85 Cool Beachy Or Surfer Baby Names For Boys And Girls

The adrenaline rush battling with the waves during surfing gives immense pleasure. So if you are someone who loves this adventure and wishes to carry the essence in every part of your life, here are a few surfer baby names for your little one. These baby names reflect determination and are a great way to instill courage in your child. Since this sport is enjoyed in summers in an ocean with clear skies, these names also emanate the aura of the ocean. Read on to learn many such names that carry the strength and adventurous spirit.

Top 45 Surfer Boy Names

1. Adrian

Adrian ‘Ace’ Buchan is one of the most well-known Australian surfers. He entered surfing at the young age of four and has won several championships ever since. Adrian means ‘man of Adria’.

2. Adriano

Adriano De Souza, a top Brazilian surfer, is the inspiration behind this name, which is a pleasing Italian variation of Adrian and means ‘man of Adria’.

3. Arnav

If you are looking for a macho name that celebrates the beauty of the ocean, pick Arnav. It’s a Hindu name, meaning ‘ocean’.

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4. Beau

Beau Foster is a professional surfer from New South Wales, Australia. This moniker suggests a handsome boy with a substantial measure of southern charm.

5. Bede

Aussie surfer Bede Durbidge got this once obscure name, meaning ‘prayer’, back on the map. It’s also associated with a 7th-century saint. Bede means ‘prayer’.

6. Bodhi

This is one of the most relevant names in the list. There’s a 14-year-old Bodhi Leigh-Jones, who is making waves on the surf scene and how. It is also the name of the character Patrick Swayze played in the movie “Point Break”.

7. Brett

Surfer boy Brett Connellan single-handedly kept muscle in this name for all these years. Brett originated in the Middle Ages as an ethnic term for Bretons who came to Britain during the Norman conquest.

8. Chase

Chase Wilson from California is the rising star in the surfing world. This French name, with sleek and prosperous aura, is also evocative of the worlds of international banking. There are plenty of football stars with this name as well.

9. Cooper

This name refers to Cooper Chapman, the professional surfer from Australia. This genial and upscale name climbed rapidly in 1982 and has been one of the top 100 names since the year 2007.

10. Cove

If you want a smooth and underused surfing inspired name for your son, Cove could be your ideal pick. Cove is a seaside inlet or a small bay on the shoreline of the sea. Just 53 boys were given the name Cove last year.

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11. Dane

Dane Reynolds, the Californian surfing pro known for his surfing and tanned looks, is the namesake. This moniker has a strong, masculine feel to it, isn’t it? This English name means ‘from Denmark’.

12. Dean

Dean, after Dean Bowen, sounds like a retro surfer by name. After being underused for years, this name has started climbing the charts again. Dean Cain is also one of the representatives of this name. Dean means ‘church official’.

13. Declan

This amiable and appealing Irish name attained its height of popularity when Declan Wyton, the pro surfer, came to the forefront. Declan means ‘man of prayer’ and Dec would make a cute nickname.

14. Dorian

Dorian is the last name of the professional surfer Shane Dorian from the Big Island, Hawaii. This name of an ancient Greek tribe was introduced in Oscar Wilde’s novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. It also has a musical reference, as it’s the name of one of the notes.

15. Dover

Dover, Surfer baby names

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This two-syllable name, also attached to a British city renowned for its white cliffs, means ‘water’ in the Irish language.

16. Duke

Duke Kahanamoku, the Hawaiian surfer, is widely regarded as the father of modern surfing. Not only did he popularize the sport, but also went on to win medals for swimming in Olympics five times in a row.

17. Dwayne

Pay homage to Dwayne Scharsh, the young surfer who died in an accident, by naming your son after him. This moniker, meaning ‘swarthy’, took off in the 1960s, reaching as high as #111.

18. Dylan

If you want something muted for your son, pick Dylan, a Welsh name, meaning ‘tide or son of wave’. This moniker has several worthy namesakes, including singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, writer Dylan Thomas and of course, Dylan Goodale, a professional surfer from Hawaii.

19. Finn

Finn would make a lilting name for your son. It’s derived from an Irish name, meaning ‘fair or white’. Several celebrities, including Christy Turlington, have chosen this name for their sons.

