50 Amazing And Latest Basque Baby Names For Girls And Boys

The Basque country is located in the western Pyrenees, between the borders of France and Spain. This influence reflects in many of their practices, including the Basque baby names. Their baby names have the spelling conventions of French and Spanish. You can also identify basque first names through endings common to both languages. Another unique characteristic of Basque names is their beautiful and peaceful essence. With their flowery feel, these embellished and pretty names have a flowery feel. If you are searching for baby names that connote beauty, the following Basque names would fit your baby well.

25 Unique Basque Boy Names With Meanings

1. Abarran

This Basque variation of Abraham is an interesting choice with several nickname possibilities, Barry, Abe, and Arran for example. And just like other Basque names, your child will be at no risk of running into another Abarran in his class.

2. Aitor

Aitor is the name of the legendary ancestor of the Basque people. It probably refers to Aita, the good father.

3. Ander

Ander is the Basque form of Andrew, which means ‘man or manly’. This name is both intriguingly exotic and supremely simple.

4. Andone

Andone is Basque variation of Anthony and means ‘flower’. The only concern with this name is that it looks like a combination of ‘and’ and ‘done’. But combination names are in right?

5. Antton

Many of our readers might think that it’s an invented name, but in reality, Antton is a Basque spin-off of Anthony. It means the ‘priceless one’.

6. Argider

Argider, pronounced as ‘ar-zhi-der’, is one of the most used Basque baby names. It means ‘beautiful light’.

7. Basajaun

This name is derived from the elements ‘baso’, which means ‘woods’, and ‘jaun’, which means ‘lord’ and together this name means ‘lord of the woods’. Basajaun was the name of a character in “Old Man of the Woods”, a Basque folklore.

8. Benat

Bernard is old fashioned now. But Benat, its variation, has something special to it. It even sounds like a variation of the name Bennett. And if you want to keep things a bit traditional, give him the nickname Ben.

9. Bolivar

If you want an inspiring and revolutionary name for your son, pick Bolivar, which means ‘mill at the riverbank’. It has its namesake in Simon Bolivar, the famous South American revolutionary.

10. Eneko

In this name, the element ‘en’ means ‘my’ and ‘ko’ is the diminutive suffix. Therefore, the name means ‘my little one’. Eneko is also rendered as Inigo in some Basque regions.

11. Ganiz

Most of the famous Basque baby names can be a bit tricky to pull off in an English-speaking region. But this one sounds truly global. Ganiz is said to be the variation of the classic name John and means ‘God is gracious’.

12. Gorka

If you like the traditional name George, but hate the fact that it’s too common, you can opt for its Basque variation Gorka, which means ‘farmer’.

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13. Iker

Iker is the Basque equivalent of Visitacion and means ‘visitation’. This name has the potential to be a crossover. It’s short, to the point, and energetic. And it’s also one of the fastest rising names in the United States, thanks to Iker Casillas, the soccer star.

14. Ilari

This name sounds just like its meaning, ‘cheerful’. It would make an interesting choice with its evocative sound, strong beat and its association with Ilari Aijala, the Finnish footballer.

15. Inigo

Here’s a name with a historical punch. Inigo is derived from the name of San Ignacio of Lotyoa, whose first name was Inigo. It’s also the name of the first ruler of Pamplona. Besides, it was also the name of a major character in “The Princess Bride”, played by Mandy Patinkin.

16. Itzal

This Basque baby boy name has the advantage of both an interesting meaning and instinctive pronunciation, and means ‘shadow’.

17. Markel

Markel took the top spot in the name list and deservedly so. It means ‘of Mars’.

18. Mattin

Mattin is the Basque version of Martin, which is originally a Roman name. It’s hip, trendy, and doesn’t sound like a completely unfamiliar name.

19. Mikel

If you want a feistier take on the old and boring name Michael, you can pick Mikel. Mikel isn’t just restricted to Basque Country. This spelling is well known in Scandinavian countries as well. A famous personality with this name is Mikel Arteta, the Spanish footballer.

20. Palben

There are several names meaning redhead, black, dark, or brown, but there are fewer, meaning blonde. So pick this name if you want something distinctive and that has an interesting origin and meaning.

21. Samso

Samson and Samuel may be classic names, but who would want them when you have the option of Samso. Samso is hip, cool, and sounds fun to say. Sam or Sammy would be great nicknames.

22. Xabier

This name honors the last name of Francis Xabier, the famous Basque saint. Originally, Xabier comes from Etxeberri, a place name meaning ‘new house’.

23. Xavier

This might surprise many of you, but Xavier is a Basque name and means ‘bright’. It earned fame via Saint Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the Jesuit Order, who was named after a Spanish-Basque village he was born. Geeks can opt for the spelling Xzavier, introduced in X-Men comics.

24. Zorion

Zorion may appear as a funky combination of Zoro and Orion, but it’s a true-blue Basque name, meaning ‘happiness’. We love the nickname Zori for this one.

25. Zuzen

This name has enough Z in it to make it look trendy and hip. But it is, in fact, a traditional Basque popular for its virtuous meaning (just). The only snag is that it is too close to the classic feminine name, Susan.

25 Unique Basque Girl Names With Meanings

26. Ainhoa

Ainhoa comes from the name of a town in southern France, where the famous image of the Virgin Mary is placed. It’s unknown everywhere else, except Spain, where it’s one of the top 100 names. Ainhoa Arteta, the Spanish operatic singer, is its most famous namesake.

27. Alasne

Alasne is a tradition name in Euskara language, the language spoken by the majority of people in the Basque Country. This name means ‘miracle’.

