100 Common Thai Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

Though most of us are aware that Thailand boasts of the most elegant monasteries, exquisite beaches, and lip-smacking cuisines, did you know that country is also famous for native last names? In this post, we bring you some famous Thai last names. Thailand, also referred to as the land of smiles, is known for its astounding beauty and culture. Interestingly, the country is equally famous for the last names of the natives. Surnames or last names were uncommon in Thailand until the 19th century. However, Thai kings were inspired by the culture of adding surnames from the West, and that is how this policy began in Thailand. Several Thai surnames have a touch of Thai, Hindi, Arab, and Chinese languages, with some also reflecting a person’s motherland or profession. Dive into this for an exclusive collection of the common Thai last names or surnames with their meanings.

Common Thai Surnames, With Meanings

1. Adulyadej

It is a name inspired by the former famous King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words “Atulya,” meaning ‘incomparable’ and “Tej,” meaning ‘power.’

2. Amarin

Amarin means ‘forever or ‘long-lasting.’

3. Ambhom

Ambhom is a Thai last name meaning the sky

It is a heavenly last name as it means ‘sky’ and is of Thai origin.

4. Ananada

Derived from the Sanskrit word, Aanand, the name means ‘joy’ and ‘happiness.’

5. Anchali

Th ename of Cambodian origin refers to the word of new beginnings and luck, as it means a ‘greeting.’

6. Anong

Derived from the Thai word Anong, it means ‘beautiful woman.’

7. Anuman

It means ‘little patience’ and is of Thai origin.

8. Anurak

The name is inspired by a Thai mythological angel and means ‘the protector.’

9. Apinya

It is a mythological-inspired Thai origin name as it means ‘magic power.’

10. Aromdee

Although it means ‘rare,’ this Thai origin name is common in the provinces.

11. Arthit

Inspired by the Hindu name ‘Aditya’, Arthit means ‘man of the sun’ and has its origin in Thai.

12. Asnee

The Thai origin name is nature-inspired and it means ‘lightning.’

13. A-wut

A Thai-inspired name is suitable for warriors as it means ‘a weapon.’

14. Ayutthaya

The name is taken from the famous city, Ayodhya. Idiomatically, it means ‘invincible.’

15. Bannarasee

A nature-inspired Thai origin name, Bannarasee means ‘lotus’ that symbolizes enlightenment.

16. Bho

Referring to the tree of awakening, Bho is a Thai origin surname that refers to the ‘Bodhi tree.’

17. Bui

Itis an occupational last name as it means ‘farmer.’

18. Chaichana

It is a Thai origin name suitable to descendants of warriors as it means ‘conquer.’

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19. Chaiyasing

Chaiyasing is a Thai origin name and means ‘victory.’

20. Chakrii

Considered a noble title, this Thai origin last name means ‘king.’

21. Charoensuk

It is a motivational last name that means ‘to prosper.’

22. Chen

It is an optimistic Chinese origin name that means ‘tremendous’.’

23. Chevapravatdumrong

Refers to ‘biography,’ this last name is related to a multi-generational family.

24. Chuo

It is the Thai form of the Chinese name Cai (or Kai), which means ‘rejoice.’

25. Dokbua

Dokbua refers to the lotus flower

Referring to the gorgeous ‘lotus flower,’ this Thai origin surname symbolizes enlightenment.

26. Du

It is originally a Chinese origin name from the Zhou dynasty.

27. Hiranchai

Hiran means ‘immortal’ and ‘chai’ means ‘acceptance.’

28. Kasem

The last name of content, Kasem, means ‘happiness’ and is of Thai origin.

29. Khamkaeo

“Kham” in Thai means ‘speech’ and “Kaeo” means ‘diamond.’

30. Khamwaen

It means ‘golden ring’ and is a surname of Thai origin.

31. Khemkaeng

Meaning ‘strong, ’Khemkaeng is a Thai origin name that means empowering and encouraging.

32. Krungthep

Itrefers to Bangkok, ideal for those families originating from the capital city.

33. Kul

Inspired by Hindi, Kul means‘family.’

34. Li

This Chinese-inspired surname is popular in Asia and refers to ‘logic.’

35. Lueangsuwan

Defining the ‘yellow color of gold,’ this Thai origin name is all about inner shine and brightness.

36. Madeua

It is a nature-inspired Thai origin name as it refers to the ‘fig.’

37. Makok

It is a topographical name that refers to someone from the Mokok islands of Thailand.

38. Malee

Referring to a ‘kind of flower’ or simply ‘flower,’ Malee is a nature-inspired Thai origin name.

39. Mamuang

The Thai name of the tropical ‘mango’ is a surname defining nativity.

40. Mangkhut

Itis the native name of the exotic fruit ‘mangosteen.’

41. Manoban

It is a Sanskrit origin name that means ‘mental balance.’ Lisa Manoban, the Thai rapper is a famous personality with this name.

42. Narak

It is Thai slang that means ‘cute.’

43. Na Chiangmai

Itis a topographical name and refers to the descendants of the city Na Chiangmai, which was also labeled as creative city by UNESCO.

44. Niran

The simple Thai origin name means ‘eternal.’

45. Noi

The native Thai word Noimeans ‘young.’

46. Ngam

The Thai origin last name means ‘beautiful.’

47. Paśú

Derived from the Hindu word ‘pashu,’ this Thai origin name means ‘livestock.’

48. Phonlamai

The name of goodness as this surname means ‘fruit’ in Thai.

