40 Valentine’s Day-Inspired Baby Names For Boys And Girls

If you are expecting your child in February or want a romantic name for your baby, these Valentine’s Day-inspired baby names can come in handy. Valentine’s Day is special for couples, signifying love, sweetness, and togetherness. You get to reminisce about the day of love and your beautiful relationship with your partner every time you call out to your baby. It can be wholesome and heartwarming, like the names in the list given below. So, if you are a hopeless romantic, have a look at these names. Read on and choose your favorite from these Valentines names.

Baby Names Inspired By Romantic Destinations

Some places are traditionally perceived to be more romantic than others. But you do not have to go with the masses. You can even consider names that are romantic and bring joy to you, like your honeymoon destination or your first date.

1. Paris

Besides being the capital of France, Paris, a unisex name, also belonged to a mythological prince of incredible beauty. In today’s time, Paris Hilton is its most famous namesake. But even after this glamorous female association, celebs like Pierce Brosnan have continued to use it for their sons. The name also resonates with lovers rekindling their old flames.

2. France

This female name, associated with one of the most romantic destinations in the world has a Gallic elan to it, which makes it extremely popular with the parents. France Nuyen, the French-Vietnamese actress, is its most popular bearer. Anatole France, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is also its namesake. You can even opt for its variations Francisco or Frances.

3. London

In the US, the name London is famous for both the genders, though it’s on the rise for girls. You may be surprised to know that London is fairly less common in the UK and other English-speaking countries.

4. Kingston

Kingston, meaning ‘king’s town’, is one of the most used place names for baby boys. This name arrived on the popularity list in the year 2006 and has soared 800 places since then. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani chose it as a first name for their son.

5. Florence

Florence, a baby girl name, inspired by the majestic city of Italy, is finding favor with parents again, probably because of its floral feel and its connection to Italy. For the nickname, you can pick the good ol’ Flora.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is the top pick for honeymoon destinations of most people. This name conveys the aura of the sun-kissed beautiful islands of Hawaii efficiently. Ensure that you use it for your baby boy.

7. Bali

This female romantic destination’s name originates from the Sanskrit language and means ‘strength’. This name evokes the beautiful images of the Indonesia. Bali Barret, the Paris fashion insider, would make its namesake.

8. Sydney

We are referring to the lovely city Sydney here. This unisex moniker has been on the rise since the 90s. In fact, it was one of the top 25 baby names from the years 1999 to 2003. Currently, it is one of the top 50 baby names in the US.

Names Of Romantic Couples

You can even consider naming your darling child after the romantic couples that graced the silver screen or books.

9. Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare’s Play

Romeo is an Italian baby boy name, meaning ‘pilgrim to Rome’. Just a few years ago, this name was considered an outré for an American baby name until the Beckhams chose it for their son.

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Juliet, on the other hand, will forever be associated with the Shakespeare’s play. But there’s no denying that it’s an absolutely romantic baby girl name.

10. Jenny and Oliver: “Love Story”

Jenny, the diminutive of baby girl name Jennifer, may have now been replaced with Jenna. But in the 50s, Jenny ruled the naming charts.

Oliver, a Latin name, meaning ‘olive tree’, is currently the top baby boy name in England, and New Zealand. It entered the top 100 list in the US for the first time in 2009 and has jumped several places to reach the 19th spot.

11. Noah and Allie: “The Notebook”

Noah, the Hebrew baby boy, meaning ‘rest’, surprised the baby name world in the year 2013 when it took the top spot. It seems that Noah has finally managed to shake off its ancient image.

Allie, this short form of baby girl name Allison, has become so popular that it is now used as its own. We’d recommend you give this name if you are considering Alice for your daughter.

12. Cleopatra and Mark Antony: Shakespeare’s Play

Cleopatra, Valentines day inspired names

Cleopatra is an Egyptian royal baby girl name that never really made it to the modern world, despite the extreme popularity of the movie with this name. But you can consider Cleo, one of the most widely used variations of Cleopatra.

Mark, on the other hand, is a Latin baby boy name, meaning ‘warlike’. This name caught on in the 50s after lagging behind for centuries. It currently holds the 196th spot.

