

123. Mehr

The name has an Indo-Iranian origin, and means either “sun” or “friendship.” It can be a unique name for your little princess.

124. Mia

It is the diminutive form of Mary, which comes from the Hebrew name Miryam. The name ultimately has an Egyptian origin and means the “beloved one.”

125. Micaela

Micaela means gift from God or one who is like God

It is a variant of the Hebrew name “Michaela” and French name “Michelle,”both meaning “gift from God” or “one who is like God.”

126. Mikelle

It is a feminine form of the name Michael, which comes from Hebrew and means “one who is like God.”

127. Minette

It likely originates from the Old German word “minne,” meaning “love.” Minette is a popular name among French speakers.

128. Mireya

The name comes from the Occitan word “mirar,” meaning “admirable” or “attractive.” It could be a pretty and unusual name for your daughter.

129. Nadia

It is a French derivative of the Russian name Nadya, which is a pet form of Nadezhdaand means “hope” in Slavic.

130. Nessa

The name comes from Hebrew and means “miracle.” It makes a perfect name for a rainbow baby girl.

131. Nina

Nina originates from Hebrew and means “favor” or “grace.”It is the diminutive form of Anne and Antonia.

132. Nyasa

This Greek origin name, meaning “new beginning,“ could reflect the start a new chapter in your life.

133. Olive

This could be a sweet name that indicates a green olive branch, which is theultimate symbol of peace. It sounds nice for a rainbow baby.

134. Pearl

It is an English baby name indicating the semi-precious jewel, pearl. This name is apt for your precious baby.

135. Phoebe

It is derived from the Greek word “phoibos,”meaning “bright one.” In Greek mythology, it was the name of the goddess of the moon.

136. Poppy

It means “red flower,”and comes from Old English. This is a sweet name and could be a good choice for your loving daughter.

137. Raine

It is derived from the word “reine,” which is the French word for queen.

138. Rose

It refers to the rose flower that symbolizes love, happiness, and gratitude. This is a sweet name for your baby.

139. Sachi

The Japanese name means “fortunate” or “happy and lucky,” and reflects what your little daughter means to you.

140. Scarlett

Scarlett comes from “scarlet,”a bright shade of red color. It is another popular name you may choose for a rainbow baby.

141. Suki

Suki means blossom and hope

It means “blossom and hope” in Japanese and is an alternative to Saki. This is a popular Asian name you may use for a rainbow baby.

142. Taraji

It is a Swahili word for “hope,” and makes a unique name for your precious little girl.

143. Trixie

It is a diminutive form of Beatrice, and means “she who brings happiness.” It is a sassy and spunky name of Latin origin for your baby who brings happiness into the family.

144. Trudy

This name holds a Germanic origin and means “spear of strength” or “universal strength.” It reflects the birth of a rainbow baby.

145. Umniya

It means “hope,” and has an Arabic origin. It is one of the popular names that you could name your baby, who was born after a great wish.

146. Victoria

It is the Latin word for “victory.” It can signify the zeal and winning spirit of a rainbow baby.

147. Vida

Vida means “life” in Latin. It rightly symbolizes the baby who lived after the mom’s previous miscarriage.

148. Violet

The name of this flower symbolizes “faith,” in the language of flowers. It is a diminutive form of the name “Viola,” and is a good luck symbol for your baby girl.

149. Wilona

It is an Anglo-Saxon name with the meaning “longed-for” or “hoped-for.” This could be a right first name for the baby you have been longing for after a loss.

150. Zita

Zita means “little girl” in the Tuscan dialect of Italian. It could be an ideal name for your little bundle of joy.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Rainbow babies are born to parents after they have suffered a pregnancy loss. Therefore, after having a rainbow baby, the families are grateful and delighted to welcome their precious little one. If you are on the lookout for joyful and pleasing names for your rainbow baby, our list can be kept handy. These names signify the happiness and undying hope that the parents experience after having a rainbow baby. So, choose a name that reflects your feelings and makes you feel glad and fulfilled about your little one’s arrival.

Key Pointers

  • Rainbow baby names are names given to a child born after losing a previous child.
  • These names usually represent new beginnings, growth, light, and happiness.
  • Rainbow baby names take inspiration from vibrant rainbow colors and other natural elements.
  • These names can be found in various sources; for example, Caius has Latin origins, whereas Inaam has Arabic roots.

Rainbow baby names carry some extraordinary meanings. Watch this video to find out the best ones and some facts associated with each.

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