49. Phutsa

Phutsa is a Thai last name referring to the jujube fruit

Referring to a ‘jujube’ fruit, Phutsais a rare Thai surname.

50. Pravat

The lastname usually depicts the ‘history’ of a family. Pravat refers to the same and is of Thai origin.

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51. Rakhang

It is a famous surname indigenous to Thailand that also captures its aura as it means ‘bell’ and ‘chime,’ and is sometimes referred to as ‘temple.’

52. Ratanaporn

Ratna, a Sanskrit origin name, means ‘gem.’ And Ratanaporn means ‘crystal blessing.’

53. Rattana

Inspired by the Sanskrit word “Ratna,” this name means ‘gem.’

54. Rattanakosin

It is a Thai origin ancestral name for those from the Rattanakosin dynasty.

55. Ritthirong

A Thai origin name suitable for a family of leaders means ‘good at fighting.’

56. Rochana

The name has both Thai and Sanskrit origins. In Thai, it means ‘good with words’ whereas, in Sanskrit, it refers to ‘red lotus.’

57. Rueng

A name of royalty, Rueng means ‘glory’ and has Thai origins.

58. Saechao

The Thai form of the Chinese name “Zhao”refers to someone from the Zhou dynasty.

59. Saechueng

The name is the Thai form of the Chinese name, “Zhuang” referring to the largest minority group in China.

60. Saengkaew

The Thai surname means ‘crystal light.’

61. Saelau

It is the Hawaiian form of Chinese ‘Liu.’

62. Saelee

An alternative name for Saeli, which is another form of “Li.”

63. Saeliew

The rare surname is another form of Saelau, a version of the Chinese origin name ‘Li.’

64. Saelim

The Thai form of Chinese ‘Lin,’ Saelim refers to a ‘forest.’

65. Saeng

The native form of the Chinese name “Wu,” means ‘martial.’Saeng also finds origin in Thai and means ‘light.’

66. Saengarun

The rare Thai origin name, Saengarun means ‘dawn.’

67. Saengchan

Chan means ‘moon,’ giving it the meaning ‘moonlight.’

68. Saengkaeo

Kaeo means crystal, and this Thai origin name means ‘crystal light.’ It can also be used as “Saengkaew.”

69. Saengmai

The name combines the energy elements of nature as it refers to ‘light’ and ‘tree.’

70. Saengsawsang

Sawang means ‘shining’ in Thai.

71. Saengsuwan

A shining surname combines the properties of ‘light’ and ‘gold.’

72. Saengthong

Thong is another name for ‘gold’ and is of Thai origin.

73. Saetae

The Thai form of the virtuous Chinese name Zheng means ‘righteous.’

74. Saetan

The popular Thai last name is the native form of the original Chinese name ‘Chen’ which means ‘dawn.’

75. Saetang

A common surname derived from the Chinese surname Tang, which means ‘gift of God.’

76. Saetiao

Saetiao is derived from a Chinese name meaning drawing a bow

The Thai form of the Chinese name “Zhang” refers to the action of ‘drawing a bow.’

77. Saeueng

The Chinese name “Huang” in native Thai form refers to the people of higher society who would usually wear jade in the olden times.

78. Saeyang

Refers to the Chinese name “Yang,” from ‘yin and yang.’ It is the ‘masculine principle of the universe.’

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79. Salae

Originating from the Arabic name, ‘Salih’ means ‘virtuous.’

80. Salaeh

It is another form of the surname ‘Salae’ and means ‘great singer’ of Arabic origin.

81. Sathi

Thename means ‘partner’ and is of Hindi origin.

82. Sibunrueang

The Thai words “si,” “Bun,” and “Rueang” combined means ‘glory,’‘merit,’ and ‘bright,’ respectively.

83. Shinawatra

This Thai last name means ‘one who does good.’ It is also the last name of the former first female Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and holds national importance.

84. Sihawong

It means ‘lions’ dynasty’ and is of Thai origin.

85. Singkham

It is inspired by the word “Simha” meaning ‘lion’ of Hindi origin, and “Kham” meaning ‘speech’ or ‘word’ from Thai origin.

86. Sitwat

The Thai name means ‘color of the heart.’

87. Soikham

Meaning ‘golden necklace,’ this Thai name is simple and classy.

88. Somsri

The Thai origin name is an ideal surname as it means ‘sacred.’

89. Suwannarat

The popular Thai last name is classy and elegant andmeans ‘gem.’

90. Suedao

The Thai name of nature’s finest hunter refers to the ‘leopard.’

91. Suwan

Derived from Mandarin, Suwan means ‘gold’and also symbolizes ‘purity.’

92. Sakdan

The surname is ideal if your ancestors were warriors, as it means ‘powerful individual’ and is of Thai origin.

93. Sanouk

Sanouk means ‘fun’ and is a surname that would constantly remind one of the good times.

94. Siriporn

The Thai-derived name means ‘blessed.’ One of the famous people with this last name is the folk singer Thailand singer SiripornAmpaipong.

95. Tham-boon

The Thai origin name means ‘merit creation.’

96. Thong di

The last name was inspired by the historic hero Phraya Pichai who was renamed Thong di by his instructor. It means ‘one with white teeth’ and is of Thai origin.

97. Trubbaya

It means ‘treasure’ and has Thai origins.

98. Wang

The Chinese origin surname means ‘king.’

99. Wong


Inspired by the Chinese surname, Wong means ‘a field or a meadow.’ It is also referred to as ‘kin’.’

100. Zhang

It is a common Chinese surname that represents drawing a ‘bow’ or an ‘archer.’

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