250+ Cute Southern Baby Names For Girls & Boys, With Meanings

Southern baby names are captivating and classic. These names are usually inspired by well-known personalities, performing artists, charming cities, and beautiful landscapes. Using a southern name for your baby could offer a beautiful blend of the traditional and the contemporary. These names are not only popular in the south but among most parts of the country.

Keep reading to take a look at our collection of unique and trendy southern names for girls and boys, along with their meanings. Then go on and pick the perfect name for your little one.

Unique And Popular Southern Names For Boys

1. Abbott

The name Abbott has been a popular southern name for a boy, and means “father” in Hebrew.

2. Ace

The name Ace means “unity or one,” in Latin.

3. Aden

This unique name has Irish origin, and it means “fiery one.”

4. Alfred

A splendid name, Alfred means “wise counsel” in English.

5. Ambrose

The name Ambrose has a Latin origin, and it refers to “the immortal one.”

6. Ardy

The name Ardy originates from Latin, and means “great forest.”

7. Asher

This has its origin in Hebrew, and it means “blessed or happy.”

8. Atticus

It means “man of Attica,” in Latin. The name has been made popular by Atticus Finch, one of the main characters of Harper Lee’s 1960 novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

9. Austin

The name Austin refers to “magnificent or great” in English.

10. Axel

This unique name Axel is of Scandinavian origin, and means “father of peace.”

11. Banks

Banks is a topographic name referring to “the one who lives on the riverbank or hillside.

12. Bayou

It means “slow and small stream” and has Native American origin.

13. Beau

Beau refers to handsome

This is a popular southern baby boy name and means “handsome” in French.

14. Benton

The name originates from an English word that means “bent grass enclosure.”

15. Billy

An adorable name for your boy, meaning “resolute protection” in English.

16. Blaine

The name has its origin from Gaelic and means “yellow.”

17. Boone

It means “good, a blessing” in French, and it reflects a perfect blessing from God.

18. Bradford

This unique name in English means “wide river crossing.”

19. Brent

This topographic name refers to “dweller near the burnt land” in English.

20. Brooks

The southern baby boy’s name refers to “of the brook” in English.

21. Buck

The word for “a male deer,” and denotes a robust and spirited young man.

22. Buddy

The name buddy refers to a “friend,” and has American origin.

23. Burke

The name Burke comes from a French word meaning “from the fortress.”

24. Calhoun

This unique baby boy’s name means “from the narrow forest” in Irish.

25. Carson

This popular name for your boy has Scottish and English origin, and means “son of the marsh-dwellers.”

26. Carter

The name Carter refers to “transports goods by cart” and is popular in Irish, Scottish, and English speaking countries.

27. Carver

An occupational name referring to “woodcarver” in English.

28. Charleston

It is an Old English word for “free peasants” settlement.”

29. Clayton

The name refers to “settlement near the clay pit” and has Old English origin. The diminutive form is “Clay.”

30. Cletus

It originated from the Greek word and means “glory.”

31. Clinton

The short form of this southern baby boy’s name is Clint, and it means “settlement by the cliff” in English.

32. Clyde

It is a Scottish river name that flows through Glasgow. This also has its origin in Gaelic.

33. Cole

The name Cole means “charcoal” in English.

34. Colin

The name Colin has its origin in Gaelic, Irish and Scottish word meaning “young creature.”

35. Colton

It has a diminutive form “Colt,” which means “from the coal or dark town” in English.

36. Connor

This unique southern name for a boy means “lover of hounds” and has its origin in Irish.

37. Conway

The name Conway means “holy river, or the hound of the plain” in Welsh, Irish and Gaelic languages.

38. Cornelius

It means “horn” and originates from the Latin word.

39. Cruz

It is a Spanish word meaning “cross,” and is a short and sweet name for your little boy.

40. Dale

The name Dale refers to “Valley” in English, and is quite a popular southern name for a boy.

41. Davis

The southern name Davis has its origin in Hebrew and means “beloved.”

42. Dawson

This is a Welsh personal name for “son of David.”

