120 Unique Tswana (Setswana) Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Tswana are natives of South Africa and Botswana who live in a vibrant landscape. This vibrancy is also reflected in their culture and practices, including in the Tswana baby names. The Tswanas name their baby based on the circumstances during the child’s birth. A few names are also gender-specific. While girls’ names depict the feminine aesthetic reference, the boys’ names are synonymous with power and intellect. It is also a common practice among Tswana to name babies after the Almighty and their elders. Take a look at the Tswana’s names for a baby in this post. These names are perfect if you are trying to connect with your Tswana heritage or love that land.

Tswana Girl Names

1. Barulaganye

Barulaganye is a serious and sober name but has a whimsy feel to it. It means ‘they come immediately after each other’. Don’t you think it’ll make a fun name for one of your twins?

2. Boipelo

This pitch perfect name, meaning ‘proud’ is missing from the top 1000 baby name list. So grab it before it becomes too familiar.

3. Bontle

Some of the Tswana names reflect the way a child is looked at the time of birth. If she looks exceptionally pretty, she might be given this beautiful Setswana baby name Bontle.

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4. Botshelo

This Tswana name meaning ‘life’, feels friendly and approachable. And its short form, Shelo, has a trend-worthy and fresh sound as well!

5. Dikeledi

If you don’t give much importance to the meaning, Dikeledi could make a stylish and attractive name for your daughter. It means ‘tears’.

6. Dipuo

We think Dipuo is one of the most wearable Tswana baby names. It has a catchy sound and an easy pronunciation. Dipup means ‘talks’.

7. Goitsemedi

Goitsemedi might sound unusual to American ears, but it’s one of the most loved names in Botswana. It means ‘the Lord knows’. For the nickname, you can safely pick Medi.

8. Gorata

Gorata is an excellent pick for parents who want a Tswana name that’s frilly, bold, and has the perfect twang. It means ‘will’.

9. Gouta

Gouta is a shimmering Sotho and Tswana baby name, meaning ‘gold’. But its association with gout may put off some parents.

10. Itumeleng

Itumeleng is a wonderfully distinctive name, meaning ‘joy’. It’s used for both boys and girls, but would suit girls better.

11. Keabetswe

This name is patiently waiting for more mothers to consider its beauty and charm. Keabetswe means ‘we have been given’.

12. Kealaboga

A name like Kealaboga is bound to catch on, at least a bit. It means ‘thank you’.

13. Keamogetse

This antiquated Tswana name has started showing signs of revival. It means ‘I have received’.

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14. Kedibonye

We think Americans would adore this name from across the pond. It means ‘I have seen them’.

15. Keeya

Keeya is one of the most promising Tswana names. It’s short, sweet, easy to pronounce, and sounds universal. Keeya means ‘garden flower’.

16. Kefilwe

This name is full of positive vibes and spirit, making it ideal for a little adventurer. Kefilwe means ‘I have been given’.

17. Keitumetse

Keitumetse sounds a bit unusual and different, but we love every bit of this four-syllable name. It means ‘I am happy/I am thankful’.

18. Kelebogile

The meaning of Kelebogile is ‘I am thankful’. Indeed, we all must be thankful to God for whatever he has given us.

19. Keletso

Keletso, meaning ‘wish’, would make a lovely choice for mothers who had been hoping for a baby girl for long. The Botswana women believe that delivering a baby girl is easier than delivering a baby boy.

20. Keneilwe

Keneilwe is a name with loads of potential, more so because of its attractive nickname Kenny. It means ‘I have been given’.

21. Lesedi

Lesedi, Tswana baby names

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If you want a name with a genuine depth, pick Lesedi for your daughter. It’s all sorts of adorable, isn’t it? Lesedi means ‘light’.

22. Lesego

Give this lovely name a little more time in the spotlight and see it rise and shine. Lesego means ‘luck/a blessing’.

23. Lorato

Lorato would make a unique alternative to the common Christian name, Loreto. This appealing Tswana name sounds like a virtue name as it means ‘love’.

24. Malebogo

Malebogo is a gorgeous name, full of majesty. It means ‘thanks’.

25. Masego

Here’s a perfect name for your little pioneer. Masego, meaning ‘blessings’, is embraced by hundreds of Botswana parents every year.

26. Mmaabo

Don’t you love this name for your baby girl? It’s simple and to the point. Mmaabo means ‘their mother’.

27. Mosetsanagape

Mosetsanagape is a traditional Tswana baby name, meaning ‘a baby girl again’. An excellent way to let people know that there are two princesses in your house.

