120 Baby Names Ending In Er, Ie, Son, Lyn, On, Lynn, An, N Sound

While most parents prefer a letter to name their baby, some may want a specific ending. Although this condition may make finding a good baby name difficult, it isn’t impossible. In this post, we have listed out baby names ending in ‘Er.’ Fortunately, names ending in ‘Er’ are quite common. You may also use a popular name and tail an -er for a unique twist. If you need some help with this experiment, here is our list of names with the same suffix.

Baby Boy Names Ending In Er

1. Abner

Abner is a Biblical name, meaning ‘father of light.’ It’s one of those names that are rarely used despite being ancient.

2. Archer

Archer originated as an occupational surname to signify the profession of a Bowman. It was first used in the 12th century, but it became fashionable in the 18th century, probably due to the sports Archery.

3. Casper

This ancient name is slowly, yet steadily shedding its ghostly image and moving to the mainstream. Casper Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense, is its notable bearer.

4. Xavier

We think the Basque name Xavier is one of the most used X names. It got a boost via the “X-Men” comics and film series character, Professor X.

5. Walter

This favorite Norman name, meaning ‘army ruler’ sounds, quirkier, stronger and more classic and distinctive than John or James.

6. Leander

If you are looking for an alternative to the overused name Alexander, go with Leander, which means ‘lion-man.’

7. Chester

Chester is a cuddly and quirky name, meaning ‘fortress or walled town.’ The nickname Chet would give a retro vibe to this name.

8. Luther

This name was once restricted to the evangelical Protestants. But it’s now favored by parents who wish to honor Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights hero.

Baby Girl Names Ending In Er

9. Emer

Emer is the short and sweet Irish name, meaning ‘swift.’ In the Irish Mythology, Emer was Cuchulainn’s wife who possessed the six gifts of womanhood.

10. Clover

Do you want a distinctive botanical name for your daughter? Then pick Clover, a plant with four-sided leaves.

11. Lavender

Lavender is often used by parents who want a cutting-edge name for their daughters. It got recent attention via Lavender Brown, a character in “Harry Potter”.

12. Esther

Esther is the name of one of the major female figures in the Old Testament. The meaning of this Persian name is ‘star’.

13. Aster

Aster is a fresh floral name, which literally means ‘star.’ Gilbert Gottfried, the comedian, also chose this name for his daughter.

14. Rumer

Bruce and Demi made waves when they named their daughter after the famous novelist Rumer Godden. This English name means ‘a gypsy.’

15. Hester

The medieval variation of Esther is on the verge of revival along with its cousin. Hetty would be a cute nickname for Hester.

Baby Boy Names Ending In Ie

16. Charlie

Charlie developed as a pet form of the name Charles. Casual, charming and colloquial, Charlie would make a downright darling name for your son.

17. Richie

Richie made into the top 1000 baby name list as a nickname for Richard. It may have been out of style now, but still sounds better than Ricky and Dick.

18. Brodie

Brodie is a Scottish surname meaning ‘little ridge’. It’s associated with the Hills star Brody Jenner.

19. Eddie

Eddie, baby names

Eddie is the diminutive Edward and means ‘wealthy.’ Edward “Eddie” Murphy, American actor and comedian is its most famous bearer.

20. Archie

Archie is an amiable name, meaning ‘truly brave.’ It has made a strong comeback in the United Kingdom, where it stands at the 20th spot.

Baby Girl Names Ending In Ie

21. Abbie

Abbie, the short form of Abigail has been used independently in the United States since time unknown. And today, it’s more common that you can even think.

22. Annie

Annie is the diminutive of Anne and means ‘grace.’ It brings to mind Annie Oakley, the American sharpshooter.

23. Averie

Averie is the cute, feminine version of Avery and means ‘elf-wisdom’. It is sophisticated and classic and would appeal to parents looking for an informal name.

24. Angie

Angie took off in Britain and the United States in the 18th century as the diminutive of Angela. But it’s now being given independently to girls all over the world.

25. Bonnie

Bonnie is one of the favorite mid-century names along with Donna, Susan, Patricia, and Linda. And it has a ‘pretty’ etymology too!

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26. Cecilie

Cecilie, the spelling variation of Cecilia is used widely in Norway and Denmark. We love this name for its connection with music.

27. Sadie

Sadie originated as a nickname for Sarah, but we must say, the images are disparate. Sadie sounds full of spunk while Sarah is sweet and serious.

28. Millie

The name Millie has become fashionable again with parents in Whales and England for its frilly and offbeat image.

29. Maggie

Maggie is the cute, short form of the name Margaret and means ‘pearl.’ It’s even used as an independent name by some parents.