43. Deacon

The name Deacon means “servant or messenger” in Greek.

44. Duke

It means “leader” in Latin, and it denotes a royal name to the boy.

45. Earl

Earl, Southern baby names

The name Earl refers to “warrior or nobleman” in English.

46. Easton

This is derived from the surname Easton meaning “east-facing place” in English.

47. Eli

Eli is a short and cute name for your baby boy, and has Hebrew origin. It means “uplifted, high, or ascended.”

48. Elijah

This name is the Hebrew word for “Yahweh is God.”

49. Ellis

Another popular southern name for your little boy Ellis meaning “benevolent” in Welsh.

50. Elmer

A name that means “noble or renowned” is Elmer in English.

51. Elvis

The name “Elvis means “wise,” and has its origin in Norse and Scandinavian languages.

52. Emerson

This name has its origin in German, and means “son of Emery.”

53. Emmett

This unique name has been popular in German and English and means “strong or industrious.”

54. Emory

It means “brave power” in German, and it reflects a strong personality.

55. Everett

This name Everett means “brave as a wild boar.” It is the name of the main character called “Rhett Butler” in the “Gone With The Wind” film.

56. Finch

A short and stylish boy name that means “to swindle” in English.

57. Finn

If you want to name your boy with a name that reflects his cuteness, you may pick this Irish origin name meaning “white, fair.”

58. Ford

It means “dweller at the ford” in English.

59. Franklin

The name Franklin has its origin in English, and means “free landholder.”

60. Gatlin

It is an English name for “fellow, companion.”

61. Granger

This is an occupational name for “worker of the granary in English

62. Grant

The name Grant originates from the Scottish word, which means “large.”

63. Gunnar

It refers to “bold warrior” and is a Scandinavian word.

64. Hartwell

This unique and modern name means “one who lives near the stag’s spring” in English

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65. Hayden

If you want to give a fierce name to your boy, pick this name, which means “fire” in English.

66. Hayes

This is a name for “hedged area or forest” in English. Another variant of this name is Haywood.

67. Hemingway

It is an English place name for a lost village in England, and can be a unique name for your little one.

68. Henry

A royal name for the baby boy with German origin, and it means “estate ruler.”

69. Hiram

It means “brother of the exalted one” in Hebrew.

70. Houston

This southern name for a boy means “Hugh’s town, a settlement on the hill,” and has its origin in Old English, Irish, and Gaelic speaking countries.

71. Howard

This is a superior name of German origin, and means “high guardian or brave heart.”

72. Huck

It is a diminutive form of Huckleberry, a North American shrub, and was made popular in the novel “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain.

73. Hudson

This name refers to “Hugh’s son” and has its origin in English.

74. Jackson

The name Jackson or Jaxon is a family name referring to “son of Jack” in English.

75. Jacob

This Bible name is popular in southern regions, and means “supplanter” in Hebrew.

76. Jasper

Another popular name sounding stylish is Jasper meaning “treasurer” in the Persian language.

77. Jedidiah

It refers to “the beloved of Jehovah” in Hebrew. Jed is the diminutive of Jedidiah.

78. Jefferson

This is of Old English origin, and the meaning is “son of Jeffrey.”

79. Jeremiah

It is a Bible name and given name with Hebrew origin and means “appointed by God.”

80. Jimmy

A variant of James, it means “supplanter” in Hebrew and English.

81. Judson

It refers to the “son of Jordan” in English. The name also means “praised” in Greek.

82. Kenneth

This Scottish and Irish name refers to “born of fire or handsome.” it can be a unique southern name for your boy.

83. Knox

It refers to “round hill” and has its origin in the Scottish language.

84. Lee

This is a toponymic name referring to “those who dwelled by the wood or clearing, and has its origin in Old English.

85. Levi

Levi means “joined in harmony” and is a Hebrew name. It is also a popular Biblical name.

86. Liam

The popular southern baby boy name means “joined or attached” in Hebrew.

87. Lincoln

It has its origin in English, and refers to “town by the pool.”

88. Lockhart

If looking for a strong name for your little boy, this may be one of them. It means “brave” in Scottish.

