250+ Top Argentinian Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

Argentinian last names reflect a blend of indigenous and immigrant cultures. With European, Spanish, and Italian influences alongside deep-rooted origins, they highlight the country’s diverse history and multicultural identity. In Argentina, as in several other Spanish-speaking nations, individuals adhere to Spanish naming customs, where a person’s name consists of two given names followed by the father’s and mother’s surnames. For instance, in the name José Luis Gómez Iglesias, José and Luis are the given names, while Gómez and Iglesias indicate the person’s paternal and maternal surnames, respectively.

While some surnames bear a patronymic influence, others have biblical or toponymic origins. From globally recognized surnames to lesser-known ones specific to Argentina, explore our list of most sought-after Argentinian last names.

250+ Top Argentinian Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

Argentine last names are prevalent throughout Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries. Some have been used for centuries, while others have emerged in recent decades with roots in languages like Spanish and Italian. Explore our extensive list of Argentine last names, featuring traditional, well-known, and uncommon surnames.

Common Argentinian Last Names

From Bruno to Diaz, most last names in Argentina are widespread in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. These common Argentine surnames offer a glimpse into the country’s diverse past.

1. Acuña

A Galician-Spanish toponymic surname, possibly derived from a location named Acuña Alta.

2. Alcaraz

This Spanish surname has its origins in the eponymous Manchego municipality of Spain.

3. Alfonso

The surname has Spanish and Italian origins. It stems from the given name Alphonsus, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘ready.’

4. Almirón

Almiron is a surname from Argentina with an uncertain meaning. Sergio Almirón, a former Argentine football player who was part of the 1986 FIFA World Cup-winning team, bears this surname.

5. Alonso

A variant of Alfonso, this Spanish given name and surname means ‘noble’ and ‘ready.’

6. Arias

Arias is a Spanish surname with uncertain etymology. Some sources suggest it could be derived from a medieval Germanic name.

7. Avila

Avila is a toponymic last name indicating someone from the city of Ávila in Spain.

8. Benitez

Derived from Spanish given name and last name, Benitez means ‘son of Benito.’ This name further stems from Benedict, meaning ‘blessed.’

9. Bravo

A playful nickname-turned surname Bravo connotes ‘angry,’ ‘bold,’ or ‘brave.’ It is commonly used in Spanish and Portuguese cultures.

10. Bruno

A surname of Italian and Portuguese origins, Bruno means ‘brown.’ It is typically used as an affectionate term for someone having brown hair or clothes.

11. Bustos

This Spanish surname gained prominence in Argentina during the 17th century. It translates to ‘ox pasture’ and pertains to towns in Italy and Spain.

12. Cabrera

The surname Cabrera, rooted in Late Latin, derives from Capraria, meaning ‘place of goats.’ It is associated with various place names

13. Calcagno

Of uncertain origin and meaning, Calcagno is associated with Argentine diplomat and politician Eric Calcagno. He held the position of Argentina’s ambassador to France from 2005 to 2007.

14. Cardozo

Seen as a surname in Spanish and Portuguese, Cardozo has a topographic essence. It is derived from the Latin carduus, meaning ‘thorny.’

15. Carrizo

Derived from a nickname often given to a bold and audacious individual, the surname Carizzo is of Spanish descent.

16. Castillo

This Spanish surname traces its roots to the English castel, meaning ‘castle.’ It could be given to a person residing near a castle.

17. Chamorro

Historically linked to an ancient family lineage from Spain, the surname Chamorro is also widely used in Argentina.

18. Colombo

Columbo is a popular given name and occupational surname from Italy. It stems from the Italian term Colomba, which translates to ‘dove.’It could be associated with someone who cared for doves.

19. Costa

Originating from Portuguese, Catalan, and Italian languages, the toponymic surname Costa possibly means ‘riverbank,’ ‘slope,’ or ‘coast.’

20. Cruz

One of the most popular last names in Spain, Argentina, and Portuguese, Cruz means ‘cross.’ Initially, it indicated someone living near a cross or crossroads.

21. Cuevas

Carrying the significance of ‘cave,’ the last name Cuevas originates in Spanish.

22. Delgado

Though it sounds rugged, Delgado bears the gentle meaning of ‘thin.’ This surname has Spanish and Portuguese roots.

23. Di Tella

A surname of unclear meaning, Di Tella is borne by Guido di Tella, an Argentine businessman, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

24. Diaz

Often written as Díaz, the patronymic surname signifies ‘son of Diego.’ Derived from significant names like Santiago, James, and Jacob, Diaz may convey meanings such as ‘saint,’ ‘supplanter,’ and ‘may God protect.’

25. Duarte

The Portuguese, Spanish, and Argentinian given name and surname Duarte is a variant of the name Edward, which translates to ‘rich guard.’

