200 Ecstatic And Divine Saint Names For Girls and Boys

It is common for most Christian households to prefer saint names for their children. However, lately, these divine saint baby names are preferred by most parents. Apart from the traditional John and Mary, many traditional saint names and monikers of great saints from history have resurfaced in recent years. The stories of the brave saints of the past, their compassion, wisdom, and pivotal role in most historical tales made them inspirational figures. If you’d like your child to be inspired by the exemplary models, then this list of divine saint names for girls and boys is for you. Read on and take your pick.

Catholic Saint Names For Girls

1. Adela

Adela, the Frankish princess, was the abbess and disciple of St. Boniface. The meaning of Adela is ‘noble’.

2. Clotilde

Saint Clotilde, along with her husband King Clovis founded the Merovingian dynasty. This strong name means ‘famous in battle.’

3. Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a christian saint name for girls. St. Cleopatra was the saint of the Coptic Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christianity.

4. Agatha

Agatha was the missionary aide to St. Boniface. Her name was first brought to England during the Norman Conquest by William the Conqueror.

5. Catherine

Catherine, Divine Saint names for babies

Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of students, craftsmen, queens, philosophers and commoners.

6. Christina

We are referring here to St. Christina of Russia. This beautiful and feminine name means ‘a Christian.’

7. Celine

St. Celine, also known as the mother of St. Remigius, was renowned for giving birth to her son at an advanced stage.

8. Bernadette

This moniker is strongly associated with Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. It means ‘brave as a bear.’

9. Adelina

St. Adelina was an abbess and a noblewoman of Normandy. This moniker is a Spanish, Italian and Portuguese variant of Adeline and means ‘noble.’

10. Alena

Saint Alena was a Christian saint who was martyred in the year 640.

11. Anna

Anna is the name of the sainted mother of Mary. This name has been one of the favorites for centuries.

12. Beatrice

St. Beatrice da Silva Meneses was a catholic saint of Portugal. Beatrice means ‘she who brings happiness.’

13. Audrey

St. Audrey was a 6th-century saint revered highly during the Middle Ages. It’s also the name of a character in “As You Like It”.

14. Ava

St. Ava was a 9th-century princess cursed of blindness by Saint Rainfredis. She later became a Benedictine nun.

15. Priscilla

Priscilla was one of the 70 disciples who worked with the apostle Paul to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

16. Phoebe

St. Phoebe is believed to have delivered Paul’s letter to Roman Christian church. Phoebe means ‘radiant.’

17. Thais

If you want something unusual for your daughter, name her Thais. Thais was a courtesan who later turned saint.

18. Therese

Therese, Divine Saint baby name for girls

St. Therese is one of the most loved saints of the recent years. You can use Thea for the nickname.

19. Barbara

The Catholic martyred Saint Barbara offers protection for architects. Her name means ‘foreign woman’.

20. Balbina

This name is associated with Saint Balbina, the Christian martyr and the daughter of Saint Quirinus of Neuss.

21. Corona

St. Corona is a 2nd century saint venerated in Bohemia, Austria and Bavaria.

22. Ebba

Saint Ebba is one of the founders of monasteries in Scotland. Her name means ‘fence’.

23. Elisabeth

This moniker will honor Saint Elisabeth of Hungary.

24. Alodia

St. Alodia was a Catholic Saint who was martyred by Huesca. Alodia means ‘riches’.

Catholic Saint Names For Boys

25. Vincent

Saint Vincent of Lerins was a 5th century monk and an early Christian writer. The meaning of Vincent is ‘conqueror’.

26. Benilde

This unusual name may belong to a girl, but is associated a medieval male saint. It means ‘good’.

27. Xavier

St. Francis Xavier was one of the co-founders of the Society of Jesus. The meaning of Xavier is ‘new house’.

28. Crispin

St. Crispin is one of the Christian patron saint of tanners, curriers, cobblers and leather works.

29. Bernadine

Bernadine was an Italian priest, a Catholic saint and Franciscan missionary.

30. Andrew

St. Andrew, one of the apostles of Christ preached in Greece and Asia Manor after the execution of ‘son of God’.

31. Anthony

Anthony, Divine Saint baby name

St. Anthony was the first person to establish the religious life in Christianity.

32. Cyril

St. Cyril was a Byzantine Christian theologian who influenced the cultural development of Slavs.

33. Pelagio

Pelagio is a Christian saint who is believed to have received visions of the Virgin Mary.

34. Isaac

St. Isaac the Confessor, the founder of the Dalmatian Monastery was a Christian monk, saint and confessor.

35. Apollo

Apollo is the name of the Egyptian Christian who lived in the desert as a hermit.

