50 Famous Amazigh (Berber) Names For Baby Boys and Girls

The Imazighen (Amazigh) or the Berbers are an indigenous group in North America. They are known for their traditions and cultures. In this post, we let you look at their tradition and culture through our list of Amazigh names. If you scroll through our list of Amazigh names, you will notice the Muslim influence in the names because Muslims around the 17th century ruled Amazigh. Later, in the 1870s, they were colonized by the French. The Amazigh groups were spread across a few parts of North Africa and Europe. They have a diverse culture which stems from the fact that various empires ruled them. However, despite the diverse culture and traditions, they are united by a similar language. Although the cultures and traditions of the Berbers couldn’t stand the test of time, their monikers are still used by people. A few of these names also date back to the original tribe. If you wish to name your baby something unique and borrowed, here is our list of the Amazigh names.

Berber Or Amazigh Boy Names

1. Aderfi

Aderfi means ‘the released’, and gives a sense of freedom and independence. And who wouldn’t want their child to be free and independent?

2. Aksil

This name symbolizes strength and speed together as it means ‘cheetah’ in the Chaoui dialect.

3. Amastan

Coming from the Tuareg dialect, this unique sounding name means ‘protector’, a quality that people naturally like in a boy.

4. Baragsen

For people who love a name that starts with “ba”, this name means ‘pride’ in Tuareg. We think it is very adorable to have a name that shows how proud you are of your little lad!

5. Badis

The meaning of this name is unknown but several kings had this name, the most famous one being ‘Hammadit’.

6. Brahim

Borrowed from Arabic names, this name is an adapted version of Ibrahim, which has been altered by the Muslims in the region. It means ‘father of multitudes’.

7. Gwafa

This is a pretty common name and stands for ‘summit’s son’. The origins of this name are unknown.

8. Idder

Idder means ‘alive’ in the Berber language. It can also be spelled as Idir.

9. Iken

In Tuareg, the name Iken stands for ‘well-ordered or orderly’. This ‘well-organized’ name might just inculcate tidy habits in your little tot.

10. Igider

Igider is an Amazigh name for boys meaning eagle

Mighty and strong, this name stands for ‘eagle’ in one of the Berber languages. Giving this name to your kid would mean that he is going to be as sharp, intelligent, and majestic as an eagle.

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11. Izemrasen

One of the longer names on our list, this name means ‘powerful’ and seems powerful to pronounce as well.

12. Izîl

Want a child who is noble and magnificent? Then this is the name you should choose as it means just that. A small and simple name, Izîl stands for ‘sublime and magnificent’.

13. Meddur

Meddur stands for ‘live or alive’ and celebrates the spirit of being alive.

14. Munatas

This name means to ‘gather around a special person’. It may relate to someone important or someone who is high in position, like a village leader. This name has a unique ring to it.

15. Sufian

A name with Arabic origin, its meaning is constantly debated. One of the meanings is considered ‘pure’ and the other is ‘wool’. Either way, this name gives a very spiritual feel.

16. Ridha

Thanks to the influence of the Muslim culture, the Berbers have several Arabic names. Ridha is one such name and means ‘contentment’. This name would also teach your son the virtue of being happy with whatever there is. You could also use its alternative Reza.

17. Udad

Udad means Mouflon, an animal resembling sheep

This tiny Berber name means ‘mouflon’, which is an animal that resembles a sheep.

18. Usaden

Usaden is a Berber name, which has been taken after the name of a place. Though the origins or locations of the place are unknown, this name sounds pretty masculine.

19. Wagguten

Example of another dialect in the Berber tribe, this name comes from Mozabit dialect. It means ‘one who will proliferate’ and reflects the abundance of life.

20. Warmaksan

A long name, Warmaksan has quite a meaning. Taken from the wars of Amazigh, this name means ‘without enemy or undefeatable’. Isn’t the name interesting?

21. Wararni

A name from the Tuareg dialect, this name stands for one who cannot be conquered. Choosing a name like this for your child would make him fearless and strong.

22. Yedder

This name is commonly used in Moroccan Amazigh and stands for ‘he will be alive’. Though this name symbolizes immortality, it indicates a sense of unbroken spirit or uncaptured soul.

23. Yimlul

Though this name literally translates to ‘he will be white’, it means ‘good health’. This name was used extensively to indicate healthy individuals.

24. Ziri

Finally, we have a name which is used in multiple Amazigh dialects. And why not, as it has a beautiful meaning – ‘moonshine’! Though the name has a feminine ring to it, it is used for males.

25. Zdan

With our baby boy names list coming to an end, wouldn’t you be delighted to have one more name? Well then, we give you Zdan which means just that ‘delighted’.

