200 Most Popular 80’s Baby Names For Girls And Boys

You may be on the hunt for 80’s baby names if you are inspired by neon, leg warmers, headbands, and Michael Jackson‘s moonwalk. However, especially in the early 1980s, parents preferred classic and Biblical names for their children. Different naming patterns, such as vowel and flower names, appeared after 1985.

If you have an affection for the 1980s or are a child of the decade, you might be interested in 80’s baby names. Here is a list of bodacious 80’s names for your dude or dudette based on the Social Security Administration list, movies, and historical trends.

Popular 1980s Names For Boys

1. Aaron

In the Bible, Aaron was the name of the elder brother of Moses. Aaron means ‘mountain of strength’.

2. Adam

Derived from Hebrew word ‘adama’, Adam is a generic term for ‘man’.

3. Alexander

A mighty name for your mighty son, Alexander means ‘defender of mankind’.

4. Andrew

If you are a tennis fan, how about naming your son after the tennis hero Andrew Murray. It means ‘manly’.

5. Anthony

Anthony is a Roman family name, meaning ‘priceless’.

6. Arthur

Arthur is an 80's baby name meaning bear

A classic name prevalent in literature, Arthur means ‘bear’.

7. Ashley

This gender-neutral name was commonplace for boys in the 80s. It means ‘ash wood’.

8. Atreyu

Atreyu, meaning ‘son of all’, stands out as a unique baby names of 1980.

9. Ben

This short form of Benjamin was used as a standalone name in the 80s. Ben means ‘son of my right hand’.

10. Benjamin

Benjamin has reigned as one of the top 100 names for centuries, so that makes it the top baby name of 1980s by default. It means ‘son of my right hand’.

11. Brandon

Brandon was borne by all the teen hunks of the 80s. It means ‘beacon hill’.

12. Brian

This robust and dependable name means ‘strong and honorable’.

13. Carl

Carl is taken from the English name Charles, which means ‘free man’.

14. Chad

This English name brings to mind a young boy with a sparkling smile. It means ‘warrior’.

15. Charles

Charles is a majestic and regal name, meaning ‘manly’.

16. Christopher

This moniker is derived from Greek name Khristophorus and means ‘Christ-bearer’.

17. Cody

We love Cody for its friendly and boyish charm. Cody means ‘helpful’.

18. Corey

This teen-idol name of the 80s means ‘from the hollow’.

19. Craig

If you want a charming name for your son, Craig, meaning ‘rock’, could be the ideal one for you.

20. Daniel

This classic name comes with the cool nickname option Dan and means ‘God is my judge’.

21. Darren

Meaning ‘little great one’, Darren would suit your little one really well.

22. David

Hailing from Hebrew language, David means ‘beloved’.

23. Dean

This brilliant name is taken from the Old English word denu, which means ‘valley’.

24. Derek

Derek is the short form of Theodoric and means ‘ruler’.

25. Drew

While Drew is mainly used for girls now, it was restricted to boys in the 1980s. It means ‘strong and manly’.

26. Dustin

This name is tied with Dustin Hoffman, the Oscar-winning actor. It means ‘valiant fighter’.

27. Edward

Eight English kings bore the name Edward, which makes it an excellent regal name. Edward means ‘prosperous protector’.

28. Edwin

We love the regal feel of Edwin. And it sounds a lot rarer than Edward. Edwin means ‘rich friend’.

29. Elliot

If it were good enough for “E.T.”, it would be good enough for your son as well. Elliot means ‘Jehovah is God’.

30. Emilio

Nothing says 80s more than this name. Emilio has the perfect mix of playfulness and tradition.

31. Eric

This princely name for a dashing man means ‘ruler’.

32. Ferris

Name you son Ferris and be sure to have a smart and clever fellow.

33. Gareth

If you want a baby boy name that wasn’t too popular in the 80s, you can pick the Middle English name Gareth, which means ‘enclosure’.

34. Gary

While Gary was on a decline in the 1950s, it did pretty well in the 80s. Gary means ‘spear’.

35. Gregory

This elegant name evokes the decency of Gregory Peck, the actor. It means ‘vigilant watchman’.

36. Harrison

Harrison, meaning ‘son of Harry’ was the ultimate tough guy name of the 80s.

37. Huey

This moniker of the most loved nephew of Donald, was a favorite in 80s. Huey means ‘intelligent’.

38. Ian

If you have Scottish roots, pick Ian, the Scottish version of John for your son. It means ‘God is gracious’.