28. Motlalepula

This is a name with a lovely history. When Queen Elizabeth visited Botswana in 1995, she was conferred the name Motlalepula, which means ‘one who comes with rain’, as it was raining the time she touched down.

29. Mpho

We feel this sassy Tswana baby name for girls is more than ready for use in the American countries. And since it’s tiny, you do not even need to shorten it further for the nickname. Mpho means ‘gift’.

30. Naledi

Naledi, meaning ‘star’, will inspire your daughter to shine wherever she is. She will also aim to live up to her name.

31. Oaitse

This moniker sounds so modern that it’s hard to believe it originates from a humble community in South Africa. Oaitse means ‘he knows’.

32. Onalenna

Onalenna is an alluring baby with a bit of style. ‘God is with me’ or ‘He has protected me’.

33. Ontlametse

Popular in the 80s, Ontlametse packs a strong punch even today. It means ‘He has protected me’.

34. Pulafel

If you are looking for an exceptional weather inspired name for your child, you can pick Pulafel, which means ‘only rain’.

35. Reneilwe

Reneilwe is an awesome option for parents who are looking for a baby name with a twist. It means ‘given’.

36. Segomotso

There are two big reasons to love this name. For starters, it means ‘a comfort’, which is the reason enough to move it up our list. Secondly, it sounds very delightful.

37. Sethunya

Mommies who are looking for a feminine Tswana name should consider Sethunya. Sethunya is a floral name with a chic quality. It means ‘bloom’.

38. Tale

You don’t need to a degree in the Tswana language to fall in love with this name. It’s short, sweet and means ‘of a noble’.

39. Sylvanella

Sylvanella, Tswana baby names

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Sylvanella is a Botswana baby girl name, meaning ‘little forest’. Shorten it to Sylvia to give it a widespread appeal.

40. Tshegofatso

Here’s another Tswana name with a beautiful meaning (blessing). With this name, your daughter will understand that her privileges and even her trials are actually blessing from the Almighty.

41. Tshepiso

When you give birth to a child, you make a silent promise to yourself, to take care of her, love her, and to look after all her needs. This moniker, meaning ‘wish’, signifies the same.

42. Tsholofelo

Life can be complicated, with several obstacles coming our way. And amidst all the twists and turns, it is hope that keeps us moving. So name your child Tsholofelo, which means ‘hope’.

43. Tshweu

In Botswana, if a child is born with a very light complexion, she may be bestowed the name Tshweu, which means ‘white’.

Tswana Names For Baby Boys

44. Akanyang

Akanyang is a lovely name with strong Botswana roots. It means ‘think’.

45. Amogelang

Amogelang is a name that will radiate forever. It has an aura that’s extremely pleasant and loving. Amogelang means ‘receive or accept’.

46. Baboloki

Meaning ‘savior’, Baboloki would make a powerful, yet lighthearted name for your son. You also have the option of shortening it to the super cool Loki.

47. Baruti

Baruti is a name that is sure to be loved by your son when he grows. The lovely meaning (educator) of this name will hopefully inspire your son to educate people around him.

48. Boikanyo

Boikanyo sounds like the name of a heavy metal guitarist. It means ‘ dependence’. And Boi sounds like a pretty cool nickname, right?

49. Boipelo

Tswana Baby Names

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This bold and refined name, meaning ‘proud’ is considered by hundreds of parents. It’s unique, yet sounds compelling and enchanting.

50. Boitumelo

Boitumelo would make an excellent pick for parents looking for a unique setswana baby name. Meaning ‘joy’, this name will fill the life of your child with all the happiness that he deserves in his life.

51. Dineo

We definitely see this name becoming popular, primarily because of its similarity with Dino. Dineo means ‘gifts’.

52. Ditiro

Ditiro is a name with an upper-class vibe. It’s quintessentially masculine and makes a nice departure from Dimitri. Ditiro means ‘acts’.

53. Fenyang

This moniker is fit for a little trailblazer, a child full of spirit and greatness. Fenyang would sound great as a middle name too!

54. Gaone

Gaone has gained momentum as a baby boy name in the last few years. It means ‘of His/God’.

55. Godiraone

This name affirms the faith that we have in God. It means ‘it is God who gives or acts’.

56. Gofaone

Gofaone is probably a variation of Godiraone as both the names have the same meaning ‘it is God who gives or acts’. You can consider this name if you want something less complicated for your son.

