After 15 Years Of Waiting, A Couple Welcomes Triplets

After longing for triplets for 15 years, a couple going by the name Mrs. Otipkere has gone to social media to share their story. A miracle has occurred.

The couple reportedly went 15 years without having a kid of their own. how agonizing it is. After 15 years of s.lurs, sobs, and anticipation the God of Overdo has finally sent them triplets of delight all at once. This Gᴏᴅ does miracles. When he stands up, he overturns the doctor’s findings and makes the impossible happen.

Mrs. Otipkere’s family friend also shared their story on social media. He wrote as follows:

Deacon and Deaconess Temple Otikpere should be congratulated since, after 15 years of waiting, Gᴏᴅ has blessed them with a set of triplets. Gᴏᴅ can’t possibly be unfaithful.

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