26. Escobar

This geographical surname originates from a collective form of the term escoba, which signifies ‘broom.’

27. Falcón

Taken from an informal name, this surname carries the Spanish meaning of ‘falcon.’

28. Farias

Classified as a toponymic surname, Farias could denote multiple locations named Faria in Portugal.

29. Ferreyra

Ferreyra is a topographic last name related to individuals from a town named Ferreira. Its meaning comes from the Latin term ferrum meaning ‘iron.’

30. Flores

With a delightful connotation of ‘flower,’ Flores is a Spanish surname signifying ‘son of Floro.’

31. Franco

Used as a given name in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, Franco is also a surname in these cultures.

32. Galimberti

Galimberti is an Italian last name borne by a well-known Argentine-born Italian weightlifter and Olympian, and recipient of a Gold medal in the 1924 Olympic games.

33. Garavano

The Argentine surname graces retired Argentine footballers Matías Garavano and Gonzalo Garavano.

34. Garcia

A Portuguese and Spanish given name and surname. It is speculated to be linked to the Basque word hartz, meaning ‘bear.’

35. Godoy

Derived from the given name Gaudi, the meaning of this surname is not widely available.

36. Gomez

A Spanish surname with roots in the given name Guma, which means ‘man.’ Selena Gomez, a renowned American actress and singer, is a notable bearer of this surname.

37. Hernandez

A patronymic surname and given name from Spain, Hernandez means ‘son of Hernando.’

38. Ibañez

Meaning ‘son of Iban,’ the patronymic surname Ibañez is ultimately rooted in the name John, meaning ‘God is gracious.’

39. Iglesias

Iglesias is a Spanish family name, originating from the Spanish term iglesia, meaning ‘church.’

40. Juarez

The surname might have a patronymic essence as a variant of Suárez, which denotes ‘son of Suero.’

41. Lammens

Though its meaning is unknown, Lammens is a Spanish surname, notably borne by Matías Lammens, an Argentine businessman and politician.

42. Larralde

Larralde is a toponymic surname derived from several places with similar names in the ancient French province of Lapurdi.

43. Ledesma

A Spanish surname originating from various locations in Spain is Ledesma. It possibly stems from a Celtic origin signifying ‘broad’ or ‘wide.’

44. Legnani

The surname Legnani has Italian origins, evident in the name of Lucas Legnani, an Argentine ten-pin bowler.

45. Leiva

Leiva is a Spanish last name derived from a location. Its meaning remains uncertain.

46. Lo Celso

Combining the given name Celso with the prefix Lo, Lo Celso finds common usage in Italian, Portuguese, Galician, and Spanish cultures. Celso, derived from Celus, signifies ‘tall.’

47. Lobo

Originating from Spanish and Portuguese, this stylish surname carries the animal-inspired meaning of ‘wolf.’

48. Lomonaco

The meaning of this Italian surname is uncertain. It is shared by Argentinian football players Kevin Lomónaco and Sebastián Lomonaco.

49. Lucero

Possessing radiant meanings such as ‘light source,’ ‘bright star,’ and ‘morning star’ in Spanish, Lucero is both a given name and a surname of Spanish origin.

50. Maidana

Maidana is a Spanish surname of unspecified meaning. Cristian Maidana, Jonathan Maidana, and Julián Edgardo Maidana are Argentine footballers with this surname

51. Marin

The given name and surname are used in French, Romanian, and Italian cultures. Marin could mean ‘of the sea’ or ‘sailor.’

Argentinian Last Names, Marin

52. Marino

Also spelled Mariño or Maryino, this surname stems from a given name. It is believed to carry a range of meanings such as ‘of the sea,’ ‘male,’ ‘beloved,’ and ‘sea of bitterness.’

53. Martinez

Meaning ‘son of Martín,’ this Spanish last name might have its roots in the name Mars, meaning ‘male.’

54. Medina

A toponymic, Medina is linked to the Arabic name Madinah, meaning city. It is typically used as a surname in Spain and Argentina.

55. Menem

Despite its unclear etymology, Menem is a popular surname in Argentina, notably borne by Carlos Menem, the former president of Argentina (from 1989 to 1999).

56. Miori

The Italian surname is also commonly used in Argentina. Its meaning remains unknown.

57. Montero

With Spanish roots, this surname means ‘hunter’ or ‘mountain’. It was initially given to a beater or an assistant at a hunt.

58. Montes

Derived from the Spanish monte, this toponymic surname means ‘mountain’ or ‘hill.’

59. Morales

A topographic meaning ‘mulberry tree,’ originating from the Spanish word ‘moral.’

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60. Moreno

Common in Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, Moreno is derived from a Spanish nickname, meaning ‘dark.’

