37 Unique Military Baby Names Perfect For Girls And Boys

Freedom comes with a price borne by the brave soldiers.These heroes play a pivotal role in the safety, security, and service of a country. They put their lives in danger to protect ours and strive to bring peace to the world. So if you want to honor them, these military baby names are an ideal way to do so. Even if you are not a part of any military family, these names inspired from military ranks and alphabet reflect a soldier’s strength, duty, loyalty, discipline, and selfless commitment to benefit a nation. So, read on to pick a name that honors the nation’s warriors.

Military Baby Names For Boys

1. Admiral

Admiral is the rank of the highest naval officer. This name witnessed its peak in the 1880s. Don’t you think it’s time for it to make a comeback?

2. Benning

The name Benning pays homage to the United States military barracks in Georgia. You can even shorten it to Ben for the nickname.

3. Arrow

If you do not mind a straightforward and bold name for your son, go with Arrow. Babies and Arrows have gone hand-in-hand, since St. Valentine’s Day. So, you have a romantic association as well!

4. Jet

What could be more fantastic than naming our child after a super cool aircraft like a helicopter? This moniker oozes military charm. And there’s a rock band name Jet. Could it get any cooler?

5. Lance

Lance, the name of a weapon, could make a potential name for your son. It’s a short form of the name Lancelot and means ‘land.’

6. Sergeant

Sergeant is a powerful military baby name for boys

Both Sergeant and its spelling variation Sargent could be a military themed name. This name also refers to Sargent Shriver, the first director of the Peace Corps.

7. Omar

With Omar, we are referring to General Omar Bradley, the highly distinguished senior officer of the United States Army, who was known for his military intelligence and strategy.

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8. Pershing

This army boy name is associated with General John J. Pershing, who led the American force into Europe during the First World War.

9. Cannon

We think Cannon would make a cool and preppy name for your son. It’s robust and straight shooting, exactly how the military officials are. Did you know Cannon originates from an English word, meaning ‘clergyman?

10. Gunther

Gunther is a German name, meaning ‘warrior.’ This moniker sounds like the next big hero, isn’t it?

11. Crew

Crew is a popular military baby name

Do you aspire your son to be a marine or navy officer? Then you can never go wrong with Crew?

12. Cormac

Cormac was the third-century Irish king responsible for opening schools of law and military science.

13. Garrison

Garrison is a term used for a body or troops or a military post. We think it would make one of a kind name for your tough son. The meaning of Garrison is ‘stronghold’.

14. Harold

Harold is a Scandinavian military baby boy name, meaning ‘army ruler.’

15. Nathan

Nathan Hal was a Revolutionary War Hero best known for his quote- “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

16. Gunner

Gunner is the Scandinavian version of the name Gunther and means ‘bold warrior.’ This macho name is favored greatly by NRA-leaning parents. In the military, commando usually favor rifles as the standard choice of primary weapon.

17. Bowie

This moniker refers to James Bowie, the 19th-century pioneer who played a crucial role in the Texas Revolution. The meaning of this Scottish army baby name is ‘blond’.

18. Commodore

Commodore is a traditional title for an officer who is assigned to than one ship command at once. This moniker has an athletic and old-fashioned feel it.

19. Mace

The name Mace comes from a type of weapon

Mace is an ancient weapon, unlike modern tanks or missiles. However, it carries an aura of danger surrounding it. But what’s life without risk, right? Or be on the safe side and use it as a short form for Mason.

20. Major

This bold name soared in popularity from the years 2008 to 2013 and is given to over a 1000 baby names every year. Similar to Captain, Ranger or Cadet, Major is another prominent name reflecting the military hierarchies.

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21. Flint

This macho baby name makes a great addition to the military inspired baby name list. It’s hard to find a tougher sounding name than Flint.

22. Kane

In the Gaelic language, the meaning of Kane is ‘fighter’ and in French, it means ‘field of combat,’ and reflects bravery and victory. This moniker is very popular in Australia.

23. Knox

This moniker brings to mind the famous military base, Fort Knox. Angelina and Brad Pitt chose this name for their youngest son.

24. Maverick

The name Maverick is trustworthy, independent and rebellious, just like the name we love. It was also the name of Tom Cruise’s character in “Top Gun”.

25. Patton

Patton is associated with the United States General, George Patton, who led the American troops on many military campaigns and missions during the Second World War. He is famous for his military tactics and excellent leadership.

Military Inspired Baby Names For Girls

26. Honor

The Latin word for Dignity, this moniker demands respect, just like our army men. This moniker works equally well for girls, as proven by Jessica Alba.

27. Navy

Pay your tribute to the seagoing armed forces by naming your daughter Navy. R & B singer Nivea chose this name for their daughter.

28. March

March is an interesting military baby name

This month or word name was never popular for boys and sounds more appropriate for a girl, but as a middle or last name.

29. Sailor

This one’s for the fans of the sea. This moniker sounds like it belongs to someone who would be liberated to go on a journey. Even Christie Brinkley named her daughter Sailor.

30. Marine

The Latin name Marine that is extremely fashionable in France has started to set sail in the United States as well. We think it’s a great alternative to the common name Marina.

31. Oceane

The French name Oceane would pay tribute to the marine and navy personnel and Chiefs. This sophisticated name is derived from the Oceanus, the Greek god of the open sea.

32. Scout

This moniker would forever be connected to the Girls’ Scout and “To Kill a Mockingbird”. But the meaning of this name is ‘ the first explorer,’ or reconnaissance.

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33. Roza

Roza Shanina was the Soviet sniper during the Second World War. She is accredited with 54 target hits. This beautiful variation of Rosa would make an excellent alternative to common floral name Rose.

34. Elfriede

Elfriede Wnuk, the German Red Cross nurse, was the second female to win the Iron Cross medal. After being neglected for years, Elfriede is finding many takers now.

35. Florence

Florence is the namesake of the first female lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. This Latin name means ‘prosperous.’

36. Marie

Marie is the first female officer to fly

Marie, as in Marie Marvingt, was a famous military veteran and the first female officer of any air force to fly during a war.

37. Shenandoah

Shenandoah, the Native American name, meaning ‘daughter of the stars’ is also the name of a Navy airship.

Did we forget any military related baby names? Tell us in the comments section below!

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Gift your baby an inspirational and honorable name with the help of this collection of military baby names. Soldiers are the backbone of a country who spend their youth and entire life safeguarding the defense of the country and its people through their valor and sacrifice. So naming your baby inspired by them can be a humble way to pay respect to the patriots. Now that you have this list of military baby names choose one and inspire your baby to grow up as a respectable and brave individual.

Key Pointers

  • If you wish to pay tribute to the brave fighters, baby names inspired by military themes offer an ideal way.
  • These names are inspired by famous military leaders or personnel, ranking, and the alphabet, reflecting strength, discipline, and patriotism.
  • Some interesting military-inspired baby names for boys might be Jet, Lance, Harold, Nathan, or Major.
  • For your brave little princess, options like Scout, Marine, Oceane, Roza, or Florence might stand out.

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