73 Bold And Mighty Baby Names That Mean Leader Or Ruler

Every parent wants their child to be successful and influential in life. They want to achieve everything they couldn’t through their child. Baby names that mean leader will inspire your child to do better and achieve big in life. A powerful name will also instill a belief in them that they are born to win and lead by example. Their name will help them unleash their true potential and give them the strength to overcome all odds in life. In this post, we bring you a list of names that mean ruler or leader for you to make the right pick for your munchkin.

Girl Names That Mean Leader Or Ruler

1. Harriet

The name Harriet has for long been considered an upscale and stylish name in England. The meaning of Harriet is ‘estate ruler’. It would make a great pick for parents who are looking for something serious, solid, and classic for the queen of their hearts.

2. Aubrey

This moniker originated as a variation of the German name Alberich and means ‘ruler of the elves’. Technically, it’s unisex. Yes, we know it started as a male name, but has been used for girls in the United States since 2002.

3. Henrietta

Henrietta is the feminine version of the name Henry and means ‘estate ruler’. This beautiful name arrived in England via Princess Henriette Marie, King Charles’ I wife. And it got exposure through the bestselling book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”

4. Rona

This moniker, coined in Scotland, is the female variation of the name Ronald and means ‘wise ruler.’ Ellen Rona Barkin, the American actress, is the famous bearer of this name. This moniker has a reliable presence in America, Wales, and Spain too!

5. Hattie

Hattie is the diminutive of the name Harriet and means ‘little ruler of the home.’ It’s one of those names that is more popular than its original. It saw its heyday in the 1880s and 1900s when it stayed within the top 50 names.

6. Rory

Rory is a beautiful Irish name, meaning ‘red ruler.’ This spirited and buoyant name started for boys but is now trending decidedly towards the female side. The highest ranking is #679, which happened in 2015.

7. Erica

Erica is the female variant of the name Erick and means ‘eternal ruler.’ Erica is popular with the English while its spelling variation Erica is popular in the Scandinavian countries. With a sharp sound and powerful meaning, Erica will reach greater heights.

8. Kendra

A relatively recent creation, Kendra is derived from the Welsh name Kendrick and means ‘wise ruler.’ It was coined in the U.S. in the latter half of the 20th century.

9. Aubrianna

Aubrianna is the fancy and ultra-feminized version of the name Aubrey. Despite being a spanking new name, this name managed to make to the top 1000 list soon after its introduction. It fits well with Audrianna, Arianna, and Adrianna. We feel this will suit your pretty little tsarina.

10. Vlatka

Vlatka is the diminutive of the noble name Vladimira and means ‘great ruler.’ This name is strictly limited to the boundaries of its countries. So any woman you meet named Vlatka is likely to be a Croatian.

11. Piper

Piper is an occupational surname, signifying someone who played pipes. The music of piper is associated with leadership, as people follow the enchantment of the music. So with this name, even your child will have leadership qualities.

12. Mazarine

The name of the dark blue color honors Cardinal Mazarin, the France leader of the 17th century. As a first name, we think Mazarine would be charming and unusual.

13. Sophrona

A female variation of the name Sophronius, Sophrona is a Greek name, meaning ‘self-controlled. It’s also associated with Saint Sophronius, the 7th-century leader of Jerusalem. We think it’s a great alternative to Sophia.

14. Zora

This name honors Zora Neale Hurston, a significant black leader of the Harlem Renaissance. This Biblical place name is also a character in Gilbert & Sullivan opera Ruddigore. It reached its highest #293 in the year 1885.

15. Nimue

Nimue, fondly dubbed as the Lady of the Lake is the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend. She played a pivotal role in several stories, including “King Arthur”. This unusual name was given to three girls in England in the year 2013.

16. Isolde

Isolde, Baby names that mean leader

Isolde is a Welsh name, meaning ‘ice ruler.’ This aristocratic and romantic name belongs to the fabled lover in Arthurian romances who is seen as a symbol of undying love. Isolde Kostner, the Italian figure skater, is its namesake.

17. Dericka

Dericka is the feminine variation of Derek and means ‘gifted ruler’. We feel it would make a trendy and cute pick for your little empress.

Boy Names Meaning Leader Or Ruler

18. Theodoric

The name Theodoric may feel ancient or even prehistoric now, but there was a time it was highly popular with the royals. It belonged to Theodoric I and II, the kings of the Visigoths and Theodoric the Monk, the Norwegian Benedictine.

