300 Popular Baby Boy Names Ending With Y And Their Meanings

Boy names ending in Y are adorable. Don’t they? If you plan to choose such a name for a baby boy, you can find several classic and modern meaningful names from different origins.

This post brings you a list of some of the most delightful baby names ending in Y. Some of the names in the list are from the official US Social Security Administration website. The names listed on this site date back to the last century and are classified decade-wise. We have thoroughly researched this list and provided you with the most popular names with their spellings and meanings.

Names Ending In Y For Boys, With Meanings

1. Abby

Abby is a common form of Abraham, which is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Abraham is ‘father to all.’ The name is revered and adored across the world. It is also used as a short form for the name Abbot.

2. Abernathy

Abernathy means the "mouth of the river Nethy"

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The name comes from the Pictish region of Scotland and was originally a surname that meant ‘mouth of the river Nethy.’ Abernathy has been a common name in Scottish history both as a surname and as a first name.

3. Ackerley

A boy’s name from Old English origin, Ackerley means ‘oak meadow.’ It is both a first name and a surname. J.R. Ackerley was a British writer who worked with the BBC.

4. Ackley

Ackley is of Old English origin that means ‘oak meadow.’ It is a variant of Ackerley.

5. Adley

Adley is of Hebrew origin. It translates to ‘God is just.’ Another connection could be Arabic where it means ‘honest.’

6. Addy

Addy has an Anglo-Saxxon root and is used for both girls and boys. Addy can be translated to ‘noble.’

7. Alby

It is a variation of Alban, a Latin word meaning ‘white’ and also ‘man from Alba.’ The origin of the name is Irish and Gaelic.

8. Alexey

Alexey is a name of Russian and Bulgarian origin that means ‘defender.’ Popular variants are Aleksey, Alexei, and Alexie.

9. Alizay

The name Alizay has its origins in the Urdu language and has a Middle-Eastern sound to it. The name can mean ‘radiant,’ ‘glowing,’ or ‘ a beauty of light.’

10. Amnesty

Amnesty is a name popular in Britain, but its origin can be traced back to the Latin and Greek cultures. As a name, it can mean ‘goodwill,’ especially in the sense of someone with a mild temperament who lets go of past ills and forgives even the enemies.

11. Anatoly

Anatoly is a popular Russian name that traces its origin to Latin. It is means ‘sunrise.’ Other variations are Anatoliy and Anatoli.

12. Andy

Andy is a nickname for the popular name Andrew. Andrew being of Greek origin, used to mean ‘brave’ or ‘manlike.’ Andrew Garfield is the name of a popular Hollywood actor who played the role of Spiderman.

13. Angey

Angey is of French ancestry and goes back to the middle ages. It is linked to the Angey family and is also a nickname for Angel.

14. Anthony

Anthony is of Latin origin and means ‘priceless.’ As of 2008, Anthony is the seventh most popular name in the United States. Anthony Hopkins is a well-regarded Welsh actor.

15. Aubrey

Audrey means ‘noble’ and is of Anglo-norman origin. Aubrey has a vintage touch to it without sounding too dated. The name can mean ‘magical’ or related to magic and power.

16. Aulay

Aulay is of Norse origin and linked to the name Olafur. It is easy to pronounce and popular in the Scandinavian region. The name translates to ‘ancestors.’

17. Autrey

Autrey in Old English translates to ‘strength of the noble.’ The name sounds unique and is easy to pronounce.

18. Avery

The male Avery is related to the Germanic Alberich means ‘elf.’ Though originally a surname, it has become a common first name now.

19. Bailey

Bailey is of old-English origin and means‘ a city fortification’ or a ‘bailiff.’

20. Barclay

Barclay means ‘birch tree meadow’ and has its origin in Scottish and Old English.

21. Barney

Barney is a short form of Barnaby and means ‘son of consolation.’ However, as a standalone name, it can also mean ‘strong as a bear.’

22. Barry

Barry is derived from the Gaelic Baire, a shorter version of Bairrfhionn that means ‘fair-headed.’ The name has seen a recent surge in popularity due to the fictional superhero character Barry Allen a.k.a the Flash.

23. Baxley

The name Baxley traces its origins to medieval English and Scottish cultures, where it used to mean ‘a baker’s meadow.’

24. Beasley

In Old English, Beasley was derived by joining the words beos and leah, which mean ‘bent grass’ and ‘clearing.’

25. Bellamy

The name Bellamy is of French ancestry and means good friend. It is used as a first name and surname.

26. Benjy

Benjy, a Hebrew diminutive of Benjamin means ‘son of my days.’ This biblical name is popular among Christians, Muslims, and Jewish faith alike. Benjy or Benjamin is usually given to the youngest son of the family.

27. Benny

Benny means ‘blessed’ or ‘well spoken’ and comes from Latin. It’s a short two-syllable, easy-to-pronounce name that sounds cool and is also easy to remember.

28. Bentley

The boy’s name Bentley is of English origin and means ‘grass meadow.’ The name is synonymous with the luxury car brand.

29. Billy

Billy in English is a nickname for William. It is a super popular name, and the list of famous namesakes with this name is almost unending. One of the big names would be Billy Joel, the famous singer who has the biggest hits.

30. Bloomy

As we all know, bloom means freshness and vitality. It immediately brings flowers during spring, and the name Bloomy is a creative variant of the same.

31. Bobby

Bobby from German and English has the meaning ‘bright fame.’ Bobby is also a popular mid-name and a variant of Bob.

32. Bonny

A name popular in Scotland means ‘charming’ and ‘beautiful.’ The name finds its origins in the Scottish dialects related to Latin.

