85 Interesting Redneck Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Rednecks are the native inhabitants who usually hail from the southern states of the USA. Rednecks are known to lead a carefree lifestyle and enjoy the forest and nature. If you’re a redneck fan, it makes sense that you’re searching for redneck baby names for your little one. After all, redneck culture is rich, from music to poetry to food and clothing.

Redneck Names For Boys

1. Ace

Ace, meaning ‘number one’, is a time-honored redneck’s favorite. Its meaning comes from the fact that it’s a playing card of highest value. It’s also a brand of strong cider drunk by people in the southern side.

2. Austin

Apart from the southwestern feel to it, Austin has a solid base of being an Anglo-Saxon surname. Its namesake is American actor Austin Robert Butler. Austin means ‘venerable’.

3. Bailey

Bailey is a friendly and open name that can be used for both the genders. But on the southern side, this name is still restricted to boys. It means ‘bailiff’. Did you know that in the middle ages, the bailiff was a minor official of the law?

4. Beau

This redneck boy name, which became famous recently, holds charm in multiple ways. It’s sweet, simple and typically southern. Meaning ‘handsome’ in French, this name got its popularity via Beau Wilkes, a character in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.

5. Billy

Billy, the nickname for William, is another option for your son. Of late, people have been using this nickname as the given name, including celebrity couple Tim Burton and Helena Bonham. Billy means ‘resolute protector’.

6. Bob

This cute redneck boy name has been outdated in the rest of the world since the 60s, but not with rednecks, who adore this name now as much as they did decades earlier. American actor Charlie Sheen used it for one of his sons.

7. Brody

Buck also means a well-dressed man

Brody is an energetic name, familiar with the rednecks. This name has a rugged charm that makes it desirable. American television personality Bruce Jenner chose this name for his son. Meaning ‘ditch’, Brody currently sits at 105th spot.

8. Buck

In the 18th century, Buck was a term used to describe a fashionable and well-dressed man. Today, this name is associated with the rednecks, primarily because of its meaning (male deer).

9. Cephus

Cephus, the short form for Bocephus, is another great pick for your child. Bocephus was the nickname of American country singer Hank Williams Jr. and that’s how it came to the forefront. You can also divide the name for your twins. Bo for the first one and Cephus for the other. It means ‘stone’.

10. Chester

This Latin name is both cuddly and quirky, just how the southerners are. Chester was one of the top 100 names for over five decades, but faded soon after. Rednecks like it for its association with the television series The Life of Riley. The name means ‘camp’ in Latin.

11. Chevy

This name references to the favorite brand of trucks with the rednecks Chevrolet. Chevy is also considered the French diminutive of Chevalier and means ‘knight’.

12. Clyde

Scottish name Clyde is identified mainly due to the infamous Clyde Marrow, the American outlaw of the 1930s. This name relates to the River Clyde running through Glasgow in Scotland.

13. Finch

This name is inspired by one of the most celebrated books from the South To Kill A Mockingbird. This bird’s name originally means ‘to swindle’.

14. Floyd

This name is ideal for soccer loving family. It means ‘gray-haired’.

15. Gator

No brainer, right. It’s the short form for alligator, which you’ll find in plenty in the southern part of the US. This name jumped the popularity charts after the release of Burt Reynolds’ movie of the same name.

16. Grady

Grady, the Irish name meaning ‘noble’ or ‘illustrious’ is a good guy name for the rednecks. Grady Martin, the American country music guitarist, made this name famous with the rednecks.

17. Hardison

It is a surname made popular by television actor Kadeem Hardison.

18. Harlan

Harlan is a German name, meaning ‘rocky land’, which southerners are well accustomed to. If you are having twins, you can name one Harland and the other Garland.

19. Harley

Every year, hundreds of baby boys are given this name in redneck families. It’s actually an English name, meaning ‘hare cleaning’.

20. Hayden

Hayden is a popular Redneck baby name

This obscure name is rising to popularity. Its renowned for actress Hayden Panettiere, but would work equally well for boys. The meaning of this English name is ‘fire’.