61. Naishtat

Argentine film director and screenwriter Benjamín Naishtat bears this surname. Its meaning is not widely documented.

62. Navarro

Navarro is a habitational name indicating someone from a place named Navarre in Spain. It is possibly derived from the Basque word nabar, meaning ‘brown.’

63. Olmedo

The meaning of this Argentine last name is unknown. It may have gained popularity through Alberto Olmedo, one of the most prominent comedians in the history of his country.

64. Olmos

Derived from the Spanish term for ‘elm tree,’ this surname originally referred to individuals who resided near such a tree.

65. Otero

The location-based surname has Spanish roots. It means ‘hill’ or ‘height.’

66. Paz

The chic surname derived from an affectionate term, means ‘peace’ in Spanish. In earlier times, it was given to people with a calm demeanor.

67. Peralta

The habitational name is influenced by several places in Spain named Peralta. It means ‘high rock.’

68. Pereira

The Portuguese and Galician surname is toponymic in origin. Eventually derived from the Latin term Pirum, it means ‘pear tree.’

69. Piatti

Piatti is an Italian last name of uncertain meaning. Ignacio Piatti, an Argentine retired football player is a notable bearer of the surname.

70. Ponce

Ponce is a Spanish family name originating from a given name. It likely means ‘fifth.’

71. Quintana

The surname Quintana, originating from Spain, originally referred to an individual living on land where the rent equaled one-fifth of its yield.

72. Ramirez

Ramírez or Ramirez is a patronymic Spanish surname meaning ‘son of Ramiro.’

73. Rey

A nickname and surname Rey holds a regal connotation of ‘king’ in Spanish.

74. Richeze

The surname Richeze is well-known in Argentina, being shared by the cyclist brothers Adrián, Mauro, Maximiliano, and Roberto Richeze.

75. Rios

Alternatively spelled Ríos or Riós has Spanish and Portuguese roots. It is derived from the term Spanish Rio, meaning river.

76. Rivas

The Spanish surname Rivas stems from the term Riva, signifying ‘bank’ or ‘shore.’ It could refer to someone living near a river or lake.

77. Rivero

The surname was used by Argentine tango singer and composer, Edmundo Rivero. Coming from Spanish Ribera, it means ‘bank’ or ‘shore.’

78. Rocha

A Portuguese and Galician last name Rocha is rooted in Old French roche meaning ‘rock.’ It might be given to an individual residing near a rock.

79. Rojas

One of the common surnames in Spanish-speaking nations, Rojas denotes ‘red’ in Spanish.

80. Roman

Originating from a given name, Roman is a common surname used in Argentine, Romanian, Polish, and Ukrainian cultures.

81. Romano

Romano is an Italian last name famously associated with Argentine actor Gerardo Romano.

82. Romero

Meaning ‘pilgrim to Rome,’ Romero is an Italian last name. It is notably borne by skilled Argentine professional golfer Eduardo Romero, nicknamed El Gato.

83. Rossi

A nickname-like surname Rossi has Italian roots. It originates from Italian rosso and Latin russus, both meaning ‘red.’

84. Ruiz

A patronymic, Ruiz means ‘son of Ruy’ in Spanish. The given name Ruy is rooted in the term Roderick, meaning ‘famous ruler.’

85. Russo

Carrying the vibrant essence of the color ‘red’, Russo is inspired by a nickname often linked to red-haired individuals.

86. Sabella

Sabella is a last name of Italian and Sicilian descent. It holds etymological ties to Agrigento, a prominent city in Sicily, Italy.

87. Sadosky

With an uncertain meaning, Sadosky exudes a sense of wisdom, associated with Argentine mathematicians like Cora and Manuel Sadosky.

88. Scotto

The upbeat last name has Italian roots, signifying ‘Scot.’ It has several variants such as Escotto, Scotto, Scotti, and Scuotto.

89. Sivori

A surname borne by Eduardo Sívori, renowned as Argentina’s first realist painter. Sivori is also used in Italian societies.

90. Soria

Soria is a surname derived from a city in Spain sharing the same name.

91. Sosa

Potentially rooted in the Latin salsus, meaning ‘salty,’ or saxa, denoting ‘rocks,’ Sosa is a Spanish and Portuguese surname. In earlier times, it was given to someone living near the Sousa river in Portugal.

92. Soto

A chic habitational surname from Spain, Soto means ‘grove of trees,’ or small forest.’

93. Suarez

A given name and patronymic Spanish surname Suarez means ‘son of Suero.’

94. Sztajnszrajber

A complex surname of uncertain meaning, Sztajnszrajber is borne by Argentine philosopher and television presenter Darío Sztajnszrajber.

