200 Unique Non-Binary Names With Meanings, For Your Baby

People of this generation have started understanding the concept of fluidity pretty well, and that’s where the concept of non-binary names originates. After all, why should we even confine baby names to a particular gender? The baby that way is restricted to gender stereotypes, not giving them a chance to understand what they want their gender identity to be in the future.

Zada Kent, a transgender rights advocate and mother to a transgender son, recalls her feelings when he wanted to change his name. She says, “When my son, Zair, first told me he wanted to be called something else, I’ll admit it stung a little. My husband and I had fun choosing our child’s birth name together. We had big dreams for our little Zoey. My short-lived sadness resolved quickly once I looked at it from my son’s perspective (i).”

Gender-neutral names help here. Parents these days mindfully choose gender-neutral names to make sure the baby’s freedom of expression isn’t limited just because of the name. Check out some of the new-age non-binary names, along with meanings that you can give to your baby.

List Of Non-Binary Names, With Meanings

1. Acer

It is a Latin-derived nature-inspired name that refers to “maple.”

2. Addison

You can also spell it as Adison. Although this name means “son of Adam” and is of Old English and Scottish origin, it is gaining popularity for its nonbinary form.

3. Adrian

A prosperous name for your baby, Adrian, means “rich” and is of Greek origin.

4. Ainsley

If you are a nature enthusiast, then this unique name could be the one. The moniker Ainsley of Old English origin means “one’s meadow.”

5. Albany

This habitational name referring to a few parts of Scotland is a simple yet beautiful name choice. It is of Latin origin and means “from alba.”

6. Alec

Alec is an inspirational name for a leader as it means “defender of the people.” It is of Greek and Old English origin.

7. Alexis

Of Russian and Old German origin, the name Alexis means “helper of the people.”

8. Allyn

It is the right name that defines your baby to you as it means “precious” and is of Gaelic origin.

9. Aly

Aly or Allie is a common Arabic name meaning “the exalted one.” It also means “man’s defender” and has been gaining popularity since 1986.

10. Amari

This name has its roots in several languages, including Hebrew, Thai, and Yoruba, all with a positive touch, meaning “eternal.”

11. Andi

The contemporary version is of Greek origin and is suitable as a nickname for Andy and Andrea. It means “brave.”

12. Angel

The classic unisexual name is of Greek origin and means “messenger.”

13. Anise

It is a name that would make your baby’s life adventurous. The name refers to the spice “star Anise.”

14. Aphra

It is a traditional Hebrew origin name meaning “dust.” The name would be ideal for babies born near seashores.

15. Aqua

This simple and poetic name, Aqua of Latin origin, refers to “water.” Isn’t it a worthy title for a blue or green-eyed baby?

16. Ariel

It is not a name for princesses anymore. The new unisexual name Ariel is more suitable for leaders of any sex as it means “lion of God.” It is a name of Hebrew origin.

17. Arin

The Biblical name Arin means “enlightened” and is a name that would teach wisdom.

18. Ash

This unisexual name is quite popular in the animation world due to the Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum. It is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “happy.”

19. Asher

The name Asher is derived from the Hebrew word osher, which means “happiness.”

20. Ashton

It is a name of the nature admirers as it takes its reference from an ash tree. This unisexual name of American and Old English origin means “ash town tree.”

21. Aspen

The nature-inspired name Aspen is of American origin and means “quaking tree.”

22. Aubrey

Cast a vintage touch into the life of your baby with the name Aubrey. This moniker is of German origin, and it means “magical being.”

23. August

It is a perfect name for babies born in August. This unisexual name is derived from the Latin Augustus, a title given to the esteemed Roman emperors. It means “to increase.”

24. Avery

The name Avery has a European touch to it as it finds its origins in English and French. It is a mythically inspired power name as it means “ruler of the elves.”

25. Bai

The name Bai is of Chinese origin and means “pure.”

26. Bailey

Of Old English origin, the name Bailey means “cherry.”

27. Bambi

It is a name that is adorned by Disney fans due to the adorable deer-calf Bambi. Derived from Italian, this is an ideal baby name as it means “child.”

