50 Terrific Baby Boy and Girl Names That Mean Angel

Angels are servants of God who protect and guide people. Apart from Angel and Angelina, popular angel names include Raphael, Michael, Evangeline, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Laila, Gabrielle, and Michaela. If you are looking for similar baby names that mean angel, this post is for you. Angel names find their roots in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish lore and ancient cultures, such as Egypt, Babylon, and Assyria. They have evolved in meaning, usage, and spelling over the years. Also, they bring an optimistic vibe along. Keep scrolling as we have some adorable names and choose the best one for your blessing from heaven.

Angelic Baby Names For Boys

1. Cael

The name Cael belongs to the angel of the zodiac sign Cancer. He was also one of the warriors of the Irish mythology. The ascendance of Cael to the top 1000 baby names can be attributed to its similarity with Kale and Cale. And since the name is short already, you don’t even have to snip it further for the nickname.

2. Castiel

The moniker Castiel vaulted into the top 1000 baby names by riding on the wings of the angel hero in the famous television series “Supernatural”. This moniker also derives some appeal because of the ‘Cas’ syllable in it, just like Cassius and Cassian. For the nickname, you can opt for simple and straightforward, Cas. The meaning of this Hebrew name is, ‘my cover is God’.

3. Haniel

Haniel or Hanniel is the anglicized form of the Hebrew name ‘Chammuw’e’ and means ‘favored of God.’ In the Bible, Haniel is the name of the leader of the Asher tribe. And in the Jewish lore, Haniel is the name of the angel associated with the planet Venus. So you have a dual reference here!

4. Gabriel

Gabriel is the archangel who gave the news of Jesus’ birth. He is featured in all the Abrahamic texts. Gabriel also presides over the heaven as an angel of joy, life, truth, dreams, and judgment. As a Biblical name, Gabriel has been one of the top 25 baby names for eight years. It’s mostly opted by parents who want an appealing alternative to Michael. Australian mother of two, Bella Easterbrook, shares the story of why this name appealed to her for her older son. She says, “The short answer is that we just liked the name. We narrowed it down to three names that we both liked best. I spoke each of the names to baby in the womb and Gabriel felt right… There’s more to it than that though. The name means ‘God is my strength’. I pray that Gabriel will come to know God as his strength, as his Saviour and Lord.

“In the Bible, Gabriel was an angel who proclaimed the good news of Jesus to Zechariah and Mary. My prayer is also that our Gabriel will grow up to proclaim the good news of Jesus to those around him (i).”

5. Michael

In the Bible, Michael is the archangel who led the other angels in a war against Satan. He is one of the two archangels recognized by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. In the Michael, meaning ‘who is like God’ was the most popular American boys’ name for over half a century. This moniker is now in the ninth spot and is given to over 15000 babies every year.

6. Javan

Javan, the son of Noah in the Bible, is believed to be the ancestor of the Greek people and the guardian angel of Greece. It’s a Hebrew name and means ‘Greece.’ This name remained in vogue for over a decade, but fell out of favor in the turn of the century. We think it will now make an unusual and classic choice.

7. Raphael

Raphael is one of the seven archangels who attended the throne of God as the angel of healing. He’s also considered the patron of science, doctors, travelers, and healing. This name sounds both powerful and artistic. Raphael, the Renaissance painter, is the most noteworthy namesake. Even several celebrities have chosen this name for their sons, including Ana Ortiz and Robert De Niro. Currently, it’s one of the top 10 names in France.

8. Angelo

Angelo is an old-school Italian name that is back in the popularity charts again, thanks to the famous singer Adele, who chose it for her son. It means ‘messenger.’ Angelo has several namesakes, like Angelo Badalamenti, the American film composer, Angelo Bortolo Bertilli, American football player and Angelo D’Aleo, singer for The Belmonts. Anjelo is a spelling variation of this name.

9. Malach

Malach is the Anglicized form of the Hebrew name Malak, meaning ‘angel.’ In the Bible, Malak is a word used to denote a messenger from God. This moniker is familiar not just with the Jews, but also with the African-American parents. You can also go with its variation Maliq, Malak, or Malek.

