Heart-Melting Photos That Show What a Water Birth Really Looks Like

There is no “proper” or “wrong” plan for giving birth. Some women opt for home births, some select hospitals, while some want a water birth. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists warns that this practice may be best for the first stage of labor because the effects of a water birth when it comes time to push and deliver have not been thoroughly studied. Despite this, some experts believe giving birth in a tub of water can lower s.tress, reduce p.ain, and prevent tearing.

Still, many moms choose this path and deliver healthy babies. Below are some of the stunning, raw photos that show what a water birth really looks like.

A couple just moments before adding a new member to their family. (Danica Donnelly Family & Birth Photographer)

Heeeeey little bb! (Ashley Marston Birth & Lifestyle/Documentary Photography)

Hugs all around. (Danica Donnelly Family & Birth Photographer)

Sharing an emotional embrace during labor. (Danica Donnelly Family & Birth Photographer)

A striking aerial view of the birthing tub. (Ashley Marston Birth & Lifestyle/Documentary Photography)

Baby’s first breaths. (Capturing Joy Birth Services)

First swim! (Cradled Creations)

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A cozy family portrait. (KE Documentary)

OMG those cheeks! (KE Documentary)

The look on that dad’s face, though! (KE Documentary)

Welcome to the world, little one. (Snap Life Photography)

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