95. Taffarel

A surname used in Brazilian, Italian, and Argentine families, Taffarel’s meaning remains uncertain.

96. Tarducci

An Italian surname of unknown meaning, Tarducci is found in the last name of Argentine anthropologist and feminist activist Mónica Tarducci.

97. Trejo

Trejo is a habitational surname of Spanish origin, indicating familial ties to Trexo, a location in Asturias, northwest Spain.

98. Trillini

The Italian last name is borne by notable individuals such as Argentine road and track cyclist Sebastián Trillini and Argentine former cyclist Eduardo Trillini.

99. Urrutia

Urrutia is a Basque surname meaning ‘distant’ or ‘far away.’ The last name is also used in Argentina and the Philippines.

100. Valdez

A toponymic and patronymic surname, Valdez is of Spanish origin. It means ‘son of Baldo.’

Argentinian Last Names, Valdez

101. Valencia

Also written as València, this last name is considered toponymic. It originates from the Spanish city so named.

102. Varela

The last name Varela is derived from the Spanish term vara, which means ‘stick.’ It could be associated with individuals whose occupation involves the use of a stick.

103. Vargas

A Spanish and Portuguese last name Vargas, means ‘slope,’ ‘hut,’ or ‘flooded field.’

104. Vazquez

Alternatively spelled Vázquez, this Spanish surname carries a patronymic significance, indicating ‘son of Vasco.’

105. Zabala

Stemming from the Basque name zabal, this surname means ‘large’ or ‘wide.’ It initially referred to individuals belonging to a place named Zabala in Biscay.

106. Zin

Zin is an Argentine surname with origins in Burma, notably associated with Italian-Argentine doctor and politician Claudio Zin.

Popular Last Names in Argentina

Armani, Ferraro, Gonzalez, Sequieea, and many others. The array of popular surnames in Argentina appears boundless. Explore our curated selection of these names below.

107. Acosta

The Spanish surname Acosta, rooted in the term Costa, holds topographical significance, referring to a ‘riverbank’ or ‘coast.’

108. Aguero

Of uncertain meaning, Ageuro is an Argentine surname linked to the prominent Argentine former professional footballer Sergio Agüero, widely regarded as one of the best players and strikers of all time.

109. Aguilar

The surname Aguilar might refer to a place originating from the Spanish term águila, meaning ‘eagle.’

110. Alderete

A habitational name linked to several places in Galicia, Spain, or Alderete in Portugal. It is believed to be rooted in the English term Aldrich, meaning ‘old ruler.’

111. Alvarez

A well-known Spanish surname in Argentina with a patronymic meaning of ‘son of Álvaro.’

112. Arevalo

Commonly spelled Arévalo in Spain, this surname originates from any of the places called Arévalo in the provinces of Ávila and Soria.

113. Armani

Famously linked to an Italian fashion house, the name Armani means ‘son of Ermanno,’ where Ermanno is derived from Herman, meaning ‘army man.’

114. Barrios

Barrios is a habitational Spanish last name typically used for someone hailing from Barrio, a name given to several places in Spain.

115. Basaldella

Basaldella is a surname borne by Argentine surfer Santino Basaldella. Its meaning remains unknown.

116. Basualdo

The Spanish surname enjoys prevalent usage in Argentina. It is shared among several notable Argentine footballers, including Agustina Barroso Basualdo and Lucas Basualdo.

117. Bernasconi

Also written as Bernaskoni, this Italian surname is popular across Italy, France, and Argentina.

118. Birkner

Birkner is a last name of uncertain meaning. It is notably borne by Argentina’s Olympic skiers and brothers Jorge Birkner and Ignacio Birkner.

119. Blanco

Derived from Spanish, this surname means ‘white.’ It could indicate someone with pale skin or blonde hair.

120. Brito

The surname Brito belonged to Jorge Horacio Brito, an Argentine banker and former CEO of Argentina’s largest bank, Banco Macro. It is a topographic name linked to the ancient Brito village in Portugal.

121. Bulgheroni

An Italian and Argentine family name, notably borne by Carlos Bulgheroni, one of the wealthiest individuals in Argentina at the time of his passing.

122. Calvo

Commonly used in Spanish, Argentina, Italian, and Portuguese cultures, Calvo means ‘bald.’

123. Campos

Campos is a Portuguese, Spanish, and Argentinian surname that means ‘field.’ It is considered topographical.

124. Carboni

Originating from a nickname, the Italian last name Carboni could be associated with a person with dark features.

125. Carranza

A form of Karrantza, this surname has Basque origins. It is thought to be derived from an eponymous municipality in the Country.

126. Casas

Casas, a surname with Spanish roots, is habitational. It likely means ‘houses’ and was used as a name for many places.

