Mom Of Quadruplets Shares Incredible Before-And-After Photos Of Her Awe-Inspiring Pregnancy

A New Jersey mother Lindsay Hay is going viral after sharing amazing photos of her pregnancy journey, showcasing her quadruplet-filled belly side by side with her four little bundles of joy.

Lindsay and her husband Syman, who already had a three-year-old son Carson, had hoped to expand their family. They had no idea that life had planned some roadblocks for them on their way to becoming parents for the second time.

As she went through multiple miscarriages before getting pregnant with her quadruplets. Even then, her doctors urged her to consider a selective pregnancy reduction – which she refused. Lindsay began documenting her pregnancy and sharing her experiences on Instagram and Facebook. Morning sickness, numerous health appointments to monitor her and the babies’ health, and a combination of emotions such as excitement, anxiety, hope, and blessings were all part of pregnancy. She, on the other hand, remained steadfast and upbeat.

She was able to carry the babies to 30 weeks and 4 days, and snapped the picture on the left capturing the size of her belly at that point. On the right, the babies are 30 weeks and 4 days old. Amazing how much things can change in about seven months, isn’t it?

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Lindsay and Syman’s quads were in the NICU for about seven weeks, and then they all went home happy and healthy. Oh, and she breastfed all of them!!! Lindsay said, “The day my doctor said it was time was probably the first time I truly believed they’d be mine. There’s really no comparing it to my singleton pregnancy. With Carson, I was blissfully unaware of all that could go wrong and enjoyed every moment.”

Obviously, Lindsay’s life is a lot more chaotic now! “I rarely get a minute to myself. I’m constantly in motion and have learned how to move quickly and multitask. I sleep less. I worry more. But I will say this: The expression ‘full hands, fuller hearts’ has never resonated with me more. I am so overjoyed with happiness and fulfillment, and every day I wake up wondering how I got so lucky. I have everything I prayed for and more. We are so b.lessed.”

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