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10. Michelangelo

Michelangelo is an Italian compound name composed of Michael, which means ‘who is like God’ and Angelo, which means ‘messenger or angel.’ This artistic name would make an unforgettable impression on everyone who hears it. Apart from the renowned Renaissance painter and sculptor, it also belongs to the famous Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni. And it is the name of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well.

11. Uriel

Uriel is the anglicized form of the Hebrew name Uwriyel.

Uriel is the anglicized form of the Hebrew name Uwriyel, which means ‘’flame of God’ or ‘the light of the Lord’. It’s the name of one of the seven archangels whose names were removed from the list of recognized angels in 145 AD, and we don’t know why. He was considered the wisest of all the archangels, as his light was not just physical, but rather ultra-spiritual.

12. Evangelos

Evangelos is the Greek name, composed of the elements ‘eu’, which means ‘good’ and ‘angelos,’ which means ‘messenger’. Hence, the name means ‘goof messenger.’ You can keep Vangelis, the modern short form this name as the nickname. It would make your child appear no less than a king.

13. Samuel

Samuel is one of the prophets in the Jewish mythology. He was destined for a holy life right from the birth. He even established the Hebrew monarchy by anointing both David and Saul as Kings. This Old Testament name is quite popular with the Christians, with close to 11,000 boys named Samuel annually. The nickname Sam propels the popularity of this name.

14. Raguel

Raguel, the Latin form of the Hebrew name Reuwel, belongs to one of the seven archangels in the Book of Enoch. He is known as the archangel of harmony, fairness, and justice. He oversees the other angels to ensure that they are working in harmony with the humankind. He also tries to keep corruption away from heaven. The meaning of Raguel is ‘friend of God’.

15. Ramiel

Ramiel is an Arabic name, meaning ‘thunder of God’. He is one of the seven angels mentioned in the ‘Book of Enoch’. As the angel of hope, Ramiel has two important duties – guiding the souls of the faithful to heaven and divine visions. It’s believed that Ramiel was also responsible for the destruction of the army of Sennacherib.

16. Hariel

Hariel is the archangel who rules over December, Capricorn, and the dawn. He is also the ruler of science and arts and the angel of tame animals. Hariel, we think, is an unusual alternative to the Harry. It can also be considered as a distinctive middle name for your son.

17. Yael

Yael is a common name in Israel.

Yael or Jael is the name of the cherub who attends to the throne of God. Yael is a common name in Israel and means ‘to ascend’. Just remember to pronounce this name with two syllables. Or you can spell this name as ‘Ta’el’. On the other hand, Jael is the name of a place in northern Israel.

18. Kemuel

If you want a moniker that is on the lines of the famous name Samuel, you can go with Kemuel. Kemuel is the name of the seraphim chief who stands at the window of heaven. The meaning of this Hebrew name is ‘helper of God’.

19. Raziel

Raziel is the name of the archangel who guards the secrets of the universe. He is also known as the angel of mysteries. Raziel is an offbeat name with loads of character. It is masculine and sounds distinctive and stylish. The little Raziel would always be armed for the battle, whether on the playground or school.

20. Zerachiel

Zerachiel is the name of one of the archangels in the Book of Enoch, meaning ‘God’s command’ in the Hebrew. He is the angel of the children, the sun, and healing. Zerachiel holds dominion over the earth. His main duty is to lead the souls to judgment.

21. Zadkiel

According to pseudo-Dionysius, Zadkiel was the name of the archangel of benevolence, mercy and freedom. He is said to be the angel who held Abraham’s hand to prevent him from sacrificing his son. Zadkiel is also associated with ritual magic. The meaning of Zadkiel is ‘righteousness of God’ in Hebrew.

22. Orifiel

Orifiel is an Old Testament archangel meaning ‘my neck is God’. He is believed to direct his gaze backward in time to the world of the past. You can also spell this name Orifiel. This moniker has a serious and studious image, just like its namesake archangel.

23. Kafziel

Kafziel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘speedy one of God’. He is an angel of the Jewish legend. Unlike other angels, Kafziel is not a doer, but a watched. Also called the angel of tears and solitude, Kafziel presides over the deaths of kings. He is also associated with the Seventh Heaven, the Saturn.