127. Castro

Castro is categorized as a habitational name in Spanish and Portuguese. It was given to someone who lived near a castle.

128. Chavez

Also written as Chávez, this surname is toponymic. It has its roots in the given name Flavius, meaning ‘golden.’

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129. Coria

A common surname in Argentina, Coria, is borne by skilled former tennis player Guillermo Coria, who was once named the world’s best clay-court player.

130. Coronel

Coronel is an occupational name in Spanish, meaning ‘colonel.’ It might be given to someone in command of a regiment.

131. Correa

Correa is an occupational surname given to people working with leather or its products. It means ‘leather strap’ or ‘belt’ in Portuguese.

132. Curatella

Common in Italy and Argentina, the surname Curatella was notably borne by prolific Argentine sculptor Pablo Curatella Manes.

133. Denevi

The last name of renowned Argentine author Marco Denevi. The meaning of this name is not known.

134. DiSanto

A common Italian surname, DiSanto, is also popular in Argentina. It is associated with famous Argentine sports personalities such as hockey player Celina Di Santo and footballer Franco Di Santo.

135. Dominguez

A Spanish patronymic last name Dominguez, means ‘son of Domingo.’ Originating from the term Dominicus, the name could mean ‘of the Lord.’

136. Dujovne

Of uncertain meaning, Dujovne is the surname of León Dujovne, an Argentine writer, essayist, philosopher, and journalist.

137. Duran

Duran, a surname with Catalan roots, carries a ‘steadfast’ essence.

138. Fernandez

Commonly spelled Fernández, this last name is of Spanish descent, meaning ‘son of Fernando.’ It is borne by former President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

139. Ferrari

Famously linked to an Italian luxury sports car brand, Ferrari is an occupational title for a metalworker. It is derived from the Latin ferrum, meaning ‘iron.’

140. Francella

The English surname Francella is also sometimes used in Argentina. It is associated with Argentine actor Guillermo Francella and his son Nicolás Francella.

141. Frigerio

Frigerio might have originated from a nickname. It is believed to be a Lombard name for hackberry.

142. Frondizi

The Italian and Argentine surname Frondizi was notably borne by former President of Argentina, Arturo Frondizi.

143. Galoppo

Galoppo is an Argentine last name associated with the current Argentine footballer Giuliano Galoppo and former Argentine footballer Marcelino Galoppo.

144. Gil

Derived from the same given name, this surname has Spanish and Portuguese origins. The name Gil is a variant of Giles, meaning ‘young goat.’

145. Gimenez

A form of the given name Giménez, this surname ultimately stems from Jiménez, meaning ‘son of Jimeno.’

146. Gonzalez

Gonzalez or González is a Spanish surname, widely popular in Argentina. It translates to ‘son of Gonzalo.’

147. Lopez

Globally recognized due to the American singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez; the surname Lopez has Spanish origins. It means ‘son of Lope,’ with Lope connoting ‘wolf.’

148. Lorenzo

Originating from the given name rooted in the term Laurentius, Lorenzo might denote someone ‘from Laurentum.’

149. Luna

Luna is a Spanish surname considered topographical. Derived from ‘moon,’ it might refer to various places in Spain.

150. Martin

A popular given and surname name in Spain and Argentina, Martin is possibly derived from the term Mars, meaning ‘male.’

151. Mendez

Spelled more commonly as Méndez, this surname has Spanish and Filipino roots and means ‘son of Menendo.’

152. Mendoza

A surname with Spanish and Basque origins, Mendoza is habitational. It signifies ‘cold mountain.’

153. Miranda

Miranda is a habitational name for several locations in Spain and Portugal. With Latin roots, it signifies ‘admirable’ and ‘wonderful.’

Argentinian Last Names, Miranda

154. Olivera

The Spanish last name Olivera has a nature-related meaning of ‘olive tree.’

155. Onzari

Onzari is an Argentinian last name belonging to one of the most talented Argentine footballers, Cesáreo Onzari.

156. Paez

Also spelled Páez, this Spanish name is notable in Argentina due to Argentine rock and roll musician and filmmaker Fito Páez.

157. Paolucci

The Italian surname is rooted in the given names Paulo and Paul. It could have Latin and Roman origins, signifying ‘small’ or ‘humble.’ Paoluzzi, Paulucci, and Pauluzzi are variants of this name.

158. Parra

A Spanish, Portuguese, and Jewish last name, also common in Argentina. In earlier times, it was given to individuals whose ancestors were winemakers.

159. Parravicini

An Argentine surname notably associated with Argentine visual artist Benjamín Solari Parravicini. Known for his psychic abilities, Parravicini foresaw several historical events, including the 9/11 terror attack.

160. Peña

Meaning ‘rocky outcrop’ or ‘rocky summit’ in Spanish, Peña originally denoted a person residing near such a rocky location.