33. Bowery

The name Bowery means ‘farm’ and is of English and Dutch origin.

34. Brady

Brady is a boy’s name of Irish origin. It can mean ‘broad meadow’ or ‘large chested.’

35. Bradley

Bradley Cooper is a fine actor known for his good looks and artistry. The Old English name, Bradley, means ‘broad wood’ or ‘wide meadow.’ It is a common surname and first name.

36. Brandy

The name is derived from the Dutch ‘burned wine.’ Another interpretation is that it is the short form of the name Brandon.

37. Brantley

Brantley is an old English name that has seen a resurgence in recent times. The meaning of the name is ‘sword.’

38. Briley

Briley is a cute unisex name. The name is of Irish descent refers to ‘briar clearing.’

39. Brody

The name Brody is of Scottish origin and means ‘ broad island.’ An alternate version of Brody is Brodie.

40. Broly

Brolly is an anglicized variant of the Gaelic Brolaigh, which means ‘facing forward.’

41. Bucky

Bucky has a sweet meaning which is ‘male deer.’It is of English origin and is related to the word buck.

42. Bunty

Bunty is a gender-neutral name and is of Scottish ancestry. It means ‘a lamb’ or at times ‘plump’ and is usually used as a pet name.

43. Camry

Camry has an Anglo sound to it, but the name hails from Japan, where it means ‘a crown.’

44. Carry

Carry is an old Germanic name meaning ‘friend.’ It is also a common nickname for Carol.

45. Casey

Casey traces its roots to old Gaelic and Irish cultures. The name means ‘ vigilant.’ However, the name can also be used as a nickname for the feminine name Cassandra.

46. Chadley

The Welsh used to refer Chadley to as ‘war.’ It translates to ‘war field’ and is related to names such as Chad and Chadwick.

47. Chaney

In medieval England and France, Chaney was a term used to denote candle makers. In present times, the name has become popular because of its stylish pronunciation and use by rappers.

48. Charley

A variant of the popular Charlie and Charles, it means ‘free man.’ The name has a German origin and is a popular name that has an energetic feel.

49. Clay

Clay is a popular boy name

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Clay is a diminutive of Clayton. The old English name is related to the word clay and probably to the places where clay production was considered important.

50. Cody

The English origin name Cody stands for ‘helpful.’ Cody is also short for Dakota. Cody Garbrandt is a well-known wrestler and athlete.

51. Colby

Colby is a boy’s name that comes from old Norse. It means ‘a person’s settlement.’ Colby Covington is a renowned wrestler from the USA.

52. Connolly

Connolly is originally a Gaelic-Irish surname which has caught on as a first name. It is derived from the word Conghal meaning ‘fierce as a wolf.’

53. Corey

Corey comes from Gaelic culture and means ‘raven.’ Corey Taylor is a well-known rock singer.

54. Cosbey

Cosbey hails from Germanic languages and is related to Cosby’s town in England. It joins the first name Cossa with the word bey meaning farm, giving the meaning ‘Cossa’s farm.’

55. Crossley

Crossley is an English origin name and combines the Holy Cross with the word leah, meaning ‘clearing.’ So combines to mean ‘ meadow with a Cross.’

56. Crowley

The name Crowley originates as a surname that was found in Ireland and had links to Gaelic cultures. The name translated to ‘descendants of warriors.’ The name was popularised in modern times by the song ‘Mr. Crowley’ by the band Black Sabbath.

57. Cucuy

El Cucuy is the name of a mythical ghost of South American origin. It is equivalent to the boogeyman and makes for a fun yet powerful sounding name.

58. Cully

Cully in Old Gaelic refers to the ‘woods.’ The old Irish name Culver is related to Cully and has a similar meaning.

59. Daffy

Daffy is a variant of Daphne, which is of Greek origin and means ‘laurel tree.’

60. Dahntay

Dahntay is a stylishly spelled variant of the classic Danté. DantéAligheiri was the most famous Italian poet known for his epic poem Divine Comedy.

61. Danny

Danny is a unisex name related to the Hebrew Daniel, meaning ‘God is my judge.’

62. Dannyray

It is a compound name that features the Hebrew Daniel, meaning ‘God is my judge,’ and the popular middle name Ray.

63. Darcy

Darcy is a name derived from the French D’arcy, meaning ‘dark one.’ The name suits a personality, which exudes charm through reclusiveness and brooding.

64. Darnley

Darnley, a male given name, is of Middle English times and means ‘grassy meadow.’ A certain Lord Darnley was the second husband of the Scots’ queen, Mary.

65. Day

Day is a shorter version of Daniel and is of Hebrew ancestry. It is also a common middle name. One good example would be Daniel Day-Lewis, the versatile actor.

66. Deontay

Deontay is an Americanized variation of the Latin Deon, another name for the mythic hero Zeus. Deontay Wilder is an Olympic winner in boxing from the United States.

67. Destiny

Destiny, as we know, refers to ‘fate’ or ‘luck.’ It is a unisex name and has a certain glamorous appeal to it.

68. Dewey

Dewey is of Welsh origin and means ‘beloved.’ A well-known namesake was St. Dewey of Wales of the fifth century.

69. Digby

Digby has Norse ancestry and was a common surname for people belonging to the town of Ditch. Today, the name is rare and makes for a unique first name.

70. Disney

It is a name that has been a part of everyone’s childhood. Originally Disney was an English surname derived from the French D’isigny, meaning ‘a person from Isigny, a town in France. Today, the name is popular for boys and girls.