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21. Ike

This quirky nickname of president Dwight Eisenhower has now morphed into a cool redneck name. We think it’s a great variation of Isaiah or Isaac. Or you can use it as a nickname for your son. The Hebrew name means ‘laughter’.

22. Jackson

Here’s another name with deep redneck roots in the Mississippi city that once Johnny Cash sang about. Jackson means ‘son of Jack’.

23. James

Somewhere in the family tree of every redneck, you’ll find a guy named James. Yes, James is that popular with southerners.

24. Jeb

Jeb is an attractive Old Testament name, meaning ‘beloved friend’. Apart from being used by the rednecks, Jeb is currently associated with the former governor of Florida, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush.

25. Jed

This redneck name is both cool and macho. It got its much-needed exposure on the television series The West Wing. Jed was also the name of a character in The 4400.

26. Lamar

Lamar is another good guy name, meaning ‘famous throughout the land’. Hopefully, your son will live up to his name and try to do something worthy to be famous in his land.

27. Luke

This moniker could work as a tribute to The Real McCoys, an American comedy series set in San Fernando Valley, which had a central character named Luke in it. Luke means ‘man from Lucania’.

28. Luther

Luther was once restricted to the Protestants who used this name to honor the reformer Martin Luther. But in the recent times, this name has started finding favor with southerners as well. This German name means ‘army people’.

29. Macon

This name relates to the town in Georgia in Southern Macon. And we’re sure your boy will carry this name well into the future. The name has also featured in the works of Anne Tyler and Toni Morrison.

30. Merle

When it comes to naming, no one can beat redneck for twins’ names. Merle is often given to the second twin baby boy. The first twin is named Berle. Merle means ‘black bird’.

31. Monroe:

Monroe, meaning ‘mouth of the Roe river’ has the same fashion power as Truman, Taylor, and Jackson. For a true redneck effect, you must pronounce Monroe with stress on the first syllable.

32. Montana

Montana is an overly trendy place name, meaning ‘mountainous’. This name packs a masculine punch, but you never know when it can tilt towards the female side.

33. Quaid

This one’s after the favorite actor of most of the rednecks Dennis Quaid. He played the role of a powerful redneck Jerry Lee Lewis in the movie Great Balls of Fire! Quaid means ‘son of Uad’.

34. Quinton

Quinton is an attractive Q-beginning that makes it appealing. This name is derived from an English place name, meaning ‘queen’s manor’.

35. Rodney

This Old English name, meaning ‘island from the clearing’, has the perfect roughness and jaggedness to be a redneck name. There have been several famous Rodneys over the years, including Rodney Atkins.

36. Roscoe

This name deserves a place in the adventurous redneck baby name list. This name got its hillbilly image via a Sheriff Coltrane character in “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

37. Rufus

This New Testament name, meaning ‘red head’ has a rumpled, redneck image. It has its namesake in Rufus Sewell, the intense English actor.

38. Sam

This nickname for Samuel would make a nice pick for a little country boy. Despite being used to the point of being abused, Sam still holds its charm. Sam is also the name of the son of The Americans co-stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell.

39. Virgil

Meaning ‘rod’ or ‘staff bearer’, this name is sure to give rise to a fishing lover. It also shares its association with one of the greatest Roman poets who concluded that the earth was round.

40. Wade

Wade, meaning ‘one who crosses the river’, could make a suitable name for a future redneck. This name has never really been outside top 1000 names for boys, and we’ve reasons for it. It is fresh, easy to spell and neither too trendy nor too old-fashioned.

41. Wayman

This English origin surname, meaning ‘road man’ or ‘traveler’, could be a potential name for your son. Several people have used it as their given name as well, including American basketball player from North Carolina Wayman Britt.

42. Wesley

Wesley, Redneck baby name for boys

This Old English name, meaning ‘western meadow’, brings to mind a dapper redneck famous with women. And the good news is that this name is making a comeback along with other Old West names.

43. Wilbur

Wilbur might be a German name but it sounds redneck. It belongs to one of the Wright Brothers, the inventors of the airplane. For the nickname, you can stick with the usual Willie. Wilbur means ‘resolute’.

