45 Popular Baby Names Meaning Savior

When choosing a name for your baby, it is nice to go for one that has a beautiful meaning attached to it. Baby names meaning savior have been popular throughout history. A savior is someone who saves others from risks or dangers. Every parent wants their child to be a savior, not only for them but for everyone around them. Baby names that mean savior can help imbibe good qualities in your child and inspire them to be beneficial to society. Read on as we list names that mean savior.

Baby Names Meaning Savior For Boys

1. Xalvador

Xalvador is Spanish for ‘savior’. People with this name have a desire to lead and have excellent leadership qualities, organization abilities, and supervision.

2. Najjad

Najjad is Arabic for savior.

3. Alexander

Alexander is a classic baby name, meaning ‘savior of the mankind’. You can use Xander as the short form of Alexander. This name featured for the first time in “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”.

4. Sopatra

Sopatra is an Old Greek name, meaning ‘father’s savior’. This is one of our favorite savior baby names.

5. Gaizka

Gaizka is the Basque for ‘savior’. people with this name are known to inspire others for a higher cause.

6. Xavier

Xavier is a Basque name, though it comes from Latin. The name is a popular choice for several reasons. For instance, Kate, a mother of seven boys aged one to 15, says, ”Xavier is an awesome awesome name. There is no cooler first initial than X, first of all, and St. Francis Xavier is just an amazing patron saint… It’s a bit trendy right now, but who cares when it’s got such deep Catholicky Catholic roots?

“Xavier’s got great nicknames too — X, Xave, Xavey. There’s a little Xavier in my life who started out going mostly by Xavey but has recently declared that he prefers Xave (i).”

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7. Liam

Liam is one of the most famous Irish names, meaning ‘unwavering savior’.

8. Misham

The lovely name Misham featured in the Old Testament and means ‘their savior’.

9. Ray

The name Ray is of English origin and means ‘counselor’ or ‘wise protector.’ It is often used as a shortened form of Raymond or as a standalone name.

10. Sosthenes

Featured in the Bible, Sosthenes is a beautiful name, meaning ‘savior’.

11. Wanikiy

If you have a thing for tribal names, pick Wanikiy, a Native American name for ‘savior’.

12. Pedahzur

In the Old Testament, Pedahzur means ‘powerful or reliable savior’. The moniker is slightly difficult to spell and pronounce, which is why it would make a unique choice.

13. Musabingo

Musabingo is a Lukonjo name, a Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The name may have a meaning related to ‘savior’ or ‘defender’ based on traditional Bantu naming conventions.

14. Oshea

Here’s another Bible inspired name for ‘savior’.

15. Salvino

Salvino is a Latin name for ‘protector’.

16. Hoshea

Hoshea originated in Israel as a variation of Joshua. We think it sounds more modern than its counterpart.

17. Sal

Sal, the diminutive of Salvatore, would make an ideal nickname or middle name for your son. This name is heard in English, Hebrew, American, and Spanish.

18. Jesus

The name Jesus is an abbreviation of Joshua, which means ‘god is my savior’ in both Latin and Spanish.

19. Elisai

Elisai is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is my savior’. It’s more low-key that the regal Elsa, but has a hometown girl appeal to it.

20. Dinanatha

The name may sound old-fashioned but has a beautiful meaning. Dinanatha means ‘savior of the poor’, which every child should try to be.

21. Elikai

Elikai is a fun, retro Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is my savior’.

22. Joshua

The Hebrew name Joshua was in the top 10 baby name list from the year 1983 to 2010. It has retained its popularity because of its attractive and relaxed image.

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23. Nagpal

Nagpal is a traditional Indian baby boy name, meaning ‘savior of serpents’. This moniker would appeal to parents inclined towards spirituality.

24. Taarank

Taarank is an Indian name, meaning ‘savior of all’. This name evokes a handsome man with a strong jaw, someone who is the captain of the football team.

25. Vaikuntha

Vaikuntha is a classic Hindu baby name, meaning ‘the savior’.

Baby Names That Mean Savior For Girls

1. Ramona

Ramona is a Spanish form of Ramon, meaning ‘wise savior or protector’.

2. Amyntas

Amyntas is a name of Greek origin. The name means ‘defender’ or ‘protector.’

3. Lexi

The name Lexi, a feminine variation of Alexandra, originates from Greece and means ‘defender of the people.’ Although originally given to males, it has become a common choice for girls in recent years.

4. Fadia

Fadia is an Arabic baby girl name, derived from the word fada. Fadia is a relatively uncommon name but is quite unique.

5. Najia

Najia is one of the most uncommon Arabic names that we have come across. It sounds beautiful, to say the least and means ‘protector or savior’.

6. Hola

Hola is an African name for ‘savior’.

7. Salbatora

Salbatora, a variation for Salvator, is Spanish for ‘rescuer or savior’.

8. Sela

Sela is a short and sweet African baby name, meaning ‘savior’. Though a unisex name, it would sound better for a baby girl.

9. Xalvadora

If you are on the lookout for a baby name starting with the letter ‘X’, your search ends here. This exotic name is Spainish for ‘savior’.

10. Hashna

Hashna is an Indian baby name.

11. Ratchika

Ratchika, an Indian name, is one of our favorites on the list.

12. Tersem

This one sounds extremely pleasing to the ears. It means ‘perfect savior’.

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13. Tarnvir

Tarnvir is a Punjabi name, meaning ‘heroic savior’. You can even consider its variation Taranjeet. The nickname Tannu would go with both the names.

14. Adalbjorg

Adalbjorg is an Icelandic name composed of the Old Norse elements – adal, which means ‘noble’ and ‘bjorg, which means ‘protection or savior’.

15. Alejandra

Alejandra is the Spanish variation of Alexandra and means ‘defender or savior of mankind’. Alessa would make a nice nickname.

16. Aminta

Aminta is the Greek variant of Amynta. This name brings to the mind a feisty little teen.

17. Branislava

Branislava is the feminine form of Slavic name Bronsilav and means ‘glorious savior’. It’s widely used by the Russians.

18. Claramond

Claramond is a German name, meaning ‘bright savior or protector’. This moniker has been steadily climbing the popularity charts over the past decade. It can also be shortened to Clara.

19. Lutgardis

Lutgardis is the Latin form of the German name Luitgard. It’s an old-fashioned name, carrying a hint of flirt.

20. Medusa

Medus is a Greek name for ‘savior or guardian’. It comes from Gorgon, a character in Greek mythology, whose glance turned people into stones.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Baby names meaning savior have been popular in the olden days. Name meaning savior can bring positivity since a person who defends you from danger or defeat is called savior. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is the savior since his death and resurrection lay paths to salvation. You can find both baby girl and boy names meaning savior from different origins and alphabets. This name may also make your child be selfless and think of humanity when they understand the meaning of their name.

Key Pointers

  • Alexander, Liam, and Xavier are a few popular masculine names meaning savior.
  • Medusa, contrary to the Greek myth, is a feminine name meaning savior or guardian.
  • Names like Alejandra, Xander, and Lexi are different forms and spellings of Alexander.

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