71. Dmitry

The Russian name Dmitry has a Greek root where it means ‘earth lover.’It is also a short form for Demetrius. Other spelling are Dimitry or Dimitri.

72. Donny

Donny is a common nickname for Donald. However, as a standalone, it does have an origin hailing from Irish and Gaelic cultures, where Donn used to mean the ‘king.’

73. Dudley

Dudley translates to ‘Dudda’s meadow’ in old English. The name Dudley does have some regal links as Robert Dudley was a British nobleman of the 16th century.

74. Duffy

The name Duffy is derived from the name Dubhthaigh, meaning ‘black.’ Today, it is a common first name across Europe and America.

75. Eddy

Eddy is a diminutive from the Old English name Eadwine which means ‘happy.’ Eddy is also a shorter nickname Edward.

76. Ellory

Ellory is an English origin name and is a popular choice. Ellory means ‘cheerful.’

77. Elray

Elray has a Hispanic sound to it and sounds cool and modern. However, if we trace the origins, it comes from the German Ulrich, which means ‘noble.’

78. Emery

Emery is of Latin origin. It is a derivation of Emmerich, which is a rare name.

79. Everly

Though the meaning ‘wild boar of woodland’ might be off-putting to many, the context sheds light on its actual meaning. For ancient Germanic people, wild boars signify strength and courage.

80. Evgeniy

Evgeniy is of Russian origin name that means ‘noble.’ Virtuoso pianist EvgeniyKissin is a worthy bearer of this name.

81. Ferdy

The name Ferdy has Gothic and Norse ancestry. It is related to Ferdinands, meaning ‘friendship.’ It is short with two syllables and sounds modern and cool.

82. Franky

Franky is an anglicized form of the French name Francois and means ‘free man.’ It is connected to other names such as Francis and Franklin.

83. Fray

Fray comes from the German ‘frei,’ and means’ free’ in the sense of liberation or free choice. The name is popular in the Scandinavian region.

84. Freddy

Freddy has ties with Old English and Germanic languages. It is short for Frederick, which translates to ‘noble ruler.’ Freddy Carter is a popular English actor.

85. Friday

Friday means ‘the day of Frigga’ after the mythological Greek goddess Frigga. An easy and casual sounding name that has seen popularity as the naming of babies after months and days have caught the imagination lately.

86. Fynley

It is a variant of the Irish Finlay and means ‘fair and courageous.’ The name has a soothing sound and sounds cool as a modern name.

87. Garibaldy

It is a variant spelling of the Italian name Garibaldi. The name is eternally tied to the Italian military general Giuseppe Garibaldi.

88. Gary

Motivational speaker Gary Vaynerchuk is making waves by spreading the power of a positive mindset. Gary from old Germanic means ‘bold spear.’ It is also a short form of Gareth and Garrick.

89. Gatsby

Gatsby traces its origin to the word ‘Gaddesby.’ The name was popularized by the book ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and the role was reprised by Leonardo Dicaprio.

90. Geary

Geary is a variant of the old English Geri or Gary. It refers to a ‘spear,’ which was called ‘ger’ in ancient Germanic tongues.

91. Gendry

In recent times, the name Gendry saw much popularity thanks to one of the characters in the TV show Game of Thrones. The origin traces roots to 17th century France, where Gendry was one of the northern region’s important families.

92. Gennady

Gennady translates to ‘noble’ or ‘generous.’ Gennady is derived from an early saint’s name Gennadius and also means generosity.

93. Geoffrey

Geoffrey is of mixed ancestry of English and French. This Anglo-Norman name means ‘God’s peace.’ Another common variant is Jeffrey. Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the greatest English poets and is known for the Canterbury tales.

94. Gilroy

Gilroy in Scottish means ‘the King’s assistant.’ Though originally a surname, the name has picked up in popularity as a first name in the recent past.

95. Giovanny

Giovanny is of Italian origin and means ‘God is gracious.’ Another common spelling of the name is Giovanni.

96. Grady

It traces its roots to Irish and Gaelic ancestry, where it means ‘noble’ and ‘respectable.’

97. Gray

Gray is the name of the color. It is also popular as a first name and a surname.

98. Gregory

Gregory derives from the Latin Gregorius, which means ‘watchful.’ Grefory Bateson is a well-known anthropologist and social scientist.

99. Guy

Guy is an English and French name. However, the French pronunciation is different from the English one. The Italian version is Guido. Guy Ritchie is a popular movie director from Britain.

100. Hadley

Hadley is a boy name ending in y and meaning "meadow"

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Meadows and woodlands are a common theme of old Anglo-Saxon names. Hadley is a name of ancient English origin meaning ‘meadow.’

101. Hamley

It is a town in England and means a ‘house by the clearing.’

102. Happy

Being happy is to be content and cheerful. It makes for a great name as it will bring happiness to people around.

103. Hardy

A surname of Old French origin, Hardy comes from Hardi, which means ‘bold’ or ‘courageous.’ The name saw popularity from the popular children’s book series The Hardy Boys.

104. Harry

A variant of Henry, Harry can be considered more popular than Henry. The name loosely translates to ‘power of the ruler.’ Harry Potter is a fictional character that has made powerful around the world.

105. Harley

Harley comes from Old English and translates to ‘hare’s meadow.’ Harley Davidson is a motorcycle brand that is swooned upon by motorists around the world.

106. Harmony

Harmony is of Greek origin and means ‘unity.’ The word has found its usage in music as it refers to the elements working together to create the tune.

107. Harvey

Harvey from an Old English name derived from the name Huiarnviu, meaning ‘blazing iron.’ Harvey Specter is a popular fictional character from the TV show Suits.