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44. Woodrow

Meaning ‘Row of houses made of wood’, a boy with this name is guaranteed to be a country lover. And you even have the option of shortening it to Woody. Its famous bearer is the 28th US president Woodrow Wilson.

45. Zeke

This casual form of Ezekiel has been rising in popularity since five years. You can consider it if you want a cooler alternative to Zack. Zeke means ‘god strengthens’.

Redneck Names For Girls

46. Amanda

This name has lost much of its sheen in the rest of the world, but it is still well used by the rednecks. Amanda means ‘much loved’.

47. Ashley

This one’s a well-known redneck name. Ashley means ‘dweller near the ash tree meadow’.

48. Avielle

Avielle is one of the least common of all the names mentioned here. It is simple, adorable and comes with the option of Avie as the nickname. The Hebrew name means ‘God is my father’.

49. Bambi

Although the cute deer from Disney’s film was a male, the name Bambi has always been used for girls, especially in Southern US. Bambi is an Italian name meaning ‘baby girl’.

50. Becky

Becky is a casual name that originated as a short form of Rebecca. It means ‘servant of God’. The self-willed and beautiful Becky Sharp of Vanity Fair is its namesake.

51. Bernice

Bernice is a Biblical name with Greek origin, meaning ‘carrier of victory’. In the Bible, Bernice was King Agrippa’s sister.

52. Betty

Elizabeth may be a bit formal for a redneck, but you can definitely opt for its short form Betty, which means ‘God is my oath’. This name has been out for a long time, World War II to be precise, yet we see no signs of its fading away.

53. Blanche

This name, meaning ‘white’, originated as a nickname for extremely pale girls and then went on to be associated with purity.

54. Caroline

Your wee one will enjoy singing along to the sports anthem and her namesake song “Sweet Caroline” at basketball and football games for years to come. This name will also pay homage to North and South Carolina. It means ‘strong’.

55. Clystine

Rednecks have a strange fascination with combination names. One such name is Clystine, a combination of Clyde and Christine.

56. Crystal

Crystal or Krystal means ‘clear’, which is what your daughter’s mind will be.

57. Daisy

This redneck baby girl name has come a long way, all the while holding its southern roots strong. It refers to both, the cheerful yellow flowers and pearl, as it’s a diminutive of Margaret. Its popularity isn’t going to wane anytime soon!

58. Darlene

A perfect redneck girl name for your ‘little darling’. Your daughter will share her name with Congresswoman from Oregon Darlene Hooley.

59. Earline

Earla is a prim and proper baby girl name, but Earline is unique and rustic. It is the feminine form of Earl and means ‘noble woman’.

60. Edna

What is the best way to express your delight on the birth of your daughter? By naming her Edna, which means ‘delight’ in Hebrew.

61. Elodie

Elodie isn’t used much, but it’s downright adorable and ages well with time. Meaning ‘foreign riches’, this name is also associated with the lead character in Emile Zola novel’s The Earth. It’s enjoying great popularity in France, Wales and England as well.

62. Fern

Of all the botanical names, Fern has been one of the most used names in Southern US. It has its namesake in the cute female character of the children’s classic Charlotte’s Web.

63. Francine

Nothing can describe a redneck woman better than the name Francine, which means ‘free’ in French. A girl named Francine is sure to desire a libertine life.

64. Freebird

This name is inspired by Lynyrd Skynyrd song of the same name. This song was hugely popular with the rednecks in the 70s.

65. Garland

This name is celebratory and fragrant. And a girl with the name Garland has to be wild. It’s also tied to the star of The Wizard of Oz.

66. Georgia

Georgia is a popular name in Greece

If you are contemplating on giving a redneck girl name to your child, Georgia must have crossed your mind. Georgia is a rich and luscious name, meaning ‘farmer’. It’s enjoying widespread popularity internationally. In fact, it reached as high as #7 in Greece.