13. Edward and Bella: “Twilight”

Edward is a classic baby name that keeps moving in and out of fashion. But we must say it benefited greatly in the recent years because of Edward Cullen, the hot vampire. The meaning of Edward is ‘wealthy guardian’.

Female name Bella, the diminutive of Isabella, was considered a grandmotherly name until the lovely Bella Swan came into the picture. It currently ranks #64, which isn’t bad at all.

14. Darcy and Elizabeth: “Pride & Prejudice”

Darcy is the ultimate Jane Austen male protagonist’s name but isn’t used much today. The name has a French flair, an Irish brogue, and an aristocratic flare.

Elizabeth, one of the most premier classic baby girl names is standing strong on the 13th spot of the Social Security Administration list.

15. Scarlett and Rhett: “Gone with the Wind”

The English baby girl name Scarlett, meaning ‘red’, entered the top 100 list in the year 1940, just after the release of “Gone with the Wind”. Today, it’s associated with the sultry actress, Scarlett Johansson.

The Dutch baby boy name Rhett is even more strongly tied to “Gone with the Wind” than Scarlett. Rhett is at its heydays now. It has soared more than 350 places in the last few years.

16. Raj and Simran: “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”

Raj, the name of the handsome hero of “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, may not be popular in the US, but in India, it is one of the most used monikers. Meaning ‘chief or prince’, this Indian princely title sounds much more exotic than Duke or Prince.

The popularity of Indian baby girl name Simran soared manifolds after the release of this mega movie. The meaning of this Indian name is ‘meditation’.

Names That Sound Romantic

Romantic names do not necessarily have to be lovey-dovey. Slightly longer names that have elegant and sophisticated sound to them can also be considered.

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17. Love

Is there anything in the world more romantic than Love? You can use this unisex name in the middle spot, just like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

18. Eros

This masculine moniker would pay tribute to the Greek god of love. Despite being a thorough romantic name, this name retains a sense of strength.

19. Amy

Baby girl name Amyn comes from the Old French word Amee and means ‘beloved’. It would also work as a short form for Amethyst, which is the birthstone for the month of February.

20. Esther

Esther is a female Hebrew name, derived from the Babylonian name, Ishtar, which is another name for Inanna, the goddess of love. The name paints the image of devotion and sincerity in a noble heart.

21. Hart

Hart refers to a male deer

It may sound as ‘heart’, but it’s an English name, meaning ‘male deer’. We think it would make a majestic name for your son.

22. Ruby

What comes to your mind when we think about the color red? Ruby and Valentine’s Day would be the answer to most of you. The meaning of this baby girl name Ruby is ‘precious jewel’.

23. Amora

This Spanish baby girl name overflows with amor (love). And after being a major hit in Spain, this name has started crossing over to the Anglo world as well. It also represents infatuation and an acute desire.

24. Carys

Carys is a Welsh baby girl name, meaning ‘to love,’ or ‘cherish.’ This name was introduced to Americans when Catherine Zeta-Jones bestowed it on her daughter. For the nickname, you can keep Cara or Caresse.

25. Amias

Amias is an unusual baby boy name coming from the word love. Its variant, Amyas, came into forefront via the Hero of Charles Kingsley novel, Westward Ho!–Captain Sir Amyas Leigh. What’s more surprising about this name is that unlike other ias-ending baby names such as Zacharias and Tobias, Amias is not biblical.

26. Rose

A bit literal and a bit clichéd, Rose is nevertheless a sweet valentina baby name. This fragrant flower is commonly given to soulmates and partners on Valentine’s Day.

27. Nayeli

The female name Nayeli comes from ancient Mexican and means ‘I love you’. The ancient tribes of Mexico had different fertility and love deities, which makes this name even more charming. This name conveys affection and sincerity of heart.

28. Adora

Adora is an Old German baby girl name, meaning ‘adored or a gift’. Just to carry on with the Valentine’s theme, Adora is also the name of a brand of chocolates. Besides, Adora is also the real name of She-Ra, the princess of power, making it a name to treasure.