108. Hennessy

The name Hennessy is of Irish origin. It means ‘energy’ or ‘strength.’

109. Henry

Henry is of German origin and means ‘ruler of the land.’ Another variant of Henry is Henri. Henry Cavill plays the role of superhero character Superman and is a Hollywood actor.

110. Hershey

Hershey is an anglicized version of the Jewish name Hershkowitz. The name is synonymous with the Hershey syrups and condiments brand.

111. Holloway

The English origin Holloway is a locational surname given to a person hailing from a particular region. It is related to the world hollow and translates to shallow land.

112. Huckleberry

The name Huckleberry in American parlance translates to ‘sweet berry’ and is of Scottish origin. Huckleberry Finn is a famous character from the novel Mark Twain.

113. Humphrey

The name Humphrey has its origins in the Norman cultures and translates to ‘noble warrior.’ Humphrey is also a popular surname.

114. Huntley

Signifying a ‘hunter’s meadow,’ the name Huntley sounds cool and serious. It traces its origin to medieval England.

115. Huxley

Huxley from old English translates to ‘Hugh’s meadow.’ The name rings a bell because of the popular author Aldous Huxley.

116. Iggy

Iggy is a nickname for the full name Ignatius. In Latin, it translates to ‘fiery’ or ‘fire.’ Iggy Pop is a popular Rockstar from the 80s.

117. Indy

Indy as a short form and means the native of ‘Indiana.’ The name is short and can also be used as a middle name.

118. Isay

Isay is derived from the Hebrew culture and means ‘salvation given by God’.

119. Issay

The name Issay means ‘hairy’ and is of African origin. Itis also a variant of Isa, which means God in Hebrew and other Middle Eastern languages.

120. Ivory

Ivory is of English origin, meaning ‘pale’ or ‘white.’ Ivory as a name sounds fashionable and has a gender-neutral tone to it.

121. Izzy

Izzy from Hebrew culture translates to ‘God is my oath.’ It’s a unisex name suitable for both genders as it is a nickname for names like Israel, Isabel, and Isadore.

122. Jacky

In French, the meaning of the name Jacky is ‘the supplanter.’ It is also short for Jackson or Jaqueline.

123. Jacoby

Jacoby is a variant of Jacob and is a biblical name. It means ‘he who supplants.’ Jacoby Shaddix is the singer from the popular American band Papa Roach.

124. Jandy

Jandy in old Hebrew translates to ‘ God’s graciousness.’ The name is relevant even today as it is short and easy to remember.

125. Jay

Jay comes from Indian languages and has the meaning ‘victory.’ However, the name might also be related to Jay bird. Lately, Jay has also seen popularity as a middle name.

126. Jeffrey

A common English name Jeffrey is a variant of Geoffrey. It has Germanic roots and translates to ‘God’s peace.’ Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a well-acclaimed Hollywood actor.

127. Jerry

Who wouldn’t identify with the smart Jerry from the Tom and Jerry show? Jerry is a short variant of the name Jeremiah, which means ‘Jah will rise.’ It’s a sacred name in the Jewish tradition.

128. Jeremy

Jeremy is an Anglicized variant of the Hebrew name Jeremiah which translates to ‘ God will rise.’ Jeremy Renner is a well-known Hollywood actor.

129. Jetty

Jettyis a variation of Jett, which means ‘ shiny black.’ The name sounds modern and is simple to remember.

130. Jimmy

The name Jimmy in Hebrew means ‘the one who supplants.’ It is popular in English countries around the world. Popular TV hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are examples.

131. Joey

Joey is of English origin and means ‘God’s will.’ The name saw much popularity, thanks to the popular sitcom Friends.

132. Joffrey

Joffrey is a variant of Geoffrey and Jeffry. In English origin, it means ‘a peaceful stranger.’ The antagonist Joffrey from the hit TV show Game of Thrones gave much popularity to the name.

133. John-Henry

John-Henry is a fictional hero from American folklore. The name is a combination of John, meaning ‘gracious’ and Henry, meaning ‘ruler.’ The name gets featured in many folk tales and blues songs.

134. Johnny

Johnny is the Anglicization of Jewish Jehova, which means God. The name Johnny occupies the top 100 popular names in the past two centuries.

135. Jonty

Jonty finds its origin in the hilly areas of Scotland. It is a short form or nickname for Jonathan. Jonty Rhodes, a South African cricketer, was known for his athleticism.

136. Jordy

The name Jordy is of Hebrew origins and means ‘ a flowing river.’ The name can be used for both sexes. Jordy Nelson is a famous American football star.

137. Jorey

Jorey is from old Hebrew and Aramaic origin that means ‘farmer.’ It is also related to the Norwegian name Joren.

138. Jovy

Jovy is of French and English ancestry and is derived from Jovial. It means happiness or good-natured and is a short and cute name for a smiling baby boy.

139. Jacky

The name Jacky is a form of the name Jacques, which is of French origin. It means ‘supplanter.’

140. Jaimy

It of Hebrew origin and translates to ‘one who supplants.’

141. Joy

Joy is delight or happiness. The Old French Joie is a popular virtue name that means hope, faith, and patience.

142. Juny

The name is popular in Italy and has its derivation from Latin. It is linked to the month June, which signifies ‘virility’ and ‘good health.’

143. Kacey

Kacey is a name related to the Greek Acacia, meaning the thorny tree. Kacey Musgraves is a country singer who has numerous accolades to her name.

144. Kelly

Kelly is an English variant and short form of the Irish Ceallaigh, which means ‘warrior’ or ‘fighter.’

145. Kennedy

The Scottish origin Kennedy means ‘chief with a helmet.’ It refers to the army’s chief of command who occupied an important position.