20. Fletcher

Fletcher is the surname of the famous surfing family in the United States. All the members of this family, which include Herbie, Nathan, and Greyson, are pro surfers. This English occupational name means ‘arrow maker’.

21. Foster

The last name of Beau Foster could make a great first name for your child. Besides Beau Foster, there are other notable namesakes as well, such as Norman Foster, Jodie Foster, and Hal Foster.

22. Jack

One of the most favorite names of all time shares its association with the professional surfer from New South Whales, Jack Freestone. This cheery diminutive of John means ‘God is gracious’.

23. Jake

Jake Halstead is the pro surfer from California. He usually tours around his hometown, San Diego. This optimistic and unpretentious short form of Jacob means ‘supplanter’.

24. Jeremy

Jeremy Flores is the French surfer who began surfing at the tender age of three. Yes, you read that right, THREE. His name is the English form of Jeremiah and means ‘appointed by God’.

25. Joel

Joel Parkinson is the eye candy of this surfing world. This Australian surfer competes in the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. Joel means ‘Jehovah is his God’.

26. Julian

Good-looking fella Julian Wilson is an Australian surfer who was recently in the news for having smashed his face into the reef. The meaning of Julian is ‘youthful or downy’.

27. Kai

There are four pro surfers and one big-wave surfer named Kai. And with its appropriate meaning ‘sea’ in the Hawaiian language, your little one is bound to fall in love with the waves.

28. Kelly

So you think Kelly is a female name, right? If yes, you should take a look at the 11-time World champion and super hot Kelly Slater.

29. Laird

Laird may not be one of the most famous names, but once you go through the accomplishments of the American surfer Laird Hamilton, the awesome factor of this name will go up ten notches.

30. Larsen

Granger Larsen, the Hawaiian surfer, is incredibly close to making it to the top 32 World Championship Tour. So wish him the best by naming your son Larsen, which means ‘crowned with laurel’.

31. Luke

In the world of surfers, no one can even come close to Luke Davis, the surfer from California. This cool New Testament name means ‘man from Lucania’.

32. Marley

Marley is a popular surfing spot in Australia

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Marley is a favorite surfing spot in Australia. This cheerful and cool surfer boy name means ‘meadow by the lake’.

33. Merrick

Merrick is a robust and attractive name coming from a Scottish-Gaelic word, meaning ‘fork in a river’ and is one of the rarest names in the list.

34. Miki

Mili Dora, fondly known as “The Black Knight” and “Da Cat” was the surfing icon in the 50s and 60s. Miki’s real name was Miklos, but it’s his nickname that sounds like a typical surf moniker.

35. Morgan

This Welsh name, meaning ‘sea and circle’ is a perfect beach name for boys. It currently stands at #120 for girls and #674 for boys. Now you decide whom you want to give this name to. Just for the record, Morgan is the name of a powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legend.

36. Oakley

Oakley is one of the most recognizable brands of surfing, renowned for its sunglasses. This gender-neutral name is both unique and creative, exactly what parents want in names these days.

37. Ocean

What better way to express your love for the water than by naming your son Ocean? This cool name brings to mind the serene, blue ocean. Ocean would work for either sex, but is preferred for boys more than girls.

38. Parker

Parker is an English occupational name

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Parker Coffin is a young, and promising surfer all set to make a mark in the WSL World Junior Championship. This English occupational name means ‘park keeper’.

39. Perth

Perth Standlick, fondly known as ‘Bondi’s Great White Hope’ is a professional surfer from New South Wales. He was probably named after a city in his country, but the name has its origin in Scotland and means ‘thorn bush thicket’.

40. Reef

Reef, the term used for a coral, sand, or bar of rock beneath the water, is one of the beach themed baby names that sounds great. Just 51 baby boys were given this name last year, so it’s sure to be a unique name. Reef is also the name of a brand that sells beach and surfing gear.

41. Sailor

This occupational name would take some time to reach on top of the list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t being used at all. Last year, Bristol Palin named her daughter Sailor Grace and Liv Tyler selected this name for her son. You can even opt for its alternative spelling, Saylor.

42. Scott

This cool and windswept last name was once associated with surfer magnet Scott Dillon. He was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame as one of the six legends of the Australian surfing in the year 2004. Scott means ‘from Scotland’.

