22 Most Romantic Baby Boy Names Of All Time

If you want your baby boy to be charming and loving like the heroes of romantic movies and novels, we have made a list of romantic baby boy names that could help. The names in the following list are sweet, classical, and attractive. They have been inspired by several famous historical and mythological figures known for their passion and acts of love. The list also includes the names of famous writers who have fuelled romantic thoughts among their readers. So, read on to find a suitable name that might fill your baby’s life with love and warmth.

22 Most Romantic Names For Boys

1. Caspian

Caspian is a romantic and heroic name which is here to stay since its popularity shot up.

2. Romeo

The name Romeo is an epitome of romance. Our romantic name round-up would be incomplete without mentioning this classic protagonist of Shakespeare’s play.

3. Orion

Orion, romantic baby boy names

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Orion is a strong Romantic name with roots in Greek mythology. The name also has celestial ties, as ‘Orion’ is one of the brightest constellations in the sky.

4. Humphrey

If you have watched the film ‘Casablanca’, then you will know why this name makes our list. We feel that the name has a classy and romantic sound to it.

5. Darcy

What can we say about this name? Darcy is the most famous Jane Austen character and a childhood heartthrob of several girls. Combined with a rhythm, Darcy makes a romantic choice.

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6. Apollo

The name Apollo, just as Orion, has a romantic quality to it. Apollo was the Greek God of poetry and music, and don’t good poetry and romance go together?

7. Lancelot

Lancelot has a ‘romance novel’ vibe to it, with Sir Lancelot being the seductive knight from the King Arthur Legend.

8. Lorenzo

Don’t you think the name Lorenzo has an Italian lover feel to it? You can also consider Renzo, Enzo, and Angelo. They sound equally romantic.

9. Rhett

Rhett was the lead in Margaret Mitchell’s record-breaking novel “Gone with the Wind”. The name Rhett is a surname derived from the Dutch name de Raedt and stands for advice or counseling.

10. Eros

Eros is the son of Goddesss Aphrodite

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Eros would be an ideal romantic name for your little prince. The name perfectly describes what a romantic baby boy name should be as Eros was the impish God of love and the son of Goddess Aphrodite.

11. Valentino

This Latin name is not just romantic, but also has an alluring sound to it. The name comes from the term Valentinus and is a variant of the name Valentines. Valentino Rossi, Italian professional motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion, is currently the most famous bearer of this name.

12. Jack

The love dove from Titanic can never grow old when it comes to love. Jack was once a jargon for ‘man’ in Europe and still holds the third position on English baby name charts.]

13. Athens

Have you ever considered naming your baby after a romantic destination? You can give it a shot now. Athens is the love capital of Greece and has a romantic imagery to it.

14. Delmont

French names are renowned for being romantic yet masculine. Delmont is a heavenly romantic name dripping in masculinity as it stands for ‘of the mountain’.

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15. Byron

Name of famous English poet, Lord Byron, this name means ‘at the cow shed’. May not sound all that romantic, but is certainly a favorite among people.

16. Roman

Roman is a close cousin to the fellow romantic name Romeo, and the French version of Romaine. The name shot to popularity recently and certainly sounds romantic and sits pretty at #113. Both Cate Blanchett and Debra Messing chose this name for their children.

17. Rafael

Rafael has both Jewish and Latinate roots

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Rafael is another alluring Latin name, having an exotic, romantic appeal to it. Raphael has cross-cultural ties and is significant for people with both Jewish and Latinate roots. Raphael was one of the seven archangels who attended the throne of God. A notable namesake is the Renaissance painter Raphael Senzo.

18. Dmitri

Dmitri is a variation of the name Demetrius and is also the name of the Greek God of fertility.

19. Heathcliff

If you are a fan of classic romantic literature, then you will know why this name is on the list. Heathcliff was the passionate lover in Emily Bronte’s romance novel “Wuthering Heights”. Heath would be the perfect nickname for this one.

20. Carl

Didn’t you love the couple Carl and Ellie from Disney’s film “Up”? The adorable Carl is a symbol of devotion and love. Carl is the German form of Charles and a variant of Carlos and Carless. The literary meaning of Carl is ‘man’.

21. Edward

Edward is a romantic baby boy name

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Millions of girls love Edward, the handsome vampire from the Twilight series. In the film, the guy manages to win his love even in the most complicated situations. Edward has Polish roots and ‘rich guard’. It is also one of the oldest names in the history of England.

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22. Orlando

Orlando is the name of the lead character in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”. It is the Italian variation of the name Roland and stands for ‘famous throughout the land’. Some famous namesakes include actor Orlando Bloom and athlete Orlando Wooldridge.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

You must have found several options for naming your little hero if romantic movies and characters highly influence you. You may wish to choose a name that expresses the romantic side of your little prince. Heathcliff, Carl, and Edward are names of various romantic characters in literature and movies. Romeo and Orlando are immortalized by Shakespear. Orion, Apollo, and Dmitri have their roots in Greece, while Delmont and Jack are French and English. So go ahead and choose the one that best suits your charming little one.

Key Pointers

  • Parents may prefer romantic names for their baby boys because they are associated with heroes in legends and fiction.
  • Orion and Apollo are romantic names with roots in ancient Greek mythology, and both refer to celestial elements.
  • Valentino and Rafael have cultural significance with their Latin and Hebrew origins, which add to their romantic charm.
  • Hollywood movie fans might like names such as Humphrey and Jack, associated with romantic films.

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