161. Perez

Perez is a patronymic surname, signifying ‘son of Pedro.’ These names are associated with the given name Peter, meaning ‘rock.’

162. Pintos

Pintos is the last name of an Argentine singer-songwriter renowned for his Argentine folk music, Abel Pintos. The meaning of this name is not listed.

163. Rodriguez

One of the popular last names in Spain and Argentina is Rodriguez. It carries a patronymic significance, indicating ‘son of Rodrigo.’

164. Sanchez

Meaning ‘son of Sancho,’ Sanchez is related to the given name Sancho, which means ‘saintly’ or ‘holy.’

165. Santos

A surname of Spanish and Portuguese origins, Santos means ‘saint.’ It was also used as a nickname for a pious individual.

166. Sequeira

Likely stemming from a Portuguese village located in the Braga municipality, Sequeira is a topographic name.

167. Silva

Silva is a surname that is both nature-related and topographical. With Spanish and Portuguese roots, the name is derived from the term silva, meaning ‘forest.’

168. Torres

A Spanish topographic surname, Torres was originally held by a person who lived in or near a tower. It is also widespread in Portugal and Argentina,

169. Vega

A toponymic, Vega has Spanish and Basque origins. It signifies ‘meadow’ or ‘plain.’

170. Velazquez

The patronymic surname Velazquez means ‘son of Vasco.’ Ultimately stemming from the term Velasco, it could denote a ‘crow.’

171. Valenzuela

A habitational last name of Spanish origin, referring to many places so named in Córdoba and Ciudad Real. It is thought to mean ‘little Valencia.’

172. Vera

Vera has Spanish roots and is considered a habitational name. It means ‘shore’ or ‘bank’ in Spanish.

Rare Argentinian Surnames

Most surnames used in Argentina, including the rare ones, have ties to Spanish, Basque, and Italian cultures. These uncommon Argentinian surnames highlight the country’s multicultural heritage.

173. Adorni

With Italian roots, Adorni is a surname with an unknown meaning. It is associated with Manuel Adorni, an Argentine economist, politician, and spokesperson for the Presidency of Argentina.

174. Aguirre

A Spanish name of Basque origin, Aguirre means ‘open,’ ‘cleared,’ or ‘prominent.’ It could be used for people living in open areas.

175. Albarracin

More commonly spelled as Albarracín, this surname refers to a town in Spain that was declared a national monument in 1961.

176. Amaray

Amaray is a surname typically used in Spanish-speaking Latin American and Hispanic countries. It is also a popular feminine given name in these regions.

177. Amarilla

An uncommon name in Argentina, Amarilla has English and Hungarian roots. Rooted in the given name Amaryllis, it means ‘to sparkle.’

178. Amigorena

Appearing in the names of Argentine actor Mike Amigorena and director Santiago Amigorena, this surname’s meaning and etymology remain unclear.

179. Angeleri

Angeleri is a rare Italian and Argentinian surname. It is borne by Argentine footballer Marcos Angeleri.

180. Araujo

A common family name in Spain and Portugal, Araujo could be given to individuals from any of the regions in Portugal with this name.

181. Arroyo

A habitational surname meaning ‘stream’ or ‘brook’ in Spanish. A notable political figure bearing the name is Daniel Arroyo, who served as Argentina’s Minister of Social Development.

182. Ayala

Deriving from the name of a town in Álava, Spain, this topographical surname could mean ‘slope’ (from the Basque term aiher) or ‘pasture’ (from alha).

183. Baglini

The meaning and etymology of this Argentinian last name are not known. It was borne by Argentine politician Raúl Baglini.

184. Barros

Barros can be both an occupational and topographical surname. It means ‘clay’ or ‘mud’ and could be given to someone working with clay or mud or living near them.

185. Biasatti

The Italian name Biasatti lacks a specified etymology. Santo Biasatti, an Argentine journalist is perhaps the only noted bearer of this surname.

186. Bianchi

The Italian surname could be given to someone with white hair or pale skin. It is derived from the term bianco, meaning ‘white.’

187. Bogado

Typically used in Paraguay and Argentina, this name’s meaning is not widely known. It is associated with Argentine footballers Diego Bogado and Emiliano Bogado.

188. Bouzat

Bouzat is a French surname with an unclear meaning. It adorns the name of Cecilia Bouzat, an Argentine biochemist featured in the BBC’s 2015 list of 100 Women (2015).

189. Briceño

Alternatively spelled Briceño or Briseño, this surname is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico and Argentina. Its meaning is unknown.

190. Buonanotte

Buonanotte is an Italian surname with moderate usage in Argentina. It is notably borne by Argentine footballers Diego Buonanotte and Facundo Buonanotte.