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19. Konrad

Konrad is a German name, meaning ‘bold ruler.’ It was borne by two kings of Germany. And don’t you think the initial K is making a huge difference to the common Conrad. Konrad is not much used and is given to less than 100 children every year.

20. Enzo

Enzo is a French name, meaning ‘ruler of the home.’ It originated as an Italian form of the name Heinz, But some people believe it’s a short form of Vincenzo or Lorenzo. Of late, more and more American parents are opting for this European charmer.

21. King

King, the other name for the ruler, could also be considered as your son’s name. It is derived from the Old English word ‘cyning’, a term used to signify someone who conducted himself or herself in a kingly manner. King is also used as an occupational surname in some regions.

22. Hendrix

This surname stems from the classic name Henry. This name is embedded in the American music industry, with several songs on it. It’s also one of the latest surnames to reach the top 1000 baby name list.

23. Friedrich

The name Friedrich, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’ was introduced to England by the Norman-French in the 11th century. It has been borne by many rulers, the emperors, and Archdukes of Austria. Frederick Douglass, a former slave, turned orator and abolitionist are other famous bearers.

24. Fritz

Fritz is the short form of the name Friedrich and means ‘peaceful ruler.’ Even this name has several notable namesakes like Fritz Pollard, the first African-American to play in the Rose Bowl and Fritz land, the German film director.

25. Roark

Roark is a beautiful Irish name, meaning ‘illustrious ruler.’ This distinguished name belonged to one of the princely families of Ireland. Originating in the 10th century, this family surname is believed to be the oldest in the world. Roark Critchlow, the Canadian actor, is its popular namesake.

26. Nestor

Nestor is the name of the wise ruler of Greek legend. It was his advice that helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. Nestor Carbonell, the American actor, is its famous bearer. You can also try any of its variations like Nesterio, Nestore or Nestorio.

27. Quade

Quade, Baby names that mean leader

Quade is the anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Uaid and means ‘ruler of the army.’ It’s a relatively uncommon name and hasn’t even made to the top 1000 baby name list. Just to put things in your perspective, just 34 babies were named Quade in 2013.

28. Ashur

Ashur is a lovely Assyrian mythology name, belonging to the supreme deity of the Assyrian Empire. Ashur is the Assyrian ruler of the gods, the creator of all things and the god of war. It emits the vibe of a conqueror. It is also associated with a character on “Spartacus”.

29. Mircea

Mircea is an unusual, yet widely used Roman name, meaning ‘peace.’ It was the name of a medieval ruler who brought stability to Wallachia with his wit and wisdom.

30. Richard

Richard is a distinguished Norman name that has been popular for more than a thousand years. In the United States, Richard was the sixth most popular boy in the year 1925, but now, it isn’t even in the Top 100. And it was a favorite with the Kings as well. The meaning of Richard is ‘dominant ruler’.

31. Ruaidhri

Ruaidhri is the variation of the name Rory and means ‘famous ruler.’ This spirited, Gaelic classic name became very popular in Ireland in the 13th century. We think it would make a distinct and a highly energetic name for your son.

32. Terry

Besides being the gender neutral short forms of names like Theodore, Terrence, and Theresa, Terry is also the spelling variation of Thierry and means ‘ruler of the people.’ This moniker has been on the American baby boy name list since the late 1880s.

33. Ronald

A constant shuffle with Donald brought this name to the ranking of #433, but it can go up anytime. It first appeared on the baby name list on 1883. Ronald Reagan, the American President and Ronald Colman, the dashing matinee idol are its famous bearers.

34. Rodrigue

Rodrigue, the French variation of the name Roderick makes an uncommon variant of the original. George Rodrigue, the American painter famous for his Blue Dog series is its namesake. Rory, not Ron or Ronny would go well with Rodrigue.

35. Henry

This moniker has been hovering around the top 100 baby name list for 35 years now. In fact, it’s at its highest point since the 2nd World War. The chicness of this name has increased substantially over the years, so much that every other boy in the suburbs and neighborhood is named Henry. The meaning of Henry is ‘state ruler’.

36. Thierry

Thierry is the French version of the name Theodoric and means ‘ruler of the people.’ It got into the spotlight via International soccer star Thierry Henry and designer Thierry Mugler. For the nickname, you can consider Terry.

37. Arnold

It may come as a surprise to you, but St. Arnold was a Musician, who later became a member of the Charlemagne court. His name was brought to Britain by the Normans as Arnaud. This moniker has reputable bearers like historian Arnold Toynbee, composer Arnold Schoenberg, etc.