43. Slater

The last name of Kelly Slater would make an excellent first name for your son. Meaning ‘maker of slates’, Slater has a friendlier feel than most of the trade names.

44. Sunny

There couldn’t be a better beachy boy name than Sunny for your little surfer. Sunny Garcia, the Hawaiian surfer, and World Champion of the year 2000 is a force to be reckoned with in the World Surf League.

45. Taj

This name was once limited to India, primarily because of Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. But the Aussie surfer Taj Burrow made it famous on the global level. The meaning of Taj is ‘crown’.

40 Coolest Surfer Girl Names

46. Alana

This name references Alana Blanchard, an American model and pro surfer. She may have taken a break from surfing for the time, but she’s still one the top surfers in the world.

47. Anastasia

Both first and last names of this American professional surfer are usable, but we are tilting towards the first name. The meaning of Anastasia is ‘resurrection’.

48. Aquata

Aquata, a Latin name, meaning ‘water’, would be fitting for your little mermaid.

49. Arnette

Arnette is the name of the popular sunglass brand worn by several professional surfers. It’s usually used as a last name, but would sound great as a first name too!

50. Azul

Azul, the Spanish word for ‘blue’ evokes the serene blue waters of the sea.

51. Bethany

While looking for a surfer baby name, what better than taking stimulus from Bethany Hamilton? She had her hand bitten off by a shark at the age of 13, yet she went on to become a professional surfer.

52. Bondi

Bondi is a famous beach resort in Sydney famous for its surfing. This unique surfer boy name will ensure that your child stands out from the crowd.

53. Bruna

Only a handful of surfer girls can pluck the heartstrings as tenderly as Bruna Schmitz. Meaning ‘brown’, this name would sound great on a dark haired baby.

54. Carissa

Carissa Moore from Hawaii has established herself as a dynamo in women’s surfing. Her beautiful name means ‘grace’.

55. Chelsea

This level-headed Australian pro surfer and the Triple Crown of Surfing winner is an inspiration to many women. This name entered the mainstream via Jane Fonda’s character in “On Golden Pond”.

56. Coco

Coco Ho is a Hawaiian surfer born with a surfing board under her feet, well not literally. Her full name is Coco Malia Camille Hapaikekoa Ho. So you get plenty of exotic options here.

57. Coral

Coral, Surfer baby names

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Besides being a lovely color, Coral is also a term for underwater skeletal deposits that form beautiful reefs. Animated film lovers will recognize this name from the movie “Finding Nemo”. 199 baby girls were given this name last year.

58. Daize

Daize is the nickname of champion Longboard surfer Sarah Rose Shayne. Her real name is cool, but her nickname is more suitable for a beach bum. And honestly, it sounds a lot better than Daisy.

59. Debbie

Debbie Beacham, the World Champion and Surfer Poll Winner has a long history of surfing. This quintessential fifties name means ‘bee’.

60. Delta

Delta is the name of the brand specializing in surfing and swimming gears. This moniker has a lazy, southern charm to it. Did you know that Delta originated as the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?

61. Ellie

Ellie Jean, the Australian athlete, is better at surfing than most of the pro surfers. Her name has made appearances in several movies, including “Ice Age” and “Up”. Ellie means ‘bright shining one’.

62. Erica

This blue-eyed, goofy foot surfer from California has several championship titles in her kitty. Her name is a feminine form of Eric and means ‘eternal ruler’.

63. Frieda

Zamba Frieda is the four-time world surfing champion from the United States. Frieda is a traditional German name, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’.

64. Isla

Isla, the name of a Scottish river, meaning ‘an island’ would sound great on your baby girl. It’s one of the fastest rising names, currently holding the 141st spot.

65. Koa

Koa Smith is a well-known surfer from Hawaii. It’s a name for a tree found in abundance in Hawaii. While it’s a female name, Koa has some history of use as a boy’s name as well.

66. Layne

No surfing name list would be complete without mentioning Layne Beachley, the seven-time World Champion and one the most successful female surfers of all time. Layne is a variation of Lane and means ‘a small path or roadway’.

67. Malia

Malia Manuel, the Hawaiian Pro was the youngest surfer ever to the US Open of Surfing at the age of 14. Her name may mean ‘bitter’ in the Hawaiian language, but she has no reason to be. She currently holds the 8th rank in the world.