28. Bao

This unisexual name summarizes the feelings you have for your baby perfectly as it means “precious bundle” and is of Chinese origin.

29. Bay

A name that is ideal for a baby born near an ocean as it means “sea-inlet.” It is of Old English origin. Also, in French, Bay means “berry.”

30. Beck

The name Beck is of Old Norse, German, and Hebrew origin referring to a “stream.”

31. Billy

Billy or Billie is a popular name in the music world due to legends like Billy Joel and the contemporary singers Billie Eilish. This Old English name means “resolute of protection.”

32. Blair

Of Scottish and Gaelic origin, the name Blair means “field.”

33. Blake

The name that first originated as a surname has now gained popularity as a unisexual first name. It means “black or dark” and is ideal for babies with dark hair. Blake Lively and Blake Shelton are a few notable ones with this name.

34. Bobbie

Bobbie is a name appropriate as both first name and pet name. This adorable moniker derives from the Greek term Barbaros, which means a “traveler.”

35. Bowie

Popularized by David Bowie, this unisexual name is of German origin. It means “blonde” and is ideal for a light color-haired baby.

36. Briar

If you are in search of an adventurous name with a flowery yet sensitive feel to it, Briar could be an ideal choice. This Old English moniker means “thorny bush or wild roses.”

37. Brooklyn

It is a name popular in the US due to the New York borough Brooklyn. This Old English habitational name refers to a person “living near a borough.”

38. Caelan

The unique yet stylish name Caelan is of Gaelic and Irish origins. This is a powerful moniker as it means “eternal warrior.”

39. Cameron

It is a name popularized due to the Canadian director James Cameron. This moniker of Scottish origin means “bendy nose.”

40. Campbell

The lovely name Campbell is of Scottish origin. It means “bent mouth.”

41. Carson

Carson, non binary names

This name has become trendy due to the loyal butler of Downton Abbey. The name means “of the marsh.”

42. Casey

This stylish and contemporary name is a popular Irish moniker meaning “wise.”

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43. Carlin

This Irish and Garlic origin name would set an inspiration to them forever as it means “little champion.”

44. Casey

This stylish Irish moniker means “vigilant.” Isn’t it a studious name for science enthusiasts?

45. Cass

The Persian and Latin origin name Cass means “curly-haired.” It also means “treasure.”

46. Charlie

It is the other variant of Charles. This classic unisexual name is important in science, literature, and entertainment due to notables like Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Charlie Chaplin. It is a name of Old English origin meaning “free man.”

47. Chandler

This is an occupation name of French origin, meaning “candle maker.”

48. Channing

The name Channing is an inspirational name of fierceness as it means “young wolf.”

49. Corey

It is a habitational name of Irish origin and means “from the hollow.” It’s another variant is Cory.

50. Dagon

The Hebrew origin name Dagon means “grain.”

51. Dale

Dale is a habitational name of Old English origin. It means “valley.”

52. Dakota

This Native American name would be an ideal moniker for a compassionate baby, as it means “friend.”

53. Dallas

This unisexual name is perfect for a baby born in Dallas. It is also ideal for a baby born in a “from the meadow,” with Scottish origins.

54. Darra

A pleasant name for a baby as it means “wise” with its Hebrew origins.

55. Darryl

A name that would suffice as a first name and nickname as Darryl means “darling.” It is of Old English origin.

56. Delaney

A habitational moniker Delaney means “from the alder.” It is of French origin.

57. Devon

Adding a unique touch is the name Devon of Celtic origin, and it means “defender.”

58. Dominique

It can also be spelled as Dominic. You can bless a baby born on a Sunday i.e. Lord’s Day, with this moniker, as it means “lord” in French.

59. Drew

Inspired by the adventurous novels Nancy Drew, we present to you this courageous name for your baby. It is a name of Welsh origin and means “wise.”

60. Dylan

It is a name for ocean-lovers as it means “son or daughter of the sea” in Welsh.

61. Easton

If your baby was born in the eastern part of a country, then this moniker is an ideal choice for them. It means “east-facing place.”

62. Eden

It is a name inspired by the Biblical Garden of Eden, and it means “paradise.”