39. Jacob

The winner of the 80s and still going strong, Jacob means supplanter’.

40. Jake

You can use Jake as a short form of Jacob or as a standalone name.

41. James

If you’re fond of Biblical names, James, meaning ‘supplanter’ would be a good choice.

42. Jared

In the 80s, Jared, meaning ‘descending’, was considered a hyper-masculine name.

43. Jareth

Jareth is associated with the 1986 hit movie “Labyrinth”. It means ‘bled of jar’.

44. Jason

Jason means to heal

In the Greek mythology, Jason is mentioned for his search for the Golden Fleece. Jason means ‘to heal’.

45. Jeffrey

A formerly aristocratic name, Jeffrey means ‘divinely peaceful’.

46. Jeremy

Jeremy sounds sleeker and more modern than Jeremiah. It means ‘God will uplift’.

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47. Jesse

A name that’s synonymous with Jesse James, this name means ‘wealthy’.

48. John

A classic name that never totally fades from the list, no matter what era it is. John means ‘God is gracious’.

49. Jonathan

Jonathan is a serious and artistic name, meaning ‘Gift of God’.

50. Jordan

This charismatic and confident name means ‘descending’.

51. Jose

This lively Spanish version of Joseph means ‘God will increase’.

52. Joseph

In the Bible, Joseph is mentioned as Jesus’ father. So it would make a lovely Christmas name for you. Joseph means ‘God will add’.

53. Joshua

Joshua is an Earthy Biblical name, meaning ‘God is my salvation’.

54. Juan

This Spanish version of John is not limited only to the Spanish-speaking world. It means ‘Lord is gracious’.

55. Justin

This dutiful and serious name got swag via Justin Timberlake. It means ‘just’.

56. Keith

Keith is a slender and rebellious Welsh name, meaning ‘battle place’.

57. Kenneth

Kenneth was the favorite, pop culture name of 80s. It means ‘handsome or oath’.

58. Kevin

This name was popularized via the 7th century Saint Kevin, the founder of the monastery in Dublin. Kevin means ‘handsome’.

59. Knox

Much before Brangelina, Knox was a household name of the 80s. It means ‘round hill’.

60. Kyle

A handsome Irish name, meaning ‘land where cattle graze’.

61. Lee

If you don’t want your son’s name to be shortened at school, pick the name Lee, which means ‘meadow’.

62. Lloyd

The name Lloyd holds the romantic image of the 80s. It means ‘grey’.

63. Luke

A short and sweet name for your bundle of joy, Luke means ‘light giving’.

64. Marcus

Marcus, meaning ‘warlike’, is a lovely alternative to Mark.

65. Mark

This firm favorite of the 80s is expected to make a comeback on the baby name charts soon. Mark means ‘man’.

66. Martin

Martin is a classic 80s name with links to the planets. It means ‘mars or man’.

67. Matthew

Another strong Biblical pick! Matthew means ‘gift of God’.

68. Maverick

Maverick, is another baby name inspired by awesome 80s movie “Top Gun”, means ‘independent’.

69. Michael

Meaning ‘Who is like God’ in Hebrew, Michael is the name of the saint who led the army against evil.

70. Nathan

A boisterous and peppy name, it means ‘God has given’.

71. Neil

The credit for bringing fame to this name goes to Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on the moon. Neil means ‘cloud’.

72. Nicholas

Its namesake is St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, whom we popularly know as Santa Clause. Nicholas means ‘people’.

73. Oliver

Oliver is as much in use now as it was in the 1980s. It means ‘olive tree’.

74. Patrick

Patrick is the name of the patron of Ireland and means ‘nobleman’.

75. Paul

Paul is a lovely traditional name, meaning ‘small or humble’.

76. Peter

Peter, as in Peter Parker, would make a classic superhero name for your son. Peter means ‘rock’.

77. Philip

Philip is the anglicized version of Philippos and means ‘horse or friend’.

78. Richard

This name has been loved since ages. William Shakespeare adored it so much that he used in several of his plays. Richard means ‘brave or hard’.

79. River

River Phoenix and his movie “Stand by Me” attracted parents to this name. River means ‘a river’.

80. Robert

If you want to give Robert a modern touch, shorten it to Robbie for the nickname. Robert means ‘bright’.

81. Russell

Apart from having a soft sound, Russell also has a likable pet name like Russy and Rusty. Russell means ‘red hair color’.

