85 Unusual Short Names Or Nicknames For Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a conventional name that embodies royalty and always remains in vogue. Since it’s a tad long, most parents consider nicknames for Elizabeth if their kids are given that name. However, this beautiful name is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my oath.” After the ruling and supremacy of Queen Elizabeth of the UK, this name became prominent around the world. Many short versions created from Elizabeth, such as Eliza, Bettany, or Beth, have now evolved as famous first names. It would not be easy to list down even the famous people Elizabeth because of the immense popularity the name carries. So we might fall short of pages in doing so, but the list could go on. If you like to name your little princess Elizabeth or have been looking for nicknames for this name, we could help you choose one. Scroll down.

85 Short Names Or Nicknames For Elizabeth, With Meanings

Here is the list of nicknames for Elizabeth, including creative, trendy, and other European versions of the original name.

1. Abby

The nickname Abby is derived from Elizabeth by removing a few syllables.

2. Babette

Usually, French origin names ending with ‘-ette’ are the diminutive forms. Babette is, therefore, an adorable European nickname for Elizabeth.

3. Bea

The name sounding like the letter ‘B’ would be a unique nickname.

4. Bee

It is a nature-derived nickname for Elizabeth that is short and sweet.

5. Beta

The Greek alphabet is a fun nickname for Math-pro bearing the name Elizabeth.

6. Betusca

It is a short name for the Czech version of Elizabeth, Alzbeta.

7. Belita

With a Spanish touch, this nickname sounds classic and royal at the same time.

8. Belize

This Scottish-inspired nickname crosses the syllables of the first name.

9. Belle

The popular first name Belle works as a nickname for Elizabeth too. The pet name also means ‘beautiful.’

10. Bess

England prospered during the reign of Elizabeth I, making her the ‘Good Queen Bess.’ Apart from being the diminutive form of Elizabeth, Bess also means “God is my oath.”

11. Bessie

It is another version of the nickname Betty inspired by the famous Jazz singer Bessie Smith.

12. Bet

It is a simple pet name formed by cutting down the name itself.

13. Beth

The second syllable of the name Elizabeth is a cute pet name by itself.

14. Bethan

It is the Welsh version of Elizabeth.

15. Bethee

Although a short name for Bethel, Bethee goes well for Elizabeth too.

16. Betsy

It is a self-contained nickname with a retro touch and can also be spelled as ‘Betsie,’ ‘Bets,’ or ‘Betsey.’ It was a popular name of the ‘50s.

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17. Bette

It is an unusual nickname for Betty, which is the diminutive form of Elizabeth.

18. Bettina

The short name Bettina is taken from the Italian version of Elizabeth, i.e., Elisabetta.

19. Betty

Betty White and Archie’s comic book character, Betty Cooper, has made this nickname for Elizabeth quite popular.

20. Billie

The neutral nickname for Elizabeth has gained popularity after the singers Billie Joe and Billie Eilish.

21. Birdy

It is an unusual diminutive form of Elizabeth that can also be spelled as Birdie. It is popular among those parents who love nature.

22. Bizzy

It is the alternative version of the pet name Lizzy.

23. Buffy

It is a famous name after the drama series ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer.’ You can also spell it as ‘Buffie.’

24. Effy

Apart from being a Greek origin pet name for Elizabeth, Effy or Effie also means ‘articulated’ and ‘polite.’

25. Ela

It means “Hazel” in Turkish. This diminutive version of Elizabeth is formed by taking the word ‘El’ and can also be spelled as ‘Ella.’

26. Elisa

Also spelled as Elizza, the stylish nickname is inspired by the first Queen of Carthage, Dido.

27. Elise

The French pet name for Elizabeth can also be spelled as ‘Elize.’

28. Elixane

The nickname is inspired by the Basque version of Elizabeth.

29. Eliza

The nickname is simply the short version of the name Elizabeth.

30. Eliza-B

The name takes its inspiration from the rapper Cardi-B.

31. Elize

It is a classy and simple name derived from cutting down a few syllables of Elizabeth.

32. Elle

Inspired by the French pronoun, ‘Elle’ means ‘she.’ The name is a unique take as a nickname for Elizabeth.

33. Ellie

It is an English variant of ‘Elly’ and also works as a nickname for Ellen or Elenor. Ellie Goulding, the English Pop singer, is a famous personality with this name.

34. Elsa

The most recent popular nickname after the famous ice queen in the animated Disney film ‘Frozen.’

35. Elsie

Elsie or Ellsie is a nickname for the Scottish version of Elizabeth i.e., Elisabet.

36. Elsy

It is the diminutive form of the Scottish version of Elizabeth, Elspet.

37. Elza

The German pet name of Elizabeth can also be written as Aliza or Eliza. It means ‘noble’.

38. Etta

Etta has a funny touch to it and is of Scottish origin. Originally, it was a nickname for Henrietta.

39. Highness

The name Elizabeth gained popularity due to Queen Elizabeth I. Taking inspiration from her, this can be an empowering nickname for your little princess.

40. Hurley

The name is derived from the actress Liz Hurley.

41. Ibby

The pet name is inspired by the ‘Beth’ part of ‘Elizabeth.’ Also works well for ‘Isobel’.

42. Ilsa

It is an alternative German version of the nickname Elsa.