89. Macon

This short and simple southern name Macon means “to make” in English.

90. Maddox

This is Welsh origin name referring to “fortunate” or “son of Madoc.”

91. Marshall

The name Marshall means “one who looks after horses” in French.

92. Mercer

It refers to “a merchant” and has its origin in French.

93. Micah

This baby boy’s name is a biblical name with Hebrew origin, and means “who is like the Lord.”

94. Milton

It refers to “settlement with a mill,” in English.

95. Nash

This southern name for baby boy refers to “at the ash tree” and has its origin in Middle English.

96. Oliver

This nature name Oliver means “olive tree” in Latin.

97. Orson

This cute name for your little boy is of Latin origin, and it means “bear cub.”

98. Parker

A stylish name meaning “park keeper” in English.

99. Paxton

The name Paxton is a boy’s name of Latin origin and means “peace town.”

100. Preston

The name is derived from an English place name composed of Old English elements “proest,” meaning “priest” and “tun,” meaning “town, settlement, or village.”

101. Price

It refers to the” Son of Rhys” of Welsh origin.

102. Reed

This stylish name is of English origin, and it means “red-haired.”

103. Remington

The name Remington is of English origin and means “place on a riverbank.”

104. Richmond

This strong name for a baby boy means “powerful protector” in German.

105. Rufus

The name Rufus means “red-head,” and is of Latin origin.

106. Sawyer

This is an occupational name referring to a “woodcutter” in English.

107. Scout

It means “to listen” in French. It is the nickname of Jean Louise Finch, the main character in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

108. Silas

The southern baby name for a boy means “forest or woods” in Greek.

109. Sterling

It means “genuine, of high quality” and is of English origin.

110. Texas

This Native American southern name for a baby boy means “friend;” the diminutive name for Texas is “Tex.”

111. Thaddeus

The name Thaddeus means “Gift of God” in Aramaic.

112. Thatcher

It is the “one who makes or lays thatching material or a roofer,” and is an occupational name of English origin.

113. Ulysses

It is of Greek origin, and means “wrathful, hater.”

114. Vernon

The name Vernon is of English origin and means “place of alders.”

115. Virgil

It means “staff bearer” in Latin. Virgil is the name of the greatest Roman poet, and also an Irish saint.

116. Wade

This short name is a topographic name for “at the river crossing” in English.

117. Walker

The name Walker means “cloth-walker” in English.

118. Weston

This is a toponymic name for “one who is from the western town” and has English origin.

119. Wiley

Another variant for this name is Wylie, which means “crafty” in Old English.

120. Wilmer

It means “determined, fame” and is of German origin.

121. Winchester

The name Winchester means “dweller at the Roman fort” in English.

122. Winston

This name means “wine’s town” and is of English origin.

123. Wyatt

If you want to give a strong name to your baby boy, this is a suitable one. Wyatt means “brave in war” in English.

124. Yale

This name is of Welsh origin, and it means “fertile upland”

125. Yates

It is of Middle English origin and means “the gates.”

126. Zeke

Zeke is a Hebrew word for “God strengthens.”

Cute And Pretty Southern Names For Girls

127. Abigail

The name Abigail signifies the joy of a father about the arrival of his sweet girl. It has its origin in Hebrew.

128. Abilene

This is of Hebrew origin, and it means “land of meadows.”

129. Adelaide

The name Adelaide is of German origin, and means “noble natured.”

130. Alexandria

A strong name for baby girl meaning “defender of men” in Greek.

131. Alinda

Alinda is of English origin and means “beautiful.” This could give a lot of confidence to the girl as she grows up.

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132. Alma

This popular southern name for baby girls is of Latin origin, and means “kind, nourishing.”

133. Amelia

The name Amelia means “striving or industrious” in Latin.

134. Annabelle

A vintage name signifying a beautiful and lovely baby girl, and has its origin in Hebrew and French.

135. Annalee

It refers to “grace or gracious” in Hebrew.

136. Annamae

The name Annamae means “God has favored me” and is of Hebrew origin.