67. Gretchen

This name owes its popularity to the renowned redneck Gretchen Wilson, the American country music artist. This German variation of Margaret may not be used much today, but was an American classic at a point. It means ‘pearl’.

68. Iris

Do you wish to give an uncommon redneck name to your child? You can take inspiration from the state flower of Tennessee, Iris. In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.

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69. Isolde

This name, alluding to a mythical Irish princess, would sound adorable on your little girl.

70. Jancie

Jancie, the female derivative of Johnny, is as popular as its male counterpart. It means ‘God has been gracious’.

71. Jessie

Another quintessential redneck name, Jessie has a friendly and a no-nonsense feel that makes it popular. Some people may still consider it as the short form for Jessica, but you can use it on its own. It means ‘wealthy’.

72. Jewel

This name conjures images of a redneck girl painting characters on plywood to decorate her lawn for Christmas.

73. Jody

Jody is a cute and bouncy redneck nickname for girls. It originated as a diminutive for Joseph and was hugely popular in the 60s and 70s, but hasn’t had many takers since then. So it might make a unique name for your daughter.

74. Liberty

A name with a long American heritage. Liberty became popular with the rednecks following the American War of Independence. And it’s one of the least common virtue names as well.

75. Linda

Linda has a permanent place on the baby name list. It’s a Portuguese, Italian and Spanish name, meaning ‘pretty’.

76. Mae

After being off the national charts for four decades, Mae has finally made it back to the list. This antique, yet sweet name would look great in the middle.

77. Maizie

This unique variation of Maisie, meaning ‘pearl’, would work well as a nickname for Marjorie or Margaret. Or go ahead and use it as a given name.

78. Minnie

You can use Minnie for a short form for any name beginning with M, including Margaret, Mary and Minerva. Its redneck namesake is American country comedian Minnie Pearl.

79. Paisley

Paisley is a sweet Redneck baby bame

Just like the fabric pattern, even the name carries a very high southern quality. It’s simple, sweet, and ideal for any girl. What makes it relevant is its association with country singer Brad Paisley.

80. Sadie

Sadie was introduced as a diminutive for Sarah, but it began being used independently because of the disparate images both the names produced. This name is soaring in popularity these days, currently holding the 52nd position.

81. Savannah

Savannah is an American place name with a southern accent. There is a lot more than you can imagine in this simple name. It can be spelled in several ways and comes with loads of nicknaming option as well.

82. Scarlett

Many will associate this name with the Southern classic novel Gone with the Wind, but this name is more than just that. It is beautiful, mysterious, sophisticated and ladylike. The meaning of Scarlett is ‘ruby red’.

83. Tamsin

This contracted form of Thomasina is heard widely in Alabama and is waiting to be discovered by the rest of the Americans. You can use its alternative spelling Tamzin to up the oomph quotient.

84. Tamu

You must be wondering how anyone can name his or her child after alma mater. Well, some rednecks do! A southerner named Tamu Crampacker stated that her parents named her after the university she attended, the Texas A&M University.

85. Zinnia

Zinnia are the lovely flowers growing in the southern states. This floral moniker has more energy and zest than most of the botanical options. In the floral language, Zinnia symbolizes remembrance.

You can use redneck names whether you are from Southern US or not, because they are hip and unique. Tell us which one would suit your child the most.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

A name is an irreplaceable part of one’s identity. Hence, the name you give your baby will stay with them forever. Babies are usually named based on their family’s personal, familial, cultural, or historical connections. Thus, if you are a redhead or are inspired by the relaxed and straightforward life they lead, you may be searching for a redneck name for your baby. If so, this elaborate and well-researched list of redneck baby names can be a helpful guide for picking your little one’s name.

Key Pointers

  • The term ‘rednecks’ is used to refer to people who belong to the southern regions of America.
  • People from this society are known for their truthful and carefree nature.
  • Choosing a name inspired by this community for your baby will spark their interest in learning more about this culture and encourage them to embody its values.
  • Buck, signifying ‘deer,’ Harlan, indicating ‘a rocky land,’ and Montana, meaning ‘mountainous,’ are a few examples that highlight this community’s culture.

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