36. Blaise

St. Blaise was the 4th century physician, who later became the bishop of Sebastea.

37. Ivo

If you want an ‘o’ ending name for your son, go with Ivo, the 13th century lawyer turned saint.

38. Abel

We’re referring to Saint Abel, the Bishop of Reims. His name means ‘breath’.

39. Cyprian

There are several saints with this name, but the most prominent is Cyprian of Carthage, the Catholic saint.

40. Anselm

This solemn name is associated with the 12th century saint of Canterbury. It means ‘with divine protection’.

41. Bardo

St. Bardo was the 11th century bishop in Mainz, Germany.

42. Barnabas

Barnabas is the name of one of the earliest Christian disciples. His name means ‘son of consolation’.

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43. Basil

The history of this name includes several catholic saints. Basil means ‘regal’.

44. Brice

This saint name has a sophisticated and sleek image. It means ‘speckled’.

45. Cornelius

Cornelius is the name of the 3rd century saint and pope in the New Testament. His name means ‘horn’.

46. Damian

There are several saints of this name, including the one renowned as a healer.

Irish Saint Names For Girls

47. Abigail

St. Abigail was the Irish disciple and abbess of St. Abba.

48. Bridget

Bridget is the name of one of the most famous saints of Ireland, who went on to become the patron of her country.

49. Cera

Saint Cera, also called Cyra and Ciar was an Irish abbess. Her name means ‘black haired’.

50. Attracta

Now that’s one attractive name. St. Attracta was a co-worker with St. Patrick.

51. Kiara

This lovely name belongs to the Irish virgin, and the disciple of St. Fintan.

52. Leila

St. Leila is the 17th century saint of Ireland. This Arabic name means ‘night’.

Irish Saint Names For Boys

53. Aidan

This Irish moniker was borne by the 7th century Saint Aidan of Iona who is credited with the establishment of a monastery in North Umbria.

54. Finnian

St. Finnian was the founder of churches in Ireland. His name means ‘fair’.

55. Brendan

St. Brendan was the Irish monks who traveled across the Atlantic to America around 1000 years before Columbus.

56. Patrick

St. Patrick is credited with evangelizing the Irish people. His name means ‘nobly born’.

57. Enda

Enda, the Anglicization of Eanna is attached to an Irish saint.

58. Kevin

Kevin was the 7th century saint who founded a monastery in Dublin. His name means ‘handsome’.

59. Iarlaith

Iarlaith is one of the early Irish saints who founded two monasteries. You can use its short form Iarla for the nickname.

60. Cathal

This moniker, belonging to an Irish saint is currently one of the top 50 names in Ireland.

61. Columba

Columba is the name of one of the most venerated saints of Ireland. The meaning of Columba is ‘dove’.

62. Eoghan

The name Eoghan has been borne by several Irish saints. It means ‘born of the yew tree’.

63. Killian

Here’s another moniker borne by several Irish saints. Killian means ‘church’.

64. Odhran

Odhran is the name of the 6th century Irish saint of Tipperary.

65. Ronan

The compelling name Ronan is associated with 12 Irish saints. It currently ranks #335.

66. Clement

Clement of Ireland was a respected Irish saint. The name has a positive, slightly antiquated and pleasant feel to it.

67. Declan

Declan is the appealing name of an Irish saint. This name is shaping to be a hit in America.

68. Conall

Conall Stickler or Saint Conall as he is popularly known as, was a 5th century saint.

69. Bean

This unisex name belongs to St. Bean of Ireland.

70. Fursey

Fursey was an evangelical Irish monk who was given the power of visions of the afterlife.

71. Ultan

Ultan was a 17th century saint who succeeded St. Breccan as the bishop.

72. Natalis

St. Natalis was the founder of monasticism of Northern Ireland.

73. Colman

Colman was the royal bard who went on to become a bishop in his native place, Ireland.

74. Tressan

Tressan was an Irish saint who left his native place to spread faith in France.

75. Conan

Conan is the name of the 7th century Irish saint and means ‘little wolf’.

Roman Catholic Saint Names For Girls

76. Basilla

St. Basilla was a Roman martyr and saint who later faced martyrdom under Emperor Galerius.

77. Claudia

St. Claudia was Linus’ mother, who went on to become the second pope of Rome. This classic name with Roman splendor can never go out of vogue.

78. Anastasia

St. Anastasia was the spiritual child of St. Chrysogonus. Since this moniker relates to the resurrection, you can use it for Easter.

79. Charity

St. Charity is best known as the daughter of St. Wisdom, the Roman Widow. This virtue name was one of the top 500 names in the 1880s.