24. Engel

If you want a straightforward angel-inspired name, go with Engel. Engel is the German variation of the name Angel. Ingal, its variation, is the name of the Old Norse God. This name is used widely in Germany. In fact, it has entered the top 1000 list too. We think it can climb even further with parents wanting an alternative to Angel.

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25. Abaddon


Abaddon is the anglicized form of the Greek name Apollyon and means ‘destroyer’. In the New Testament, Abaddon is the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions and the minister of death. This name peaked in the European regions in the 1920s and is now making its way back again.

Angelic Baby Names For Girls

26. Parisa

It’s strange how just one letter can turn a name from oh-so-ordinary to special. Parisa is an exotic Persian/Iranian name that would make an excellent import to the English-speaking world. You can even take it as a variation of Paris and Marisa. The meaning of Parisa is ‘like an angel’.

27. Rosangel

Rosangel is an Italian compound name composed of the elements ‘rosa’, which means; Rose’ and Angela, which means ‘angel.’ Hence, this divine name Rosangela means ‘rose-angel.’ This name may sound utterly exotic to the Americans ears, and that’s what makes it different from other angel inspired names. And there’s always an option of shortening it to Rose for the nickname.

28. Seraphina

Seraphina is inspired by the six-winged archangel, named Seraphim. The name came into the spotlight when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose it for their daughter. Its revival can also be because of the current parents taste for old-fashioned and elaborate feminine names. This name is not in the top 1000 baby name list, but we think it would make it soon.

29. Rabia

Rabia conjures a beautiful image redolent of mythology. It’s the name of one of the ten angels who accompanies the sun of its daily course. The moniker Rabia is hugely popular in the Arabic countries and means ‘spring’. And it has started to be drawn into the American mainstream as well. Rabia Balkhi, the Persian poet is its famous namesake.

30. Ariel

Ariel is the anglicized form of the unisex Hebrew name Ari el.

Ariel is the anglicized form of the unisex Hebrew name ‘Ari’el’, which means ‘lion of god’. In the Bible, Ariel is applied to the city of Jerusalem and the name of the chief of the exiles, But in Apocrypha, Ariel is the name of the archangel ruling the waters. It’s also the name of the moon of Uranus. And how can we forget the jovial spirit in Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”.

31. Angel

Angel is a Spanish name used more for girls than boys, as a term of endearment. It comes from the Greek word ‘angelos, and means ‘messenger or announcer’. It ranked 42 on the Social Security Administration baby name list for boys. And it’s highly popular with the Latino families, standing among the top 70 names for boys. Melanie Brown named, the Spice Girl named her daughter Angel Iris.

32. Angelica

Angelica is one of the most popular and most used angel-inspired name. It’s more feminine than Angel, more delicate than Angelina is and more chic than Angela is. This moniker was taken from Italy by England in the 17th century and was once heard widely plays and poetry, including the famous Shakespearean play, “Rome and Juliet”. You can also opt for its rarely used spelling variants- Anjelica.

33. Evangeline

Evangeline is the English literary name composed of Greek element ‘eu’, which means ‘well’ and ‘angeles’, which means ‘messenger’. Hence, the name means ‘good angel’. This romantic and classic name has always been popular with the masses, thanks to the religious overtones. The name got a kick via the star of the megahit television series “Lost”. Eva is the most obvious nickname for Evangeline.

34. Angelina

All thanks to the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, this moniker is more popular than ever. Angelina was once considered a delicate, Italian name, but it’s now one of the most happening heavenly names. Children will relate this name to “Angelina Ballerina”, the charming children’s book. And we have a reference to “Harry Potter” character as well. Remember Angelina Johnson, a member of Dumbledore’s Army.

35. Laila

Laila is the angel of conception who protects and oversees childbirth. This name is an exotic and a lilting variation of Layla and Leila. Even Muhammad Ali was so betrothed by the name that he named his daughter Laila. You can also opt for its spelling variants, Layla. It’s one of the top 30 names in Australia and United Kingdom.

36. Angela

The name Angela was used widely throughout the 20th century and it still sits pretty at number 221, though Angelica and Angelina are more preferred now. This moniker was one of the top 10 names from the years 1965 to 1979 and the fifth most popular name for 3 consecutive years.

37. Angelette

Angelette is the French variant of the name Angela. This variation is sweet, strong, and traditional; exactly what most of the parents look in a name. It stayed in the double digits until the turn of the 20th century. We think Anji or Anjel would make great nicknames for Angelette.