63. Egypt

This unisexual name means “temple of the soul of Ptah, the creative goddess of Memphis.”

64. Eilian

This unisexual name would be ideal for your second-born baby as it means “second” in Welsh. It also means “light” in Spanish.

65. Eli

The short and sweet name Eli means “elevated.” It is a Hebrew origin name.

66. Ellis

Of Welsh origin, the unisexual name Ellis means “benevolent.” We would say that this compassionate name is currently one of the trendy names.

67. Ellison

The masculine name Ellison meaning “son of Ellis,” is of Old English origin. But this name is currently popular as a unisexual moniker.

68. Emerson

It means “child of Emery” and is an English origin name.

69. Emery

The stylish name Emery is of Latin origin. It is an ideal name to describe your love for your baby as it means “loving.”

70. Everly

The adorable name of Old English and German origin means “boar meadow.”

71. Ezra

It is a name that goes perfectly well for an adorable baby. This name is derived from the Hebrew word Azar, which means “aid.”

72. Fable

Simple yet classic, the word Fable is something we have heard of since childhood. It is derived from the Latin fabula, meaning “tales.”

73. Faer

If you love traveling, then this could be a name for your baby. This English origin name means “passenger.”

74. Fenix

The Greek origin name Fenix means “dark red,” therefore, it is ideal for babies with red-colored hair.

75. Fernley

A pretty name for your cupcake of Old English origin meaning “fern’s meadow.”

76. Finn

It is a name derived from the Irish nameFion, meaning “white.” This is a notable literature name due to Mark Twain’s novel, Huckleberry Finn. Finnegan is another variant.

77. Flash

This American origin name means “bright light.” It is a modern name for your little one.

78. Florian

The Latin origin name Florian signifies one of the new beginnings as it means “blooming.”

79. Forest

If you love nature, then the name Forest is an uncomplicated choice.

80. Fox

Fox, non binary names

It is a simple nature-inspired moniker for your clever little snuggle bug, “fox.”

81. Francis

The Latin origin name Francis means “liberated.” It is a name that would inspire your baby to be independent.

82. Frankie

A name of French origin, Frankie, means “free one.” It also has an American origin, meaning “truthful.”

83. Gabriel

The all-time stylish name Gabriel is of Hebrew origin, meaning “hero of God.”

84. Gael

The name Gael is of Gaelic origin and means “blessed.”

85. Galaxy

If you are a space enthusiast, then it is a perfect choice for your baby. It is a Greek term referring to the “collection of stars.”

86. Garnet

The name Garnet means a “red gem” and is of Old English origin.

87. Gavyn

It is a moniker of power as it means “white falcon.” The name has its origins in Scottish and Welsh.

88. Gemini

A name ideal for a baby born in late May or early June as it means “twins” and is of Latin origin.

89. Gideon

This is a Hebrew origin name of a leader as it means “powerful warrior.”

90. Glen

The name Glen comes from the Gaelic gleana, which means “valley.” Glenn is another variant.

91. Gray

This is a desscriptive name of an Old English name referring to one with grey hair.

92. Hao

Hao is a name of Vietnamese origin and means “perfect.” Isn’t it just the word you are looking to describe your little bear?

93. Hayden

It is a name that has been gaining popularity in recent times. Hayden is of Old English origin, and it means ”hedged valley.”

94. Harley

It is a habitational name of Old English origin meaning “from the long field.”

95. Harper

This is an occupational name of English and Scottish origin, suitable to a family of musicians or classical music lovers. It means “harp player.”

96. Haylen

It is a Scottish-derived name that means “fire.”

97. Henley

Of Old English origin, the name Henley means “high meadow.”

98. Hollis

Meaning “holy tree,” this is a name of Old English origin.

99. Hunter

An adventurous name for your baby, Hunter, meaning “one who hunts,” is of Old English origin.

100. Indigo

The name is inspired by one of the most beautiful natural colors, Indigo, which means “dark-blue.”

101. Isa

This Hebrew origin name is the diminutive form of Isiah, which means “salvation of God.”

102. Jace

In both Hebrew and Greek, this name has a serene meaning, “healer” and “the Lord of salvation.”