137. Annie

The name Annie means “full of grace or gracious” and has its origin in Hebrew.

138. Aubrey

It is an English name meaning “noble or fair ruler” This boy’s name for a girl is a popular Southern name and is on-trend lately.

139. Aurora

This is the name of Latin origin, and it means “sunrise.”

140. Ava

A variant of Eve meaning “life” and has its origin in Hebrew.

141. Azalea

This unique name means “dry” in Greek. It is also the name of a flower in English.

142. Beatrice

Celebrate the joy of a baby girl by naming her Beatrice, meaning “bringer of joy” in Latin.

143. Belle

This is a popular and short name meaning “beautiful” in Latin.

144. Betsy

It means “pledged to God” in Hebrew. The name symbolizes honoring God for the baby.

145. Birdie

The name Birdie means “bright, bird-like” in English.

146. Blakely

It means “dark, clearing” in English

147. Blanche

This southern name for baby girl is of French origin, and means “white, fair.”

148. Bonnie

It is a Scottish name for “pretty or cheerful.”

149. Brianna

It is an unusual name and is a variant of Bryanna, and signifies the qualities of southern beauty, strong, virtuous and honorable.

150. Callie

Callie, Southern baby names for girls

It means “beautiful one” in Greek origin. This is a nickname for Caroline and Catherine.

151. Camellia

The name Camellia is a state flower of Alabama. It also means “young and virginal in Latin.

152. Caroline

This is a feminine derivative of Charles or Carolus, meaning “free man.” It has its origin in Latin, French, and German.

153. Cassidy

The name Cassidy means “clever or curly-haired” in Irish.

154. Charlene

It is a feminine derivative of Charles or Carolus and means “freeman.” This has French, German, and Latin roots.

155. Charlotte

This southern baby girl’s name is a feminine derivative of Charlot and means “free man or petite” in French.

156. Clara

It means “bright or clear” and is a popular southern name. The feminine form of “Clarus” with Latin origin.

157. Clementine

The name Clementine is of Latin origin, and it means “merciful or gentle.”

158. Clover

It is the name for a “flower” of Old English origin.

159. Connie

The name Connie means “steadfast” and has its origin in Latin.

160. Coralee

This baby girl’s name is a variant of Cora (Greek) and Coral (Latin) and means “maiden.”

161. Daisy

The name is an Old English word for Day’s eye, and is also the name of a flower.

162. Dakota

It means “Allies, friends” and is of Native American origin. Dakota Fanning is an American actress who became prominent at the age of seven.

163. Daphne

This warm name refers to “a laurel or bay tree,” and is of Greek origin.

164. Deedee

It is a Welsh and Latin word for “pleasure, delight, or divine. The short form is “Dee.”

165. Delilah

The name is of Hebrew origin, and means “seductive, delightful.”

166. Delta

It means “born fourth” as in the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

167. Dixie

This rich name for girls refers to the ten-dollar notes which were circulated during the pre-civil war in Louisiana. It means “tenth” in French.

168. Dolly

A diminutive form of Dorothy, and means “Gift of God” in Greek.

169. Dottie

Dottie is a variant of Dorothy, meaning “Gift of God” and has its origin in Greek.

170. Eileen

The name Eileen means “light” and is of Irish origin.

171. Eldora

It is a Spanish word for “golden,” and derived from El Dorado, which is an imaginary dreamland in South America rich in gold and precious metals.

172. Ellison

This is a feminine form of Elias, and means “son of Ellis” in Old English.

173. Elora

This baby girl’s name has gained popularity over the years and means “a shining light” in Greek and Hebrew.

174. Etta

This English origin name means an “estate ruler” and symbolizes a girl in a position of power.

175. Elizabeth

It is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba meaning “My God is bountiful.”

176. Faye

The name Faye means “fairy” and derived from the Middle English word “faie.”

178. Feliz

This Spanish origin name means “happy, lucky, or fortunate.”

179. Florenza

It means “flower or bloom” in Latin and signifies that the baby girl blooms like a flower.