80. Bibiana

St. Bibiana was the Roman virgin saint and martyr. The melodic and unusual name means ‘life.’

81. Agnes

Agnes, Roman Catholic Saint name for girls

St. Agnes was a revered, 3rd-century saint of Rome.

82. Cecilia

Saint Cecilia is the Roman patron of music.

83. Ariadne

St. Ariadne, the 2nd-century Phrygian martyr popularized this name with the Christians. It means ‘holy woman.’

84. Sabina

Saint Sabina was the martyr and matron from Rome. One of the finest names in our opinion.

85. Tatiana

This moniker, belonging to St Tatiana, a Christian martyr has been famous in Rome since ages.

86. Felicula

Felicula is the name of the Roman virgin martyr.

87. Eulalia

This name belongs to St. Eulalia, the 13-year-old Roman Christian virgin.

Roman Catholic Saint Names For Boys

88. Vincenzo

St’ Vincent of Saragossa was the fearless and outspoken saint during the time of persecution under the Roman rule.

89. Luke

The Roman Catholic Church considers Saint Luke as the patron saint of students, artists, surgeons and physicians.

90. Alexis

St. Alexis, the revered saint of Rome disguised as a beggar to escape his wealthy parents until he died.

91. Hyginus

Hyginus is the name of the Bishop of Rome from the year c. 138 to c. 142.

92. Leo

This uber popular name is associated with a number of Roman saints, including the 5th-century pope who confronted Attila the Hun.

93. Otto

The name of the Holy Roman Emperor, who was also a saint, would give the perfect amount of edginess to your child.

94. Valentine

We’re referring to the 3rd-century Roman saint who commemorated 14 February with the tradition of love.

95. Fabian

This name is associated with St. Fabian of Rome. It means ‘bean.’

96. Rufus

The meaning of this Roman saint is ‘red head’.

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97. Theodore

St. Theodore was a monk and bishop with amazing healing abilities. His name means ‘god’s gift.’

98. Henry

St. Henry II was one of the best rulers of the Christian Roman Empire. The name means ‘home ruler.’

99. Lawrence

St. Lawrence was a kind and caring saint of Rome. Shorten it to Laurie for the nickname.

100. Genesius

St. Genesius of Rome is the patron saint of clowns, comedians, actors, musicians and dancers.

101. Florian

Florian is a venerated Roman saint of firefighters.

102. Amantius

St. Amantius of Rome is the third bishop of Como.

103. Amias

John Amias was a Roman Catholic priest martyred in England.

104. Sylvester

This moniker of the ‘See of Rome’ was at its peak in the 1920s, when it entered the top 200 baby name list.

Italian Saint Names For Girls

105. Camilla

Saint Camilla Battista da Varano, the Italian princess, is venerated as a saint in the Catholic church.

106. Clare

St. Clare was one of the first followers of St. Francis of Assisi. This moniker is the original and more prosaic spelling of Claire.

107. Candida

Candida is associated with a number of saints, but the most important is Saint Candida, the Elder of Italy.

108. Diana

St. Diana was an Italian saint belonging to the Dominic. This Latin name means ‘divine.’

109. Adelaide

St. Adelaide was one of the most famous saints of Italy. It means ‘noble.’

110. Angelo

St. Angelo was one of the earliest members of the Carmelite Order. The name means ‘angel.’

111. Antonia

St. Antonia of Florence pronounced virtue, patience, and wisdom. Her name means ‘valuable.’

112. Gemma

Gemma fondly called “Daughter of Passion” was a venerated Italian saint. Her name means ‘precious stone.’

113. Seraphina

St. Seraphina of Italy was known for her acts of penance. The meaning of Seraphina is ‘fiery’.

114. Zita

Zita is the name of the 13th-century Tuscan saint. This moniker, meaning ‘seeker’ would sound very creative.

115. Clelia

Saint Clelia Barbieri was the founder of Sister Minims of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Italian Saint Names For Boys

116. Camilo

St. Camillus de Lellis was the 16th-century saint and the founder of the Camillians, a religious order.

117. Abundius

St. Abundius is the early 5th-century saint of Northern Italy.

118. Benno

It may sound like a nickname, but Benn was borne by the Italian bishop.

119. Conrad

Conrad of Piacenza was the Italian hermit and penitent of the Third Order of St. Francis.

120. Milo

Milo was the archbishop of Benevento, Italy. He also shares his name with Saint Milo of Treves.

121. Augustine

Augustine, meaning ‘the exalted one’ belongs to one of the greatest Italian saints, theologians, and philosophers of all time.

122. Cassian

Cassian was the patron saint of school teachers. His name means ‘hollow.’