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38. Harry

Harry started as a diminutive of Henry, but it is now more popular than the original. It became a rage after the “Harry Potter” series released and is now associated with Harry Styles of One Direction band. The meaning of Harry is ‘estate ruler’.

39. Walter

Walter is a German name, meaning ‘army ruler’. This moniker was one of the noblest names in the Sir Walter Scott and Sir Walter Raleigh era. And the recent popularity of “Breaking Bad” has boosted Walter’s ranking to the highest since the 90s.

40. Alaric

Alaric is an ancient regal name, meaning ‘all-powerful ruler’. This name belonged to the Goth king who plundered Rome in 410 AD. It was also the traditional name of the kings of the Ostrogoths. Even though Alaric is an ancient name, it sounds modern enough to be considered.

41. Aldrich

Aldrich is an English name, meaning ‘old, wise ruler’. This name is at its low point now, but we envision it being revived as a dignified royal name.

42. Roderick

Roderick is a German aristocratic name

Roderick is a German name, meaning ‘famous ruler’. This aristocratic name has always been on the top 1000 list and reached all-time high #221 in the year 1967. This name has several literary references, including “Roderick Hudson” by Henry James.

43. Ronnie

Ronnie is the English diminutive of the name Ronald, which is further derived the old Scandinavian name Rognvaldr. This name demonstrates a relaxed and unfussy style. The meaning of Ronnie is ‘wise ruler’. Ronnie is also considered the short form of the name Veronica.

44. Alberich

Alberich is an Old High German name, meaning ‘ruler of the elves.’ The name is featured in German mythology as the fair-haired leader of the Elves. His chief responsibility was to guard Nibelungen’s treasures.

45. Leroy

The name Leroy, meaning ‘the leader’ is borrowed from le roi, the endearing term meaning ‘the ruler or king’. It was adopted by the English speakers in the 19th century. This name claimed the top 100 status for nearly 70 years in a row.

46. Erick

Ericka is the spelling variation of the Old Norse name Eirik and means ‘eternal ruler’. This moniker by first introduced to the English by the Scandinavian settlers during the Viking Age. You also have the option of its spelling variants, Eric.

47. Enrique

Enrique is the Spanish form of the German name Heinrich and means ‘ruler of the home’. It made way into the Iberian Peninsula via the expanding Germanic tribes. This moniker is loaded with the Latino passion, thanks to the singer Enrique Iglesias.

48. Etta

Etta is the et form of the name Henrietta and means ‘ruler of the home’. This moniker was surprisingly popular over 100 years back, but now it’s enjoying a moderate distribution. Etta is simple, yet confident and strong.

49. Kendrick

This strong and robust name got favor in the last few decades via the American rapper Kendrick Lama. It currently holds the #403 spot, 20 spots up from last year. It was at the peak of its prosperity in the 1980s.

50. Ricardo

Ricardo was the Spanish variation of the name Richard and means ‘powerful leader’. As the Hispanic’s population is rising in America, the use of Ricardo is also growing. This name never really made to the top 100 list; even after coming very close in 1993.

51. Derek

Derek, meaning ‘rulers’ arrived in England in the Middle Ages through the Flemish weavers who immigrated to England. This name is also believed to have been originated from the Old Germanic name, Theodoric. This moniker achieved a top 100 position for twenty-five years.

52. Decebal

Decebal was the name of the ancient ruler of Dacia, who tried to resist, but was eventually conquered by the Roman military leader Traianus. The meaning of this Romanian name is ‘powerful and brave’, which leaders and rulers are.

53. Duke

Duke is the title for the highest-ranking noblemen

Duke, meaning ‘leader’ is the title given to the highest-ranking noblemen. It comes from the Latin word ‘dux’ and means ‘leader’. The name has been used sporadically since the 19th century. The Duke, John Wayne, gives this name a wild, west appeal.

54. Douglas

Douglas is a distinguished, clan name borne by a powerful line of Scottish earls. It belongs to Douglas MacArthur, one of the prominent leaders of the Second World War. This moniker would appeal to parents who like appreciating the mysteries of the ‘dark stream’.

55. Ethan

Its namesake, Ethan Allen, the war hero and patriot of the 18th century American Revolution was the leader of the “Green Mountain Boys”. This moniker is one of the highly ranked names in Ireland, Belgium, England and Wales.

56. Sosthenes

This unique name is for the bold and daring parents. Sosthenes, a Greek name, meaning ‘safe-strength’ is associated with a Corinthian ruler of the same name. This moniker is unknown in the United States and is used as Sosthene in France.