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Berber Or Amazigh Girl Names

26. Basil

Basil is an Amazigh name for girls

The most subtle of spices, Basil is a very cute and charming name. Though it sounds different from the regular Berber names, it is more commonly used.

27. Dassin

Dassin does not have a meaning. But it does stand for a famous Tuareg poet. This name sounds a bit like assassin and may be off with you. But it is quite a unique name to have.

28. Illi

This sweet sounding Berber name stands for ‘my daughter’. What else could be perfect than this to denote the love for your little princess?

29. Kahina

This name has a distant ring to it. It is an original Berber name and stands for ‘soothsayer’ in Arabic.

30. Lalla

In a world where we are just beginning to understand that respecting women is important, this name comes as a relief. It stands for ‘lady’ and is used in respect. Wouldn’t you want your little princess to be respected? Then give her this name.

31. Lunja

Life is sometimes like a fairytale. And this name defines exactly that. Lunja stands for a fairytale princess.

32. Markunda

This is a name typical to Chaouis, the Berber population residing in Algeria. While its meaning is unknown, Markunda Aurès, a famous Algerian singer, is its namesake.

33. Safiyya

This soft sounding name comes with a spelling variation of Safia. It was the 293rd top name in France in 2010 and means ‘pure’.

34. Sakina

The name Sakina is taken from the Arabic word ‘sukoon,’ which means ‘calm and tranquility’. Giving this name to your daughter is apt because your daughter is definitely going to bring you the much needed calm and peace in life.

35. Sekkura

Sekkura is an Amazigh name meaning Partridge

Sekkura is a name in Kabyle dialect. The Kabyle people reside in the north of Algeria. This name stands for ‘partridge’, which is a game bird.

36. Siman

Siman stands for ‘two souls’, referring to the very life forms who brought us into the world – our parents.

37. Taderfit

Happiness comes from many things, especially when you feel liberated. This sweet name means ‘liberation’ and giving this name to your daughter could give her this quality.

38. Tadla

A tree is a life, and the branches on it are its support system. Branches are important because they ensure that the tree continues to live. Name your daughter Tadla, which means ‘branches’.

39. Tafrara

A name that keeps with nature, Tafrara means ‘dawn’. It brings about the hope of a new beginning and new opportunities.

40. Tafsut

Yet another nature name, Tafsut highlights one of the most beautiful seasons – the ‘spring‘. Spring is all about blossoms and new life. There is no other apt name for your daughter than this.

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41. Tagwerramt

This name is quite long, and you could use nicknames such as Tag. It stands for ‘pious or holy’, a lovely name to bestow on a baby girl.

42. Tagwizult

Want your daughter to be brave and fearless? Then this is the name you should pick. It means ‘brave’.

43. Thiyya

While ‘Thea‘ is a common English name, this name with similar pronunciation means ‘nice’. Just like your daughter is!

44. Tajeddigt

Tajeddigt means a flower

Your daughter is very delicate, beautiful, and loved by all, just like a flower is. Tajeddigt means ‘a flower’.

45. Takama

This is an easy-to-pronounce name and means ‘warmth’. It was used by one of the Queens of Tuareg and is a common name in the Tuareg dialect.

46. Tantalwit

Another name from the Kabyle group, this name means ‘belonging to peace’. This name, though long, conveys calmness for the parents.

47. Tumsilt

Belonging to the people of Kabyle, this name means ‘one who is well-built’. It is not a difficult idea to fathom as women can also be physically strong. Give this name to your baby girl if you want her to be strong.

48. Tamenzut

There is a possibility that this name is given to the first born girl child in the family as the name itself means ‘first born’. But there is no clarity on this. This name is long but easy to pronounce.

49. Tanamart

Who doesn’t wish for happiness and joy? And a daughter is a proud moment of joy! Name your daughter Tananamart as it means ‘happy’.

50. Zeğiga

Zeğiga comes from the Kabyle dialect and means ‘flower’. Besides Tajeddigt, this is another flower name to bestow on your daughter.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

A few of the names in this list of Amazigh baby names might be difficult to pronounce, but they indeed do have a uniqueness to them and are seldom common, making them even more special. Thus, using an Amazigh name for your baby might help them give a unique identity and also spark an interest in them about knowing the origins and history of their name. So scroll through and choose the name that you find the most unique and which attracts you the most.

Key Pointers

  • The Imazighen, commonly known as the Berbers, are indigenous to North Africa.
  • Amazigh names reflect a blend of Muslim and French influences, showcasing their diverse culture.
  • Brahim, Izîl, and Zdan are among the distinctive Amazigh choices for boys.
  • Famous examples of Amazigh girl’s names include Basil, Ridha, and Sakina.

Find the perfect Amazigh name for your baby boy! Learn about popular and unique Amazigh names, along with their meanings.

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