200 Most Popular Vintage Boy Names With Meaning

Vintage boy names are timeless and popular across the world. Moreover, most vintage boy names have historical significance and meanings and sound classy. So, if you are looking for some cool traditional names for your boy, you are at the right place.

In this post, we bring you some of the best vintage boy names that still sound fresh and tell you their meanings. Scroll down and take your pick.

200 Vintage Boy Names That Still Sound Fresh

1. Atlas

A fast-riding name in the USA, Adam is a name that originated from Greek mythology and means ‘bearers of the heaven’.

2. Asher

A Hebrew name, Asher means fortunate or blessed.

3. Archer

Popular vintage boy name

Archer means ‘bowman’, and it is an English name.

4. Arthur

Bearing its roots in Celtic, Arthur was once the name of shining heads of knights. It has the meaning ‘bear’.

5. Ambrose

Ambrose is a Latin origin name that means ‘immortal’.

6. Aurelius

Aurelius is one of the Roman emperor’s names. This name refers to ‘the golden one.’

7. Anderson

Anderson is a Greek word, and it refers to man or manly. It is also a common Swedish surname.

8. Allen

Allen was first used somewhere in the 6th century, and it means ‘rock’.

9. Adam

As in ‘Adam and Eve’ this is a traditional biblical name of a boy. Adam means ‘son of the earth’.

10. Abraham

Abraham is a Hebrew name that means father of multitudes.

11. Albert

Albert is a French origin name. The masculine name means a person who is noble and bright.

12. Alexander

We all know about the great warrior Alexander. This strong Greek name means ‘defender of men’.

13. Alistair

Alistair is a variant of the name Alexander and also means ‘one who defends mankind’.

14. Alvin

Alvin means a noble friend or an old friend. It is a classic English origin name.

15. Amos

This Hebrew name means ‘to carry’ or ‘borne by God’

16. Bennet

This is a 12th-century Latin name that means blessed.

17. Barney

Barney is a popular English name that means ‘as strong as a bear’.

18. Baylen

A unique vintage name that comes from old French, and it signifies auburn-haired.

19. Baxter

An old English occupational name meaning ‘baker’.

20. Benedict

Benedict is a popular Christian name that bears its origin in English and Dutch. The name means ‘blessed’.

21. Bernard

Bernard is a Germanic name that means ‘as brave as a bear’.

22. Booker

An occupational old English name, Booker can be described as a ‘maker of books’.

23. Bradley

Bradley is also an English name that means ‘broad wood’ or ‘broad meadow’.

24. Bell

A name that belongs to the old French era, which means handsome.

25. Bruno

The meaning of this name is ‘brown’. Bruno is a classic old German name.

26. Cassius

Cassius is a Latin origin name that means ‘empty’ or ‘vein’.

27. Caspian

Caspian is a classic name significant that signifies the color ‘white’.

28. Caleb

The name has a Hebrew origin. It means ‘faithful’ and ‘wholehearted’.

29. Cyrus

Cyrus is a popular Iranian name that bears its origin in Persia. The significance of this name is ‘young’ or ‘farsighted’.

30. Cassian

This Latin name is a variation of another name called Cassius. Cassian means ‘hollow’.

31. Carlisle

The name Carlisle means ‘from the walled city’ or ‘from the protected tower. It’s a medieval English name.

32. Carter

This is an occupational name, which means transporter of goods by cart.

33. Cedric

An English origin name, Cedric means bounty.

35. Chadwick

The name Chadwick signifies ‘the warrior’s town’. The vintage name is of English origin.

36. Charles

A princely name that has its roots in Germany and France meaning ‘ free man’.

37. Christopher

Christopher is a traditional name for boys and is originally from Greece. It means ‘bearer of Christ’.

38. Chester

Vintage boy name meaning fortress

A name of English origin, Chester means ‘fortress’.

39. Clarence

The name belongs to Latin America. Clarence means ‘bright’ or ‘famous’.

40. Clayton

Clayton is an English name, and it means ‘clay settlement’ or ‘mortal’.

41. Clifford

Significant with the word cliff, this is a vintage name and it means ‘cliff at the river crossing’.

42. Clarke

Derived from the Latin word ‘clericus’. Clarke generally refers to a clerk.

43. Cox

The Anglo-Saxon word and it means ‘cock’ or ‘rooster’.

44. David

A vintage Biblical Hebrew name, David refers to ‘beloved’.

45. Dashiell

Dashiell is an occupational name that means ‘page boy’.

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46. Delbert

An English origin name, Delbert means proud and noble.

47. Damon

Originally a Greek boy name, the name means ‘to overpower’ or ‘subdue’.