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103. Jagger

A music lover would love to name their baby after the famous singer Mick Jagger. It is an occupational name of Old English origin meaning “peddler.”

104. Jamie

The Hebrew origin name means “he who supplants.” This was a popular name during the ’50s. The American actress Jamie Lee Curtis and the British chef Jamie Oliver are two notables with this name.

105. Jay

A nature-inspired name Jay takes its inspiration from the Jaybird.

106. Jayden

Jaden is another variant. Quite a popular name of Hebrew origin, it means “God is the judge.”

107. Jazz

If you’re a music enthusiast, this music genre would make an adorable name for your baby.

108. Jennis

Of American origin, the name Jennis means “God is gracious.”

109. Jessie

The unisexual name Jessie has origins in Hebrew. This name means “He sees” and was popular during the early 2000s.

110. Jody

The simple and classic name Jody is of Hebrew origin, and it means “praise.”

111. Jordan

Of Greek and Hebrew origins, this Biblical name means “to flow down.” It has been trending on the charts since the ’70s. Your baby would be sharing the name with the basketball player, Michael Jordan.

112. Kade

You can spell this name with a K or a C. Either way, this unusual name means “sturdy” and American origin.

113. Kai

It is a name of Welsh, Greek, and Scandinavian origins, meaning “keeper of the earth.” It also means “sea” in Hawaiian.

114. Kami

This unusual name is of Japanese, Latin, and Arabic origin. It means “lord.”

115. Kane

The name with a unique touch means “little warrior.” It is a name of Hawaiian and Japanese origin.

116. Karmen

Karmen or Carmen is a name of Spanish origin. It would be a sweet name for your baby as it means “fruitful orchard.”

117. Karter

The name Karter is an occupational name of Old English origin and means “one who carries a cart.” You could also name your baby Carter.

118. Kelly

The unisexual name Kelly means “warrior.” It is the anglicized version of the Gaelic Ó Calleigh.

119. Kendall

Kendall is a habitational name

The name Kendall of Old English origin is a habitational name meaning “the Kent River valley.”

120. Kennedy

Kennedy is a name that has been trending since the ’70s. Your baby would be sharing their name with the American president John F. Kennedy.

121. Kerry

This is a name suitable for babies with dark-colored hair. It is of Gaelic and Irish origins, meaning “black-haired.”

122. Kinsey

The name Kinsey has a beautiful aura to it. It is of Old English origin meaning “king’s victory.”

123. Lake

Just Lake. That’s the beauty of nature, isn’t it? Even a simple nature’s term forms a beautiful name for a baby.

124. Landon

This topographical name Landon means “from the long hill.”

125. Lennon

It is a name filled with passion as this Irish origin name means “lover.”

126. Lincoln

The name is inspired by the last name of the respected American president, Abraham Lincoln. It is a habitational name referring to a person living near a “lake colony.”

127. London

This name of the glorious and elegant city would be an ideal name for a baby born there. It is a Latin origin name meaning “place at the navigable or unfordable river.”

128. Lyndon

Lyndon is a nature-inspired unisexual name for your baby. It means “from the “linden tree hill.” A linden tree symbolizes love and prosperity.

129. Lyric

If you love music, then this element of it would be an effortless choice. Hereafter, this name is bound to remind you of your pretty baby’s face anytime you hear a song.

130. Makoto

The supreme name Makoto means “sincerity.” It is a unisexual name of Japanese origin.

131. Mani

If you want your baby to know the potential of a philosopher, then name them Mani. It is a name of Persian origin meaning “thinker.”

132. Maple

Inspired by the Maple tree, you can call your baby with this moniker. This Old English name would add balance and longevity to your baby’s life, a few things that a maple tree symbolizes.

133. Marley

The singer Bob Marley would be an inspiration for your child. This unisexual name is of Old English origin and means “pleasant seaside meadow.”

134. Max

It is a name that sounds cool for males and females alike. This name is derived from the Latin Maximilian, which means “the greatest.”

135. Monroe

The name Monroe is of Irish and Gaelic origin. It means “mouth of the river Rotha.” Your baby would share their name with the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe.