30. Rosie

Rosie, the pet name for Rose, has been standing strong on its own for decades. Its current representative is Rose O’Donnell.

Baby Boy Names Ending In Son

31. Lawson

Lawson is an appealing English name, meaning ‘son of Lawrence.’ Australian Poet Henry Lawson would be its most famous namesake.

32. Dawson

This moniker was used sparingly before “Dawson’s Creek” came to the forefront’ in 1998. The same year it leaped more than 550 places, which is incredible.

33. Carson

The Scottish name Carson is currently experiencing its highest popularity ever. It conjures images of the pioneers of the Old West, all thanks to Kit Carson.

34. Edison

This English surname turned first name reappeared on the top 1000 list after being in obscurity for ages. It will forever be associated with Thomas Edison, the inventor of bulbs.

35. Anderson

Anderson is one of those names that work well as both first and last name. And it comes with the cute nickname option of Andy.

36. Bryson

This is one of our favorites. It’s adorable, yet sounds masculine for a man. You can nickname your son Bry.

37. Gibson

This one is for the music lovers out there. If you still don’t find it too obvious, hang some toy guitars all over his nursery.

38. Jackson

Perhaps the most popular of all the -son ending names. Jack would make a sturdy nickname for this one.

39. Harrison

This moniker conjures images of “Indiana Jones”. The meaning of Harrison is “Son of Harry”.

Baby Girl Names Ending In Son

40. Addison

Addison has been in use for boys since the 19th century, but it never achieved the kind of success that it achieved for girls. Addie would make a cute nickname for Addison.

41. Allyson

Allyson is the stylish spelling variation of Alison. It may not have seen the same level of success than its counterparts, but is nonetheless quite well used.

42. Emerson

The name Emerson would work well for both boys and girls, but we think it sounds better on a girl. You can shorten it to Emmy for the nickname.

43. Madison

Everyone loves Madison, right? And how can one not with a name as cute as Maddie.

44. Mason

Mason, the super trendy name meaning ‘stoneworker,’ has started to cross over for the girls. Kelsey Grammer used it for her daughter.

45. Payson

Payson, the cousin of Peyton, is increasing in popularity as a girls’ name.

46. Ellison

Ellison is a fresh spin on the other Ellie names. And it’s rising as a surname choice for girls.

47. Jameson

Jameson is typically considered a masculine name, but we think it would look adorable on baby girls too! You can nickname her Jamie.

Baby Boy Names Ending In Lyn

48. Talyn

Talyn is the variation of the French word name. It would make an excellent pick for parents looking for a fierce name for their son.

49. Newlyn

Newlyn is the variation of the Welsh name Newlin and means ‘new pond.’

50. Emlyn

Emlyn is a Welsh name, meaning ‘rival.’ The only concern with this gentle name is the danger of being perceived as a female name.

51. Glyn

Glyn could be a beautiful middle name

This name could make a nice middle name for parents wishing to honor someone from their family. Glyn means ‘valley.’

52. Llywelyn

Llywelyn is a Welsh name, meaning ‘leader’s image.’ It was borne by two princes in ancient Wales.

Baby Girl Names Ending In Lyn

53. Braelyn

Here’s another American invention name without any cultural background or distinct meaning. But do all names need to have a historical reference? No, right?

54. Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a German name, meaning ‘a member of the Gauts tribe.’ This name got a new lease of life following the current passion for ‘lyn’ ending names.

55. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is the modern variation of the name Caitlin and means ‘pure one.’ This name became super trendy during the 90s.

56. Joselyn

Joselyn is the spelling variation of Jocelyn and means ‘flowing, pouring water.’ This moniker has risen the charts to respectable levels of usage.

57. Marilyn

The name Marilyn was one of the top 20 names for a decade, thanks to the diva Marilyn Monroe. This moniker was given to over seven hundred girls, which means it’s still popular.

58. Evelyn

Evelyn is a soft and friendly name, meaning ‘wished for child.’ But did you know it originated as a masculine name?

59. Rosalyn

It’s because of “True Blood” this name has got a place in the top 1000 name again.

60. Gwendolyn

This classic name honors Gwendolyn Brooks, the first African-American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for poetry. It means ‘white ring.’

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61. Jacquelyn

Jacqueline is the modern English form of the French name Jacqueline. It means ‘supplanter.’

Baby Boy Names Ending In On

62. Aaron

Aaron is an Old Testament name, meaning ‘mountain of strength.’ In the Bible, Aaron was the elder brother of Moses.

63. Brandon

This moniker has carved out a spot for itself in the baby name charts and how! The early 1990s was the high point of this name.

