Surprising Things About Unborn Babies

You’re getting set to take on a new relationship. You have no knowledge of them. You find it hard to comprehend you just created a tiny human being. Everyone is taken aback by the transition from normal adulthood to parenthood. The world is full with amazing things.

What is more surprising is that during your baby’s time in the ᴡᴏᴍʙ, they do quite a lot. This can be hard to picture because we always consider life to begin after the baby’s birth. Strictly speaking, this is not true. The time in the uterus plays a pivotal role in shaping who the baby is when they’re outside. Here are 7 surprising things about ᴜɴʙᴏʀɴ babies:

  1. They Know You

Different senses develop at various times during your baby’s growth in the ᴡᴏᴍʙ. Your Uɴʙᴏʀɴ baby knows who you are by your voice, the food you eat, the music you listen to, and so much more. When they are in there, they get to know you better.

You are quite literally their whole world. It is not just a coincidence that babies are comforted in the presence of their mothers after they are born. For nine months, your baby spends quite a bit of time studying you.

  1. They Know What You Eat
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Your baby is well aware of the different flavors you eat, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. The placenta is very effective in transmitting these flavors to your baby. Studies have shown that if you prefer a particular cuisine, your baby is likely to have the same once they are born. It is simply because that is the most frequent thing that they tasted when they were in there.

Here is how you can use this to your benefit: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You will not have a hard time convincing your little one to eat their green peas and finish their carrots! On the other hand, if you follow an unhealthy diet during pregnancy, which is not recommended, you will notice that your baby has a higher preference for junk food when they start eating.

  1. They Know Your Tone

Your baby knows when you are happy or sᴀᴅ ᴏʀ ᴀɴɢʀʏ or excited by the tone of your voice. They can sense it all from there. You will find random older women advising you to stay happy during most of your pregnancy. Given the mood swings, it is easier said than done. But it does pay to maintain positivity during pregnancy because it will keep your baby happy there.

They ponder and learn emotions from you at that time, even though it is too early for them actually to appreciate feelings. You can observe that they begin to feel panicky when you are angry, which is a natural defense mechanism that babies have. They are just responding to the different stimuli around them. For your baby to be free of any str.ess in the utᴇrus, keep things calm and happy as much as you can.

  1. They Can Laugh Or Cry
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It is tough to imagine a baby crying in the ᴡᴏᴍʙ. The fact is that they are not calling. However weird this may seem to you, they practice different emotions before they are born.

You will notice that when they are upset, the scans reveal that they have clenched jaws and an overall tense body appearance with a bit of frown. It is not like they are feeling any emotion. This is just a survival mechanisᴍ for expressing feelings once they are born. It is quite a strange thing to witness inside the utᴇrus, though.

  1. They Know When You Touch Your Belly

Yes, babies can feel it when you rub your belly. No wonder everyone seems to be very keen on doing that to you. You will notice that your baby responds differently when you rub your tummy. Their touch sensations develop in different parts of their body over time.

New receptors start to form, and they appreciate the touch sensation and respond accordingly by kicking or moving around. As the touch sensation develops further, they tend to feel the amniotic fluɪd and actively grab these things. However, they cannot feel pain until the very last stage of pregnancy.

  1. They Know Your Voice

They know your voice, and it soothes them. Babies are babies even in the woᴍb. They derive comfort from the sound of your voice and heartbeats because that’s the most familiar thing in the world to them at that point.

Because of the pro.ximity, your voice stands out from the other environmental noises that they begin to appreciate eventually. Of course, they have no idea what you are telling them. You can try reading to them, singing different songs to them or simply just talking to them. It is an excellent way of bonding with your un.born baby and letting them know you are there for them.

  1. They Can See Lights
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It is pretty hard to imagine how light enters the utᴇrus. However, it does happen, and studies have shown that it triggers your baby to respond to the light reflectively. The reactions may be quite varied, but it is ᴇvident. 

Their sense of vision starts to improve slowly, and they begin to look at where they are. They notice that they are hanging around in fluid, and they can appreciate the uterus to an extent. They start to see their arms and legs. The sense of proprioception or knowing where they are in space is not fully developed, though.

Don’t worry, though. Your baby will be full of surprises when they come out as well. You will be so excited to get to know them soon enough.

Article written by Baby Plumbing

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