191. Caceres

Usually pronounced ka-ze-rez, Cáceres or Caceres is a Spanish surname derived from a given name. Luciano Cáceres, an Argentine actor known for playing antagonistic roles, is a popular bearer of the surname.

192. Campagnaro

The meaning of this Argentine last name is ambiguous. Notably, it is shared among Argentine footballers Hugo Campagnaro and Marco Campagnaro

193. Cantero

The last name Cantero is seen in Spain, Paraguay, and Argentina. In Argentina’s music world, it’s famous because of Marciano Cantero, who was a member of the Argentine band Enanitos Verdes.

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194. Caviglia

The surname Caviglia doesn’t have a specific meaning attached to it. However, in films, Orestes Caviglia, an Argentine actor and director from Argentina’s classic cinematic era, carried this surname.

195. Cedaro

The surname Cedaro is among the rarest in Argentina. Leandro Cedaro, an Argentine-born rugby union player representing Italy, is a notable individual with this surname.

196. Chaves

The habitational name, Chaves, is derived from a similarly-named city in Portugal. It could also be related to the name Flavius, meaning ‘golden’ or ‘yellow-haired.’

Argentinian Last Names, Chaves

197. Cisneros

With Spanish roots, Cisneros is a habitational name, coming from a location in the Palencia province of Spain.

198. Corbalan

A variant of Corbalán, the surname is of Aragonese origin. It also refers to the name of a municipality in Spain.

199. Cordoba

Cordoba is a toponymic surname with Spanish roots. It supposedly indicates a person belonging to Córdoba (Cordova) city in the Andalusia community of Spain.

200. Corvalan

The surname carried by Claudio Corvalán, an Argentine professional footballer, Corvalan lacks a specific meaning.

201. Cuenca

Originating from the name of a city in the Kingdom of Castilla, Cuenca is a Spanish last name. It carries meanings such as ‘basin,’ ‘watershed,’ and a ‘valley of mountains.’

202. Cufré

The exact origin and meaning of the surname Cufré are unknown. A notable individual with this surname is Julio César Cufré, an Argentine field hockey player.

203. Desabato

Also written as Desábato, this Argentine surname is borne by Argentine-born football manager and former footballer Gustavo Domingo Quinteros Desábato.

204. Fagioli

The Italian surname Fagioli is also present within Argentine communities. It means ‘beans.’

205. Figueroa

Figueroa is a Spanish surname that is both nature-related and topographical. It means ‘fig tree’ and is generally used for someone living near a fig tree.

206. Gallo

Derived from a nickname, this chic last name is used in Italian, Argentine, and Spanish cultures. It means ‘rooster,’ and could be given informally to a proud person.

207. Gorosito

An uncommon last name of Argentinian origin borne by an Argentine footballer Nicolás Gorosito, and Argentine football manager Néstor Gorosito.

208. Gutierrez

A patronymic, Gutierrez, means ‘son of Gutierre’ in Spanish. The given name Gutierre is rooted in the name Walter, meaning ‘power of the army.’

209. Guzmán

A topographic name with Spanish origins, Guzmán is derived from the town of the same name in Spain.

210. Herrera

Herrera is a topographic last name. It is a Spanish variant of Ferreira, which means ‘iron.’ Earlier, it was possibly given to people who resided near an iron mine.

211. Hourcade

A surname associated with Argentine rugby union coach and former player, Daniel Hourcade. Its meaning is not widely documented.

212. Insaurralde

Although rare, Insaurralde is an Argentinian surname with an uncertain meaning. Notably, it was borne by José Félix Estigarribia Insaurralde, the 34th President of Paraguay.

213. Insúa

Another uncommon surname with limited information on its etymology is Insúa. Federico Insúa, a retired skilled footballer from Argentina, is a prominent namesake.

214. Lavagna

A family name of Roberto Lavagna, former Argentine Minister of Economy and Production. The origin of this name is uncertain.

215. Maldonado

Maldonado is a Spanish surname and nickname. It means ‘ill-given’ or ‘ill-favored’ in Spanish.

216. Mansilla

A toponymic name, this surname denotes a location in the La Rioja province of Argentina.

217. Mazza

With Italian roots, this upbeat name serves as both an occupational surname and a nickname. It likely means ‘maul’ or ‘mallet’ in Italian.

218. Mazzina

Possibly linked to an unclear location, Mazzina is an unusual last name in Argentina. Nicolás Mazzina, an Argentine retired footballer, bears this surname.

219. Meza

A Spanish surname and nickname notably borne by Argentine film producer and director Pablo José Meza. He is best known for his award-winning debut film, Buenos Aires 100 Kilómetros.