64. Sutton

Sutton originated as an English name, meaning ‘from the southern homestead.’ But it’s now associated with New York’s glitzy, Sutton Place.

65. Benton

The name Benton was used quite sparingly before disappearing off the list in the 1960s. But it is now making a return, but as a surname.

66. Boston

Boston would make a lovely name for American baby boys. It was also chosen by actor Kurt Russell for his son.

67. Jordon

Jordan has several noteworthy associations. It’s the name of a country in the Middle East. It belongs to Michael Jordan, the basketball player and is also the name of a river in Palestine.

68. Lennon

Lennon is being used by a growing number of high-profile parents who want to honor their musical idol.

69. Cannon

Cannon is an English vocabulary name that defines a weapon. This moniker would make a powerful, strong and explosive pick for your son.

70. Cameron

Cameron is a Scottish clan name and means ‘crooked nose.’ It has been in use since the late 19th century.

71. Corban

Corban is a variation of the Hebrew name Korban and means ‘sacrifice to God.’ It would make a potential brother name to Isaac and Abraham.

72. Damon

Damon comes from the Greek word ‘dameo’ and means ‘to tame’. It’s easy to spell, easy to say and sounds cool and confident.

73. Damarion

Damarion is a name invented by the African-American community during the civil rights movement. It reached its highest #562 in the year 2005.

74. Easton

Easton is an English surname, meaning ‘east town.’ This name would go well with the current trend of using surnames as first names.

Baby Girl Names Ending In On

75. Saffron

Saffron is a popular name

Spice names are becoming increasingly popular with parents of late. Its current representative is Saffron Burrow, the English actress.

76. Peyton

Peyton started as a boy’s name, as exemplified by its meaning “fighting man’s estate, but has now shifted to the women’s side.

Baby Boy Names Ending In Lynn

77. Lynn

This diminutive of Linda arrived in the 1940s and soon went on to become one of the too mid-century names. Lynn Rachel Redgrave, the English actress, is its famous bearer.

78. Flynn

Flynn is the anglicized form of the Irish clan name Floinn. This cute name is also reminiscent of Finnegan or Finn.

79. Brooklynn

Your son would share this name with David Beckham’s handsome son. Shorten it to Brook for the nickname.

Baby Girl Names Ending In Lynn

80. Adalynn

Adalynn is the American version of Adalyn and appeared for the first time in the year 2008. This name is trendy, modern and oh-so-stylish!

81. Jaelynn

Jaelynn is one of the several variations of Jalen. If you go by our opinion, we think Jaelynn is the most feminine and fancy variations.

82. Kaelyn

Kaelynn is the spelling variation of Kaylynn and means ‘Kay’s lake.’

83. Gracelynn

Gracelynn, the combination of Grace+Lynn, is believed to be restricted to the United States. So take advantage of it, Europeans.

84. Raelynn

Raelynn is also a 21st-century invention. It is given to around 600 baby girls every year.

85. Ashlynn

Ashlynn is an elaborate version of Ashley and means ‘ash wood clearing.’ It fits perfectly with the “Ash” family names.

86. Evelynn

Evelynn is Evelyn with double ‘n’. The addition of an extra ‘n’ makes it more girlish.

87. Madelynn


Madelynn is the most popular spelling of the stylish name Madeline. It would make a great name for parents who want the last syllable to be ‘lynn’. The meaning of Madeline is ‘high tower’.

88. Carolynn

Carolynn is the English variant of the French name Caroline. It’s modern, relaxed and down-home. Carly or Carrie would make great nicknames.

89. Jazlynn

Jazlynn is an American name invented using the word jazz. Of late, more and more parents are opting for this ‘jazzy’ name.

90. Jordynn

Jordynn is the feminine version of the name Jordynn and means ‘flowing down.’ Samantha Hernandez has a daughter named Jordynn.

Baby Boy Names Ending In An

91. Arian

This masculine name, meaning ‘noble’ has just started being used in the United States. You can credit Arian Foster for bringing this name to parents across the world.

92. Brayan

Brayan is one of the few names that reached high levels within a decade of coinage. It’s cool, hip and does not sound as weighty as other Spanish names.

93. Julian

Julian, the feminine version of Julius has several cultural and historical significance. Robert De Niro and Jerry Seinfeld chose this name for their sons.

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94. Teagan

Teagan, the Irish name, meaning ‘little poet’ falls in the category of trendy names like Keagan and Reagan.

95. Ocean

Ocean, along with River is flowing back into favor, especially with nature loving parents. Forest Whitaker named his son Ocean Alexander.

96. Christian

Christian is a classic name that originated from the Latin word “Christianus” and means ‘follower of Christ.’ You can even opt for its Spanish variation Cristian.

