8 Photos of Unretouched Postpartum Bodies That Show The Beauty of Motherhood

After having a child, everything changes, including your life, your priorities, and your physical appearance. A few of the several little trophies that can take a very long time to undo themselves after pregnancy and childbirth include stretch marks, drooping breasts, and flabby skin.

While some women learn to embrace these changes as part of their new journey into motherhood, not all can give up the lingering image of their former vanity. In an attempt to abolish this personal stigma, which haunts so many women out there, Divine-Mothering a feminist organisation is trying to restore respect, dignity and self-esteem among them.

Photographer and mom Liliana Taboas hopes her “Divine Mothering” project will bring joy and encouragement to her fellow mothers by celebrating the many shapes and sizes of the postpartum female body. 

By photographing mothers in just their underwear sharing a tender moment with their children, Taboas hopes to capture the “rawness of maternal love” and challenge beauty standards at the same time, she explained to mindbodygreen.

This project aims to reveal true beauty, real bodies, real women, and real stories. The women participating simply want their voices heard and their journey celebrated. With the validation that being a mother is enough, womanhood is powerful, and our voices united, we can make a difference for women dealing with body insecurity.

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