I’m A Mom And I Synced My Pregnancy With My 3 Best Friends – We Loved It So Much We Did It Twice

Many women decide to experience the beauty of pregnancy at least once in their lifetime. Sharing those nine months with your best friends who are also expecting could feel like an even better experience.

Maddie Castellano is a TikToker who posts content about motherhood. In a now-viral video, the parenting influencer revealed one of the most intriguing pregnancy experiences ever. She starts her video by saying: “Some of you might remember the story of how me and my best friends all got pregnant at the same time.”

She continues: “All of our babies were born within weeks of each other and since birth, they have been best friends.” She adds: “We do so many things together and it’s been so fun that they’ve had little buddies since they were in the womb.”

What makes Maddie’s story even more incredible is that she and her friends were able to repeat the feat – again. She said that she and her companions learned they were all pregnant again a little over a year later. They figured that they were expecting babies within months of each other this time. Maddie concludes the video by stating that their children will have built-in best buddies for the rest of their lives.

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The comment section on Maddie’s video has blown up with people who are in shock and awe over the scenario. One person wrote: “They are so close they didn’t just sync periods, they synced pregnancies.”

Someone else wrote: “This is my dream for me and my besties.” A third person added: “I feel like this is every mom’s dream. What an incredible support system you have, too!”

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