146. Kenny

Kenny of Scots origin means ‘handsome.’ It is also a shorter form for Kenneth and Kendrick. Kenny G is the most well-known saxophonist in the world.

147. Khay

Khay is a variant of Kay or Kai. It traces its connection of Latin and means ‘pure’ or ‘clean.’

148. Kirby

Kirby is of Germanic origin and means ‘ a town by a church.’ The name is popular for both genders.

149. Kimmy

The literal translation of Kimmy would mean ‘fortress in the meadow.’ A variant of Kimi’s name was made popular by the F1 driver KimiRaikonnen.

150. Kingsley

Kingsley, originally a surname of English ancestry, has taken on a first name in modern times. The name has found usage as a first name for boys. Kingsley translates to ‘from the King’s wood.’

151. Knoxley

Knox, from the Scottish origin, means a ‘hill,’ whereas ley comes from leah, meaning ‘clearing.’ Though it’s uncommon conjunction and a rare name, the meaning is clear, and the name is sweet to the ears.

152. Kobey

Kobey is an American-style nickname for the Jewish name Jacob. Jacob is an essential figure of the Jewish-Christian culture and one of the Old Testament’s central figures. The name means ‘to follow.’

153. Lackey

The Gaelic name Lackey combines the words leac, meaning ‘stone,’ and the suffix to denote a location. Thus it can be translated to mean ‘a stony place’.

154. Lainey

Lainey means ‘bright light’ and is a short form of the French Elaine.

155. Landry

Landry referred to the ‘landowners’ and ‘rulers.’ The name has stayed popular to present times in medieval English.

156. Langley

In old Irish and English, Langley translates to ‘a long meadow.’ It describes the peaceful fields of the British isles.

157. Larry

Larry is a diminutive of the Italian name Laurentium. It is more popular in the US, and many famous personalities have this name. Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is a good example.

158. Leroy

The family name Leroy is of Norman ancestry. It has seen popularity in France and England. Leroy in French translates to ‘the King.’ Leroy Sané is a popular German footballer.

159. Lesly

Lesly or Leslie from Old Irish means ‘holy harden.’ The name is popular for both boys and girls and is short and sweet. Lesly Brown is a well-known fashion photographer.

160. Lewy

Lewy is of German origin and means ‘brave fighter.’ It is also a variant of Levi from the Hebrew culture. The pronunciation can be both lee-wai or lee-wee.

161. Lexley

Lexley in old Irish translates to ‘the lake.’ It describes the lakes by the mountains that bring freshness to the people who beheld it.

162. Lonny

Lonny from old Latin translates to ‘prepared for battle.’ Lonny is a common diminutive of the popular name Alonzo.

163. Looby

An anglicized name of the Scottish Lubaigh, Looby sounds a cool short name and gives a gregarious appeal.

164. Lucky

Lucky means ‘fortunate’ and can be used for both girls and boys. It is also a nickname for Lucas.

165. Luffy

Luffy is a popular manga character in Japan. Luffy in Japanese translates to ‘king of pirates,’ denoting the flamboyant bravery of the protagonist.

166. Lukey

The name is mostly used in Australia, but the origin is English. As Australians love adding the suffix -ey to most names, Luke takes the form Lukey and gets a very down-under vibe.

167. Macauley

Macauley, a name of Scottish origin, saw much popularity due to Macaulay Culkin, the child actor from the hit movie series Home Alone. The literal translation of the name means ‘son of righteousness.’

168. Majesty

Majesty means ‘royal’ or ‘regal’ in Latin. Though the name sounds a little too royal, it would sound cool if carried with the right confident attitude.

169. Manny

Manny, a name of American origin, stands for ‘God is with us.’ Manny can also be used as a diminutive of Manuel. Phillipino Manny Pacquiao is a well-known boxer and politician.

170. Mardy

Mardy is a variant of Mardi which means ‘Tuesday’ in French. However, in English dialects, Mardy also means ‘ bad-tempered.’

171. Marky

The name Marky is of Latin origin that means ‘Warlike, Defender.’ Funny enough, actor Mark Wahlberg was once known as Marky Mark, the rapper.

172. Marley

Marley is a unisex name popular in the USA and roughly translates to ‘marshy meadow.’ The name has Old German links and combines the words ‘marten’ and ‘Leah.’

173. Marty

Marty is a variant or short form of the name Martin. The name derives from the Greek name Mars referring to the ‘God of war.’

174. Mallory

The name Mallory has a somewhat negative meaning as it is derived from the French Malheure, meaning unhappiness or unlucky. However, it is a popular name in the western world and doesn’t mean the person would be unfortunate.

175. Maxy

Maxy is a modern variant and short form of Maximus, which means ‘the greatest.’

176. McCartney

McCartney is of Irish and Scottish origin and translates to "hero"

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McCartney is of Irish and Scottish ancestry. The name translates to ‘hero.’ The name is synonymous with Paul McCartney from the band Beatles.

177. Mehdi

The Arabic origin name translates to mean ‘the guided one.’It is highly popular in the Middle East, France, and Morocco.

178. Melody

Melody in Greek means ‘song.’ In modern music parlance, the melody is the main phrase of the music, which holds the song together.

179. Mercury

Mercury is the name of the Roman God of messengers.

180. Mickey

The name Mickey is connected with the legendary cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Mickey as a name has its origin in the Hebrew cultures, where it used to mean ‘similar to God.’

181. Mikey

Mikey pronounced as mai-keei s a short form of formal Michael. The name in Hebrew translates to ‘resembling God.’