82. Ryan

Ryan is an 80's baby name meaning king

This name has stayed in the top baby boys name charts for most years. Ryan is an Irish name, meaning ‘king’.

83. Samuel

Names with religious links were hugely popular in the 80s. One such name was Samuel, which means ‘God has heard’.

84. Scott

If you are a literary-minded momma, how about naming your son Scott after Scott Fitzgerald, the author of “The Great Gatsby”?

85. Sean

This cute Irish name means ‘God is gracious’.

86. Shawn

This spelling variation of Sean rose to prominence in the 80s. It means ‘God is gracious’.

87. Simon

A name like Simon is bound to be popular again. This Hebrew name means ‘listening’.

Victorian Era Baby Names

88. Spencer

A literary name with a unique sound. Spencer, meaning ‘keeper of provisions’, was used as both first and last names in the 1980s.

89. Stephen

Stephan is taken from the Greek word ‘stephanos’, which mean ‘crown or garland’. Shorten it to Steve for the nickname.

90. Steven

Steven is an all-American name, meaning ‘crowned’. Shorten it to Steve for the nickname.

91. Stuart

Stuart is basically a twist on the old English surname Steward, which means ‘guard’.

92. Teddy

Teddy, the short form of Theodore, was a stylish name of the 80s. It means ‘god gift’.

93. Thomas

Thomas is a popular boy name of 1980s and is as famous today. Thomas means ‘twin’.

94. Timothy

If you find Timothy too stuffy, shorten it to Timmy. It means ‘honoring God’.

95. Travis

Travis is a manly and handsome name, meaning ‘from Travers’.

96. Wayne

This English name was originally used for a cart driver. It’s now associated with Bruce Wayne, the Batman. Wayne means ‘wagon’.

97. Westley

Westley, from the “Princess Boy”, has a cowboy feel to it. It means ‘western meadow’.

98. William

This name, sitting within the top 50 list, can never go out of fashion. It means ‘will or desire’.

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99. Wyatt

The name Wyatt, meaning ‘brave in war’ has a cowboy coolness to it, thanks to Wyatt Arp.

100. Zachary

In the 1980s, parents realized that ‘z’ is as cool as ‘x’. Zachary means ‘God remembered’.

Popular 80s Names For Girls With Meanings

101. Alexandra

This moniker, meaning ‘to protect’, is the feminine version of Alexander.

102. Alicia

This 80s favorite has become a favorite with today’s parents, thanks to Diego’s elder sister in “Go, Diego, Go!” Alicia means ‘noble’.

103. Alisha

This name peaked in 1897, when it was the 118th most popular name for girls. Alisha means ‘protected by God’.

104. Allison

We love this name for its association with Nicholas Sparks “The Notebook”. Allison means ‘noble’.

105. Alyssa

This Hebrew name means ‘extreme joy or happiness’, which your little princess would be to you.

106. Amanda

This feminine and romantic name can never go out of style. Amanda means ‘much loved’ in Latin.

107. Amber

Amber is one of the most popular gem names. It means ‘amber stone.

108. Amy

This sweet and peaceful moniker, meaning ‘beloved’ reminds us of Amy from “Little Women”.

109. Anabelle

Anabelle is an Old French name and means ‘lovable’.

110. Andrea

A favorite with the Americans, Andrea means ‘strong’.

111. Angela

Angela does sound a bit retro now in front of Angelina and Angelica, but it has a charm of its own. Angela means ‘angel’.

112. Anna

This simple and beautiful Latin name means ‘grace’.

113. Annie

Anne was cool, but Annie was cooler in the 80s. Annie means ‘grace’.

114. Anya

The name Anya was beyond edgy and cool 80s baby names. It means ‘grace’.

115. April

This moniker sounds as fresh as springtime. It means ‘to open’.

116. Atari

If you want something truly unique for your daughter, go out of the box and pick Atari for her. Atari means ‘success’.

117. Bridget

The charming Irish name, meaning ‘strength’, exudes carefree and positive vibes.

118. Brittany

Brittany is an attractive and crisp name, meaning ‘from Britain’.

119. Caitlyn

A refreshing spin on names like Catherine and Kathleen. It means ‘pure’.

120. Caroline

Caroline comes from Scandinavian name Karl and means ‘free man’.

121. Catherine

This moniker with royal roots would be perfect for your little girl. It means ‘pure’.

122. Charlotte

This timeless classic is basically the feminine version of Charles and means ‘free man’.