180. Flossie

Flossie means “flowering or flourishing.” It is a name for the Mythological Roman goddess of flowers.

181. Fredda

It is a feminine derivative of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler” in German.

182. Gardenia

The name Gardenia means “a flower” and is of Scottish origin. It is the name for naturalist Alexander Garden during the 18th century.

183. Gemma

It means a “precious stone” and is of Italian origin. This is a popular southern name most parents choose for their precious baby.

184. Genia

The name Genia means “pure, of royal birth” in Greek.

185. Georgia

This popular southern baby girl name means “farmer” and is a feminine derivative of George in Greek.

186. Georgina

It is a feminine form of George, meaning “farmer” in Greek.

187. Giselle

This French girl’s name is derived from the Germanic element “Gisil,” meaning “bright pledge.”

188. Gladys

It refers to “royalty or princess” and is a Classic southern name of Welsh origin.

189. Grace

This popular name means “blessing, favor” derived from the Latin word “gratia,” meaning “favor or thanks.”

190. Harlene

It is of American origin with the meaning “created name.” This is a variant of Charlene and a combination of the names Harry and Arlene.

191. Harper

The name Harper refers to “a harpist” in Middle English.

192. Hattie

This is a feminine diminutive of Henri, meaning “ruler of the home” in French.

193. Hayley

It means “hayfield” and is of English origin. This is a derivative of the surname Haley.

194. Honora

This name means woman of “honor, dignity and principles” and any parent would love to name their girl to inculcate these virtues.

195. Ida

The name Ida means “hardworking” and has its origin in Greek and German. It is a popular southern baby girl name in many European countries.

196. Isabella

It means “My God is bountiful” and is derived from the Hebrew name “Elisheba.”

197. Itzel

The name Itzel means “star of the aurora sky,” and has its origin in the Mayan culture.

198. Ivy

It signifies fidelity and faithfulness in English. This is derived from the name of the Ivy plant.

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199. June

The word is derived from the word Juno is Latin. She is the Roman Queen of Gods and Goddess of marriage.

200. Jean

It is a feminine derivative of John, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

201. Jolene

Jolene means “he (God) will increase” and is of Hebrew origin.

202. Josie

It is a familiar form of the name Josephine and is of American origin. This name means “God will add.”

203. Juniper

This name means “A cypress evergreen tree” derived from the Latin word “Juniperus.”

204. Kay

This is a shortened name for Katherine, meaning “pure.” The name has a Greek origin.

205. Kennedy

It comes from Irish and means “misshapen head.” This is an attractive surname that projects the Kennedy family charisma.

206. Kit

It means “bearer of Christ, and is a derivative of the Greek word “Christophorus.”

207. Lemon

It is one of the sweet names you can pick for your girl meaning “beloved person” in Middle English.

208. Loretta

This name has Italian origin and means “laurel or bay.”

209. Louella

This popular southern name has German and English origins and means “famous warrior.”

210. Lucille

It is a French variation of the Latin word Lucilla meaning “light.”

211. Mabel

Mabel means lovable

The name means “lovable” and is of Latin origin.

212. Madison

It is a surname meaning “son of Maud” where Maud is a pet name for Mathilda, battle mighty.

213. Mae

This short and sweet girl’s name refers to “month of May” in English.

214. Magnolia

The name Magnolia is inspired by the state flower of Mississippi. It is also the name of the 17th-century French botanist, Pierre Magnol.

215. Maisie

This southern name is a Scottish name for “a little pearl.”

216. Maribel

It is a blend of Latin for “Mary,” meaning “star of the sea” and the French for “belle,” meaning “beautiful.”

217. Memphis

It is a popular and unique name from Egypt meaning “enduring and beautiful.”

218. Mirabella

The name Mirabella means “of wondrous beauty” in Latin.

219. Mona

This is a diminutive form of Madonna of Italian origin. It means “chaste maiden” from the Greek word “monachos.”

220. Monroe

It is of Scottish origin and means mouth of the Roe River.”

221. Myrtle

The name Myrtle means “an evergreen shrub” and is taken from the word mirabilis in Greek.