182. Moby

The name Moby is synonymous with the American singer Richard Melville Hall popularly known as Moby. Moby is also a short name for the Greek origin name Mobius.

183. Montgomery

Pronounced as mon-goh-me-reeh, the name is of French origin used to refer to the Gomeric mountains. Wes Montgomery is a well-known jazz guitarist.

184. Monty

The root of the name Monty is the French word ‘mont,’ which means mountain. Monty is a highly popular name in English-speaking countries.

185. Montrey

Montrey or Monterrey means ‘ the mountain of the king.’ The name is of Spanish ancestry and refers to the aristocratic families that occupied the hilly regions of Spain.

186. Morrissey

Morissey of Irish origin refers to the sea and sea life. The name is originally a surname and has later caught on as a first name.

187. Mosby

A geographical name, Mosby in the olden days was more of a surname. From Old Norse, it translates to ‘marshy farm.’

188. Mosley

The funny-sounding name translates to ‘mouse clearing’ in Old Irish. The Mosley name also traces its popularity to an old aristocratic family in England.

189. Murphy

Murphy is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means ‘sea warrior.’ The name is common for both sexes and sounds fashionable and cool.

190. Murry

Murry is a popular given name for boys and is closely related to the variant Murray. It is also a surname and refers to a ‘mariner.’

191. Navy

Navy means ‘the warriors on the sea.’ It is stylish and fashionable.

192. Nelly

The Greek origin Nelly means ‘light.’ Nelly is a variant of the name Eleanor. A popular person with this name, Nelly Furtado, is a singer.

193. Nickey

Nickeyoriginated from the popular Greek name Nicholas. It means ‘popular victory.’

194. Nikolay

Nikolay is a name of Slavic ancestry which means ‘victory.’ Today, it is a popular name in Russia and east Europe.

195. Noey

Noey is a Hebrew name that means ‘contentment’ and ‘comfort.’ It sounds fashionable and is short and cute.

196. Oakley

Oakley is related to the name of the tree oak and translates to ‘like the oak.’

197. Odyssey

Odysseus was one of the central figures of the Greek epic poem ‘the Odyssey.’ The poem presents a man’s struggle against the odds and how he conquers it. As a name, Odyssey sounds majestic and grand.

198. Olly

Olly from Germanic origins refers to the ‘olive tree.’ It is also used as a nickname for Oliver.

199. Ozzy

Ozzy is of Old English and Germanic origins and means being ‘spear of the gods’ or ‘God’s power.’Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most well-known rock stars and celebrities.

200. Paddy

Paddy is short form of the name Patrick and can be a cute little first name for boys. The name Paddy is popular in the United Kingdom.

201. Paisley

A name of Scottish origin, Paisley means a ‘church’ or ‘cemetery.’

202. Parley

Parley in old Greek and Latin means‘ a get together ‘ or a ‘meeting.’ In present day, the name is gender-neutral and modern.

203. Pauly

Pualy is a variant of the popular name Paul. Paul from Latin means ‘humble.’ It is related to the name Paulo.

204. Paxley

Pax is the Latin for ‘Peace.’ The variant Paxley is a popular name for both sexes and has a cool modern touch.

205. Percy

The name Percy is of French origin and refers to the Pierce Valley. It is also related to the Greek name Perseus. Percy became popular in England and abroad, thanks to the famous poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

206. Perry

It means ‘dweller by the pear tree.’ Perry is an English origin name, which was a surname for a person who lived by a pear tree.

207. Presley

Presley brings to mind the super talented Elvis King Presley. But the name has been around from much before Elvis Presley. This English origin name means ‘priest’s meadow.’

208. Quay

Quays are structures built on the seasides for boats to dock. Quay is a type of modern name which does not follow the usual convention of name-giving.

209. Quincy

In Old French, the name Quincy means ‘the inheritance of the fifth son.’ Another variant of the name is Quincey.

210. Quinley

It is a derivation from the Irish McQuinnelley, which means ‘faithful to the pledge.’ The name sounds regal and has an aristocratic touch to it.

211. Qusay

The Arabic name Qusay sounds fabulous and modern. Its meaning is ‘distant’ and can be associated with nature and scenic beauty.

212. Rafay

Rafay is of Arabic origin. It means ‘exaulter’ or ‘to elevate,’ and isis linked to the European Raphael.

213. Raffey

Raffey is a name of Hebrew ancestry whose meaning praises God’s healing power. It is also a short form for the name Raphael.

214. Rawley

Rawley is a nature-based name, popular with Old English names. It translates to ‘deer’s meadow.’

215. Ray

Ray is a diminutive for the names Raymond or Reynold. Another popular variant of the name is Rey.

216. Remy

Remy is of French and Latin origin and means ‘oarsman.’ The name of a fifth-century saint is fast gaining popularity in the western world. Its othervariant isRemi.

217. Renly

Renlycomes from English ancestry and means ‘ beautiful’ or ‘glorious.’ It is usually used for the firstborns of the family.

218. Richy

It is a variant of the name Rich that signifies wealth. The other popular variant is Richie.

219. Ricky

It is of Old German origin and means ‘powerful leader and peaceful ruler.’ Ricky Martin is a popular Spanish singer.

220. Ridgeley

Ridgeley is an Irish-English name that praises the hills and mountains. It translates to ‘meadows by the ridge.’

221. Ridley

Ridley means the ‘meadow.’ It is a unisex name and has an Old English origin.

222. Rigby

The name Rigby was initially known for being a surname of British ancestry. It means ‘ hill farms.’