123. Benedict

Benedict, Italian Saint names for boys

Saint Benedict of Nursia is the patron saint of Italian architects. Benedict means ‘blessed.’

124. Artemas

This moniker has an ancient ring to it. It belongs to a 5th-century Italian saint.

Greek Saint Baby Names For Girls

125. Irene

St. Irene of Athens, also known as Irene Sarantapechaina, was the Byzantine empress.

126. Daira

St. Daira was a 3rd-century saint who was martyred by her husband. This Persian name means ‘protector.’

Greek Saint Baby Names For Boys

127. Achilles

St Achilles of Greece led his people from paganism to Christianity.

128. Alexander

St. Alexander was the Greek monk who founded monastic communities in Constantinople and Syria.

129. Demetrius

St. Demetrius was an Orthodox Christian saint commemorated in the Church of Greece.

130. Aimilios

Aimilios, also know the Man from Thrace, was martyred for destroying pagan images and statues.

131. Publius

St. Publius was a Maltese saint and the bishop of Athens, Greece.

132. Gregory

Gregory V was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople credited with the restoration work to the Patriarchal Cathedral of St George.

133. Achaicus

Achaicus was a Corinthian Greek saint who carried the Corinthians’ letter to St. Paul. This moniker would fit parents who wish to pay tribute to their Greek ancestors.

134. Gerasimus

St. Gerasimus was the patron saint of Kefalonia Island in Greece.

135. Dionysios

St. Dionysios of Zakynthos was a 16th-century Christian saint and archbishop of Zakynthos.

136. Joachim

St. Joachim was a devout Christian saint of the island of Ithaca, Greece.

137. Cosmas

Cosmas of Aetolia, also known as Father Cosmas was a saint and monk in the Greek Orthodox Church.

138. Athenagoras

Here’s another traditional moniker for you. Athenagoras was an Ante-Nicene Christian apologist living in the second half of the second century.

139. Agapius

St. Agapius was an 18th-century saint and martyr of Galatista.

140. Macarius

St. Macarius of Corinth was the mystic and spiritual writer of Corinth.

141. Nicodemus

St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain was a Greek mystic, ascetic monk, philosopher, and theologian.

142. Nikephoros

Nikephoros was the son and disciple of Macarius of Corinth. He was regarded a saint in his lifetime.

143. Philothei

Philothei was a Greek saint and martyr of the Ottoman-era Greece.

144. Athanasios

Athanasios, the Greek saint was a notable philosopher, theologian, and hymnographer.

145. Raphael

Saint Raphael of Greek was an Eastern Orthodox saint who was later martyred by Turkish soldiers.

146. Triantafyllos

Triantafyllos was the saint and martyr of the Greek Orthodox church.

147. Savvas

Savvas is the name of the Greek Orthodox saint.

148. Paisios

Saint Paisios was a well-known Greek saint and ascetic, respected for his spiritual guidance.

149. Nectarios

Saint Nectarios was a Greek saint recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

150. George

Saint George of Drama was a Greek Elder noted for his clairvoyance and spiritual discernment.

151. Kalafatis

Chrysostomos Kalafatis was a Greek Orthodox bishop of Izmir.

152. Porphyrios

St. Porphyrios was a Greek Athonite heir monk known for this spiritual discernment.

153. Cyriacus

Cyriacus, also known as Cyriacus the Hermit was a renowned saint of Greece.

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154. Eumenes

St. Eumenes was the saint of Crete during the 7th century.

155. Giles

St. Giles, also known as Giles the Hermit, was a Greek Orthodox Christian hermit saint.

156. David

David the Dendrite was a patron saint of Thessaloniki.

157. Nicholas

Nicholas Kabasilas was a Greek spiritual and theological writer.

158. Eustathius

Eustathius was a Greek saint and Archbishop of Thessalonica. He is noted for his account of the sack of Thessalonica.

159. Joseph

St. Joseph, the 9th-century Greek saint was one of the greatest liturgical of all time.

160. Maximus

Maximus the Greek was a Greek saint, scholar, publicist, and translator.

161. Ephraim

St. Ephraim is considered a miracle-working saint by Greek Orthodox Christians in Greece.

162. Phanourios

Phanourios, the Great Martyr, is recognized as a saint by the Greek Orthodox church.

Other Popular Saint Names

For Boys

163. Anskar

Anskar was the missionary to Scandinavia, who survived the harsh conditions of Viking slave trade.

164. Rocco

Rocco, meaning ‘rest’ was borne by a 14th-century French saint.

165. Silouan

St. Silouan or Silvanus the Athonite was an Eastern Orthodox monk of Russia.

