Labor Story Retold In These 15 Heart Touching Photos

Every baby enters the world in his or her own special way. And that experience has a profound impact upon moms – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So, we would share some birth stories.

  1. You take up exercises for pregnancy to help your body in a smooth delivery.
  1. The scales keep going up in weeks.
  1. You do a second-guessing for the baby name.
  1. The pre-labor visits when you are all smiles. Your baby seems to be growing well too.
  1. You love the ultrasound sessions….you can see what your baby is doing inside.
  1. You try figuring out the ‘exact’ face of your baby.
  1. You read the pregnancy test. The next course of action would be to approach a doctor.
  1. So you walk a lot and stay hydrated during pregnancy? That’s great!
  1. Your Lamaze lessons will be put to test in the labor room.
  1. You try preparing the older child for the imminent arrival of a sibling.
  1. When the contractions start…..
  1. And then comes the toughest of times… are set into labor, and you endure it all!
  1. When you are asked to push, and you feel you can’t push for even another second longer.
  1. Having your spouse or partner by your side gives you great moral strength.
  1. The first skin-to-skin contact is an amazing feeling.

Article written by Baby Plumbing

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