136. Morgan

The mystical name Morgan is of Old English and Welsh origin. This adventurous moniker means “dweller of the white sea” or “possibly great.”

137. Myler

This popular Welsh surname has been converted to the first name. Being the Welsh version of the Irish name Meylar, it means “enameler.”

138. Nat

It could be the diminutive form of Nathalie or Nathan or simply Nat. Either way, it is a cool unisexual name of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God.”

139. Nell

This cute unisexual name means “shining light.” It has origins in Greek, English, and Latin.

140. Noe

Meaning “peaceful,” Noe is a name of Hebrew origin. It is derived from Noah.

141. Noel

Perfect name for a baby born during the Christmas time as in French, it means “born on the day of birth of Jesus.”

142. Nour

Nour means “divine light.” This name would be a representation of the unsullied soul of your baby.

143. Nova

It is a unisexual baby name suitable for space enthusiasts. Derived from the Latin element Novus, this name means “new.”

144. Nox

The name Nox is derived from Latin. It means “night” and is an ideal unisexual name for a baby born after sunset.

145. Nuru

Nuru is an awakening name for your little one as it means “light” and has Arabic origins.

146. Oakes

This unique Anglo-Saxon name is habitational. It refers to someone “living near an oak tree.”

147. Oakley

The famous Old English name Oakley means “oak wood,” symbol of strength, wisdom, and endurance.

148. Ocean

Confused about which water body to name your baby after? Why not the entire Ocean instead? This inclusive moniker is of Greek origin.

149. Olev

It is a Welsh origin name meaning “ancestors.”

150. Omid

Also spelled as Umeed, this is a Persian name meaning “hope.”

151. Otzar

Otzar is a mystical name for your baby of Hebrew origin. It means “treasurer of souls.” We would say it is appropriate for your cuddle bunny, as they have your heart trapped with them.

152. Page

This short and sweet name has origins in English, Scottish, and French.  It is an occupational name for an “attender.”

153. Painter

The name Painter is an occupational one and means “one who paints.” It is a name of Old English origin.

154. Parker

If you love comics, then this can be a suitable name for your little bundle. It is inspired by Spider-man Peter Parker. The name, originally, is of English origin, meaning “park keeper.”

155. Payton

This simple name means “from a small town” and has Old English origins.

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156. Pax

Pax is a name of Latin origin, meaning “peace.”

157. Pemberley

The habitational name Pemberley, meaning “from the Barley hill,” has a chic ring to it.

158. Perry

Perry is an old English moniker

This Old English moniker means “someone living near a pear tree.” It is a popular last name of Katy Perry and Mathew Perry.

159. Phoenix

The beautiful mythical creature would make a good name for your baby. Referring to the color “dark red,” this is a name of Greek origin.

160. Poet

It is another inclusive name on our list. If you’re confused about which poet’s name to take inspiration from, then this is the moniker for you baby.

161. Quant

This is a name of intellect as it means “clever” in Old French.

162. Quest

This unisexual name is a worthy title for a firstborn as it means “long search.” It has American origins.

163. Quinby

Despite its meaning, “queen’s settlement,” Quinby is a title worthy for any gender. It carries a powerful aura, just the encouraging push a baby needs.

164. Quincy

This adorable name of Old French origin means “estate of the fifth son.”

165. Quinn

Quinn is a name that means “fifth one” in Irish. But it also means “the wise one” and hence, would be a practical name for your firstborn.

166. Rebel

It is the name of an activist, as it means “rebellion.” The famous Australian actress Rebel Wilson bears the same name.

167. Reese

The name is made for a warrior as it means “fiery” and is of Welsh origin. Your baby would share their name with the American actress, Reese Witherspoon.

168. Regan

The Gaelic origin name would add an adventurous touch to your baby’s life as it means “impulsive.”

169. Riley

The name Riley means “valiant” in Irish. It also has origins in Old English, meaning “wood clearing.”

170. Ripley

One of the current trending unisexual names is Ripley, which means “shouting man’s meadow.” It has origins in Old English.

171. River

Carrying the serenity and grace of one of nature’s wonders into the life of your baby, we present to you this name, River.