123. Christina

When Christine becomes a glamorous star, she becomes Christina. Christina means ‘follower of Christ’.

124. Christine

Christine sounds classic and modern at the same time. It means ‘Christian’.

125. Claire

Claire means bright

This luminous name, meaning ‘bright’, sounds feminine, but not frilly.

126. Courtney

Courtney was the pretty name of the 80s. It means ‘from the court’.

127. Crystal

This name, meaning ‘brilliant glass’, is tied strongly with the 80s.

128. Cyndi

A girl named after Cyndi Lauper is bound to find fun in everything she does. Cyndi means ‘of Cynthus’.

129. Danielle

Danielle is the female form of Daniel and means ‘God is my judge’.

130. Debbie

Is there any 80s figure more iconic than Debby Harry? Her name means ‘bee’.

131. Donna

Donna is taken from the Italian word, which means ‘lady’.

132. Elizabeth

This Biblical name, also linked to the royal family, means ‘god is gracious’.

133. Emily

This Roman name has been a popular pick for more than 20 years now. It means ‘rival’.

134. Emma

The top name of today was loved in the 80s as well. Emma means ‘universe’.

135. Erin

This affable name sounds trendier than Emily and Emma. Erin means ‘from Ireland’.

136. Gemma

Gemma would make a pretty name for any girl. Hailing from England, Gemma means ‘precious gemstone’.

137. Gertie

Gertie is possibly shortened version of Gertrude, but it has its own charm.

138. Hannah

Hannah, with its soft and gentle sound, has a laid back, yet aristocratic image. It means ‘grace’.

139. Hayley

You can never go wrong with a nature-inspired name. Hayley means ‘wood meadow’.

140. Hazel

Celebrities love the name Hazel. Emily Blunt chose this name for her daughter. Hazel means ‘hazel tree’.

141. Heather

This name reminds us of feathered hairdos of the 80s. It means ‘flowering shrub’.

142. Helen

In the Greek mythology, Helen was Leda’s and Zeus’ daughter, whose kidnapping lead to the Trojan war. Helen means ‘shining light’

143. Holly

After being out of favor in the 70s, Holly made her way back to the 80s as a nature name. Holly means ‘to prick’.

144. Jaclyn

This variation of Jacqueline peaked in 1988. Jaclyn means ‘supplanter’.

145. Jamie

A casual and cool unisex that was used only for girls in the 80s, Jamie means ‘supplanter’.

146. Jenna

This soft sounding name is taken from the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar and means ‘light’.

147. Jennifer

If there’s any Welsh link in your family, honor her by naming your daughter Jennifer, which means ‘white or fair’.

148. Jessica

William Shakespeare used this name for the first time in his play “The Merchant of Venice”. It means ‘God beholds’.

149. Jill

Jill was consistently on the top 100-baby name list from years 1957 to 1983. It means ‘youthful’.

150. Joanna

This name of Greek and English origin soared to its highest spot in 1984. Joanna means ‘god is gracious’.

151. Joanne

Joanne is a female variation of John and means ‘God is gracious’.

152. Jodie

Jodie is a gender-neutral name, but was used mainly for girls in 80s. It means ‘praised’.

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153. Julie

Julie, meaning ‘youthful’, was the most popular baby name in 1980s.

154. Karen

Another diminutive of Katherine, this name means ‘pure’.

155. Kate

A delicate and sweet name, meaning ‘pure’.

156. Katherine

Katherine is taken from Greek word katharos, which means ‘pure’.

157. Kathleen

This name is tied with Kathleen Hanna, the lead singer of 80s band, Bikini Kill. Kathleen means ‘pure’.

158. Katie

Katie, meaning ‘pure’, has been a regular on the top baby name list for girls.

159. Kayla

The soap opera, “Days of our Lives” made this name a superstar. It means ‘crown’.

160. Kelly

This 80s bouncy teenager name means means ‘war’.

161. Kerry

This Irish name means ‘Ciar’s descendent’.

162. Kimberly

A classic English name that can be shortened to Kim, Kimberly means ‘meadow’.

163. Kirsty

Kirsty is the Scottish form of Kirsten and means ‘a follower of Christ’.

164. Kristen

The only issue with this name is its similarity with Kirsten, Kristin, and Kirstie. It means ‘a Christian’.

165. Lacey

This ultra-feminine name would make a unique pick for a girl of today’s generation. It means ‘from Lassy’.