166. Chad

Chad of Mercia was the saint and a prominent 7th-century Anglo-Saxon churchman. We think it would make a cool name for your son.

167. Eric

King Eric of Sweden may not have been officially canonized, but he was widely regarded as a saint.

168. Santos

Santos is a Spanish name, meaning ‘saint.’ This name was given to 235 babies last year.

169. Blane

Blane was a Scottish bishop who is believed to have resurrected a boy who passed away. Blane means ‘yellow.’

170. Breccan

Breccan was the name of a saint of the Isle of Aran. It means ‘freckled.’

171. Julian

St. Julian is the patron saint of travelers. His name means ‘youthful.’

172. Rupert

St. Rupert was the missionary and bishop of Germany. The name means ‘bright fame.’

173. Albert

St. Albert the Great was a bishop who introduced Arabic and Greek science to the medieval Europe. His name means ‘bright.’

174. Landry

Landry isn’t just associated with football. It’s also the name of the 17th-century Catholic saint of Paris.

175. Wulfstan

Wulfstan served as a Worcester bishop, abolishing the slave trade. This moniker is derived from the elements wolf and stone.

176. Damasus

Damasus is the patron saint of an archaeologist. His name means ‘to tame.’

177. Bavo

Bavo, the patron saint of the Netherlands was a nobleman who gave away all his riches and became a hermit.

178. Caian

Caian was a Welsh saint who is believed to be the son or grandson of a king.

179. Glastian

Glastian was the bishop who mediated between the Picts and Scots.

180. Petroc

Petrock was the patron saint endowed with the abilities to perform several miracles.

181. Ambrose

Ambrose is the patron saint of educational television. His name means ‘immortal one.’

182. Claude

St. Claude de la Colombière was the Jesuit priest and confessor of St. Margaret Mary Alacoqu.

183. Zachary

Zachary was a priest in Jerusalem. This moniker was one of the top 20 names for over a decade, but is dropping steadily now.

For Girls

184. Colette

Saint Colette of Corbie, the French abbess, was the founder of the Colettine Poor Clares.

185. Aquilina

St. Aquilina was a Lebanese child martyr. This moniker seems modern despite being ancient.

186. Delphina

St. Delphina was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis. Her name means ‘dolphin.’

187. Ada

St. Ada of France was not just a saint, but also the abbess of St. Julien-des-Prés in Le Mans.

188. Emma

This name, related to Saint Emma of England would make a timeless choice for your little girl.

189. Georgia

The 6th-century saint of France has a lovely name to use for your daughter.

190. Isabelle

St. Isabelle of France was King Louis VIII’s daughter. The name sits at the 10th spot currently.

191. Angelina

Angelina, the 15th-century Princess of Albania, was proclaimed a saint by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

192. Aurea

Aurea, the variation of Aurelia belonged to a Saint in Spain.

193. Matilda

Matilda is the patron saint of families. Her name means ‘battle ready.’

194. Apollonia

St. Apollonia was the 3rd-century deaconess martyred under Emperor Decius. The name Apollonia is the female version of Apollo.

195. Endellion

Florence Rose Endellion was a saint who evangelized people of Cornwall in the 500s.

196. Genevieve

Saint Genevieve gained popularity when she exhorted the inhabitants of Paris to pray and fast to ward off the invasion of Attila.

197. Bruno

St. Bruno of Cologne was the patron of the Carthusian Order. This name means ‘brown.’

198. Edith

Saint Edith was a German-Jewish born nun, who was also a victim of the Holocaust.

199. Fidelma

This name belongs to 5th-century Saint Fidelma, the daughter of King Laoghaire.

200. Gertrude

Saint Gertrude was an abbess of the Benedictine monastery. Her name means ‘strength.’

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Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Saint names are a popular choice among parents due to their divine disposition. The saints who inspired the names above were known for their modesty, wisdom, and pious nature. When you name your baby after them, you inspire them to be good humans. Hence, choose the saint who inspired you the most and name your baby after them. The above list of divine baby names has been taken from many languages and cultures. We have also included the meaning of each name to help you make an informed choice.

Key Pointers

  • It’s a common practice among Christians to assign a saintly name to their children.
  • Besides the common choices like John and Mary, a resurgence of interest is seen in unique saint names, marked by their stories of compassion and wisdom.
  • From Irish to Greek Saint names, the list boasts diverse options from different cultures.
  • Drawing inspiration from historic exemplary figures, interesting saintly names for girls and boys include Adelina, Therese, Barbara, Vincent, Isaac, and Damian.

Check out this interesting and informative video about 15 saint names for girls, along with their meanings and pronunciation.

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