222. Nancy

It means “grace or favor” in Hebrew, and was originally a nickname before being used as a full name.

223. Nellie

The name Nellie is an English name meaning “sunray.” It is also a short name for Eleanor, which means “the shining light.”

224. Nora

This is a diminutive form of Honora, meaning “light” in Greek.

225. Odette

It is derived from the French word “ouda,” meaning “rich,” and is a female version of German “Otto.”

226. Olivia

This beautiful name refers to the “Olive tree” in Latin.

227. Paisley

This is a Scottish word for “church.” It is a Scottish town located in the west-central area of Lowlands.

228. Pearl

The name refers to the pearl gem. This adorable name for your baby girl is of Latin origin.

229. Penelope

The name Penelope means “weaver” in Greek and has prominence in Greek mythology.

230. Priscilla

Priscilla means “ancient” and is of Latin origin. Priscilla Presley was an American actress and businessman.

231. Raelynn

It is a combination of Rae (meaning female sheep) and Lynn (meaning lake). This name has its origin in American, Welsh, and Hebrew.

232. Reese

It is a unique name of Welsh origin meaning “ardor.” This denotes a name of confidence.

233. Rosie

This southern name for baby girls is derived from the flower “Rose” of Latin origin.

234. Reba

It means “snare” and is of American origin. Reba McEntire is a popular singer cum actress.

235. Rita

The name Rita means “pearl” and is of Greek origin.

236. Rylee

It is a variant of Riley, meaning “courageous” and has Irish and Gaelic origin.

237. Sadie

The name Sadie is a sweet and popular name of Hebrew origin, and it means “princess.”

238. Savannah

This has been a favorite southern name meaning “treeless plain” and is of Spanish origin.

239. Scarlett

It means “red in color” in French. This was the name of a character in Margaret Mitchell’s novel, “Gone With the Wind.”

240. Serenity

This baby girl’s name is of English origin and means “serene, calm.”

241. Summer

It has its origin in German and refers to “season or half-year.”

242. Susannah

This stylish name for baby girl is of Hebrew origin and means “lily.”

243. Tallulah

A pleasant name meaning “leaping water” and is of Native American origin. It denotes a strong personality and love for nature.

244. Tilly

This is a shortened form of Matilda, and means “battle-ready” in German.

245. Trinity

It is derived from the Latin word Trinitas meaning “triad” in Latin.

246. Twyla

This baby girl’s name is of English and French origin. It means “twilight or star.”

247. Violet

It is derived from the French “Violette” or Latin “Viola.” This name is associated with a flower.

248. Virginia

The name Virginia is derived from the Latin word “Virgo,” meaning “maiden or virgin.”

249. Vivian

It means “alive” and derived from the Latin word Vivus.

250. Whitney

The name Whitney means “white island” and is of Old English origin.

251. Willow

It is a derivative of the Middle English word “wilwe,” meaning “a tree.”

252. Wynona

This is a variant of Winona. It refers to “firstborn daughter or eldest daughter” and has roots in Native American languages.

253. Zelda

The name Zelda means “gray fighting maid” and has a German origin. It is a popular southern name.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

This list of southern baby names may help you give your little one a unique name. These names have been picked out carefully and categorized under different subheads for your convenience. For example, names such as Ambrose or Ardy have a Latin origin, whereas Ida or Louella have been derived from the German language. These names will also make your child feel special as they grow up. Thus, scroll through and choose a unique name for your little one according to your preference and your child’s personality.

Key Pointers

  • ⁤Southern baby names are inspired by famous people, artists, cities, and landscapes, offering a timeless yet contemporary feel. ⁤
  • ⁤These names come from varying origins, including Hebrew, English, Greek, and Italian.
  • Southern boy names like Atticus and Scarlett are tied to famous literary characters. ⁤
  • ⁤Magnolia and Willow, inspired by nature, are perfect for developing a connection with the natural world.

Explore a delightful video showcasing some charming Southern baby names. Uncover a treasury of both timeless and distinctive names. These names will ignite an inspiration for your precious bundle’s name selection.

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