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28. Amaya

This Basque version of Amaia is growing in popularity in the United States, primarily because of its similarity with Maya. Mariska Hargitay, the famous American actress, named her daughter Amaya Josephine. And it’s the name of one of the cast members of “Real World: Hawaii” too!

29. Ane

Ane was a top ranking name of last year in Basque countries, according to the information provided by Eustat.

30. Arantxa

Arantxa, which originated as a nickname for Arantzazu, refers to the town, which houses the sanctuary of Virgin Mary. This name also references to ‘thorn bush’ in the Basque language. This slightly obscure name was made famous by Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, the tennis player.

31. Arrosa

Rose and Rosa are passe. It’s time for Arrosa to lead the front. This Basque baby girl name is accessible, easy to pronounce, and has a flair and bounce to it. You can also use this name to honor someone in your family named Rose.

32. Elixane

Elixane was once a rare name, even amongst the Basque speakers. Elixane Lechemia, the French tennis player, put this name on the top of the charts. Elixane, with its trendy ‘El’, beginning and its similarity with Elizabeth, has a high chance of being a hit in English-speaking countries. This variation of Elizabeth means ‘pledged to God’.

33. Erdutza

The name Erdutza is used in a similar way in the Basque country as the Spanish name Nieves is used in Spain. Both the names refer to the Virgin Mary. Meaning ‘snow’, Erdutza could make an ideal name for winter born girls.

34. Iara

Iara maybe a male name in Basque, but it will sound best on a girl in the United States. If you think Iara is a tad too simple, you can add a letter at its beginning to make it Liara, Siara or Kiara. The meaning of Iara is ‘cheerful’.

35. Irati

This name is for parents who want a name that’s unique and different. Meaning ‘fern field’, this sweet sounding name is highly popular in Spain and fetched the third spot last year.

36. Itziar

Itziar, the name of the Basque village that contains that shrine of Virgin Mary is a viable baby girl name. Its possible meaning is ‘old stone’. But this lilting name can pose pronunciation problems in non-Spanish countries.

37. Izaro

If you want something exotic for your daughter, pick Izaro, which is the name of a small island in the Bay of Biscay, off the Spanish Coast.

38. Jakinda

Floral names are back in vogue. But with so many Roses and Lillys running around, you might want something that’s more unique. Jakinda, the Basque word for ‘hyacinth’, could be the one for you. It sounds easy to call out, despite all the consonants in it. For the nickname, you can pick Jaki or Jacky.

39. Joska

If you want a playful variation of Jessica, Joska could be considered. Joska is the Basque variation of Josepha and means ‘Jehovah increases’. It’s cute, brief, and full of life. You also get an option of nicknaming your daughter Jo.

40. June

This Latin name after the goddess Juno is as popular in Basque as it is in English speaking countries. In fact, it was the second most popular Basque name for girls last year. Amanda Peet used June as her daughter’s middle name, and Balthazar Getty used it as a given name.

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41. Leire

Here’s another place inspired Basque name for you. It’s taken from the name of the monastery in Spain (Monastery of San Salvador of Leyre). Leire was one of the ten most popular names in Basque country in the year 2011 and is still going strong. The correct pronunciation of Leire is ‘LAY-ree.

42. Lourdes

Lourdes was the name of the town where a young peasant girl claimed to have had a vision of Virgin Mary. But this Basque name, meaning ‘craggy slope’ came into the spotlight when Madonna picked it for her little girl. Too bad that just a few devout Roman Catholics have followed her lead.

43. Maialen

Maialen is the Basque version of Magdalene and referenced to May Magdalene. There is something classy and exotic about this name, which will appeal to many readers.

44. Naiara

This melodic Arabic name is originally the name of a Spanish city of Najera. In the 12th century, an apparition of Virgin Mary was reported to be seen in the nearby cave. You can use its alternate spelling Nayara as well.

45. Nekane

This Basque form of Dolores, meaning ‘sorrow’, has a decidedly upbeat and modern sound to it. And since it’s unknown in English-speaking countries, Nekane sounds fresh from the oven. We think it’ll make a nice update for Nicole.

46. Nerea

Nerea is a variation of the name Nere and ‘mine’. Both the names are distinctive and usable, but we like it more for its ‘an’ ending. And it’s one of the top 20 names in Spain too!

47. Urraca

This Basque name, meaning ‘magpie’, has been used by several queens of medieval Iberian Kingdoms. Despite its royal roots, this moniker sounds totally accessible.

48. Uxue

This is one of our favorites from the list. Uxue is the Basque for Spanish town Ujue, where there’s a church dedicated to Virgin Mary. This name means ‘dove’.

49. Ximenia

If you are looking for nature-inspired Basque names for your daughter, you can pick Ximenia. It is named after a Spanish monk named Ximenes and means ‘a tropical plant bearing wild limes’.

50. Xuxa

This lovely Basque girl name is a variation of Shoshana and means ‘lily’.

We hope you chose the right name for your little one from our list of basque baby names and meanings. If you think we missed out your favorite, let us know in the comment section below!

This list of unique Basque baby names has several simple yet attractive names. Since these names have French-Spanish origins, they can make your little one’s persona exciting. So select a name you and your partner like for your baby boy or girl. While making your decision, also look into the name’s meaning to ensure you choose a meaningful one for your baby. If you feel confused, close your eyes and have the names read aloud to you to help you know which name will suit your baby the most.

Key Pointers

  • Basque names are closely connected to French and Spanish cultures.
  • Basque names such as Abarran, Benat, Joska, and Maialen are inspired by famous English names.
  • Basajaun, Itzal, Alasne, and Urraca are some rare Basque names.
  • Consider the meaning and pronunciation of the name when deciding.

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