57. Goitseone

Goitseone is a Setswana godly name that translates to ‘he knows’ and refers to the omniscient powers of the almighty. Parents bestow their name on children believing that God would provide their son all the things he needs in his life.

58. Kabo

Kabo is better used as a term of endearment or a middle name. It means ‘which has been given’.

59. Kagiso

Kagiso is a refined Tswana baby boy name, meaning ‘peace’. A famous personality with this name is Kagiso Rabada, a South African cricketer.

60. Katlego

Katlego is a compelling Tswana name, meaning ‘success’. This moniker will get your child to the path of success, right from the start.

61. Kefenste

This is probably one of our favorites on this list. We love this name for its bold meaning (conquer) and its ‘e’ ending.

62. Kenosi

Kenosi sounds like a name that could make a great import. But the catch is that it has a sad meaning (I am alone). If you can get past its meaning, Kenosi could be an excellent option.

63. Kgalefa

Your valiant ‘Kgalefa’, will make this unique name memorable too. Kgalefa means ‘brave’.

64. Kgosiemang

This moniker, meaning ‘king or chief’ falls well in the royal name category.

65. Kgosie

If Kgosiemang sounds too complicated or elaborate to you, you can go with Kgosie, which means the same. Kgosie started as a short form for Kgosiemang, but is now used on its own.

66. Khumo

After being in obscurity for ages, Khumo has catapulted into the spotlight. It means ‘wealth/riches’.

67. Khumoetsile

Khumoetsile is a creatively spelled name, meaning ‘wealth has come’.

68. Kopano

Kopano has a breezy feeling to it. It means ‘united universe’.

69. Lebogang

This Tswana name evokes innocence and purity. It means ‘be thankful’.

70. Letsego

Letsego, Tswana baby names

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Letsego is a vivacious Tswana name, meaning ‘armament’.

71. Matshwenyego

Another strange practice of Tswanas is naming children after the emotional or physical pain they experience during the birth of the child. The name they give reflects the pain of the time. The meaning of Matshwenyego is ‘troubles’.

72. Mmoloki

Mmoloki is a name with loads of charm. It means ‘a savior’.

73. Mmusi

This moniker, meaning ‘governor or ruler’ may not have caught the fire like other Tswana names like Botsehlo or Kgosie, but would be a nice tribute to your African ancestor.

74. Modise

This moniker would fit the bill if you were looking for a unique two-syllable name for your son. Modise means ‘herd boy’.

75. Moeng

This popular name, used in various African states, holds a continental appeal. It means ‘guest or visitor’.

76. Mogapi

This name would be suitable for the future class monitor. It means the ‘one who confiscates’.

77. Mogorosi

Mogorosi is an occupational name of the Botswana. It refers to ‘one who brings the domesticated animals into the kraal during the evening’.

78. Mogotsi

An ideal name for a boy with a fiery personality, this name ‘the builder of fire’.

79. Mokgosi

Stylish African parents, who do not care much about the meaning of a name, have started to use this name again. Mokgosi means ‘a loud call for help’.

80. Molatlhegi

Molatlhegi is a mouthful name, meaning ‘the lost one’.

81. Molefi

Molefi is a strong, three syllable name, meaning ‘one who pays damages to another’. Meaning is slightly strange, but the name is without an iota of doubt is beautiful.

82. Mompati

Mompati is a sultry sounding name, meaning ‘one who accompanies me’. The vowel tossed at the end of this name makes it unique.

83. Mooketsi

Mooketsi is a whimsical sounding name, meaning ‘one who is increasing’.

84. Morapedi

If you want a name that makes a proud statement about your African heritage, pick Morapedi, which means ‘one who prays’.

85. Moremi

The name Moremi refers to people who ‘cut with an ax’. It is one of the Botswana occupational names.

86. Moreri

Moreri seems to be experiencing a sort of revival amongst the trendsetting mothers. It means ‘preacher’.

87. Mosegi

One of the most popular and beloved Tswana baby names, this name means ‘tailor’.

88. Moseki

The meaning of this Tswana baby boy name is ‘one who appears before court’.

89. Mosimanegape

Mosimanegape, Tswana baby names

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Meaning ‘a boy again’, Mosimanegape would make an ideal pick for mommies who’ve had a second baby boy.

90. Moswen

Moswen will go well with the last name of any length or ethnicity. It means ‘light in color’.

91. Mothibi

Mothibi is a term used in Botswana for people who drive animals.

92. Mothudi

The name Mothudi is usually given to boys belonging to a family of smiths.

93. Motswane

A masculine Tswana name with a straightforward meaning (good).

