A British Woman Gives Birth To Four Babies In Just 11 Months 

Childbirth and pregnancy have always been exceedingly r.isky and arduous processes. Triple births are considerably more challenging than single deliveries, demonstrating how much respect and affection mothers and wives truly need. This miracle happened four times in just 11 months for a Welsh mother. The fact that her kids aren’t quadruplets makes them unique.

Mya, the couple’s first child, was born to Becky John and Jason in February 2015. Becky experienced another pregnancy just a few weeks after giving birth to Mya. The 30-year-old woman from Swansea, UK, reasoned that Mya would enjoy having a playmate. But she hadn’t planned on getting pregnant and having not just one, but three children.

Becky said, “I had to stare at the screen just to make sure for myself. And I counted the heartbeats one by one. It was true I was actually pregnant with triplets.”

Three healthy babies, Ryan, Phoebe and Raya, were born in January just 11 months after Becky had given birth to Mya via C-Section.

Becky said, “When strangers stop to see the four of them, they can’t believe that I had four babies in less than a year. It does seem hard to believe, and it was such a sho.ck when I discovered I was having triplets. We had only been trying to conceive for a week when I fell pregnant. It all happened so quickly.”

The couple also has a nine-year-old daughter called Kayla. Becky’s wish for children close in age certainly came true, and the family couldn’t be happier. “It’s lovely to think that Mya and the triplets will grow up so close in age,” she added.

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