57. Hillel

Hillel is the name of the famous Talmudic scholar, an ethical and spiritual leader of his generation. His name is honored greatly by the Israelis and Americans. The meaning of Hillel is ‘gently praised’.

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58. Hiawatha

Hiawatha is an Iroquoi name, meaning ‘he makes rivers’. This name belonged to the Native American leader who was immortalized in one of Longfellow’s poems. The most famous contemporary bearer of this name is Hiawatha Bray, the African-American journalist.

59. Bardick

Bardick is a Teutonic name, meaning ‘axe-ruler’. This moniker is so rare that it hasn’t even featured in the top 1000 baby name list. So be rest assured, your little prince will be the only Bardick in his school.

60. William

This classic moniker is shared by William, the Duke of Normandy, who later became William, the Conqueror. The name conjures the spirited determination of that era. The meaning of William is ‘valiant’.

61. Khalid

Khalid is an Arabic name, meaning ‘immortal and everlasting’. This name was in the top 1000 baby name list for several decades and has now come back after an absence of a decade. It belongs to one of the most influential Islamic leaders of the 7th century. Sayyid Khalid bin Barghash Al-Busa’id, the second Sultan of Zanzibar, is a popular name bearer.

62. Geronimo

This Italian variant of Jerome belongs to the renowned Apache mystic and leader. It was also the rallying cry during the World War II. It’s also the middle name of Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt, the American civil rights leader.

63. Truett

Truett is a trendy surname belonging to the Tru-name family. It is associated with a Baptist church in the Southern USA due to George Truett, a respected leader. You can even opt for its spelling variation, Truitt.

64. Haco

Haco is the name of the mythical Cornish leader who lost his beautiful bride to a musician whose songs he admired. This Celtic name means, ‘flame or fire’. We think it would make a rhythmic, yet unusual choice.

65. Vladimir

This Russian moniker, meaning ‘renowned ruler’ has a musical, prodigy kind of vibe to it. It was also the name of the first Christian ruler of Russia and is currently borne by its Prime Minister. It is an interesting choice for your little Czar.

66. Oceanus

Oceanus, the Titan in Greek mythology, was the ruler of the oceans. This name was used widely for babies born on the Mayflower. Some modern variations of this name include Ocean and Oceana.

67. Rollo

The name Rollo, featured regularly on Latin manuscripts in the Middle Ages, is associated with the powerful Viking ruler. This moniker is usually used as a pet form of Rudolph, Ronald and Ralph.

68. Cyrus

Here, we are referring to Cyrus the Great, the 5th century B.C. Persian leader who conquered Babylon to establish his empire. It was one of the most fashionable names with the Puritans.

69. Magnus

The royal, Scandinavian name was borne by six rulers of Norway and four rulers of Sweden. This moniker is still the top six names in Norway and Denmark. As a name, Magnus has a commanding presence.

70. Satish

If you want to pay respect to the India heritage, name your child Satish, which means ‘ruler of hundreds”.

71. Harrison

This name, made viable by Harrison Ford, means ‘son of the ruler’. This name is highly popular with parents who want an H name that is more formal than Hank or Harry.

72. Donald

This name, meaning ‘proud leader’ has been used in Scotland for centuries, where Macdonald is one of the ancient clans. It was one of the top 20 names in the 20th century, made famous via the quacking Donald Duck.

73. Anwealda

Satish is an Indian name

Anwealda is a traditional English name, meaning ‘ruler’. Of late, this moniker has been skyrocketing up the ranks in the English speaking countries. Won’t it be fun to call your child ‘Duke of the house.’

So which of these names appealed the most to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Giving a strong name can effectively instill self-confidence and strength in your baby. On a funny note, you can even address them as ‘Lady’ or ‘Lord.’ This list of baby names that mean leader provides you with different influential names suitable for baby boys and girls. So scroll through the list and pick a sweet, attractive, and unique name that suits your baby. Remember, your baby’s name is a part of their identity. Thus, choose a name they fall in love with when they grow to understand its meaning and weightage.

Key Pointers

  • Bold baby names that mean leader or ruler can inspire your child to excel and help them believe in their ability to lead and succeed.
  • Many names with meanings related to leadership have historical or mythological roots, such as Henrietta, Zora, Theodoric, and Roderick.
  • When selecting such a baby name, consider its origin, pronunciation, and how well it fits your family’s culture and values.

Who doesn’t want their child to have leadership skills and traits? This video list down some of the most adorable names with their origins that mean leader.

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