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38. Angelisa

Angelisa is the uncommon variation of Angelica. It’s lacy, poetic feminine and would suit a delicate and mild girl to a great extent. This name is coming back into style, mainly because of its virtues of purity and simplicity. Yes, it is similar to its trendy sisters Angelica, Angelina and Angela, but beats them all with the stylish ‘s’ in it.

39. Micheangela

Michelangela is the feminine version of Michelangelo. This moniker has a royal European feel to it. In fact, it’s one of the top 100 names in Rome.

40. Gotzone

If you are looking for something truly unique, go with Gotzone. Gotzone is the variation of the Basque name Gotzon and means ‘angel’. It made a surprise return in 2013, after having been in obscurity for ages. Even though it has a deep history, it feels modern and sounds distinctly feminine. It’s really hard to find a name with all these qualities.

41. Melek

melek baby name

If you want to go the exotic way, pick Melek, the Turkish name, meaning ‘angel’. This royal name was well used in the ancient times in Turkey. But was popularized in the recent years via Feriha Melek, a popular Turkish figure. You can even opt for its Arabic variation, Malaika. We think both sound beautiful.

42. Tien

If Asian name is what you want for your little princess, pick Tien, a Vietnamese name, meaning ‘angel’. Tien is the 56th most popular name in Vietnam. This name has several namesakes as well, including Tien Shinhan in “Dragon Ball” (though he’s a male). And it sounds elegant too!

43. Mariangela

This one of the loveliest combination name we have seen in a while. Mariangela is the contracted form of Maria and Angel and means ‘rebel angel’. This name may seem middle-aged, but we’re sure it will make a comeback.

44. Aniela

Aniela is the Polish form of Latin name Angela. It’ a perennially classic name in Poland and has been in the top 100 since the year 1993. You have the possibility of keeping Anne as a nickname, which is awesome in itself.

45. Dina

Dina is the ‘angel of learning and wisdom’. This old-timey name is now coming back into style, and with more resonance and strength than most of the two-syllable names.

46. Dara

Dara is the wise, male angel appearing in the Bible. The moniker is an Irish version of Darragh and is used in the contemporary times for boys. The name Dara feels neither drab nor unfashionable. It has a certain timeless quality and grows with the children. And the name is cross-cultural as well, ideal for parents looking for an exotic name.

47. Angelique

Angelique is the French variation of Angela. This name is on the rise, along with its sister names Angelica and Angelina. You can credit the popularity of this name to Angelique Bouchard Collins, the glam girl of “Dark Shadows’. After a long run of monikers ending with ‘a’, a name ending with ‘e’ is definitely fresh.

48. Evangelina

Most of you must have surmised by now than Evangelina is the variation of Evangeline. This name has been one of the top 100 baby names from the last century, and there’s absolutely no sign of it fading. Select Eva or Eve for the nickname. And if you want something hip, use Vangie.

49. Erelah

Erelah is a rhythmic Hebrew name, meaning ‘angel’. Eralah is quite distinct from other angelic baby names. It is more dainty and feminine than Dara and Gotzone and more substantive than Dina and Rosangel.

50. Charmeine

Charmiene, the variation of Charmaine belongs to the angel of harmony. The meaning of Charmaine is ‘singer’. This name entered the top 100 list in 1913 and then in the top 50 within just a decade. It’s said that there more than 10,000 baby girls were named Chameine when it was at its peak.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Well, babies are angels, aren’t they? It is only appropriate to give your little one an angelic name to reward them for all the joy and excitement they bring to your life. Angel is no longer just a religious term but is also commonly used for any person you may have affection for. You can pick a beautiful name that feels close to your heart from this elaborate list of baby names that mean angel.

Key Pointers

  • Angel baby names often originate from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish folklore and traditions.
  • These names evoke a sense of spiritual presence as they are associated with heavenly beings.
  • Angel names typically have meanings related to positive virtues, protection, and divine guidance.
  • Some truly unique angel names are Micheangela, Gotzone, and Erelah.

Choosing a baby name is a downright challenging task for many parents. Here are some baby girl names that carry the grace and charm of heavenly angels.

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