48. Daniel

A Hebrew origin name which means ‘God is my judge’.

49. Danny

Danny is also a Hebrew name and bears a significant meaning ‘God is my judge’.

50. Darcy

An Irish origin name, Darcy means ‘dark haired’.

51. Darnell

An old French origin name, Darnell means ‘annual grass’.

52. Derrick

Derrick is a name of Germanic origin that generally means ‘a gifted ruler’.

53. Dawson

Dawson has an Anglo-Saxon descent, and is often used in countries like Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It means the ‘son of David’.

54. Edwin

The name Edwin means rich friend. The name originated in England and is a popular name of Charles Dickens novels.

55. Elliot

The name has Hebrew roots. Elliot means ‘the lord is my God’.

56. Evans

The name bears its origin from the Welsh region. Evan means ‘son of Evan’.

57. Edwards

The name harks back to Old English tradition. It’s meaning signifies ‘rich guardian’.

58. Ellis

Ellis is a popular Welsh name also used as an English surname. It means ‘benevolent’.

59. Emmett

A German-origin name, Emette is the masculine variation of Emma, which means ‘universal’.

60. Ezra

Ezra is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘help’. This name is also mentioned in the bible.

61. Ethan

Bearing its roots in the Hebrew culture, Ethan means ‘solid’ or ‘enduring’.

62. Everett

Everett means ‘brave as a wild boar’. This name is an English variation and has a German origin.

63. Finn

Belonging to Irish origin, Finn is a charming name. It means ‘fair’ or ‘white’.

64. Floyd

Floyd is an Anglo-welsh masculine name that means ‘Gray-haired’.

65. Fletcher

Fletcher is a popular occupational name that originated in the Old French era, meaning ‘seller of arrows’.

66. Fredrick

Beautiful name meaning peaceful ruler

Adapted from the German name Friedrich, it is called Fredrick in English. It means ‘peaceful ruler’.

67. Felix

It is a Roman name and is famously adopted in pop-culture characters and means ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’.

68. Frankie

Frankie is the American version of the German name Frank and means ‘free man’.

69. Francis

Francis bears its roots to Old French origin and means ‘Frenchman’.

70. George

George is one of the most popular names in the monarchy of Great Britain. It means ‘farmer’.

71. Gabriel

A name of Hebrew origin, Gabriel means ‘God is my strong man’.

72. Gareth

Gareth can be traced back to the Wales tradition. Its meaning signifies ‘gentleness’.

73. Graham

The vintage name was adopted by a famous inventor Graham Bell. Graham is a Scottish origin name and means ‘Gray home’.

74. Godfrey

Godfrey is an English name that originated in the Germanic culture. It means peace of God.

75. Gregory

To be watchful and vigilant means Gregory. This name originally comes from Greece.


The one who is a ‘feller of trees’ is known as Gideon. It is a Jewish name.

77. Geoff

Geoff is the diminutive of the name Geoffrey, and it means ‘peaceful’.

78. Gunther

Gunther is a German origin name that means a warrior.

79. Gaston

Gaston refers to a man from the province Gascony. It means ‘stranger’ or ‘guest’.

80. Gbadebo

A princely name that means ‘returns with the crown’. Gbadebo is popularly found in Nigeria.

81. Ganymede

Ganymede is a name that can be traced to Greek mythology. It means ‘to be glad’ or ‘to think, to plan’.

82. Grady

Grady is a gentle name that means ‘noble’. It has a Gaelic origin.

83. Hadewin

Originally from England, this is a vintage name that means ‘battle friend’.

84. Harley

An old English name that means ‘woodland’ or ‘clearing’. The legacy of this name is carried by a popular brand ‘Harley Davidson’.

85. Harry

Harry is a diminutive of the name Harry and means ‘home ruler’.

86. Hector

The name Hector claims to have multiple origins from England, France, and Greece. It means ‘holding fast’ and is a reference to ‘anchor’.

87. Henry

With its roots in England, France, and Germany, Henry is a popular name that means ‘home ruler’.

88. Homer

An old name from Greece that means ‘pledge’.

89. Howard

Howard is an ancient name that refers to a brave heart. It bears its roots in England.

90. Huxley

Huxley is an Old English name that means ‘woodland’.

91. Hugh

Hugh is a German origin name that means bright in heart, mind, and spirit.

92. Horace

It is a vintage name having its roots in English and French. Horace refers to ‘keeper of time’.

93. Hugo

A Latinized form of Hugh, this name carries more strength. Hugo means a ‘bright soul’.

94. Ian

Ian is a vintage Scottish name that means ‘God is gracious’.

95. Irving

A Scottish origin name that means ‘green water’.