29. Freya

This name, belonging to the Norse Goddess of fertility, beauty, and love, has been long famous in Scotland and England. Currently, it’s one of the top 20 baby girl names in Scotland. And it is beginning to be noticed in the US as well.

30. Querida

Querida means beloved

Querida, pronounced as keh-Ree-dah, is a Spanish female name, meaning ‘beloved’. Beautiful names starting with Q are really hard to find, so we think this can be considered. Its male version, Querido, could be used for your beloved baby boy.

Names Beginning With V

Names starting with this letter are fun, unique, and edgy. So why not pick for a name beginning with the letter V?

31. Valentine

Could we get any more candid? In the 3rd century, the martyred priest conducted secret marriage ceremonies despite the decree issued by Roman Emperor Claudius II. When the emperor got to know about it, he decided to execute him on 14th of February, which coincided with the festival of Juno, where lovers and even birds chose their mates. Pope Valentine, the ninth century Catholic pope, is another famous bearer of this name. While Valentine names are gender-neutral, it is more suitable for boys.

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32. Valentina

Valentina is the exotic, feminine variation of the name Valentine. This moniker entered the US in 1994 and became even more familiar after Salma Hayek chose this name for her baby. If you are expecting twins, name the baby boy Valentine and the baby girl Valentina. The meaning of Valentina is ‘strength’.

33. Valentino

Valentino, the Italian version of the name Valentine, would make a classic choice for your son. This dramatic and dashing name is also associated with Rudolf, the movie heartthrob, and the Italian fashion designer Valentino. Besides, it’s also the name of the Roman saint, whose feast marks the beginning of spring.

34. Valerie

Meaning ‘fierce on’, Valerie would make a safe and traditional name for your baby girl. You can even shorten this name to Val to nod the special day.

35. Vincent

Vincent is a Latin baby boy name, meaning ‘conquering’. This name was very popular in the Middle Ages, especially with the French people. After being used quietly for centuries, Vincent is looking seemingly stylish now. For the nickname, you can choose Vince.

36. Vaughn

Vaughn, also spelled as Vaughan, is a Welsh baby boy name, meaning ‘small’. The name reached its peak #348 in the year 1949 and is now in the process of rediscovery.

37. Vanessa

Vanessa, the ultra-feminine, three-syllable moniker is a literary invention. It was invented by Jonathan Swift for his poem “Cadenus and Vanessa”. This moniker is currently at #185.

38. Valencia

Valencia, Valentines day inspired name for babies

Victoria, an ultra feminine name, meaning ‘victory’, is the epitome of refinement, gentility, and unwavering enchantment. It currently holds the 20th spot. It also reflects the image of Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British queen.

39. Victoria

Victoria, an ultra feminine name, meaning ‘victory’, is the epitome of refinement and gentility. It currently holds the 20th spot. It also reflects the image of Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British queen.

40. Victor

Victor was one of the top 200 baby boy names in the 1880s but fell into obscurity soon after. But it has now taken a cool edge and seems ripe for re-evaluation. Victor means ‘conqueror’.

We hope you like our special collection of valentine baby names. Did any of these names interest you? Let us know in the comment section below!

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

These Valentine’s Day-inspired baby names are a perfect blend of cuteness, romance, and warmth. Be it the iconic couple names of history such as ‘Romeo and Julie’, ‘Noah and Allie’ from the Notebook, or the famous names of the city or destination of love, you can pick any of the names for your baby as a reflection of your love and passion for them. Be it a girl or a boy, these Valentine’s Day-inspired baby names are perfect for your child. So smooch your little ones by picking the best names for your baby and make them stand out from the rest.

Key Pointers

  • Consider names such as Paris, Florence, and Bali to add a touch of wanderlust and love to your baby’s name.
  • Romeo and Juliet or Noah and Allie are a few iconic romantic couple names.
  • Names such as Love, Eros, and Ruby have romantic connotations.
  • Valentine and Valentina are among the many names, starting with the letter V, that can reflect the love associated with Valentine’s Day.

Looking for the perfect baby name for your little Valentine? Check out this video for 20 baby names inspired by Valentine’s Day!

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