220. Mihanovich

Mihanovich, as it sounds, is a rather uncommon name. In the Argentine music scene, it is shared by musicians Sandra Mihanovich and Sergio Mihanovich.

221. Molina

Molina is an occupational name given to a person who works with a mill or a millstone. It is derived from the Latin word mola, which means ‘millstone.’

222. Montiel

A Spanish family name typically associated with individuals hailing from Montiel municipality in Spain.

223. Moreira

Moreira has Portuguese origin, derived from the term amoreira, meaning ‘mulberry tree.’

224. Moreyra

A rare surname in Argentina, Moreyra, is historically linked to Eugênia Álvaro Moreyra, a Brazilian actress, and theater director who became president of the union of theater professionals.

225. Moya

Moya is a topographic name with Spanish roots, referring to any of the several towns so named in Spain.

226. Moyano

A Spanish surname more popular in Argentina, Moyano is a toponymic name. It could denote someone from Moya.

227. Muñoz

A versatile name used in Spanish, Portuguese, and Basque cultures, Muñoz is thought to be a patronymic name linked to Muño. It also means ‘hill’ from the Basque term muinoa.

228. Neder

The surname Neder is associated with the occupations of a tailor. It is a variant of the given name Nader.

229. Negri

Negri is an Italian surname derived from a nickname. It means ‘black,’ and is typically used for individuals with dark hair or skin.

230. Nuñez

The patronymic name Nuñez means ‘son of Nuño.’ It possibly originated from the Latin terms nonus for ‘ninth’ or nunnus for ‘grandfather’.

231. Ortiz

A Spanish patronymic surname, Ortiz, means ‘son of Orti.’ The name Orti is believed to be derived from the Latin terms fortis and fortunius, meaning ‘brave and ‘fortunate,’ respectively.

232. Pereyra

A Portuguese and Galician form of Pereira, this Argentine last name carries the beautiful essence of a ‘pear tree’.

233. Perotti

The Italian family name is derived from the name Pietro, which eventually stems from the name Peter, meaning ‘stone.’

234. Peucelle

Peucelle is notably associated with Argentine footballer Carlos Peucelle, who was known as one of the wingers in Argentina’s history. Its meaning is not known.

235. Prieto

A surname and nickname from Spain, Prieto means ‘dark.’ It might be given to individuals with dark skin or hair.

236. Quevedo

Quevedo is a rare surname with an uncertain etymology. It is borne by Argentine actress Carla Quevedo, best known for her role in the movie The Secret in Their Eyes.

237. Quiroga

Quiroga is a toponymic name of Galician origin, denoting a person from a town so named in Spain.

238. Quiroz

Originating in Spain, Quiroz could correspond to one of several locations with the same name. The name may also have Galician origins, indicating ‘heather.’

239. Ramos

A topographic surname, Ramos was originally given to a person who lived in or near a thickly wooded region. It ultimately stems from the Latin ramus, meaning ‘branch.’

240. Ratto

The exact origin of this Argentinian last name is not known. A notable historical figure bearing it is Teresa Ratto, an Argentine doctor, recognized as the first female physician from Entre Ríos Province in Argentina.

241. Reinoso

A Spanish surname often used topographically, Reinoso carries the pleasant meaning of ‘place of fields’.

242. Riquelme

Composed of elements rīc for ‘power,’ and helm for helmet protection, Riquelme is derived from a given name, meaning ‘powerful protection’. It has Portuguese and Spanish origins.

Argentinian Last Names, Riquelme

243. Roldan

A habitational name with Spanish roots, Roldan is a respelling of Roland, meaning ‘famous land.’

244. Rolon

A surname rarely heard in Argentina and Paraguay, Rolon is famously associated with Carlos Rolón, a US-based visual artist best known for his contemporary artworks.

245. Salvador

With roots in Spanish and Portuguese cultures, Salvador comes from the Late Latin Salvator, which means ‘savior.’

246. Tello

The meaning and etymology of this Argentinian surname remain unknown. Perhaps the only noted individual with the last name is Argentine politician José Eugenio Tello.

247. Vidal

A Spanish and Catalan name and surname, Vidal originates from Latin vitalis signifying ‘of life’ or ‘vital.’

248. Villafañe

Villafañe is a toponymic name with Spanish roots, derived from the village so named in Leon province of Spain.

249. Villalba

Combining villa, meaning ‘town,’ and alba, meaning ‘white,’ Villalba might denote a ‘white town.’ Topographically, it might indicate someone coming from a place named Villalba in Spain.

250. Veliz

A toponymic name of Spanish and Czech origins. This surname is borne by Argentine professional footballer Alejo Véliz.

251. Vicente

A Spanish and Portuguese given name and surname, Vicente is a derivative of Vincent. It carries the powerful meaning of ‘to conquer.’

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