The Quad Squad’s Top Favorites: Pensacola, Florida, Volunteer NICU Photographer

These little guys….these FOUR little guys {Peyton, Knox, Landry, and Noah} were born just before the New Year at 29 weeks gestation and had spent nearly 6 weeks in the NICU when I got to see them, and all were doing FANTASTIC!

Photographer Pensacola, Florida shared: “I got a message from our local Ronald McDonald House asking if I’d be interested in helping with one of their annual campaigns. Having worked on the same project with them last year, I was honored to be asked back to do it again! “

Mom and Dad were literally BEAMING with pride at their baby boys.

She added: ” I have to talk a little bit more about Mom because although I only met her for maybe an hour, I could immediately tell what kind of an incredible woman she was….so lively and cheerful and always smiling! I’m pretty sure there’s no way she was just carrying four babies she looked so great!”

“I worked my way around to each baby and we did some family shots and after we wrapped up in the NICU it was time to meet big brother Landon! Now Landon wasn’t too into me taking his picture but who could blame him, he’s got a lot on his plate taking in four new baby brothers, but I know he will be a great big brother to them. “

It’s such a gratifying experience to serve as a photographer at the Ronald McDonald House and Capturing Hopes Photography, an organization of volunteer photographers who provide gratis sessions to infants in the NICU. It was a tremendous pleasure to meet this adorable family of seven, and I hope mom and dad will save these photographs forever.

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