94. Mykel

This usable Tswana name means ‘peaceful’. You can consider this name in place of the typical Michael.

95. Neo

One of the top most reasons for you to pick this name is its global appeal. Neo is used in almost all the English-speaking countries, though the meanings are different. In Tswana language, Neo means ‘gift’.

96. Ngaka

The Botswana people often select names that reflect the aspirations and dreams they have for their children. They even name children after the profession they want them to follow. One such name is Ngaka, which means ’doctor’.

97. Oatise

Oatise is both modern and classic at the same time. It means ‘he knows’. Please do not shorten it to Oat for the nickname. We’re sure you don’t want your child’s preschool friends to tease him for his nickname.

98. Obonye

Obonye is a classic name that has retained its position in the trendy radar. It means ‘he has seen’.

99. Odirile

Odirile is a confident Tswana name, meaning ‘he has done or made’. It can be used for either sex, but sounds overwhelmingly masculine.

100. Ofentse

Ofentse would click with mothers looking for a fashionable name for their son. It means ‘he is victorious/he has conquered’.

101. Olebile

Olebile is one of those names that are both traditional and happening. It means ‘He is watching’.

102. Olebogeng

Olebogeng has never been completely out of favor, but it has had its share of ups and downs. It means ‘thank Him’.

103. Omphile

Omphile is one of those names that’s more popular than you can even think, but in its native region. It means ‘God gave gift’.

104. Onkemetse

Onkemetse has failed to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, despite its rising popularity in non-African countries. It means ‘he is representing me’.

105. Oteng

Baby name Oteng has a different feel altogether. It’s a little bit serious, a little bit mature and of course, preppy. It means ‘he is there’.

106. Otsile

Otsile is a strong and flamboyant name with a steady history of use. It means ‘he has come’.

107. Phefo

The forces of nature have a strong influence on the naming customs of Botswana. Usually, when a child is born on a windy day, he’s named Phefo, which means ‘windy’.

108. Pono

Pono is a classic Tswana name and is likely to be in use for many more years to come. Pono means ‘slight’.

109. Refilwe

Refilwe is one of the rarest Tswana names for baby boys. So wrap it up and take it to your home before it becomes too common. Refilwe means ‘we were given’.

110. Salekany

Salekany means ‘enough’ in the Tswana language. This moniker will teach your son to be a simple man by making him believe that whatever he has is enough.

111. Tan

If you love the name Leo, but hate the fact that it’s too humdrum, you can pick Tan, which means the same (lion).

112. Tapiwa

Tapiwa, Tswana baby names

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Tapiwa, meaning ‘gift’, is a name that’s quite likely to travel well and be recognized in several countries.

113. Tapologo

Tapologo is a perfect example of a name that’s a blend of flair and character. It means ‘relaxation’.

114. Tau

Tau is one of the least common animal-inspired names. This luminous and enchanting name means ‘lion’.

115. Thabo

This moniker will receive accolades from each of your friends and family. It aptly captures the ‘joyous’ emotion that you feel at the birth of your newborn.

116. Tshenolo

Looking for a truly unusual name for your child? Try Tshenolo, which means ‘revelation’. It’s rare, cute, and unique.

117. Tshepo

Tshepo is a lovable name in its own right. It means ‘trust’.

118. Tsholofelo

Tsholofelo never really charted, so it would be very distinctive. It also comes with the great short form Tsholo. Tsholofelo means ‘expectations’.

119. Tuelo

Tuelo translates to ‘payment’ in the Tswana language, which could be a cause of teasing in non-African countries.

120. Tumelo

Faith isn’t just a wish. It’s much more than that. It’s an expression of hope for something positive. So name your son Tumelo, which mean ‘hope’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

If you want a vibrant and unique name for your baby, this list of Tswana baby names can help you make the right choice. These attractive and distinctive names have deep meanings, and they often reflect the circumstances of a baby’s birth. These names are also gender-specific. Hence, shortlist the names you and your partner like the most and that will be most meaningful for your little one. Whatever name you choose, remember that it is a gift they will cherish for life!

Key Pointers

  • Tswana baby names are as vibrant as the culture of the Tswana people.
  • Girl names are usually derived from aesthetic references, such as Gouta (Gold), Keeya (garden flower), and Tshweu (white).
  • Many boy names, such as Katlego, Kgalefa, and Mogotsi, exude power and intelligence.
  • Many Tswana’s names are also derived from God and the elders, such as Kelebogile, Gaone, and Omphile.
  • Tswana names are unique, celebrating their colorful language and heritage.

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