97. Ean

Ean is the Gaelic version of the beloved name John. It’s unusual, original and catchy.

98. Fabian

Fabian is a Latin name coming from the Old Roman family name Fabius. It means ‘bean.’

99. Ishaan

Ishaan is a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘lord master.’ It’s also one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

100. Keagan

Keagan is the American spelling of the name Keegan and came into use in the year 1979. But if you want a traditional Irish name, use its original spelling.

101. Lucian

Lucian is an old world charmer and means ‘shining.’ If you want to give it an Italian flair, consider Luciano.

Baby Girl Names Ending In An

102. Lillian

Lilian is the subdued and serious variation of the super popular name Lily. This Latin name is experiencing a remarkable revival, rising to the 21st spot in the year 2010.

103. Gillian

This moniker, meaning ‘youthful’ is used widely in Britain, but has been unable to cross the Atlantic. Gilliam Armstrong, the Australian actor, is its famous bearer.

104. Siobhan

Siobhan is a lovely Irish name that gave birth to several phonetic variations. But we’d suggest you use it in its original form.

Baby Boy Names Ending In N

105. Adrien

Adrien is the French form of Adrian and means ‘from Hadria.’ This moniker didn’t show up in the top 1000 baby name list until 1999, which makes it even more uncommon.

106. Aaden

Aaden is the American spelling of the Irish name Aidan. This version would appeal to parents who enjoy being creative with the spellings of their children.

107. Austin

Most of you must be thinking that Austin originated as a place name. But you’re wrong! Austin is a derivative of the Roman name Augustus and means ‘great and magnificent.’

108. Ben

Ben is the most common short form of Benjamin, but has been used as a standalone name for 150 years.

109. Wren

Wren is a time-honored English bird name that is used well for both girls and boys. Wren Troy Brown, the American actor, is its namesake.

110. Quinn

Quinn is an engaging Celtic surname, meaning ‘chief leader.’ Sharon Stone, the famous Hollywood actress, has a son named Quinn.

Baby Girl Names Ending In N

111. Aislinn

Aislinn is a beautiful Irish name, meaning ‘dream or vision.’ This beautiful, obscure and historically significant name would make an excellent choice for parents who wish to celebrate their Irish heritage.

112. Autumn

Autumn is a lovely baby girl name

Autumn is one of the most usable season names in our opinion. It’s wholesome, lovely and unique, just like your daughter.

113. Belen

The name Belen originated as a Spanish word for Bethlehem. This rare and slightly unusual name is off most parent’s radar. So pick it before it becomes common.

114. Imogen

This Shakespearean name, meaning ‘maiden’ was considered fashionable in England in the 19th century. It may have lost its way temporarily, but sounds very classy and distinctive.

115. Thomasin

Thomasin, the feminine version of Thomas is quintessentially literary and upscale. It featured in Thomas Hardy’s novel, “The Return of the Native’.

116. Ellin

Ellin is the Swedish version of Ellen and means ‘shining light’. Don’t you think it’s sleeker and more modern than its counterpart?

117. Yasmin

Looking for something exotic? Then pick Yasmin, an Arabic name, meaning ‘jasmine flower.’ This sweet essence of this name is now starting to spread in the English-speaking countries as well.

118. Magdalen

This Biblical name was once associated solely with Mary Magdalen. But it’s now coming into the rankings of parents looking for classic, yet distinctive names for their girls.

119. Ann

The name Ann, meaning ‘grace’ was the top female name for centuries. It was also the name of the sainted mother of the Virgin Mary.

120. Arleen

This English American name is quite a good choice for your little girl.

Did your child’s name feature on the list? Would you go for a fancy ending name for your child? Tell us in the comment section below!

Some parents may have specific alphabet combination requirements when choosing a name for their baby. It could be because the parents wish for the first and last names of the child to be complementary. Parents of twins also tend to choose names that rhyme. In such cases, we are sure the above list of baby names ending in er, le, son, lyn, on, Lynn, an, and n will be helpful. This list also includes the meaning and origin of each name to help you make the right choice.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Key Pointers

  • Baby names ending with a specific sound add a distinctive and rhythmic tone to the pronunciation.
  • Some popular choices include Clover, Madison, Brooklyn, Charlie, and Quinn.
  • These names also make excellent twin or sibling names due to their rhyming patterns.
  • When choosing such names, ensure they pair well with the first and last names, carrying a smooth flow.

There are some interesting boy names ending with -son. If you are looking for a perfect baby name with this sonorous sound, we have got you covered! Watch this video for 15+ boy names ending with -son.

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