223. Riley

An Old English name combining the words ‘ryge’ and ‘leah’ to mean ‘wood clearing.’ Popular actress Riley Keoughhas the name.

224. Ripley

The English origin name Ripley means ‘clearing along the woods.’ The name sounds good for both boys and girls and has been chosen by actress Thandie Newton for her daughter.

225. Robby

Robby is the diminutive of Robert, which means ‘bright’ or’ charismatic.’ The name has roots in ancient Germanic cultures.

226. Rocky

Rocky is an Anglicized variant of the Italian name Rocco. The origin traces the meaning ‘calm.’ The name is popularized by the movie character Rocky Balboa.

227. Roddy

Roddy is a nickname for the Irish name Roddick. It means ‘power’ or ‘fame.’

228. Rodney

Rodney is pronounced as rohd-nee. It used to refer to people belonging to Rhoda’s island. The name sounds relevant and fashionable.

229. Rommy

Rommy is an Anglicized nickname and derived from ‘Rome.’ It is also a short form of the popular Romulus.

230. Romney

A surname of English ancestry, Romney translates to ‘flowing river.’ Mitt Romney is a US senator.

231. Ronny

The name Ronny has its roots in old Hebrew and means ‘ruler’s counselor.’

232. Rooney

Rooney translates to ‘red-haired’ and is of Gaelic origin. The name would be quite a fit if your baby has red-colored hair. Wayne Rooney is a well-known footballer.

233. Rory

Rory is a popular Irish name of Goidelic origin and means ‘red-haired ruler.’ Rory McIlroy is a successful professional golfer.

234. Roxy

Rozy is related to the name Roxanne, and traces to the Greeks and means ‘sunlight.’

235. Roy

Roy is a name in multiple origins. The Scottish Roy stands for ’red haired’ while the Indian origin Roy is a title for the ‘king.’ It is also popular as a middle name.

236. Rudy

A variant and short form of the popular Rudolph, it is connected to the admiration of wolves by the ancient germanic people.

237. Sammy

Sammy is a name found in Arabic and Jewish ancestry. The name means ‘elevated’ or ‘enlightened’ and is popular in Middle East and Asia.

238. Sandy

Sandy is a short form for Sanders, which is a diminutive of Alexander. It translates to ‘protector of the people.’

239. Sergey

Derived from the Latin Servus, Sergey is a popular name in Eastern Europe. The name is linked to Roman families of old.

240. Shady

A name of Arabic origin, Shady means ‘a singer.’ It is also popular in the USA for rapper Eminem named asSlim Shady.

241. Shawny

The name Shawny means ‘God is gracious’ and is popular in American suburbs. It’s a form of Sean.

242. Shay

The Gaelic origin name Shay means ‘admirable.’

243. Shelby

Shelby refers to the willow trees and traces its origin to the Norse language. Willow trees represent peace and strength.

244. Sky

We all know what sky is but do you know that it has its origins in the Old Norse where it means ‘clouds.’ Sky is also a nickname for Schuyler.

245. Sonny

Sonny is a popular nickname in English-speaking countries. The name derives from the word ‘Son,’ linked to the Sun. Sonny Corleone was a fictional character in the movie ‘The Godfather.’

246. Sperry

It is an old British surname used for hunters and warriors proficient with spears.

247. Stanley

Combining the words ‘stan’ meaning stone and ‘leah’ meaning woodland clearing, the name Stanley refers to a ‘stoney meadow.’ Stanley Kubrick was one of the most innovative film directors of his time.

248. Stokley

It is an old Irish origin name that refers to the ‘meadows of a tree stump.’ The name sounds sophisticated and regal yet with easy pronunciation.

249. Sunny

Sunny refers to a ‘good day’ or ‘good fortune.’ The name Sunny is popular across different cultures.

250. Swahily

Swahily is a variant of the name of the African tribe and language Swahili. As a baby name, it sounds creative and soothing.

251. Sydney

We are quite familiar with the Sydney of Australia. The name traces its origin to Old English, meaning ‘wide meadow.’

252. Symphony

Symphony means "an ensemble of sound"

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If classical music is a constant part of your life, you would like this choice. Symphony means ‘an ensemble of sound’ that makes a dramatic statement.

253. Tammy

Tammy is the version of the Greek Thomas and is derived from the Hebrew Tamar, which means ‘palm tree.’

254. Tandy

The name Tandy traces its roots to ancient Greeks, where it was also used as a nickname for Andrew. It refers to ‘warriors.’

255. Teddy

The name Teddy got intertwined permanently with the bear as the teddy bear. It has an Old English origin and translates to ‘God’s gift.’

256. Terry

Terry is a popular unisex name and is of Germanic origin,which means ‘the tribe.’

257. Thierry

Thierry is a name of French origin and popular in Francophone countries. Its origin has Germanic links and means ‘power is supreme.’ It is related to the common English names such asDerek, Derryck, and Terry.

258. Tiffy

Tiffy in old Greek translates to ‘God’s revelation.’

259. Timofey

Timofey is derived from ancient Greek lexiconsand means ‘God’s honor.’ Today, it is more popular in regions of Russia.

260. Timothy

It is connected to the Greek name Timotheosthat means‘serve God’ or ‘In God’s honor.’ Timothy and its variations in English and Latin origin.

261. Tobey

Tobey is a variant of the Hebrew Tobias. It translates to ‘goodness of God.’

262. Tommy

The Greek form of Teoma means ‘similar.’ Tommy Hilfiger is a popular brand desired by young and old alike.

263. Tony

The name Tony means ‘priceless one.’ Though initially a short form for Anthony, it is also a standalone name for boys. It is beloved for Tony Stark’s character in the Iron Man movies.