166. Laura

A name that’ll forever be trendy, Laura means ‘laurel tree’.

167. Lauren

This name is a feminine derivate of Lawrence, which means ‘from Laurentius’.

168. Leanne

Leanne is well established, yet not very common. It means ‘sun’.

169. Lindsey

This perky and sporty name means ‘linden trees by the water’.

170. Lisa

In the 80s, Lisa was one of the most used nicknames for Elizabeth. It means ‘God is my oath’.

171. Louise

Louise means a famous warrior

Louise is the feminine form of Louis and means ‘famous warrior’.

172. Lucy

An elegant short form of Lucinda, Lucy means ‘light’.

173. Lydia

Thanks to Lydia Lunch for bringing this name to the forefront in the 80s. Lydia means ‘woman from Lydia’.

174. Maria

Maria, meaning ‘bitter’, was one of the top 1980 baby names, and it is still quite popular.

175. Marissa

Having been moderately popular name in 80s, Marissa has dropped down dramatically on the list. It means ‘little Mary’.

176. Mary

The most simple and classic of all names, Mary means ‘bitter’.

177. Megan

This name ranked 14 in the 80s and then dropped down to 308. Mega means ‘pearl’.

178. Melissa

Sweet and gentle name, Melissa means ‘honey bee’.

179. Michelle

Michelle, the superstar name of the 80s, means ‘who is like God’.

180. Molly

The name Molly, meaning ‘bitter’, has a girl-next-door image, which attracts parents even today.

181. Monica

This saintly name reminds us of the series, “FRIENDS”. It means ‘advisor’.

182. Natalie

Natalie, meaning ‘the lord’s birthday’, would be a perfect pick if your due date is during Christmas.

183. Natasha

Another name that would be perfect for a Christmas baby, Natasha is a Russian name, meaning ‘Lord’s birthday’.

184. Nicola

Nicola is the feminine version of Nicholas and means ‘people’.

185. Nicole

This lissome and lovely Latin name means ‘victorious people’.

186. Rachel

This Biblical name was popular right from the 80s to the 00s. Rachel means ‘ewe’.

187. Rebecca

This ultra-feminine name, originating in Hebrew, means ‘captivating’.

188. Samantha

Samantha is the feminine form of Samuel and means ‘God has heard’.

189. Sarah

Despite being classed as a quintessential 80s name, Sarah, meaning ‘princess’ is still one of the most popular names today.

190. Shannon

Shannon is a wholesome and athletic sounding name, meaning ‘little wise owl’.

191. Sloane

This name, meaning ‘fighter’, has a sophisticated simplicity and a strong sound.

192. Sophie

This form of Sophia has remained popular through the decades. It means ‘wisdom’.

193. Stacey

Stacey is a beautiful Greek name, meaning ‘bountiful grapes’.

194. Stephanie

Stephanie was one of the coolest names of the 80s. It means ‘crowned in victory’.

195. Tara

Tara Reid, the America actress, brought attention to this name. It means ‘rocky hill’.

196. Tiffany

Tiffany, meaning ‘manifestation of divinity’, was originally used for girls born on the Feast of the Epiphany.

197. Vanessa

This Greek moniker, meaning ‘butterfly’, oozes sensuous charm.

198. Veronica

Veronica was the ultimate badass name of the 80s.

199. Victoria

This elegant name would suit your little princess really well. It means ‘to conquer’.

200. Zoe

This typical 80s Greek name means ‘life’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Naming your baby is a matter of personal choice. While some parents love to give a chic name to their babies, others prefer timeless, classic names. Hence, we have prepared an extensive list of 80’s baby names suitable for parents who would love to reminisce about the past through their babies’ names. This list includes some lovely classic names such as Andrew, David, April, and Christina. Make a list of the ones that inspire you the most, and then choose a name that sounds unique and reflects your baby’s personality.

Key Pointers

  • In the 1980s, classical Biblical names such as Aaron, James, and Rachel were favored by most parents.
  • Laura, Oliver, and Hazel are nature-inspired names, ideal for those seeking a connection to trees and plants.
  • Leanne, Tara, and Lee are also linked to nature, denoting elements such as the sun, hills, and meadows.
  • Bridget, Charles, and Derek symbolize strength, power, and honor and are among the timeless choices.

Discover 75 rare vintage baby names for girls from the 1890s to the 1970s! Uncover unique and timeless names that will make your little one stand out.

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