68. Marina

Here’s a beautiful and melodious pick for your water baby. This Latin name, meaning ‘from the sea’, is currently at the 656th spot in the Social Security List. Matt LeBlanc, Joey from “FRIENDS” named his daughter Marina Pearl.

69. Maya

Maya Gabeira, the Brazilian beauty, is credited with riding the biggest wave ever by a female in the year 2009. Surprisingly, her name means ‘water’ in Hebrew. And in Sanskrit, Maya means ‘illusion’.

70. Moanna

Moanna is a Hawaiian name meaning ‘ocean’. Hawaii, as most of you would be knowing, is a huge surfing spot. So this moniker will celebrate both the island and its popular sport.

71. Monyca

We loved the idea of using ‘y’, instead of ‘I’ in this name, inspired by Monyca Byrne-Wickey, the American surfer. Her name means ‘advisor’.

72. Morwenna

Morwenna, meaning ‘waves of the sea’, would make an absolutely gorgeous name for your daughter.

73. Nikki

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Aussie surfer Nikki van Dijk is equal to Sunny Garcia on the male side. Add to the fact that her entire surfing career is way ahead of her age of 21. Nikki is originally the streamlined version of Nicky and the diminutive of Nichole.

74. Oceana

There’s isn’t any surfer of this name, but we included it as it screams surfing. Oceana is the Greek word for ocean and the female form of Oceanus, the Greek god of the sea.

75. Paige

Paige Frances Hared is the first woman professional surfer from New Zealand to qualify for the World Tour. The meaning of Paige is ‘page to a lord’.

76. Ripley

This sweet name will remind the surfing loving parents of the rippling waves. This Old English surname, meaning ‘strip clearing’ would make a great alternative to the commonplace Riley.

77. Rosanna

Rosanna Hodge is a surfer from East London, South Africa, a town renowned for surf spots like Queensberry and Nahoon Reef. Rosy would make a lovely surfer girl nickname for Rosanna.

78. Roxy

Here’s another surfing brand used primarily by female surfers. This name will sound great on your tiny adventurer.

79. Sage

American surfer Sage Erickson doesn’t just have an exciting career of a professional surfer, but also has a sassy first name to boast of.

80. Sandy

This beachy girl name brings to mind the gold and warm sand of the beaches. Sandy originated as a diminutive of Alexandra and Sandra, but now stands strong on its own.

81. Silvana

Silvana is a variation of Silvia

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Silvana Lama is a Brazilian pro surfer who stood second in the Vice World Champion in the year 2008. Her name is a variation of Silvia and means ‘from the woods’.

82. Summer

This popular seasonal name started being used in the 70s and has been in use ever since. It has made several appearances in television series and movies as well.

83. Sydney

Sydney is a hotspot of surfing in Australia. It’s a great name for both boys and girls, but currently, it’s leaning towards the female side.

84. Tarni

This name would be familiar to our Australian readers. It means ‘wave or surf’ in the Kaurna language.

85. Waverly

Waverly is a beach girl name with an easy-breezy flow. This English surname, meaning ‘meadow of quivering aspens’ has a laid back sound because of the ‘wave in it’. And it hasn’t even broken into the top 1000 list yet. So pick it up before it becomes too familiar.

We’re sure you must have found your favorite by now. Which of these beach-inspired baby names did you shortlist for your kiddo? Tell us in the comment section below!

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundred names may not be enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Finding a distinctive and charismatic baby name isn’t easy, but it’s worthwhile. If you love beaches and enjoy water activities, these surfer baby names will surely appeal to you. This list has several names that mean water or beach in different languages, so pick a baby name based on your little one’s gender and traits. These names will add a unique spark to your munchkin’s personality that your child will appreciate and adore for the rest of their lives. So gift your baby with the name you love the most.

Key Pointers

  • Surfer baby names evoke a sense of freedom and adventure.
  • Most surfer names are inspired by acclaimed professional surfers in the contemporary world.
  • Some short and easy-to-pronounce surfer baby names include Miki, Luke, Kelly, and Ocean.

Are you in search of unique surfer names for your baby boy? Dive into this enchanting video for a list of sand and sea inspired names perfect for your summer baby!

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