172. Robin

The name has its reference points to many, be it the compassionate outlaw of Robin Hood or the beauty of the bird Robin. This unisexual name is a wonderful choice for a baby.

173. Romilly

The traditional name Romilly is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God’s beloved.” It also has English and French origins, giving the habitational meaning, “citizen of Rome.”

174. Roux

The name Roux is suitable for a baby with red hair as it means “brownish red.” It is of French and Latin origin.

175. Rowan

Rowan is a beautiful name for a baby as it means “river in paradise” in Arabic. This name is popular due to the British actor Rowan Atkinson.

176. Rumi

Rumi is a name that has its origins in Japanese. It means “beauty” or “flow.” Also, your baby would share their name with the famous Persian poet and philosopher, Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi.

177. Sailor

This is an occupational name of Old English origin. The simple name Sailor means “one who rows a boat.” It could be a metaphoric name for your baby towards independence.

178. Sage

Sage is a name with a simplistic touch to it. This English origin name means “wise.”

179. Shea

With a stylish pronunciation, the name Shea has a graceful touch to it. It means “dauntless one” and is of Irish origin.

180. Sky

Include all the beauty that the upper pavilion has to offer by naming your baby Sky. It is a word of Old Norse origin meaning “cloud.”

181. Storm

Despite its negative connotation, the word Storm signifies a transitional period and new beginnings. The ability to face a storm determines one’s strength. Instill this power into the life of your baby with nature’s frenetic energy, Storm.

182. Sydney

The pretty name Sydney is of Old English origin. It means “wide meadow.”

183. Tarian

As a Welsh name, the name Tarian is one-of-a-kind. It means “shield.”

184. Tatum

Tatum is the exact description of a house blessed with a newborn as it means “cheerful bringer of joy” in Old English.

185. Taylor

This occupational name is one of the most popular unisexual monikers of English origin, referring to a “tailor.” The American pop singer Taylor Swift and your baby would share the same name.

186. Toni

Toni or Tony can be the diminutive form of Anthonia or Anthony. This name means “priceless one.” Toni Morrison, the American Novelist and Nobel Prize winner, will be an inspiration for your baby.

187. Umber

It is derived from Old French, and it means “shade.”

188. Utah

This is a distinct name that would reflect on your ancestors. For example, if your forefathers hail from a hilly region, this unisexual name would justify your baby as it means “from the mountains” in Native American.

189. Vahn

Of Old English origin, the name Vahn means “God is gracious.”

190. Valentine

Perfect for a baby born during Valentine’s week, Valentine is a name of Latin origin and means “strong.”

191. Valo

This name is unique as it is of Finnish origin and means “light.”

192. Vermont

Vermont is a name for the families living in hilly areas as it means “green mountain.” It has French origins.

193. Wallace

If your baby were born away from your homeland, then perhaps Wallace would be a great name. It means “foreigner” and is of Old English origin.

194. Winter

It is the perfect name for a winter baby. The season that they were born in is one of the most festive and loved seasons.

195. Wren

A unique name inspired by nature as it means “small bird.” It is of English origin.

196. Xia

This simple yet stylish name is of Chinese origin, and it means “glow of the sunrise.”

197. Yael

This is a unique unisexual name of Hebrew, Old English, and Welsh origins. It means “wild goat” and symbolizes independence and faith.

198. Yarden

The name Yarden is of Arabic origin, meaning “flowing down.”

199. Zeal

This is a name that would be an inspiration to your baby throughout their life as it means “passion” and is of English origin.

200. Zephyr

Zephyr is a name of Greek origin

Zephyr is a name ideal for a baby born in the west of a country as it means “west wind.” It is a name of Greek origin.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Non-binary names are not gender specific. Using such names for your baby gives them the independence to explore their identity without the added pressure of societal stereotypes. In addition, giving non-binary names to your baby may allow them to break gender barriers and stand as an example for others. Though a few of these names may seem to lean toward a particular gender, they are not limited to it. Keep this list of unique names handy when you begin searching for a name for your baby.

Discover some unique and very cute nonbinary names! Get inspired and find the perfect name for you or your loved one.

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