264. Tracy

Taken from the Irish ‘treasach’ that means ‘war-like’ or ‘warrior.’ It is also translated as ‘ascended’ or ‘powerful.’

265. Trey

Trey comes from the French tres, meaning ‘also.’ It is also related to treis, which means ‘three.’ The name caught on because of its cool sound and short spelling.

266. Trinity

The name Trinity refers to the sacred Christian concept of ‘the Holy Trinity.’ It symbolizes the holy trinity, namely the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

267. Troy

Troy in ancient Greek means ‘footsoldier.’ It was also the town where the famous battle for Helen took place.

268. Ty

The name Ty means ‘belonging to the land of Eoghan’ and is of an American origin. Ty Simpkins is a popular American actor. This short and cool name is pronounced as taai.

269. Varsity

Varsity refers to the association with an academic institution. It is a modern name that means‘stay fashionable’ for the upcoming decades.

270. Vasily

Vasily is a popular name in Russia, and it means ‘regal’ or ‘kingly.’ The name traces its origin to the ancient Greeks.

271. Vicky

Vicky is a variant of the word Victory, which means ‘triumphant’ in Latin. It can be a shorter nickname and a standalone name.

272. Vincy

The Latin Vincy means ‘victory.’ The name is well-known, thanks to the great painter and innovator Leonardo Da Vinci.

273. Vinny

Vinny is a common nickname for Vincent. It is quite popular in Italy and Europe and comes from the Latin meaning ‘to conquer.’

274. Vitaly

Vitalyis of Latin origin and is popular in Russia and Poland. The meaning of Vitaly is ‘life forming.’

275. Wally

Wally is a cute short form for the common names Wallace and Walter.

276. Waverly

Waverly translates to ‘meadow of rumbling aspens.’ The name is of Welsh origin and works for both genders.

277. Weezy

The name Weezy is of English origin and means ‘headstrong’ or ‘creative.’Weezy is the nickname of popular rapper Lil Wayne.

278. Wembley

Wembley stadium is a thing of pride for the United Kingdom. The name derives from combining the words ‘Wemba’ with the common English word ‘leah,’ meaning wood clearing.

279. Wesley

A name of French-norman origin, Wesley, joins the words wes, meaning the ‘direction west’ and leah meaning ‘a clearing.’ Wesley Snipes is a well-known action film actor.

280. Whitley

Whitley means ‘white meadow’ in old English. Whitley Streiber is a popular American horror story writer.

281. Willoughby

It translates to ‘ farm by the willows.’ Though the name is of three syllables, it sounds regal.

282. Willy

Willy is a diminutive of the popular .name William and is of English origin. It means ‘helm’ or ‘protection.’ The name was popularized by the character Willy Wonka in the novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’

283. Winfrey

Winfrey from Old English translates to ‘peaceful friend.’ Oprah Winfrey’s name is synonymous with success and the American dream.

284. Winny

Winny is a given name that suits both girls and boys. The name is of Welsh origin and translates to ‘happiness’ or ‘fair one.’ It is also a short form for names Winfred, Winona, and Gwynyth.

285. Woodley

It comes from ancient English that translates to ‘wooded meadow.’

286. Woody

Woody is a cool and funky name. It utilizes simple words without much of a historical significance, ‘wood’ in this case. The director Woody Allen is the perfect bearer of this name.

287. Wolfey

Wolfey is a pet name for Wolfe. The name comes from the animal wolf, as wolves are admired for their tenacity and strength.

288. Wooley

The family name Wooley comes from a geographical location and means ‘of Wooley.’ It is a parish of Yorkshire area.

289. Wrenley

Wrenly means ‘a small bird’ and is of English origin. The name has a gender-neutral sound and so is popular among both sexes.

290. Xavy

Xavyis of Basque origin and a diminutive of Xavier and Xavithat means ‘the new house.’

291. Yandry

It is of Old Norse cultures and a variant of Henry. Yandrytranslates to mean ‘ruler.’

292. Yanky

Yanky is a unisex name and means ‘an Englishman.’ It sounds cool and is easy to pronounce.

293. Yanny

The Hebrew name Yannytranslates to ‘gracious God.’

294. Yardley

Yardley from Old English means ‘fenced meadow.’ It has a British sound to it.

295. Yolly

Yolly comes from Old Greek Yola, which means ‘violet flower.’ It is gender-neutral and sounds lighthearted and modern.

296. Yovanny

Yovanny is a first name that is popular in present-day Italy. It has a Hebrew origin and translates to ‘the gracious God.’

297. Yury

Yury is a popular name in Russia, and the other popular variant is Yuri.’ It translates to ‘light of God.’

298. Zachary

Zachary is a variant of Zachariah and Zacharius and is a popular name of Hebrew ancestry. The name translates to ‘God’s memory.’

299. Zaky

Zaky, a variant of Zaki, is of Middle Eastern origin and means ‘chaste’ and ‘pure.’ The name sounds similar to the English Jacky.

300. Zazzy

Zazzy, in certain English dialects in the USA means ‘stylish’ or ‘shine.’ The name derives from the word jazz and is supposed to be a funky and suave name.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

A name is the first identity of a person, and a parent carries the big responsibility to choose one for their beloved child. Names are often chosen based on their meaning or expression of emotion. The compilation of boy names ending in Y includes popular, meaningful, and trendy options. Their origin and significance will help you select from short and smart ones such as Andy, Billy, Eddy, or Ozzy to elegant ones such as Aubrey, Dannyray, Geoffrey, Kingsley, or Timofey. Use the list to pick the best name for your lovely little prince.

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