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43. Isa

The name is the short version of Isabella, which is the Spanish version of Elizabeth. Also, in German, Isa means “strong.” It can also be spelled as ‘Issa.’

44. Isabeau

Beau is a common ending for nicknames, which, when tagged along with Elizabeth’s Spanish version, is a fabulous nickname.

45. Isabella

Although a common first name, this Italian version of Elizabeth is also an ideal nickname.

46. Isabelita

It is an alternative form of the name Isabella.

47. Isla

Isla is a Spanish origin name used as the diminutive form of Isabella.

48. Isobel

It is an alternative form of the name’s Spanish version.

49. Izzie

It is a popular name in the USA. Izzie, also spelled as Izzy, could be the nickname for Isobel, Isabella, too.

50. Izzie T

It is the pet version of the name Elizabeth Taylor.

51. Izzo

It is another variant of Lizzo, a pet name inspired by the Liz part of Elizabeth.

52. Lea

It can also be spelled as ‘Leah’ or ‘Leia.’ A name famous for the Star Wars character Princess Leia.

53. Lettie

It is another version of the nickname Betty. It is also the diminutive form of the Latin name ‘Latitia’ which means “joy.”

54. Lib

Lib is a short, sweet, and unpredicted nickname for Elizabeth. Its trendy variations include Libs and Libby.

55. Libby

The name Libby, although not famous, is an eccentric nickname for Elizabeth. This name has been gaining popularity in England in recent times. Its popular variations are Libbie and Libby-anne.

56. Liddy

Liddy can be used as a nickname for Elizabeth. It is also a topographical first name referring to a woman from the Iron Age kingdom of Lydia.

57. Liesl

The German origin nickname for Elizabeth gained popularity after the famous character Liesl Von Trapp from ‘The Sound Of Music.’

58. Lil-B

The nickname for the Italian version Isabella follows the current trend of various artist’s stage names.

59. Lilibet

It is a love-filled nickname for Elizabeth and Lily.

60. Lilli

It works well as a nickname for Elizabeth. The popular pet or first name is common in Britain.

61. Lisa

It is a popular nickname that would also remind of the aesthetic beauty of the painting Mona Lisa.

62. Lisbet

Lisbet is a German-origin nickname for Elizabeth.

63. Lise

It is the alternative version of the nickname Liz.

64. Lisett

This name is derived by adding the ‘-ette,’ giving it a French origin.

65. Liz

It is the first nickname that pops into our mind for Elizabeth, apart from the actress Liz Taylor.

66. Liza

It is the short form of the nickname Eliza. This stylish name is usually used as an alternative form of Lisa.

67. Liza-Boo

Boo is a popular nickname suffix. And it works well for Elizabeth too.

68. Lizbeth

Apart from being a classy nickname for Elizabeth, Lizbeth also has Mexican origins and means ‘mother.’

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69. Lizina

The syllable ‘-ina’ makes for a great nickname for Elizabeth.

70. Lizzie

This pet name is most popular in the US. It became quite popular after the Disney sitcom Lizzie Mcguire.

Claire Witt, a mother of three and a vlogger from the UK, shares a few masculine and feminine names she is considering for her third baby. One of the names is Elizabeth, she says, “A girl name which I absolutely love, but I’m not sure if we’d use it but I really love Elizabeth. It is just really pretty, and I really love Lizzie. I think that’s a lovely shorter name, and I’m not really into shortening names. I can imagine a little Elizabeth toddling along (i).”

71. Lizzo

It is other version of the nickname Liz.

72. Lydda

This nickname looks at the name Elizabeth from a different perspective. It is a variant of Liza.

73. Queen Bee

Inspired by the latest trend of adding adjectives to one’s name, this is a trendy nickname for the name Elizabeth.

74. QueenE

This short eccentric version is an ideal in-fashion nickname.

75. Tibby

It is an unusual possibility as a nickname for Elizabeth.

76. Tess

This uncommon nickname for Elizabeth derives from the ‘Beth’ part.

77. Tetty

It is an adorable alternative version of Betty.

78. Thea

The Greek origin nickname Thea, also spelled as ‘Theia’, refers to the “Goddess of light” in Greek mythology.

79. Yza

It is a nickname for the Spanish version of the name Isabella.

80. Zabby

Inspired by ‘-zab,’ this pet name is a unique take on Elizabeth.

81. Zabella

This Spanish version of Elizabeth has a stylish ring to it.

82. Zea

This Latin origin name means “grain” and would make an unusual pet name for Elizabeth.

83. Zella

A unique nickname for Elizabeth. This pet name also means “one who knows the way” and has African origins.

84. Zibby

The creative name for Elizabeth is unpopular and is a variant for ‘Libby’.

85. Zizi

This pet name is the purest loving name for Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth is a Hebrew origin biblical name that embodies royalty. This name gained popularity after the supremacy of Queen Elizabeth II in the world. Depending on your child’s personality, you may choose nicknames for Elizabeth from various origins and meanings. Beta, Bee, Belle, Belize, Bess, Beth, Ela, Eliza, etc., are some of the common nicknames for Elizabeth. Liza, Zibby, Zizi, and Zella are also nicknames for Elizabeth. You may also create shortened or native versions of Elizabeth to personalize a nickname.

Delve into the intriguing world of Elizabeth’s nicknames in this video. Uncover the most favored moniker that has captured hearts and stood the test of time. Uncover the history and significance behind this.

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