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96. Isaiah

The name has its roots to Hebrew origin. Isaiah means ‘God is salvation’.

97. Isaac

A popular scientist Isaac Newton carries the legacy of this name. Isaac is a Hebrew name that refers to ‘he will laugh’.

98. Jacob

A traditional Hebrew origin name that means ‘supplanter’.

99. Jackson

It’s an old English name that bears its popularity from Michael Jackson. Jackson means ‘son of Jack’

100. James

James is the Anglicized version of the name Jacob and means ‘holder of the heel’.

101. Jarett

Jarret is a unique English name that means ‘strong’.

102. Jasper

A name of Persian origin, Jasper means ‘treasurer’.

103. Josiah

Josiah is a Hebrew name that refers to their God. The name means ‘God supports’.

104. Julius

It’s a Roman family name of Greek origin. Julius means ‘downy-bearded’.

105. Jethro

An old-fashioned name of Hebrew origin, signifying ‘abundance’.

106. Jesse

Another classic Hebrew name and it refers to ‘gift’.

106. Joseph

Joseph is a Latin version of the Hebrew name Yosef and means ‘God will increase’.

107. Joshua

A Biblical Hebrew name and means ‘God is salvation’.

108. Julian

Julian is an English name of Latin origin and means ‘youthful’.

109. Jude

A prehistoric Hebrew name that refers to a holy meaning ‘praised’.

110. John

John is a Hebrew origin name that means ‘grace of God’.

111. Jonathan

An old classical name with a beautiful meaning ‘God has given’. Johnathan is a Hebrew origin name.

112. Kelvin

It’s an old English name that harks back to a Scottish river. Kelvin means ‘narrow water’.

113. Kenneth

Kenneth means handsome or ‘born of fire’ and is found in the islands of western Scotland.

114. Karl

A classic German name that refers to ‘man’ or warrior’.

115. Kirk

Scottish origin spiritual name

Kirk is a unique spiritual name of Scottish origin that means ‘church’.

116. Kilian

Kilian is a popular name of Gaelic origin. It means fierce.

117. Keane

Keane is the English form of the Irish name Cian. It means ‘ancient’.

118. Kieran

Kieran is a popular Irish name that refers to black.

119. Keith

A popular name of Gaelic origin, Keith means wood.

120. Kendrick

Kendrick is a classical English name that signifies the meaning royal power.

121. Kiefer

The popular English name belongs to actor Kiefer Southerland. Kiefer means barrel maker.

122. Kingsley

Kingsley is a popular name of English origin that means king’s wood.

123. Kentigern

Kentigern is a Scottish origin name and it means ‘chief lord’.

124. Kevin

The word Kevin refers to ‘handsome birth’.

125. Luther

Luther is an English name that means ‘army of the people’.

126. Lucius

The classic name harks back to Ancient Rome. Lucius means ‘light’.

127. Lucas

Lucas is a Latin name that means ‘from Lucania’.

128. Luke

Luke is a Greek origin name and refers to ‘bringer of light’.

129. Lyle

The name bears its origin in France. Lyle means ‘island’.

130. Louis

Louis is a classic name that bears the meaning ‘famous warrior’.

132. Leo

It is a Latin name that carries the meaning lion.

133. Levi

Levi is a Jewish name that means ‘joined’ or attached’.

134. Lowell

An old-fashioned English origin name. Lowell means wolf.

135. Lonnie

It is the English variant of the Spanish name Alfonso. Lonnie means noble or ready.

136. Lincoln

Lincoln is an English-origin name that means ‘lake’.

137. Leonardo

Leonardo is an Italian name with Latin and Portuguese roots. It means ‘brave lion’.

138. Lloyd

The cute name from Welsh origin, Lloyd means grey.

139. Lawrence

Lawrence is an English name that means ‘laurel’.

140. Mack

Mack is a classic Gaelic name meaning ‘son’.

141. Malcolm

A name that is originally from Scotland, Malcolm means ‘disciple of St. Columba’.

142. Marlow

An old name of English origin, Marlow is referred to ‘remnants of a lake’.

143. Marshall

Originally from France, Marshall is a traditional name that means ‘one who looks after horses’.

145. Martin

Martin is a Roman origin name that refers to ‘warrior of Mars’.

146. Matthew

It is an English name of Hebrew origin that signifies ‘gift of God’.

147. Maurice

Maurice is a vintage Roman name that means dark-skinned.

148. Michael

The name Michael bears its origin in Israel and bears the meaning ‘who is like God?’.

149. Moses

A Hebrew origin name, Moses means ‘deliver’.

150. Nathan

Nathan is a classical Biblical name that means ‘he gave’.

151. Neil

Neil is an Irish origin name that means ‘ champion’.

152. Nelson

Nelson is an English name that means ‘son of Neil ‘.

153. Neville

Neville is a vintage name that means ‘new town’.

154. Nicholas

Derived from Greek, Nicholas means ‘victory of the people’.

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155. Noah

Originated in Israel, Noah means ‘rest’ or repose’.

156. Norbert

A German origin name, Norbert means ‘bright north’.

157. Norman

Norman is an English origin name meaning ‘man from the North’.

158. Nathaniel

Nathaniel is a Biblical name meaning ‘gift of God’.

159. Oliver

Popular occupational name for boys

Oliver is a Latin occupational name meaning ‘olive tree’.

160. Oscar

A traditional name that means ‘deer friend’.

161. Oswald

Oswald is an English-origin name that refers to ‘divine power’.

162. Owen

A Welsh origin name, Owen means ‘youth’.

163. Otis

Derived from German, Otis means ‘wealth’.

164. Otto

Otto is a Germanic name, and it means wealth and prosperity.

165. Patrick

Patrick is one of the he most prominent names of medieval times. Derived from Latin, it means ‘nobleman’.

166. Paul

One of the most famous names of Latin origin, Paul means small or humble.

167. Peter

Peter bears its roots in Greece. The classic name means stone.

168. Percy

Percy is an old French name that means ‘to pierce the valley’.

169. Phillip

Phillip means ‘friend of horses’. This name has its origin in Greece.

170. Phineas

Phineas is an Israel-origin name that means ‘the Nubian’ or the ‘serpent’s mouth’.


Preston is an old English name, popular in Christian religion. It means ‘village held by the church’.

172. Quinton

Derived from Old English, Quinton means ‘queen’s settlement’.

173. Raymond

A handsome name and bears its origin from Germany. Raymond signifies a ‘worthy protector’.

174. Randall

Another classic English name, Randall, means ‘rim of a shield’.

175. Remy

Remy is a popular name of a 5th-century saint, and it bears the meaning ‘oarsman’.

176. Ronald

Ronald means mighty. This is an English masculine name derived from the old Norse.

177. Roger

This famous is known for the Tennis legend Roger Federer. It carries the meaning ‘famous spear’.

178. Rudolph

Rudolph is a name of Germanic origin. It means ‘wolf’.

179. Rupert

A German origin name, Rupert is a traditional name meaning ‘bright frame’.

180. Samuel

The name claims to have originated from Israel. Samuel is a meaningful name that refers to ‘name of God’.

181. Sawyer

A Modern English name, Sawyer means woodcutter.

182. Sebastian

Sebastian is a Latin-derived name, and it means ‘venerable’.

183. Sheldon

It means ‘valley with steep sides’. Sheldon is a popular name of English origin.

184. Simon

A name from Hebrew origin, Simon is a traditional name that means ‘God has heard’.

185. Sylvester

The name Sylvester is of Roman origin and means ‘of the forest’.

186. Thaddeus

This unique name has its roots in Greece. Thaddeus means courageous.

187. Thatcher

Thatcher is an English occupational name meaning ‘roof thatcher’.

188. Thomas

Thomas is a popular name with its roots in Greece. It means ‘twin’.

189. Timothy

It is a name of Greek origin. Timothy means ‘to honor God’.

190. Truman

The word itself reflects the meaning. Truman is an English name and means ‘faithful man’.

191. Tobias

A Greek name with Hebrew roots, Tobias is a religious name meaning ‘God is good’.

192. Tanner

An old English occupational name and is equally popular as a regular name. Tanner means ‘leather worker’.

193. Vernon

Vernon is an English origin name, and it means ‘alder tree ’.

194. Vincent

A Latin origin name, Vincent means ‘to conquer’.

195. Victor

Victor is a Roman name that means ‘conqueror’.

196. Walter

This vintage name originated in Germany. Walter means ‘ruler of the army’.

197. Warren

Warren is an old English name meaning ‘animal enclosure’.

198. Wilfred

This old English name means ‘one who desires peace’.

199. William

A very common and popular vintage name, William is a Germanic name that means ‘helmet’ or ‘protection’.

200. Xavier

Xavier is a name of Arabic origin. It bears the meaning ‘the new house’.

Choosing a name can be tiresome, but the time and effort invested by the parents are worthwhile because the child will carry their name for the rest of their life. When choosing a name for your baby, your preferences and likes can also come into play. So, if you enjoy history, the vintage boy names listed above could be perfect for you. For your convenience, the historical significance and meanings of each of these names have been outlined. So, choose the name that appeals to you and reflects the character and personality you want for your baby boy.

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